November 18, 2019

Jordan Explains Why He Fought The Bully and Since I've Been There Many X's I Understand

This is Adam (me) with Bob Seals who was my boyfriend at the time and he was with me when I was shot. I was shot in the leg and that's why I have a cast on.

This story of this young man defending himself against a bully still bouncing the news porticos. I have been beaten and I have fought in New York City a band of guys and a big girl!! because I asked while I was visiting my mom why someone had pulled a knife and my half brother and nephew on the elevator the night before. It was the only thing I could hear when I got to my mom's from my brother and nephew. They knew I went there every Wednesday night to see mom, dinner and many times to do my laundry. They were waiting for me. I was not going to behave like my brothers had on different occasions. 

My brothers except one once had defended me that way. I was always disappointed as a kid in 4, 5 grade that complaining to one of my older brothers that someone twice or three times my age said he was going to do something physical or sexual never invited them to say show me. It was more like you seem to be tough enough around the house to be tough with them. I always thought since they abused me from time to time maybe they would be jealous of someone else abusing who they are. 

Maybe it was wishful thinking probably based on some movie I had seen. I also fought a couple guys at a bar and the blood spilled was not mine. I have also been shot (mentally) resisting a robbery at gunpoint. I say mentally because I meant to take the gun away from the guy that was holding it but it was on my mind I was just there standing to wait for them to make the next move. I was holding my self from doing anything because they had my boyfriend on the sidewalk laying on top of him and I did not know what they would do to him. 

These guys most have perfected this kind of holding up someone. There were two of us and I was tall enough but we were coming out of an after-hours club on W14 st., in Manhattan. Otherwise one with the gun to me, one or two holding my boyfriend down on the cement sidewalk and a lookout. White, black and Hispanic. The white one-shot me and said this is so you know we are serious".

 I didn't know what that meant because I thought they were serious but thought the gun was too big and pretty to be real (.45 long nose). So I know about bullies, had to deal with them until I hit high school. I also was no longer following the rules I was taught about violence and turning the other cheek etc. Now I was going to turn the other cheek of the guy coming after me to steal from me or just to see if he was a gigger dude than me.

I understand this young guy feeling and I'm behind him 100%. How could I say not when I have been in the same situation and in one or two situations I have done the same thing. I hope he takes care and watches his back because this is been given too much publicity and there might be some guy wanting to take him down. My best wishes to him. If he has a family outside of the city I would take a long or permanent vacation ( I understand he will be taking home school, which is great). On the situation in which I went down to ask about who put a knife on my brother and nephew, a whole gang of 8 to 12 jumped me with sticks and everything they had. I fought them until the cops came.  No help from anyone. Because of that, my mom had to move out of the rent control building to State Island because of all the threats against the family living there. I didn't live there but I told my mom she had to move. Every time I went to see her I need it to go well protected which could have turn out into a deadly situation. My state of anger was so great one of the guys that the police arrested I told them He was not one of them. He hit me a few times in the head and I wanted him for myself. It turns out these stupid dudes were also into drugs and as soon as THe AIDS virus came around it took a bunch of them.

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