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April 8, 2017

2 Men in Indonesia Face 100 Cane Strokes for Having Gay sex

Two men in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province each face up to 100 strokes of the cane after neighbors reported them to Islamic religious police for having gay sex.

Marzuki, the Shariah police’s chief investigator, said Saturday that if found guilty, the men will be the first to be caned for gay sex under a new code implemented two years ago.

Residents in a neighborhood of the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, reported the men, aged 23 and 20, to police on March 29, said Marzuki, who goes by a single name.

He said the men had “confessed” to being a gay couple and that this was supported by video footage taken by a resident that has been circulating online. It shows one of the men naked and visibly distressed as he apparently calls for help on his cellphone. 

The second man is repeatedly pushed by another man who is preventing the couple from leaving the room. Aceh is the only province in Muslim-majority Indonesia to practice Shariah law, which was a concession made by the national government in 2006 to end a yearslong war with separatists.

A Shariah code implemented two years ago allows up to 100 lashes for morality offenses including gay sex. Caning is also a punishment for adultery, gambling, drinking alcohol, women who wear tight clothes and men who skip Friday prayers.

Marzuki said residents in Banda Aceh’s Rukoh neighborhood were suspicious of the two men because they often seemed to be intimate, and had set out to catch them having sex.

“Based on our investigation, testimony of witnesses and evidence, we can prove that they violated Islamic Shariah law and we can take them to court,” Marzuki said.

Homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, but a judicial review being considered by the Constitutional Court is seeking to criminalize sex outside marriage and sex between people of the same gender.

October 21, 2016

When It was a Crime to be Gay

George Montague was convicted in 1974 of gross indecency with a man.
Now 93 and married to a man, he's "the luckiest, happiest, old gay man alive".
But for many years, he led a double life - married to a woman but secretly knowing he identified as homosexual.
As the government announces gay and bisexual men convicted of now-abolished sexual offences in England and Wales will be offered pardons, George tells Newsbeat what it was like to be gay, when it was still a crime.
I was living a complete lie
George Montague
George believes he should never have been convicted of a crime and says the only thing he was guilty of is "being in the wrong place at the wrong time".
He says he was found by police in a public toilet, but he wasn't doing anything wrong and was totally innocent.
Instead of a pardon, he wants an apology from the government.
"Gays today have never had it so good. The internet, gay bars," he says.
"When I was young, living in a little country village, when I came out as gay, the only thing you could do was to go... to the gents."
George and Daniel
Chatting with George, is Newsbeat listener Daniel Harris, 33, who is also gay and says he appreciates how difficult it must have been to be homosexual when it was still a crime.
"It was all behind closed doors. There was a lot of prejudice," Daniel says.
"I have friends that in the 1990s were finding men in toilets. That's something I'm aware still happens today"
George says he has experienced homophobia during his lifetime.
Gays today have never had it so good. The internet, gay bars
George Montague
"It [being gay] was such an aberration," he says.
"Anyone talking about it, if they didn't know I was [gay], they automatically assumed anyone was gay was also a paedophile.
"It couldn't be further from the truth."
The age of sexual consent is currently 16 but George believes it should be significantly older. He says young people can be "vulnerable", especially if they are later to mature compared to their peers.
"It's now maybe 70% to 80% accepted, homosexuality. It's because of gay marriage," says George.
Speaking of his first marriage, to a woman, George tells Daniel: "We were married for 45 years but the last 20, she met my present husband, she met several of my boyfriends.
"She accepted the fact I was gay and I needed that. We made the best of it.
"I concentrated on doing whatever I should have done as a good husband and father.
“I was living a complete lie."

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December 4, 2014

(ALL-in-ONE) Oral Sex, One Bad Dude, Stabbing, Extortion, Craig List, One Minor and HIV

                                       Elliot Youden                       (aka) Fat Man, Dirt Bag

I reported on the story when Elliot Youden, the adult acting worse than a very bad minor was charge for having sex with a minor and not telling him he was HIV. As in a box of chocolates you never know what you got until you tasted all of them. On this trial which we could not report too many specifics before because it involves a minor,. When all the chips were in everything came out differently as it was talked about before and during the trial. 

We don’t know wether a 16 yr old boy that placed an ad for sex at Craig list was doing it to experiment on sex or to sell sex. What we know now is the 16 yr old became the victim. The bad guy who used the boy to both get sex and money…What a deal! But as in life everything that goes around comes around. The dirt bag which I will keep referring to Elliot as dirt bag, because he is and fat man not just because he is but because it sounds more realistic and drama-like.

 Elliot Youden had a conversation with the minor and tried to get him to come to him for sex. Somehow the minor changed his mind but the dirt bag of Elliot Youden had the conversation in text and use that to bring the minor to him with threads of divulging the conversation and texts to the minor’s family and the world, that he was going to have sex with a man and was gay. Not only did Elliot had the minor blow him but he also asked the boy for $500.00

Desperate the poor kid went in search of the money and could only raised less than half. The teenager came back with the loot but he was so desperate and piss off that he brought a knife also. It is not known wether the kid brought the knife with him to scare the ‘fat man’ or to do real damaged. He had to borrow some of the money from his mom and even then he only had less than half than the guy asked. Just imagine the desperation on the this kid’s face. I can see it and it makes mad! He figured that fat man had him by his little balls and was not letting go. What a disaster and turn of events. 
This is not what he had in mind when he thought he was being sleek by placing that ad on Craig list. So when the teenager came with the loot the fat man tried to intimidate him more but this time the kid stabbed this dirt bag. Strangely and in a way that it is almost funny it was the fat man who had to call the police to get help for his wound. 

The fat man made up a story about the kid robbing him and staving him. He forgot to mentioned he was extorting the money from the kid, having sex with a minor and not mentioning that he was HIV.   A simple blow job was not going to damage the already embarrassed kid but the laws on HIV have not change in most places where some believed that even a kiss would give a person AIDS. So he was charge with putting this kids life in danger even though that stupid charge did not stick because it was a stupid charge and overreached by the Prosecutor. The only thing that sticked was the bad breath from doing a dirt bag fat man.

In this case the Police in Ottowa was not going to buy the story of the fat man besides the kid was already at his last nerve and he spilled the whole enchilada to the cops. Now who was in trouble? 
 Yes you guessed it. 

This is how it was reported in the Ottawa today:
An HIV-positive man warned by police against extortion quietly pleaded guilty last week to demanding $500 from a 16-year-old boy he met online.
Elliott Youden, 33, copped to a single count of extortion. A charge of aggravated sexual assault -- laid because he'd allegedly not disclosed his HIV-positive status during a sexual encounter with the boy -- was withdrawn.
Youden got two years of probation and the equivalent of 90 days of time served.
The former public servant was arrested on Sept. 27 after calling the cops claiming he'd been stabbed.
In testimony at Youden's Oct. 1 bail hearing -- which can now be reported because his case is resolved -- Det. Anne Menard said officers learned Youden had met the boy on Craigslist and arranged to meet for sex.
The boy got cold feet but Youden threatened to expose the teen's trawling for gay sex, Menard said.
He demanded $500.
The boy could only come up with $200 -- he borrowed $60 from his mother -- and he met Youden at the man's apartment.
According to Menard, oral sex took place then the boy stabbed Youden in the abdomen.
She also testified that cops had cautioned Youden after an April 2014 encounter in which he allegedly threatened to expose a government defence employee for surfing Craigslist for sex.
"Mr. Youden was officially warned by the detective about extortion," Menard said, adding no charges were laid.
Youden was acquitted in June of an unrelated aggravated sex rap stemming from a 2010 encounter with a young man.
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March 12, 2014

Lesbian Couple Found Dead by Dumpster in Texas

Lesbian Couple Found Dead Beside Texas Dumpster                                                                                  

A lesbian couple was found dead beside a dumpster last Friday in Port Bolivar, Texas and all police have to go on is a composite drawing.
Officers describe the suspect as "a black male with an average build, standing between 5 feet 11 inches and 6 feet tall. He's in his late 20s or early 30s." 
The corpses of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson, both 24, were identified on Friday morning and police told ABC 13 they believe the murders were random because each woman was killed in a different manner. Cosby was bludgeoned while Jackson killed with a gunshot wound. The couple had been dating for two years and lived together, Jackson leaves behind a five-year old son. Jackson was a barista at Starbucks, and Cosby was a security guard, reports Lone Star Q.
Friends and family say that Cosby and Jackson had driven to Galveston for Mardi Gras, Elixherwrites. Police believe the couple was killed elsewhere and their bodies were moved to the dumpster just north of Galveston.
Authorities are also searching for Cosby’s silver 2006 Kia Sorrento with paper tags, if found, the late woman’s car could provide clues that will identify their killer.
It is undetermined whether these deaths were the result of a hate crime or something else, however if you have helpful information, call the local sheriff’s office tip line at 866-248-8477 or Galveston County Crime Stoppers 409-763-8477.
Image via ABC 13.
HILLARY CROSLEY                    

March 7, 2014

In Zambia Two Gay Youth Jailed and Tortured for Having Sex

Amnesty International has demanded the release of two Zambian men accused of sodomy who were tortured in custody
Phillip Mubiana and James Mwape, both 21, could face up to 14 years in jail for having gay sex in the Zambia.
Two men jailed and tortured for gay sex will be facing trial in the Zambia on 13 March.
Philip Mubiana and James Mwape, both 21, could face up to 14 years in jail on top of the time they have already spent imprisoned over sodomy charges
The State has now lined up eight witnesses in the case against the two men, charged with four counts of having ‘carnal knowledge against the order of nature’ in April and May last year.

When the men were arrested on 2 May, they were brought to Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital for police to obtain medical evidence by torture.
During ‘anal probe’ procedures, a forensic medical ‘doctor’ examines the anus of a suspect for ‘proof’ he engaged in anal sex and checks for traces of sperm.
The ‘doctor’ also takes a picture to ‘study’ the shape of the hole – the larger the width the more ‘likely’ the person is gay, according to this discredited theory.
But the tests are scientifically nonsensical and human rights organizations have condemned them for being inconclusive, degrading and a form of torture.
Dr Bandula, who investigated the men, claimed in court that he had discovered evidence of a sexually transmitted infection– that ‘proves’ the couple had had gay sex recently.
The laboratory ‘tests’, however, came out normal.
The couple were arrested and charged after a complaint from one of the accused person’s older sister.
Amnesty International have demanded the 'unconditional' release of the two men, stating the laws under which they are charged 'contravene international human rights law.'
There are growing fears for the safety of LGBTI people in Zambia, with the country expected to be one of the next African countries to legalize harsher homophobic laws in the near future.
Zambian Home Affairs minister Edgar Lungu recently said: ‘Those advocating gay rights should go to hell, that is not an issue we will tolerate.
‘There will be no such discussion on gay rights. That issue is foreign to this country.’ 

Nigeria Whips 4 Gay Young Man for Having Sex


A crowd outside a sharia court in Bauchi
A crowd outside a sharia court in Bauchi in January during the trial of a group of men accused of being gay. Photograph: Aminu Abubakar/AFP/Getty Images
Four young men have been convicted of gay sex and whipped publicly as punishment in an Islamic court in northern Nigeria, a human rights activist said.
The four were among dozens caught in a wave of arrests after Nigeria strengthened its criminal penalties for homosexuality with the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act in January.
Dorothy Aken'Ova, of the Coalition for the Defence of Sexual Rights Network, said the men could face further violence in prison if human rights organisations do not come up with a fine of 20,000 naira (£72) each meted out on Thursday by a judge in Bauchi city.
The four were sentenced to 15 strokes plus a year's imprisonment if they cannot pay the fine.
Aken'Ova said the men, aged between 20 and 22, should not have been convicted because their confessions had been forced by law agents who beat them.
She said they had to prostrate themselves on the floor of the court to be whipped on their backsides.
The men's families, mainly subsistence farmers in rural areas where everyone knows everyone else, refused legal representation because they preferred to negotiate with the judge, said Aken'Ova. She said the families were embarrassed by the stigma attached to homosexuality, which many highly religious Nigerians consider an evil imported from the west.
The hearings in Bauchi city, capital of the state of the same name, had been delayed from January, when a crowd tried to stone the accused men outside the court and demanded the judge pass the death sentence. Security officials had to fire into the air to save the men and disperse the crowd.
Under sharia law in some north Nigerian states, homosexual people can be sentenced to death by stoning or lethal injection, though that sentence has never been enforced.
On Thursday, the judge said he had been lenient because the men had promised that the homosexual acts occurred in the past and that they had since changed their ways, Aken’Ova said.

May 17, 2013

Murder Inc. Hitchhiker with Hatchet Claims He was Sexually Molested

In answer to my tittle above I would say if he was sexually molested it most’ve been by a blind old man which in turn he hatcheted to death. What a sack of filth this guy is! If it wasn't that a man just lost his life and we don’t know if he is implicated in other murders in areas where he was alleged to have traveled this would be so much fun to write about him. It would be unlike writing about the times square naked cowboy.  He is just dirty socks underwear boots and old guitar and then anything else except a dirty swim suit, dirty socks and boots with an old guitar and then, he flat lines. That’s it. But with the Hatchet guy he is gay and he killed a gay man according to the police off the record remarks. And he looks like such an idiot that every time I’ve seen him I want to giggle. Getting to the real time line of events on this murder this is how is been reported by
 Richard Khavkine and Tom Haydon/The Star-Ledger.
kai.jpgCaleb Lawrence McGillvary, better known as "Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker," has been arrested in connection with the murder of Clark lawyer John Galfy. 
They met, an unlikely pair, in Times Square last Saturday night.
One, a 73-year-old partner in a Rahway law firm and member of his hometown’s Chamber of Commerce, the other a 24-year-old itinerant with long hair and a penchant for upturning convention that had landed him a minor internet presence.
Their rendezvous, most of it later spent in and around Joseph Galfy Jr.’s ranch-style house on Starlite Drive in Clark, would last about 24 hours, until sometime Sunday evening when, authorities said, their encounter turned violent after a sexual tryst.
On Monday afternoon, Galfy, a partner at Kochanski, Baron and Galfy, was found dead in his bed, severely beaten, clothed only in underwear and socks, Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow said yesterday.
Detectives later determined Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, better known by his online persona, "Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker," had killed the man who was more than three times his age.
At around 6:30 Thursday, McGillvary was arrested at the Greyhound Bus Terminal in Philadelphia by members of the Philadelphia Police Department, and has been charged in Galfy’s death, Romankow said in a statement.
McGillvary will be processed in Philadelphia and returned to New Jersey in the coming days, Romankow said. Bail was previously set at $3 million and he will be lodged in the Union County Jail in Elizabeth, he said.
During the earlier news conference in Elizabeth, Romankow did not indicate how authorities came to suspect McGillvary, who he said should be considered "armed and dangerous." Romankow also said authorities don’t yet know how the two came to meet in Times Square.
They returned to Galfy’s home, detectives determined, where McGillvary spent the night. Romankow said Galfy, the attorney for the Green Brook land use board, drove McGillvary to the Rahway Train station Sunday morning, from where the younger man left for Asbury Park.
McGillvary returned to Rahway later in the day. After exchanging text messages, Galfy picked him up and brought him back to his house.
Romankow said the killing happened sometime that evening.
In a Facebook entry Tuesday, McGillvary, posting under the name Caleb Kai Lawrence Yodhehwawheh, intimates he was drugged and sexually assaulted, but does not say where or when the incident took place.
"what would you do if you woke up with a groggy head, metallic taste in your mouth, in a strangers house ... and started wretching, realizing that someone had drugged (and) raped ... you? what would you do?" the post reads.
Romankow called the post "pretty much self-serving."
An autopsy completed Tuesday determined Galfy died of blunt force trauma, the prosecutor said. He declined to comment on what was used to beat Galfy or say if anything was take from the house.
He did say the killing, "was thought out."
"He’s been known to use the back of a hatchet," Romankow said, a reference to McGillvary’s stopping a deadly attack earlier this year in California by pummeling a man with his hatchet, an event that gained McGillvary internet notoriety.
After killing Galfy, the prosecutor said, McGillvary called a woman, whom Romankow identified only identify as "Fan 1," asking her to pick him up. She couldn’t.
 The woman, whom authorities have interviewed, told detectives McGillvary had cut his hair.McGillvary later returned to the train station and again traveled to Asbury Park, where he and the woman met for lunch on Monday.
At about the same time, Clark police discovered Galfy’s body. Officers had gone to his home after he failed to show up for work or answer his phone.
McGillvary and the woman spent the rest of the day in Philadelphia, before making their way her hometown of Glassboro, Romankow said. Although she wanted McGillvary to stay at her house, her family resisted and she called another woman, identified by the prosecutor as "Fan 2," who let McGillvary stay at her house, also in Glassboro.
The other woman has also been interviewed, Romankow said. Neither is facing charges, he said.
On Tuesday, McGillvary left for Philadelphia, indicating he could be going to see friends in Georgia, the prosecutor said.
McGillvary, who is also known as Kai Lawrence, Caleb Kai Lawrence and Kai Nicodemus, lists Eureka, Calif., as his hometown on his Facebook page. But he is by all accounts without a known address, the prosecutor said. His freewheeling disposition earned him some fame and several television appearances in February after he was picked up while hitchhiking by a man who then nearly killed a utility worker. McGillvary used the hachet to thwart the attacker.

McGillvary later gave a rambling, profanity-laced interview to a Fresno, Calif., television station about the incident. The interview went viral, with one version viewed more than 3.9 million times on YouTube. He later appeared on ABC’s "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
Kimmel asked him what people were saying to him since the Feb. 1 incident.
"Hey, you’re Kai, that dude with the hatchet," he responded.
Romankow said McGillvary, who said in his TV appearance he prefers to be called "home-free" instead of homeless, traded on his newfound celebrity to meet fans across the country. It is not known whether Galfy was aware of McGillvary’s fame.
News that Galfy’s suspected killer had been arrested brought little comfort for his longtime friend and neighbor, former Clark Mayor Robert Ellenport.
"There’s no closure in this type of grisly murder. You are never going to have closure (but) this is a step in the right direction," Ellenport said last night, hours after attending Galfy’s wake in Watchung.
"Knowing the kind of person Joe was and his generosity, it’s unfathomable," said Ellenport, who had known Galfy for more than 25 years, the last decade or so as next-door neighbors. "It’s just tragic."

The Crime Inc. Hatchet Hitchhiker is Caught and Booked

A homeless man known as 'Kai the hatchet-welding hitchhiker' who has been wanted for the murder of a New Jersey attorney after claiming he had been sexually assaulted has been arrested in Pennsylvania, authorities have announced.
Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, 34, who became an internet sensation after saving three people from a crazed driver with his famous hatchet, was arrested on Thursday Glassboro Police Chief Alex Fanfarillo tells
Celebrity: McGillvary (left) became an Internet sensation in February after giving an interview about his hatchet heroics, and he was even invited by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel (right) to appear on his show An arrest warrant had been issued for McGillvary in connection to the murder of 73-year-old Joseph Galfy Jr in Clark whose body was found in his home on Tuesday.

McGillvary, sporting long shaggy hair tied with a bandanna, later described his heroics in a hilarious, profanity-laced stream-of-consciousness interview that instantly went viral online.
Since the February incident, the 34-year-old self-described surfer dude has been regularly writing about his adventures on the road on his Facebook page under the user name 'Caleb Kai Lawrence Yodhehwawheh.

Prosecutors revealed on Thursday that Galfy met up with McGillvary at Times Square last Sunday and took him to his house in New Jersey that night. 
McGillvary spent at least two nights in Galfy's brick home on a cul-de-sac in Clark, 20 miles west of New York, Romankow said.
Prosecutors said Galfy drove McGillvary to the train station on Sunday and McGillvary boarded a train to Asbury Park to meet a fan before returning and being picked up by Galfy later in the day.
Later that night, McGillvary called the fan again asking her for a ride, Romankow said. She couldn't pick him up, and McGillvary's phone went dead after that.
According to a police reconstruction of his travels after leaving Clark, the suspect somehow got back to the train station Monday and returned to Asbury Park to meet the fan. The two traveled to Philadelphia.
After lunch, they traveled to Glassboro, in southern New Jersey, and he stayed with another fan there. On Tuesday he boarded a train to Philadelphia where he was eventually arrested.
McGillvary had mentioned at one point heading to Georgia to visit a girlfriend, police said. 
Union County Crime Stoppers had offered a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to his arrest.
Romankow said that on Monday, officers who were called by Galfy's relatives to check up on him after failing to reach him by phone for several days discovered his partially naked body bearing evidence of violence. 
The official said the 73-year-old attorney appeared to have been beaten severely and was clothed only in pair of underwear and a shirt.
His current home is listed as Eureka, California, but McGillvary was locked up in jail for four days last December and wrote in Febraury about 'sleeping in a hay field off the I99 in Lathrop.'
The victim, 73-year-old Galfy, was found dead in his home on Starlite Drive in Clark at around 2pm May 13 when officers arrived for a welfare check.
An autopsy performed Tuesday revealed that the elderly man died from a blunt force trauma, said Union County Prosecutor Theodore J. Romankow.
According to his Facebook page, Galfy was a founding partner at the Rahway law firm Kochanski, Baron Galfy, P.C.    
Galfy's neighbors said the 73-year-old had been living alone since his long-time partner died five years prior.
According to Galfy's obituary, he served in the Army from 1965 to 1970 as a major, and got his Juris Doctor degree from Seton Hall University. 
Galfy served as the attorney for the Planning Board in Green Brook, and in his free time played in a wedding band for 25 years. 
According to the prosecutor, Galfy's accused killer had cut his hair to change his appearance, and he is considered armed and dangerous. 
Internet celebrity sought for murder, seen in Haddonfield
Wanted man: Police say McGillvary has cut his hair to change his appearance, and he is considered armed and dangerous
Wanted man: Police said McGillvary had cut his hair to change his appearance and while on the run was considered armed and dangerous

I have learned that in the past he has demonstrated his ability to use the backend of a hatchet,’ Romankow said. ’It's very possible he might be carrying that. If people see him, we ask them to please contact local police and tell them.’
A look at his Facebook page revealed that McGillvary posted an unsettling message on Tuesday, one day after the murder, describing what appears to be a sexual assault on him committed by a man.
'What would you do if you woke up with a groggy head, metallic taste in your mouth, in a strangers house... walked to the mirror and seen come [sic] dripping from the side of your face from your mouth, and started wretching [sic], realizing that someone had drugged, raped, and blown their f***** load in you? what would you do?' he wrote.
Just after 1.20pm Tuesday, the 34-year-old wrote a comment on his post: 'raped for social justice woo f***** hoo.'
Last Friday, McGillvary wrote a lengthy 'thank you' note to all the strangers who have been kind and generous toward him.
'Hey id like to express my gratitude to all the gnarly awesome people whove invited me in, partied hardy with me, and brought me to such cool places to meet such cool people,' he wrote in the post. 'ive met some of the greatest people in my life in these last three months and i wouldnt trade these experiences with you for all the money in hollywood.
Kai wrote on Facebook about his encounter with the knife maniac on December 1.
 Kai writes that the man was ‘all psyched until I say, "I come in peace" then he whips out his knife and yells out "DID LYNN SEND YOU? I'LL STAB YOU M*********** YOU BETTER RUN", so I ran halfway across the parking lot, dropped my sack, whipped out my knife, and yelled back "YOU WANNA F*** WITH ME? I'LL MAKE YOU A BODY YOU PUNK ASS BITCH. STEP UP MOTHER F*****'M A STICK YOU"
He writes that was looking for the belt buckle for his backpack under a skate ramp when a man came towards him with a knife.
Later that day a kindly stranger bought Kai some drinks and gave him $20 which he used to buy some liquor which he downed outside a Taco Bell.
But he then got into another fight when he tried to help a man who was lying sprawled on the ground and was jumped by four men.
Kai writes: ‘I'm all up for scrapping this fool but I couldn't get him separated from the others so I took a couple shots to the head trying to lure him out. 
‘He hits like an ostrich, but without as much force. So I got jumped by 4 guys but made it out on my feet, AND I stood up to them like motherf***** cisco kid. 
‘I felt like a million bucks wasn't anywhere near my infinite worth. then I went and smoked some kine herbs and went to bed in a shed well fed. I'm lovin this life, locationally here in Santa Cruz and otherwise. Thanks people. What an adventure.’
There are few pictures of Kai uploaded although they include one of him with a group of friends partying on top of a car. Kai stands in the foreground with his shirt off and his thumb in the air.
One of more animated posts reads: 'now, you! and me! and everyone! and everytwo! and everythree...! no more borders! pleasin to the eye! destroy the prisons and hunt down the NSOR! ninja training with vets on the street! [M]IA crooked cops! Free Haiti! Free all black lands!! Bring down the House of Wettin and share the wealth of those rothschild/bilderberg/whoever "rich" peeps with those who actually LABOR for it! REPOST IF YOU LIKE!!! SAY ITS FROM ME!!!’
Another post reads: 'Please, if you're going to bother capitalizing on this (his heroics) AT LEAST refer to me as homefree, not "homeless". that pisses me off, cowardly f****** businessmen referring to REAL men as "homeless". have they ever actually SUNG the national anthem? S***'
His most heartwarming post seems to suggest he is more accepting of others than they have been to him in the past.
It reads: 'I don't look to anyone for validation. I am valid. Your [dis]agreement does not affect me. Fulla respect, your opinion is still worthwhile. Acceptance ♥'
His disclosure that his family think he is already 'dead' came at the end of the TV interview when he was asked what happens to him now.
Kai also said that he would always put his own life before that of another – and take the selfless option.

'I'm braver than who?': Poetry of Kai

4 days in county jail
2 sleeping on a concrete slab, in a holding cell with people
1 day lockdown in max three with people
1 in general population with people
No ID? freud says that's wrong.
Mom keeps me.
Even when they try to take our very fingerprints (mais non!)
Got out, what did I do?
I had eaten from the garbage of mcdonalds and held myself with as much dignity as the people trying to smear me afterwards. What a crime. I'm braver than who? and yet called homeless?
I am homefree.
Time to play the game that belongs to know one.
Potheads, just know.

Kai's story began February 2 when he hitched a ride with the deranged driver, 54-year-old Jett Simmons McBride.
In the interview he said that that he was in the passenger seat after being picked up, when 300 pound, 6-foot-plus McBride began to make wild and racist comments.
Describing himself as 'straight out of Dogtown', he said: 'The driver's like, ‘You know what? I’ve come to realize I’m Jesus Christ and I can do anything I f*****g want to and, watch this! and then drove his Oldsmobile straight into a Pacific Gas and Electric worker who was Africa American.'
Pinning the man against his truck, McBride then exited his car and began to pull the injured man away from the bind, risking further injury.
Kai witnessed two women, Tanya Baker and her daughter, Ginger Miller Parraza rush over to help.
He said: 'These two women are trying to help him, and this guy runs up and tries to grab one of them, man.
'A guy that big can snap a woman's neck like a pencil stick.'
'So I f*****g ran up behind him with a hatchet. Smash, smash, smash!'
Kai speaks in a similar fashion on his Facebook page where he writes: 'Btw just because I show respect with and value the time of hard drug users, does NOT mean that I use hard drugs. List of what I work with:
'-Coffee -Cigarettes -Marijuana -occasional trips with cacti/mushrooms (last one was Dec 21/2012 with "zion-essence") So if you ever make it out of a ride with a racist rapist wannabe mass murderer, expect to be wired for sound with adrenaline. THANKS (for what you've given me -.^)’
& {Adam}

May 16, 2013

Crime Inc. Kai The Hatchet Hitchhiker

Latest: Dodson announced that he isn't gay anymore in a verbose Facebook at the beginning of May this year ...his gay side and take up his position as the "True Chosen Hebrew Israelite ... He was always open about his sexuality.
Seeing how events have come to be it seems he went from gay to exterminating gays, after robbing them of coarse.
 telling fans, "Am I bi? NoGay?

You Can’t even be a single midlife or older guy in NYC without putting the life on your hands if you go out to look for company. When I used to go to the bars I used to feel so bad for this type of person. Not because they could not score after all many had money to take care of themselves in drinks and amusement and take care of others too. Many times good looking young dudes without $$ would trip over them.  They knew where the fountain of youth was and it laid in a leather wallet right in the pocket of the older guy with money.  

In a city like this that someone smart and accomplish, a lawyer of all people would let himself be con by this ugly duckling that had nothing going for him except the way he handled a hiking gear particularly the hatchet.

Kai who happens to be Antoine Dodson who beat out once(with a hatchet) a mugging guy beating on a woman. He was hailed as a hero. Below the video might bring back your memory in this case you might have seen him taking accolades for being a hero.  He took to the reporters cam like a dog to his bone. Now you see how he is abled to con people.

It’s too early to tell but there are disappearing men and unsolved murders in the areas where Mr. Hatchet man is been seen.

This culminates a week of reports of gay man being beaten by brainless homophobes. I am sure Mr. Hatchet man watched those reports.  Easy pickings in the gays in this city.
This is the way this city seems to be going. You are not safe if you are young walking down the street with your partner or boyfriend and commit the nazi crime.  No, not a salute but just to hold hands. You find that in the city that never sleeps there are those waiting to prey on us. "Easy pickings”? May be someone should be doing something about this? Nobody is looking to prevent. No one is at the controls. The crime has to happen and there most be cams all over just like the commissioner is been begging and even ticketing private owners of stores that have non working cams. 

I’ve been a hate target and a victim of a working cam with no tape. But I can tell the difference when you have a police force that is alert besides looking for foreigners or locals to come on here and attack us, yes we are a big target. But we also need a police force to protect the citizens here from local crime because dead is dead no matter wether from a terrorist or someone drinking with you at a bar that robs you then kills you.
All the money and all the intelligence that NYPD generates which is a lot, is being directed at looking for terrorists. Hate Crimes? They have never been a priority of this administration.
When the crime hits the fan then there are more police that you though a whole country might have, never mind a city. 

In all of the cases that were solved ( that I'm aware of)  you had a picture of the perpetrator otherwise it went into the cold dead file. 

Before anyone reminds me, I know the victim got killed at his house in New Jersey.  As far as I’m concern the crime happened here because this is where Mr. hatchet was and this is where the victim fell for what ever story he told him. This is my point!….You get a response when the crime happens. But with hate crimes as with terrorism is the intelligence that prevents the crime from happening. That’s the issue I keep bringing up.
 The following  was posted out on DListed late this afternoon:
Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker might soon be known as Kai the Hatchet Wielding Murderer. ABC 30 says that police in Union City, New Jersey have issued a warrant for Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker (born name: Caleb Lawrence McGillvary). Police believe that Kai used something (probably his hatchet) to smash smash smu-ash a man to death.Joseph Galfy, the victim, was found dead inside his home three days ago. Authorities say that an autopsy showed that Joseph Galfy died from blunt force trauma to the head. The authorities didn't say what Joseph Galfy's relationship to the stoner homeless Thor was, but they did say that Kai cut his hair and was last seen getting on a train.
The police consider him armed and dangerous. DUH! He has a hatchet. 
Kai became an internet hero superstar earlier this year when he beat down a crazy racist who was violently attacking a woman in Fresno.
Life was so much simpler then. Those were the days when Kai used his hatchet for good instead of evil. ....Unless, maybe Joseph Galfy was an evil doer and Kai is like a hatchet-wielding stoner Dexter. Yeah, probably not. This has smash smash smuh-ashed my heart into a million pieces. I don't know the Internet anymore!
UPDATE: A dude on Facebook who could be Kai left this on his wall on Tuesday:
what would you do if you woke up with a groggy head, metallic taste in your mouth, in a strangers house... walked to the mirror and seen come dripping from the side of your face from your mouth, and started wretching, realizing that someone had drugged, raped, and blown their fuckin load in you? what would you do?
So I guess the answer is smash smash someone to death and then skip town?

[These are general murders not by gender or sex orientation. Just so happen that I was trying to find murder stats before this tragic story stopped me.  I got those from United Nations Office of Statistics. Adam]
UNODC murder rates most recent year
    Eastern Africa21.969,344Africa
    Middle Africa20.825,330Africa
    Northern Africa5.912,276Africa
    Southern Africa30.517,484Africa
    Western Africa15.444,671Africa
    Central America28.544,997Americas
    Northern America3.913,558Americas
    South America20.079,039Americas
    Central Asia6.13,667Asia
    Eastern Asia1.319,828Asia
    South-Eastern Asia6.034,787Asia
    Southern Asia3.863,102Asia
    Western Asia2.65,736Asia
    Eastern Europe6.419,072Europe
    Northern Europe1.51,432Europe
    Southern Europe1.41,669Europe
    Western Europe1.01,852Europe

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