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August 6, 2011

The independent editorial Lethe Press today announced the U.S. publication of a new anthology of stories of gay-themed fiction in English signed by 29 writers of Latin origin.

Titled "From Macho to Butterfly: New Gay Latino Fiction", the anthology contains stories by the parading "divas challenging bad guys or teens seductive sensual," but also "not powerful youth questioning their sexuality," said the publisher said in a statement.

Edited by Charles Rice-Gonzalez Puerto Rican and New Yorker Charlie Vazquez is the first collection of stories of gay-themed fiction created by Latinos is published in English in this country since 1999.

"The stories are vibrant and varied, and are clearly connected with the signal was lost in which we live," added the editorial stories that contain 'experiences and emotions of our day. "

The scenarios in which pass the stories are as different as a nightclub in Los Angeles, a beach in New York, the New York borough of the Bronx, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the border between Guatemala and Mexico en route to the United States, or bakery in Kansas, among others.

The authors involved in the collection are David Caleb Acevedo, Miguel Angel Angeles, Ricardo Bracho, C. Adam Cabrera, Bronco Castro, Johnathan Cedano, Edouardo Booh, Ben Francisco, Danny Gonzalez, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Anthony Haro, W. Brandon Lacy Campos and Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes.

Also included texts Jimmy Lam, Miguel M. Morales, Bryan Pacheco, Alfonso Ramirez, Guillermo Reyes, Charles Rice-Gonzalez, Alex G. Romero, Chuy Sanchez, Edwin Sanchez, Rick J. Santos, Jesus Suarez, David Andrew Talamantes, Justin Torres, Benny Vasquez, Charlie Vazquez and Robert Vázquez-Pacheco.

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