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February 29, 2020

Gov of Kentucky Proud To Be With Drag Queens in Pic~ GOP Forgets is 2020 Criticized Him

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 Gov. Beshear defends photo taken with drag queens

(AP) — Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear defended a photograph of him posing with drag queens at a gay rights rally and accused a Republican lawmaker of using homophobic tactics by displaying the photo at a recent campaign rally while accusing Democrats of corrupting traditional values.
Beshear, a Democrat, told reporters Thursday that he would pose for the photo again, saying he was practicing his faith to treat everyone with respect.
The Republican lawmaker who denounced the photo at the rally owes an apology to everyone appearing in the picture, Beshear said. At the weekend rally for a Republican legislative candidate, state Sen. Phillip Wheeler accused Beshear and the Democratic Party of corrupting the values of children, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported. 
“They were absolutely homophobic," the governor said of the lawmaker's remarks. “I don't think he is the fashion police for the Capitol. I believe he owes each and every one of them an apology. They are as much Kentuckians as anybody else."
The photo was taken at the Capitol Rotunda in Frankfort on Feb. 19 as LGBTQ advocates gathered for Kentucky Fairness Rally, according to a report from LEX 18 in Lexington, Kentucky. 
Wheeler defended his comments Thursday, saying they were not directed toward homosexuals.
“My problem is not with the gay movement," he said in a phone interview. “I didn't say anything about the ‘Pride Celebration.'"
Wheeler said he objected to what the drag queens wore. One of them donned a KFC bucket crafted to look like a nun’s habit while another posing behind Beshear was wearing horns.
“What I thought indecent was the fact that they wore outfits that mocked the Christian religion and mocked traditional values," Wheeler said. “That's what I've got a problem with, is the mockery and the fact that the governor would pose and support that."
The Republican candidate won this week's special election for an eastern Kentucky House seat that had been held by a Democrat for decades. The Appalachian region is a stronghold for Republican President Donald Trump. Beshear said Thursday he didn't think the photo influenced the outcome.
At the campaign event, Wheeler said: “This is not only a fight for the soul of America," the Lexington newspaper reported. “It is a fight against evil, for just the forces of decency.”
According to LEX 18, a video shared on Representative-elect Richard White's official Facebook page shows Wheeler speaking to a group of voters in Elliot County a few days before White won a special election in that district. In the video, Wheeler is seen walking around, showing the photo to the group. 
"I would have never thought that there would be a day where we have people dressed in devil horns celebrating with our governor in our beautiful Capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky. A place with much religious imagery and yet we have a Governor that celebrates it being defiled," Wheeler said in the video.
The Kentucky Democratic Party on Thursday called for Wheeler's resignation and for the Republican leadership in the State Senate and the House to denounce the comments.
“It’s time for Phillip Wheeler to go. He’s an embarrassment to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and his hateful, ignorant comments do not have any place in the Statehouse,” Marisa McNee, spokeswoman for the KDP, said. “If Senator Wheeler does not resign, the Senate must censure him immediately.”
"I think it's being presented as an LGBTQ issue and in my opinion, it's not an LGBTQ issue," said Wheeler. "It's a question of decorum and this particular group - the post with the governor- I mean, part of their agenda is to mock people of religion by using specific religious garb. Like, I think the one used a habit made out of a KFC bucket. One used devil horns. You know, I think that the intention, or the posing of the governor with the group that mocks traditional religion, is just a question of decency. Is that really what we want to support in the Commonwealth of Kentucky?"
Some of the drag queens in the photo come from a group called The Derby City Sisters, which sent a statement to WDRB News in response to Wheeler's comments: 
"The Derby City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is an order of sacred clown nuns whose goal is to bring education and awareness of the LGBT+ community. We strive to be present in the community so that others can see they are allowed to be comfortable as they are, where they are in their journey. We would love for anyone (especially Senator Wheeler and Representative White) to come and get to know us! We look atypical as a goal, however, our mission can be easily skewed when someone doesn’t know who we are."
Other queens come from a group called Kentucky Fried Sisters, LEX 18 reported. Both the Derby City Sisters and Kentucky Fried Sisters are part of the Kentucky order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
In a Facebook post, the Derby City Sisters invited Wheeler and White to get to know them. 
"We are a nonprofit, who seeks to let everyone know that they are loved and that they belong," the post read. "We advocate for those without a voice. We are dedicated to community service, and we humbly promote human rights and respect for diversity."
Beshear recently became Kentucky’s first sitting governor to attend and speak at the gay rights rally in the state Capitol Rotunda, a few steps from the governor’s office. The rallies by gay-rights supporters date back to the 1990s, activists said.
"As your governor, my door is always open to you," Beshear said at the rally. "And as long as I'm the governor, these doors will always be open to anybody."
The governor spoke against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and supported a ban on conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth during the rally. Beshear said Thursday that he was proud to make history with his appearance.
“It's time to move beyond the hatred and the division and treat everyone the way that they're supposed to be treated," he said. “For me, it's a matter of faith, morals and doing what's right."
“I would absolutely take that picture again because those are Kentuckians that were here at their Capitol," the governor added.
Beshear defeated Republican incumbent Matt Bevin, a staunch social conservative, to win the governorship in last year's election.
Political opposition to gay rights has some deep roots in Kentucky.
In 2004, Kentucky voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the state Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman. But in June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees same-sex couples have the right to marry. The ruling overturned same-sex marriage bans nationwide.
A county clerk in Kentucky, Kim Davis, made international news when she was jailed in 2015 for refusing to issue marriage licenses after gay weddings became legal. She cited her religious beliefs and said she was acting under “God’s authority.”
Davis was released only after her staff issued the licenses on her behalf but removed her name from the form. The state legislature later passed a law removing the names of all county clerks from state marriage licenses.
Gay-rights activists have made headway. A growing number of Kentucky municipalities have passed local “fairness ordinances,” which ban LGBTQ discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

June 15, 2019

Puerto Rico’s Gov Backs Down After Ricky Martin Publishes Open Letter on New Bill To Give 'Religion Liberty’ (What Liberty R They Lacking?)

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 Ricky Martin

 Are you home on saturdays? On Sundays? when religion comes knocking on your door. If the Governor could tell us what liberty religion does not have with exception of what the constitution says, which they don't obey anyways (Separation of church and state).  Bills like that (religious liberty bill) have been proposed on the main land (and some passed) the proposals come from the worse anti gays, anti government, anti education and anti hispanics members of the senate and the house. Why? Because they were elected by those people at least that is what they believe. 
If you read the previous story about a Pastor Preaching what he want to do to gays. The law is not going to let him do it but someone listening to him would do it to an LGBTQ person or persons and that is where most gay bashing and killings come from.
On a smaller scale, very much smaller Puerto Rico has everything like any other country. The good, the bad and the ugly. Thank any god you serve the good people being so much more in volume and good heart that protects everyone in the island by watching the government to make sure a Governor Like Roselló doess not give the liberties of some Puerto Ricans away with the excuse of giving someone else liberties they already have. What they don't get is to have laws like in the Spanish inquisition that you could not say something negative about the church or they would burn you alive. They would not burn you alive now but they would burn your personality and the right to be what god created you to be.
Maybe the Governor Ricardo Roselló had been spending too much time talking with his compadres, the republicans in the mainland and let a very special group in Puerto Rico convince him Puerto Rico need to make religion free in the island (it sounds so ridicolous, funny if it wasn't so sad and because they will be back again) The island does not need that law and it would make it regressed from all the positive things the Island has done for the LGBTQ Community and some of them under the Governorship of Roselló. He is not anti gay but listens to his party which still has not dissolve all those old ideas of where gays comes from. 
I just wonder if we did not have a famous Puerto Rican singer to make Roselló see the light, then Puerto Rico would have seen the liberties of the oppressed being taken away by those that want to save eveyone even if they have to take their liberties away to be what god created them to be in order to follow their ideas of how the universe is and been millions of years before any part of the bible was written. We are still gratefull the Governor backed down.
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 Luis Fonsi, Ricky Martin,Chayanne and Gov. Ricardo Roselló
 Nicole Acevedo:
Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló backed down from a "religious liberty bill” after international star Ricky Martin published an open letter Thursday slamming the legislation that would exempt government employees from serving constituents if they believe it clashes with their religious beliefs.
“As a defender of human rights and a member of the LGBTT community, I am vehemently opposed to the proposed measure imposed upon us under the guise of religious freedom,” the Puerto Rican artist wrote, that "projects us to the world as a backwards country.”
Hours after the letter was published, Rosselló asked legislators to shelve the bill, saying in a statement that "instead of reaching a consensus on a basis of mutual respect, it provokes the division of our people."
His petition came just minutes after island senator Zoe Laboy said she was "determined to submit a negative report to the project of religious freedom before the members of the commission that I preside over for its evaluation."
Martin's letter came a day after he took to social media to speak out against Rosselló and the island’s House of Representatives, who had voted in favor of the bill Tuesday.
“The House Bill 2069, filed at the request of Governor Ricardo Rosselló and promoted by Representative Charbonier, is nothing more than opening the door to hatred towards anyone who does not share the same ideology, who belongs to the LGBTT community, or that is not even the same skin color, among so many other discriminatory manifestations,” Martin wrote on Twitter in Spanish.
The bill had sparked fierce outcry in the island from civil rights and LGBTQ actvists, and at least three U.S. Democratic presidential candidates — Julián Castro, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — have voiced their opposition to the legislation.
“We must defeat this bill — and work to end discrimination, rather than give it shelter,” Castro, the only Latino running for president, said.
New York Democratic congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, who is from Puerto Rico, has also decried the measure.
Supporters of the bill, including the governor, say that the government cannot discriminate and has “the obligation to always provide public services to all its citizens.” Still, the bill calls for government employees and employers to “seek reasonable accommodations” in the face of “foreseeable future conflict.”
Rosselló had said Wednesday that he would only sign the controversial bill if Puerto Rican lawmakers approve another bill that would ban conversion therapies in Puerto Rico. 
  But this legislation has also been slammed by civil rights groups since it only bans conversion therapies conducted by mental health professionals while allowing the practice to continue in churches and by parents of a minor.
In the wake of the controversy, Rosselló asked legislators Thursday to also withdraw this bill.
The governor had already issued the controversial conversion therapy ban under an executive order March 27, and that will still stand even though it doesn't become law.
Martin’s social media posts, which he published just three days after leading the 62nd National Puerto Rican Day Parade, motivated more artists and politicians to publicly condemn the bill.
Grammy-winning Puerto Rican musician René Pérez Joglar, also known as Residente Calle 13, said on Instagram that the law makes Puerto Rico “look bad on an international level, like a retrograde country.”
“This does no good to tourism, on the contrary. This is a shame,” the artist added.
"This movement is not representative of the Puerto Rico that we all love, defend and hold so dear. We call on the Senate, the House and Governor Ricardo Rosselló to reject this effort, which is an open door to hatred and discrimination," Martin said in his letter. 

April 25, 2019

Gov of PR Rossello Orders To Stop 'Change The Gay Therapy' for Minors..He Forgot Young People..Sad!

There is no Therapy to change who you are. The only one is what they use on the spies and eventually those people find themselves lost and not be able to be themselves nor the person they were. If you know this is wrong for a minor you know is wrong for a 22 year old youngster fighting with their parents religion, parents, friends, school, etc.If you have the power to stop it on a minor why not on someone older? P o l i t i c s

The Governor of Puerto Rico Gov Ricaedo Rosello gets Kudos for issuing an executive order banning this torture on minors. But how about guys in their twenties that are being taken advantage of through families or just being confused themselves and commiting to this "torture'  Then when they can stay on their narrow road they got nothing and they see suicide as the best thing.
To get better. They dont want to be gay for the same reason I didn't want to be gay. This is something given to us and we must do the most we can with it. 

Being gay to most people makes them better people in which they understand others better than straights.. The Suicide statistic are very high on those in their twenties not on minors even though one is too many. But again this Governor know how to do the right thing only goes halfway because he things how it will afect him in politics. I saw that in him during Maria and even now. He has not been and is not one of the voices that are calling the President to stick to his word and let the money be realase to help Puerto Rico. He could not be more polite and nice while this psychopath handed down paper towels on his visit to Puerto Rico. Even Trump said the got along real well because they were from the same party which they are except the Governor Rosello does not touch that electrify cable. 
What a good occasion to pressure him or even embarrsing about the way he was talking about PR already. If not dont even walk with this man. You walk with him and stay quiet when he put PR down and spits out untruths, that makes you part of that pozzy.
Adam Gonzalez, Publisher

"Note to politicians of all stripes: This is what real leadership looks like". (This was on the paper and I would like to know why is leadership when he is doing it half way and how long as he waited? To do the right thing....half way!!! All he needed was a pen and pieace of paper; may be there were no writting papers in PR....He could have use of f Trumps paper towels then....)

 This is how The Governor is being Praised which offends me:

Image result for PR governor and trump inpr
 Rosello, Trump, Melania...Trump compares PR Death To Trump told Puerto Rican officials that they "can be very proud" that Hurricane Mariaresulted in 16 confirmed deaths, as opposed to "a real catastrophe" like Hurricane Katrina. Oct 3 1997

"These days, when most Americans think of Puerto Rico they’re probably thinking of 2017’s Hurricane Maria. However, when it comes to LGBTQ rights, the U.S. territory is making some basic advancements in human rights that its stateside neighbors should take note of.

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló issued an executive order that bans gay “conversion therapy” for LGBTQ youth. The unscientific practice has fallen under intense scrutiny in recent years for the abusive nature of a practice that attempts to change the sexuality of young people through repressive and sometimes even violent means.

No matter what you think about LGBTQ issues and rights, there’s no denying the fact that conversion therapy is abusive and literally does not work.

This is an important move for Puerto Rico that will literally save lives.

"Today we take a step forward to raise awareness among the people about this type of practice that causes pain and suffering,” Rosselló said. "Love and respect should always prevail without distinction of sexual orientation, race, color or religion."

Even though the American Psychological Association publicly discredited the  "discrimination, prejudice and immoral treatment" of gay conversion therapy all the way back in 2000, only 15 U.S. states have outright banned the practice. 

“As a father, as a scientist and as the governor for everyone in Puerto Rico, I firmly believe that the idea that there are people in our society who need treatment because of their gender identity or whom they love is not only absurd, it is harmful to so many children and young adults who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect,” Rosselló added in a statement.

Still, it has been an uphill fight against pseudoscience for Rosselló. His own political party blocked a bill that would have banned conversion therapy, leading to him issuing the executive order".

Brian Krassenstein
 BREAKING: The Puerto Rico Governor has just banned gay conversion therapy for minors... also known as torture. 
The move received widespread acclaim from LGBTQ organizations.

“We commend Governor Rossello for his leadership in issuing this order to protect LGBTQ minors in Puerto Rico,” said HRC Senior Legislative Council Xavier Persad.

“We are grateful for Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló for taking decisive action to protect LGBTQ youth from conversion therapy,” added the Trevor Project’s Sam  Brinton. “LGBTQ youth in crisis reach out to us every day, including young people from Puerto Rico, and this action will undoubtedly save young LGBTQ lives.”

Rosselló should be praised for the political courage to stand up to his own party and do what’s right. It’s the kind of moral integrity we’d love to see more of from our own elected leaders.

I give this governor no praise for this and the peole praising him are probably the people that told him that politicly might it might be better for him, which is also a mistake.Get better people Governor!

July 6, 2018

GOP Fl. Gov. Scott Most Get Something by Denying 1.5 The Right To Vote

At Florida's Capitol in Tallahassee, four times a year, dozens of anxious people gather to hear a decision that will affect the rest of their lives. Felons whose sentences and probation are complete stand before the governor and other Cabinet members to ask for clemency and the restoration of their right to vote.
After waiting for years, Joanne Calvarese made her case to the clemency board in June.
"I feel that I have paid my consequences," Calvarese said. "I know I don't deserve your mercy, but I beg you for it."
The panel congratulated Calvarese on turning her life around and gave her back the right to vote. Most of the 100 others making the same request that day were not as lucky.
Across the U.S., most states restore voting rights to felons after they've completed their sentences. Some wait for probation and parole to be complete. In recent years, many states have updated and streamlined the process.
Florida, however, has gone in the other direction. When Gov. Rick Scott took office seven years ago, he rolled back reforms put in place by his predecessor, Charlie Crist. More than 150,000 Floridians had their voting rights restored during Crist's four years in office. In the seven years since then, Rick Scott has approved restoring voting rights to just over 3,000 people.

In Florida, more than 10 percent of the adult population is prohibited from voting because they've had felony convictions. Under a law that dates back to the Reconstruction era, Florida bars felons from voting, unless officials approve a request to have those rights restored. That means nearly 1.5 million people in Florida can't vote, even though their sentences are complete.  
At a hearing in 2016, Scott tried to explain to one man why he was denying his request to have his rights restored.
"Clemency is — there's no standard," Scott said. "We can do whatever we want. But it's ... tied to remorse. And ... understanding that we all want to live in a law-abiding society."
Jon Sherman, with the Fair Elections Legal Network, says that's the problem with Florida's system.
"There's no rule, no standard, no criteria governing their decision-making," he said. "Sometimes, the governor simply says, 'I don't feel comfortable at this point.'"
Sherman believes the inconsistent way in which Florida restores voting rights violates the U.S. Constitution. He represents a group of former felons that's suing the state.
"A lot of people have seen how unfair and arbitrary the process is, how delayed," Sherman said. "I mean, we've met people who are waiting for up to 10 years for a hearing on their application. And they see that and they decide, 'You know, it's not worth it to even apply.'"
One of those suing Florida is Yraida Guanipa. She served 11 years on a drug trafficking conviction before being released in 2007. Since then, she's gone back to college, earned a bachelor's and a master's degree, and started a business in Miami. Her probation ended in 2012, but Florida's law requires her to wait an additional seven years before applying to have her rights restored.
"The seven years is not up until next year," Guanipa said. "And after that, I have to get into the line of the backlog, or maybe 10 years. I probably would be dead."
Part of the reason Florida withholds the right to vote from felons, Guanipa says, is political. She believes it's aimed at suppressing the vote in minority communities.
"It's not only punishing me," she says, "but it punishes my family and my community because it's blocking us [from having] a voice."
In Florida, more than 20 percent of otherwise eligible African-American adults are unable to vote because of the law.
Earlier this year, a federal judge said Florida's process for clemency and restoring voting rights was unconstitutional. The state appealed and arguments in the case are scheduled in a few weeks. But before there's a final decision on that, Florida voters will weigh in.
Another group that has been working to restore voting rights for felons, the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, gathered more than a million signatures for a constitutional amendment that will be on the November ballot. It would restore voting eligibility to most felons once they'd completed their sentences.
"This is an issue that transcends rural-urban-suburban divide. It transcends the partisan divide," said Neil Volz, with the coalition. "And it really is something that impacts all communities and all walks of life."
Many believe the referendum may offer the best chance of overturning Florida's ban on felon voting. Recent polls show it's supported by more than two-thirds of state voters.

October 10, 2017

PR Gov. Sends Letter to Congress PR Going Down for 3rd Time:Trump Asks $ From Congress


It’s been more than three weeks since Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico. A little over 10% of the island has power and while President Trump throws paper towels at a crowd of displaced people hoping to absolve his blatant disregard for a colonized nonvoting island, Congress has yet to approve a relief package for any of the American communities affected by hurricanes this season.
Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló, who has played nice with the Trump administration despite the president’s best efforts to blame the island for its current crisis, wrote a letter to Congress on Tuesday pleading with them to provide more federal emergency aid beyond what the Trump administration has already requested.
“We are grateful for the federal emergency assistance that has been provided so far. However, absent extraordinary measures to address the halt in economic activity in Puerto Rico, the humanitarian crisis will deepen, and the unmet basic needs of the American citizens of Puerto Rico will become even greater,” wrote Rosselló.
Assessment of the damage will cost in the range of $95 billion, Rosselló said citing independent analysis. His request to Congress was a little more than $4 billion and included $3.2 million in community development grants, $500 million in community disaster loans, $500 million in social services grants, and $149 million in emergency relief.
Read Rosselló’s full letter below: 
On Tuesday afternoon, the Associated Press reported that the White House had requested an additional $5 billion in aid specifically for Puerto Rico. Congress is expected to vote on the White House’s initial request for $29 billion in FEMA funding next week. In September, Congress approved a $15 billion package for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Breaking: Trump's government just asked Congress for $4.9 billion to stop the government from collapsing.
Splinter News
Eleanor Sheehan

August 1, 2017

NJ Gov.Chris Christie Goes to Ball Pk Gets in The Face of Fan, Again

I remember when President Obama came to NJ about 8 years ago after the are was hit by a hurricaine that decimated the beaches and resident on low laying areas. President Obama invited Christie to AirForce One and they flew examing the damage. Governor Christie was so emotional and grateful for President Obama to have come in to help the area and give His highest priority that made Chrisite cry. He said he had never been on Airforce One and it was sad to see a guy that size with tears down the cheeks like a boy. Christie doesn't cry anymore and people don't shake his hand but by many other methods, mainly with fingers.


Maybe New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie should just stay away from ballparks and beaches, not to mention bridges.

The month of July hasn't been very kind to the governor. First, Christie angered New Jerseyans by spending part of the July 4 holiday lounging on a popular state beach that was closed to everyone else due to a partial government shutdown. The internet memes created from a photo of Christie relaxing in his beach chair quickly went viral.

And then there was the foul ball the governor caught at Citi Field earlier this month that elicited loud boos from the crowd. Even one broadcaster couldn't help making a sly commentary: "Nice to see him get from the beach here to the ballpark."

Now, at yet another baseball game at Milwaukee's Miller Stadium over the weekend, Christie, a bowl of nachos in hand, got within inches of a heckling Cubs fan to give him a piece of the gubernatorial mind.

In a video of the incident posted on Twitter, it's difficult to hear, but Christie says "You're a big shot," to the man, identified as Brad Joseph, who is wearing sunglasses and a Cubs jersey. "I appreciate that," Joseph is heard saying sarcastically.

Speaking with WISN 12 News, Joseph says he saw Christie coming up the stairs: "I yelled his name and told him that he sucked ... I called him a hypocrite because I thought it needed to be said."

Joseph said Christie made contact with his knee and asked if he wanted to "do something" or "start something."

"(He) was yelling at me. First, he told me, 'Why don't you have another beer?' which I thought was a decent come back, and I thought that was kind of funny," says Joseph. "Then he started calling me a tough guy."

Even before "beach gate," Christie was experiencing some of the lowest approval ratings of any governor in the country. In fact, they've been falling more-or-less steadily since his 2013 reelection, followed quickly by Bridgegate.

And Christie, who can't run again due to term limits, hasn't shown much empathy either over what describes as "the global outrage" over the beach episode. In a radio interview last week, the governor said the flap has hurt his family and that he's avoided looking at the internet memes that have emerged as a result.

He said in Thursday's broadcast of Ask the Governor on NJ 101.5 FM that his family has been "more hurt by this latest episode than they've been hurt by anything else that has happened in the eight years and they don't understand people's unfairness and, quite frankly, their ignorance."

Many tears have passed away and Christie now can't run for goveror again because of term limits and Trump afer the election, have both become the men they relly are. Obnotious who care less about the voters because they care for number one first. They both used their position to acquire power. Not to solve problems. When Christie was passed over for the position he had been offered of Attorney General because Jarred Kutchner was opposed, after all Chrisite on the days he was working hard to do his job and politicly grow went after a billionaire, The head of the Family Kutcher. 

Who would have thought that one day that kid Jarred would have the power f Chrisitie to hae the ultimate orgasm. Not just to fly Air Force one but to Work in Washington with Doors open to the White House. Next it would be running for Presidet. Everything was writen on the carton of Breyers rockie road Ice cream. As far as Trump goes he could promised anything, as Trump would say it was a political campaign and you do what you have to but when he finaly gets where people have elected him to, he belives is all because of his own smarts that got him there. He does good if its also good for him and his otels and so many business. Doesn't even need the President's salary which is lunch money.  

To win it is required for many alliances working for themselves but believing this person will deliver on promises that contradict others he is also made, but they beleive he will deliver on theirs and are the ones that bring the votes together. 

As for many voters they vote for the "lesser of two evils" or because the other one went around prostituting, killing boys (many voter said this was a reason, it was put out by the pizza connection which was not unmasked by the FBI as made up stories. These ever competing political groups tell them those voters to beleive and they beleive. Others just stay home and thus voting for the candidate that won by neutralizing the vote of the one that lost. 

A percentage of voters and I have no idea how many are reading this. We get to know the person as a politician, never fall in love with a politician, politcians are not people you can totally trust. Liking a lot should be the most on that scale. Liking and respect should be the most a politicaian gets.

Adam 🦊

May 8, 2017

NJ with Lowest Opioid Prescription Rates Is Made to be by Christie as the Worse-Why?

 New Jersey last year reported one the lowest opioid prescription rates in the nation, even before Gov. Chris Christie signed into law tough new restrictions limiting when doctors may prescribe potentially addictive pain killers, according to a new survey. 
In New Jersey, prescriptions declined from 5.16 million to 4.59 million, a decline of 11 percent, according to a report released by the American Medical Association.
That amounts to 0.5 prescriptions per capita, second-lowest behind California and Hawaii at 0.4 scripts. New Jersey is tied with Alaska, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York, according to the report released Friday.
In its report, "Physicians' progress to reverse nation's opioid epidemic," the leading lobby for doctors said prescribing rates have declined in all 50 states. During the same period of time, physician use of state prescription drug monitoring programs and the number of physicians undertaking training programs on opioid prescribing, pain management, addiction have spiked dramatically.
"These are good signs of progress, but to truly reverse the nation's opioid epidemic, we all have much more work to do," said Patrice A. Harris, who chairs the AMA's Board of Trustees. 
Despite its dense population and ample access to physicians, New Jersey has ranked low in opioid prescription rates for some time. In 2012, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found 63 prescriptions were written for every 100 people New Jersey, at the bottom with New York, Minnesota, California and Hawaii in the lowest group.
Alabama and Tennessee were the highest-prescribing states, recording 143 prescriptions per capita, the CDC found in 2012. 
Last year, the CDC set guidelines for prescribers which state a seven-day supply is typically all that is required. In February in a show of determination to combat an epidemic of overdoses, Gov. Chris Christie and the Legislature adopted a law setting a five-day initial prescription that a doctor could increase after four days if pain has not subsided.
The Medical Society of New Jersey, the state affiliate for the American Medical Association, opposed the bill and predicted  cautious doctors would be reluctant to recommend opioids when they are necessary. 
Mishael Azam, chief operating officer for the Medical Society, said that prediction has come true, based on conversations with its members.
"Since the CDC guidelines were released and (S3) was signed, patients feel like criminals for needing pain medication," Azam said.
"Patients who need medication for mobility or daily quality of life are losing access because physicians are being blamed for opioid addiction, thus reducing even legitimate prescribing," Azam said. "Physicians are in fact learning and changing behavior, doing their best to balance the goals of treating patients and reducing addiction."
Christie has made reducing the addiction and overdose rate of heroin and prescription drugs the centerpiece of his final year in office. 
Backed by CDC studies and statistics that have shown a corresponding rise in the number of opioid prescriptions and fatal overdoses, Christie has taken aim at prescribing practices in the state and expanded the requirements that pharmacists update and doctors consult the statewide prescription monitoring database.
The law says doctors treating patients for acute pain must limit the length of the initial prescription to no more than five days. The law allows physicians to add another five days to the prescription after the fourth day if the pain has not subsided.
The measure would not apply to hospice or cancer patients or people in long-term care facilities, according to the bill. Nor would it apply to patients who are being treated for chronic pain.
Susan K. Livio may be reached at Follow her on Twitter @SusanKLivio. Find Politics on Facebook.

April 16, 2017

“Do Not Remove” Tag on Mattress More Popular than Christie



According to new, admittedly unscientific polls, Governor Chris Christie has the unique distinction of being the least popular governor in the United states. I don't know if there's an awards dinner, but if there is it's probably a bummer. 
The title of America's least popular governor is a little confusing. All this poll did was compare the approval ratings of governor's in their home states against each other. For example, Christie may be hugely popular in Wyoming but who gives a damn, because he's governor of New Jersey. So to paraphrase, amongst all the governors in the U.S. Chris Christie has the lowest approval rating in his home state thus making him America's least favorite.
You can say a lot of things about Chris Christie and his dubious new distinction, but you can't say he didn't earn it. As he nears the finish line of his two terms in office the state is inarguably worse off than it was when he took the reins. Our infrastructure is crumbling, mass transit is a mess, our credit rating is in the negative numbers and half his staff has been sentenced to prison. It's been a rough seven plus years for Chris.
Plus, naming him America's least popular governor seems a little mean spirited. I mean, he knows he’s done a terrible job and we know he's done a terrible job, putting a label on it seems a little bit excessive.

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June 30, 2016

Christie Hid Email Account Containing BridgeGate Related Conversations in Cover Up


For two-and-a-half years, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has maintained that he provided federal investigators looking into the 2013 George Washington lane closures with complete access to both his personal and government email accounts. According to WNYC, however, new court filings show that this was not actually the case, supporting earlier allegations from two defendants indicted in the scheme that Christie’s lawyers destroyed and withheld evidence.

Lawyers Say Chris Christie Destroyed Cell Phone, Text Messages and Emails to Cover Up Involvement in Bridgegate 
“I turned over my email, both professional and personal, to all of the investigators who asked for them. And said, ‘Look at whatever you want to look at,’” Christie said at a campaign event in New Hampshire last year, insisting that he, unlike Hillary Clinton, did not conduct government business on his personal account. (Christie was running for president at the time.) “I had a private email account, but I didn’t do my business on a private email account. She did everything on that account and then when she knows people are concerned about it, she gets the server cleaned.”

As it turns out, Christie shared a personal email account with his wife, Mary Pat, that was never searched. (The sender was “Chris and Mary Pat Christie.”) He sent at least one Bridgegate-related email from that account to Port Authority chairman David Samson. WNYC reports:

That email forwarded an article with the comment “per our earlier conversation” that discussed a phone conversation Christie had with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo concerning the lane closure investigation.

Christie’s own taxpayer-funded attorneys from the Gibson Dunn law firm, which has so far billed more than $10 million to the state, were in charge of responding to federal and legislative subpoenas seeking such emails. The lawyers simply ignored this account, even though Christie regularly used personal email accounts, including the one shared with his wife, for government business, sources say. He even used this account to email journalists concerning state business.
In court filings, Christie’s lawyers said that they had been aware of the account, “which we understood was not used by the Governor for official business and contained nothing responsive,” and, as such, had not searched it for responsive emails. His lawyers say they have since searched the account but found no emails “related to and contemporaneous with the lane realignment.”

Perhaps even more unbelievable is the issue of Christie’s cell phone, which he was carrying at the time of the lane closings, and which has now simply gone missing. Attorneys for the two indicted officials want to review the phone’s contents, as they believe texts the governor exchanged with ex-aide Regina Egea in December 2013 will be useful to their case.

Last month, Christie said his cell phone was “in the hands of the government...I don’t know exactly who has it. But I turned it over in response to a request from the government, as I said I would.” The US Attorney’s Office said that it doesn’t have the governor’s cell phone and never did, NJ Advance Media reports.

However, Christie’s lawyers told the court this week that they had reviewed the cell phone and its contents to determine whether it contained any records responsive to the government’s subpoena. After that was done, they said, the phone was returned to the governor. His lawyers have thus far refused to comply with the other defense attorneys’ requests to share those records.

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