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August 1, 2017

2017 San Francisco's 'Kink Fair'

dore alley 2017 featured
The first Up Your Alley Fair started as an AIDS fundraiser in San Francisco’s leather districtin 1985, but it moved to Dore Alley two years later and has remained there to this day.
Let’s enjoy some sights from the Up Your Alley fair!

The crowd was massive, friendly, but bustling. It could take a while to walk from one side of the street to the other.

dore alley 2017 02
Image by djbyronbonsall

They had lots of hot dancers on boxes as well as porn stars and exhibitionists showing off their kink in various places.

dore alley 2017 3
Image by isael_vaz_wani

Loads of people came… quite a few attended as well!

dore alley 2017 04
Image by macmarkymark

And they brought their sexy AF friends …

dore alley 2017 05
Image by sfchrisw

… and exotic animal pals …

dore alley 2017 06
Image by plasticboycamer

… and their… fuzzy unicorn dragons?

dore alley 2017 07
Image by theseanfromnowhere

Folks tend to wear outrageous costume and kink gear for the event.

dore alley 2017 rep
Image by who8myrice

The entire day throbs with a raw sexual energy as friends and lovers celebrate their uniqueness.

dore alley 2017 09
Image by kevinsaysgo

Some of the outfits have a club kid appeal….

dore alley 2017 10
Image by punkypebbles

… while some of the others wear very little at all….

dore alley 2017 11
Image by coachpineda

… like this guy who sat quietly for a bit wearing very little at all.

dore alley 2017 12
Image by djgarcia2265

A handful of drag queens also attended, wearing their Sunday best.

dore alley 2017 13
Image by peterbythebay

Some participants invited abuse by dressing up as Donald Trump or signs that said, “humiliate me”

dore alley 2017 14
Image by

Others just wore sexy harnesses and revealing underwear (much to our delight).

dore alley 2017 15
Image by adoremynikon

The fair also invites attendees to try their hand at various kink — like ropes, puppy play and flogging — and some of their assistants and experts are seriously sexy.

dore alley 2017 16
Image by adoremynikon

It’s a good place to hang, whether you’re a veteran kinkster or just curious.

dore alley 2017 14
Image by brendanfernandes

Though it’s important to remember why such LGBTQ and sex-positive events exist.

dore alley 2017 16
Image by solmissionsol

Though the event is predominantly white, there are plenty of sexy attendees from different races and ethnicities….

dore alley 2017 16
Image by johntonyfall

… like these guys.

dore alley 2017 17
Image by rafahello

What better place to play with your own wild pack?

dore alley 2017 18
Image by adoremynikon

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