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November 1, 2015

JesusWeen Not Halloween {Repost on adamfoxie*blog of Oct. 2011}

This 2011 repost it still resonates today by being both funny and true. What was happening on Halloween of 2011 still goes on today, so why not take a look at it. Nothing I post on halloween day today will be better than that article on October 11, 2011.

November 1, 2014

Malaysia Bans Halloween for Muslims

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's top Islamic body has banned Halloween celebrations for Muslims in the country. The National Fatwa Council has called the annual celebration observed on the eve of the Catholic holiday of All Saints' Day un-Islamic.
It is the third event the Muslim group has condemned this year. It had earlier labelled the Oktoberfest beer carnival and the "Touch a Dog" campaign as insults to Islam.
However, in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, the ban has not dampened the spirit of Halloween, which is celebrated in many countries. It is a time when children dress up in fancy costumes and go trick-or-treating - a practice of going from house to house to collect candy. Many adults too cannot resist joining in the spooky fun - opting for the popular guises of monsters, zombies, vampires and popular movie characters.
But in Malaysia, Islamic groups have frowned upon the festival. The Halloween, they say, with its Christianised origins and possible roots in paganism, are against the teachings of Islam. They have urged Muslims to protect their beliefs and avoid participating in the festivities.
"Superstition is not something that we encourage because it has no basis. And of course when you believe in superstitions, you are superstitious about ghosts ... it contradicts our faith in Islam," said Dr Siti Mariah, an MP from the opposition Islamic party PAS.
The Education Ministry shares these concerns, saying schools should refrain from celebrating Halloween on the eve of All Hallows' Day. "We should succumb and we should follow the fatwa (Islamic ruling)" given by the National Fatwa Council as Islam is the "national religion", said Education Minister Idris Jusoh.
However, the Cabinet Minister-in-charge of National Unity disagreed. Joseph Kurup, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, said: "This has been going on for years and it has been celebrated in a cordial and peaceful manner, which we think will make people interact, will make people integrate better and create unity. My personal opinion is that they should be allowed to do so."
The ban is not legally binding as it is not gazetted into law, so non-Muslims are not obliged to adhere to it. But the fatwa has raised concerns of the Islamisation of Malaysia - a country its tourism agency describes as a "melting-pot of races and religions".
Observers say the Halloween ban goes against the principle of moderation or wasatiyah, which calls for racial tolerance and acceptance and, advocated by Prime Minister Najib Razak. 

October 23, 2014

Dress up as a Witch in one of these 7 Countries and watch how they set you on fire!


You know how the long-ago witch hunts were stupid and hateful? What a relief those days are over.
Except they’re not. In many countries, people are still killed on suspicion of witchcraft. United Nations experts cautioned in 2009 that murders of women and children accused of sorcery were on the rise. Following are just a few of many examples from around the world.

1. Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia’s religious police department has an official Anti-Witchcraft Unit that it dispatches to catch sorcerers and break their spells. In 2007, the Saudis executed an accused sorcerer. A woman awaiting the death penalty for alleged witchcraft died in prison.
Like the New England witch hunters of yore, those in Saudi Arabia use magic as a convenient excuse to silence inconvenient people. Accusations of sorcery have been leveled against foreign women working as domestics for Saudi families who charge their employers with sexual assault, according to Saudi Arabia expert Christoph Wilcke.
2. Tanzania
This east African country killed approximately 600 elderly women on charges of witchcraft just two years ago. The Pew Forum on Religious and Public Life found a strong and pervasive belief in magic among Tanzanians. It sometimes leads to reverence rather than murder. One woman who claims to be a witch charges between $20 and $120 for services including medical cures and exorcisms — in a country where the average income is under two dollars a day.
3. Gambia
Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh rounds up, tortures and kills his citizens under the pretext of hunting for witches. Amnesty International estimates that at least six people died after Jammeh’s minions forced them to drink a mixture of unknown substances. Dozens more hallucinated and suffered severe and lingering pain. Those who survived suffered shame from the accusation in a country where people believe in and condemn witches.
4. Nepal
Last year a mob burned an accused witch alive after a shaman said she killed a boy. Their faith in the shaman suggests that Nepalis believe that sorcery can be used for good, but the punishment for black magic is death. This year another mob beat a 45-year-old woman to death based on accusations that she cast a spell on a neighbor’s daughter. The Nepali government is not on board with killing witches: police arrested three women suspected of participating in the murder. In the past it sentenced men to 20 years in prison for killing a woman suspected of practicing black magic.
5. India
Last June, a primarily female crowd killed two women believed to have murdered several children through witchcraft. As in Nepal, police arrested people suspected of participating in the mob. Some Indian states have adopted laws banning violence against people suspected of witchcraft.
6. Papua New Guinea
A crowd tortured and murdered a young mother accused of killing a boy through sorcery. They burned her alive before a large audience, some of whom broke off to chase police away before they could intervene. The prime minister lamented that violence against women is increasing because of the popular “belief that sorcery kills,” despite a law that specifically prohibits burning suspected witches.
7. Uganda
After burning a man’s house down and driving him from his village, locals tied him up and beheaded him for alleged witchcraft. While Ugandans kill some suspected witches, they pay others to help them with things like ensuring job security.
This is a small sampling of countries where natives believe in witchcraft and kill people for it. While the governments of some nations, including Saudi Arabia and Gambia, embrace this belief and use it to their own ends, others are working to end it. Either way, accusations of black magic empower people to eliminate individuals they dislike and to terrify others into conformity.
It all makes Halloween witch costumes a little less funny. 

October 31, 2013

It’s Slutty Halloween!!Enjoy!!!

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means…it’s time to dress up as the sluttier versions of your favorite superhero, movie character, or favorite profession. After browsing instagram under the hashtag #gayhalloween, we managed to stumble across some very creative and hunky gay boys. Enjoy below:
Batman and Robin (@markkr)
Halloween is Here, And it’s Sluttier Than Ever: Best Gay Costumes So Far This Year (Photos)
Share on faceboIt’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means…it’s time to dress up as the sluttier versions of your favorite superhero, movie character, or favorite profession. After browsing instagram under the hashtag #gayhalloween, we managed to stumble across some very creative and hunky gay boys. Enjoy below:

Julian Serrano dressing up as a bootylicious Sherriff: (@juju_mario)
Sexy Superheroes (Via @dapper_deo):
Sexy yet disturbing! @gayhalloween

Size Queen @nathanvernon
Slurp! It’s NYC’s Paige Turner and another hottie (@paigeturnernyc):
80s Drag Rockers @brenorourke
Hello Pharaoh @jrgamlieli


Flower Gardener @darkcarver

Sexy Jason! @gayhalloween
Gay Little Mermaid @hgic

Phantoms of the Opera (@boy_timmy)
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Check out some photos from this weekend’s Colossus San Francisco Halloween party:


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