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September 14, 2011

“As Wedding Roles Evolve, Here Come the Flower Men”

AMSA President In NYT Story:

“As Wedding Roles Evolve, Here Come the Flower Men” in the June 24, 2011 New York Times quotes Robert Heasley, President of the American Men’s Studies Association:
Robert Heasley, a sociology professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the president of the American Men’s Studies’ Association, said weddings were one of the last institutions to hold on to strict roles for the sexes, but that they were changing.
“We continue to have the marriage ceremony, but we’re slowly changing it to represent the greater balance of the genders,” he said. “It’s a significant shift to have the male be the flower girl because it introduces a male who represents gentility, flowers and femininity. It’s just another step toward the dismantling of the patriarchal formation of the marriage.”
The story notes: “As gender roles in weddings have gradually blurred, it is less rare for the bride and bridegroom to have opposite-sex attendants or so-called honor attendants. Still, flower guys have been slower to catch on, according to Joyce Scardina Becker, a wedding planner in San Francisco and the founding president of the Wedding Industry Professionals Association.”
Read the entire story here.

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