January 31, 2014

Who is Right on Young Gays Suicide?


The DUP says it has made a formal complaint against an academic who wrote an email claiming the party may have been responsible for gay and lesbian young people killing themselves.
A DUP MLA confronted Dr Graham Ellison of Queen's University at a meeting of the Stormont justice committee.
The meeting concerned a Bill on human trafficking, sponsored by a DUP MLA.
Jim Wells said he had seen an email written by Dr Ellison to a woman who had given evidence for the Bill.
If the Bill, sponsored by Lord Morrow, is passed, it would make it illegal to pay for sex in Northern Ireland.
In the email, Dr Ellison said: "Why have you hooked yourself up to that lot in the DUP? Have you any idea what they stand for in terms of social issues around women's rights; women's reproductive rights issues and so forth?
"In terms of gay and lesbian politics that I have an interest in, they are one of the most repressive and socially backward parties you could imagine."
Mr Wells said in the email Dr Ellison, who admits writing it, used a swear word that he would not repeat in public.
But the email said: "Who knows how many gays and lesbian young people in Northern Ireland have committed suicide because of this bloody party.
"I could also remember not long ago, five or six years, that the party, i.e. the DUP, was claiming that rape within marriage was impossible. They are simply latching onto this idea about sex that it is grounded in biblical teaching and not in feminist theory."
He put it to the academic, who is a member of the QUB's School of Law, that his opposition to the clause in the Bill banning prostitution was because of his prejudice against the DUP.
Dr Ellison replied: "Actually, it is nothing of the sort."
He said he was trying to reason with the woman believing he could "talk her round".
He denied the content of the email was abusive and claimed there was an "element of moral crusade" behind the Bill.
Dr Ellison said he was not convinced that the Trafficking Bill was “in the best interests of the country".


Lance Bass on the Gay Grammys and More

We don’t have to worry about how gays will be treated during the Winter Olympics, because apparently there are no gay people in Sochi. At least that’s what mayor Anatoly Pakhomovthinks: Speaking with the BBC, Pakhomov declared “We do not have them [gays] in our city,” he said. He later downgraded his proclamation to “I am not sure, but I don’t bloody know them.”
We guess Pakhomov hasn’t been to Sochi’s two gay bars.
Don’t take his comment as some kind of anti-gay sentiment, though: Pakhomov says gays are welcome at the Olympics, so long as they “respect the laws of the Russian Federation and [don't] impose their habits on others.”

Robert De Niro SrAcclaimed actor Robert De Niro doesn’t discuss his personal life much, but it’ll be front and center in Remembering the Artist Robert De Niro Sr, a new documentary about theRaging Bull actor’s artist father finding its way to HBO this summer.
De Niro Sr., who left his family after coming out as gay, was part of the post-WWII New York art scene that included Jackson Pollack and Lee Krasner—but he never achieved their level of acclaim. De Niro the younger reads aloud from his father’s intimate journals in the doc, and discusses watching him paint when he was a child. “I did this for him,” De Niro said at the film’s recent Sundance screening. “I wanted my younger kids—who were born after he died—to know what their grandfather did. I even kept his painting studio intact so they could see it.”
Initially the project was never intended for public consumption. “Bob wanted to make the film just for his family,” revealed director Perri Peltz. “But then we realized it tells the story not just of Robert De Niro’s Sr.’s work — which is amazing — but the entire art world of the time.”
A major show of Robert De Niro Sr’s work is being planned in New York.

lance bass macklemore
Lance Bass says that last night’s performance of “Same Love,” complete with mass wedding, was historic.
“I thought it was amazing, history was definitely made. The Grammys are one of the biggest stages in the world, and to make such a statement, it was incredible,” Bass told MTV News. “Everyone around the world was watching, and it was exactly the message people needed to see: that love is love.”

The operatic version of Brokeback Mountain officially opens at Madrid’s Teatro Real tomorrow night, with Canadian Daniel Okulitch as taciturn Ennis de Mar and American Tom Randle as lovestruck Jack Twist.
“The whole opera is about a typical kind of impossible situation, a tragic situation,” composer Charles Wuorinen told AFP about the English-language production.”In this case, it’s two people who in some way want to have a relationship which in their time is forbidden by society. That’s a very traditional operatic problem to deal with.”
Wuorigen tapped Anne Proulx, who penned the original “Brokeback” short story, to write the opera’s libretto.
Check out press images from Brokeback Mountain below.
brokeback opera
Canadian bass-baritone Daniel Okulitch (right) as Ennis de Mar and American tenor Tom Randle as Jack Twist during a press preview of the “Brokeback Mountain” opera.
brokeback alma twist opera
Canadian bass-baritone Daniel Okulitch (as Ennis del Mar) performs during a press preview of the “Brokeback Mountain” opera.
alma twist
U.S. singer Heather Buck (as Alma Twist) performs during a press preview of the “Brokeback Mountain” opera

 by Dan Avery

Man Survives Being Sucked Up by Wood Chipper

Lucky to be alive: Frank Arce, 23, is recovering after he fell THROUGH a wood chipper this week. He was badly injured but escaped with his life 
Lucky to be alive: Frank Arce, 23, is recovering after he fell THROUGH a wood chipper this week.
 He was badly injured but escaped with his life
The chipper broke Mr Arce's ankle and toe - as well as cracking his ribs and pelvis 
The chipper broke Mr Arce's ankle and toe - as well as cracking his ribs and pelvis


Frank Arce truly must have a guardian angel looking after him. That's how he explains surviving the unthinkable; being caught inside a high-powered wood chipper when it was mistakenly turned on. 
Arce had gone in to the machine to dislodge an object that had clogged up the machine. Before going in, he says he made sure the machinery was turned off in accordance with his company's safety protocol. But once inside he heard a sickening noise; the engine powering on.
The Washington state man says the worst part was being conscious during the entire ordeal and wondering how he was going to survive, ""There was a thought (that I was going to die) but it was more like something was telling me I wasn't going to die that day," he said. "I felt I had a lot of angels out there with me that day – a lot of people looking out for me."
KATU-TV reports Arce suffered a broken pelvis, shattered ankle, bruised liver, broken leg and knee, and a cut that runs the length of his body. But he credits the quick thinking of his coworkers who helped him with his injuries until help arrived. 
He'll be hospitalized for at least another two weeks and will have his medical bills paid for by his employer.

It’s Not Sex It’s About Identity (Barneys NY Transgender Campaign)

A cast of 17 transgender people have taken center stage in an inspiring new ad series for Barneys New York.
The campaign, shot by legendary photographer Bruce Weber, features individuals who have experienced immense challenges while transitioning genders.
Katie Hill, for example, was born a boy and was the first transgender student to graduate from her Oklahoma High School in 2012.
Scroll down for video
Sticking together: Katie Hill (left) and Arin Andrew (right) are an ex-couple that met at a transgender support group 
Sticking together: Katie Hill (left) and Arin Andrew (right) are an ex-couple that met at a transgender support group
After announcing her ambitions of becoming a woman to her fellow high school students, Miss Hill says that she was 'bullied and spat on.'
She was homeschooled for a year and then returned to school 'because I decided I didn’t want to be treated like a victim or a freak,' told Barneys' The Window blog.
With patience, Miss Hill educated her classmates on her state of mind.
'Everybody had been pretty ignorant about the subject of transgender, but they listened and after a while some of the kids who’d been bullying me and making fun of me became my friends. Eventually some of them revealed themselves about being trans people,' she said.
Miss Hill legally became a woman at the age of 16 and underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of 18 – a procedure that was paid for by an anonymous financial donor who had seen her story on television.
Another model named Maxine Neu, a 20-year-old from Hamburg, was also born a boy. While she always felt female inside, Miss Neu has only lived as a woman for the last year-and-a-half.
In their skin: Models Maxie Neu of Germany (center) and Trevon Haynes of New York City (right) are pictured with fellow model Ryley Pogensky (left) 
In their skin: Models Maxie Neu of Germany (center) and Trevon Haynes of New York City (right) are pictured with fellow model Ryley Pogensky (left)
Family support: Model Ryley Pogensky, a New York-based blogger (center), poses with his grandparents Leonard and Gloria (both right), and fellow model Valentijn (left) 
Family support: Model Ryley Pogensky, a New York-based blogger (center), poses with his grandparents Leonard and Gloria (both right), and fellow model Valentijn (left)
She is still transitioning into her new life, she says, and has not yet begun to seriously date as a woman.
'I don’t have a boyfriend. I like to cuddle and watch a movie but I don’t want to go beyond that yet. Maybe I need to protect myself. What’s happening to me is not about sex—it’s about identity. Nobody wants to get hurt. I have time,' she told the retailer.
Ahya Taylor was born a boy too. She tells Barneys that she 'began transitioning when I was a freshman in college. The process was very public, but it didn’t matter! I was doing what I had to do. It was a matter of psychological survival.'
She currently attends Wayne State University as a harp performance major.
But music is just one element of her dream career – she also plans to go into social work.
'Art and people are my passion and I want to contribute in the best way I can,’ she explained. ‘I want to be a catalyst for the change and uplifting of my community.'
In harmony: Dezjorn Gauthier (left), from Milwaukee sits with Ahya Taylor (right), pose in Central Park wearing Balenciaga 
In harmony: Dezjorn Gauthier (left), from Milwaukee sits with Ahya Taylor (right), pose in Central Park wearing Balenciaga
The campaign's conception was overseen by Barneys' creative director, Dennis Freedman, who told WWD that his casting decision had ‘a lot to do with the realization that such extraordinary progress has been made in the last few years for the lesbian, gay and bisexual community, but it’s striking how the transgender community has been left behind’ and it is ‘disturbing and upsetting to see that.’
Mr Weber also created a series of short films that will premiere on Barneys’ website.
The photographer told the paper: ‘I hope that my photographs and films of these 17 new friends, who are transgender men and women, convey the respect I have for them and how I stand in awe of their courage to face the world.’
On February 11 Barneys will donate 10per cent of sales from its flagship stores and website to two partnering organizations: The National Center for Transgender Equality, and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center.

The Revolution Wont Be Blond

The Mindful Revolution, Time Magazine Cover, Time Magazine Mindful Revolution, Slavoj Zizek, Ethan Nichtern, mindfulness, Twin Peaks Buddhism, Zizek Buddhism

The next cover for Time magazine is getting a lot of attention—and a ton of heat—from the mindfulness community. It is actually the second time that they have run a cover about meditation with a beautiful blond Caucasian woman on the cover. The first was Heather Graham in 2003. I must admit that my biggest personal bias against Heather will always be her performance in Twin Peaks, not her Time cover.These covers have created an interesting uproar over what motivates a mainstream media outlet to cover meditation and Buddhism. There is a lot of concern in the Buddhist communities in which I am involved—but maybe sometimes not enough concern—that Buddhism may just turn into a folk spirituality for elite middle-class and upper middle-class white people in wealthy countries, allowing us privileged folks the tools to remain calm and balanced while the world goes to deeper into a state of suffering and torment. This argument was most famously forwarded by the cultural theorist Slavoj Zizek in his critique of Western Buddhism. I tried to respond in this article to Zizek a few years ago in Huffington post.The thing that immediately strikes me about both covers—beyond what’s already been critiqued—is that both models seem (in their expression and closed-eye, chin-tilted distance) to be tuning out the world for the sake of comfort. From the standpoint of the Shambhala tradition, the entire purpose for practicing mindfulness is to tune into the world and engage with reality and society more deeply. Both cover models seem like they are simply somewhere else, not here with us.


The Hypocrisy in France: ‘The Tryst’ Au Bon 'Gays' Merde

France was unfussed by Hollandes infidelity, but issue of same-sex relationships is a battleground'

IN THE eyes of many Anglo-Saxons the French are famously and fabulously relaxed when it comes to all things sexual. Just look at the recent revelations concerning Francois Hollande, the French president, who has been enjoying what the British tabloids call 'love trysts' with a nubile actress 18 years his junior. 
What upset the French most wasn't the fact their leader was cheating on his long-term partner, Valerie Trierweiler, but that he was travelling to his meetings with her on the back of a scooter. Please! Aren't Frenchmen supposed to be the most dashing, the most debonair of lovers?
British and American commentators could only look on and marvel, knowing only too well that in their countries such behaviour is never so lightly excused.
Compared to the Anglophone world France has always been more tolerant of marital infidelity, even having an expression for that hour of the early evening when people meet up with their lovers before going home to their spouses – le cinq à sept [five to seven].
Yet there is a paradox to this Gallic sexual insouciance, one which is creating increasing friction in France as traditional values clash with 21st century reality.
For while the French are relaxed when it comes to heterosexual sex, a large minority of the country is becoming ever more strident in its opposition to homosexual sex – in short, anything that might threaten the quaint image of the contented French family.
This Sunday in Paris and Lyon sees the first demonstrations of the year against the Gay Marriage and Adoption Bill. The bill became law last year, despite widespread opposition across France, but that hasn't deterred 'Le Manif', as the protestors call themselves, from organising another massed demonstration against the legislation.
This time they'll not just be railing against gay marriage, but also surrogate births and IVF [in vitro fertilisation] treatment. According to French newspaper, Liberation, the organisers of Le Manif regard both surrogacy and IVF as pandering to the LGBT community to the detriment of the traditional family unit.
This conservative streak that runs through French society has been in evidence again this week as thousands of parents kept their children from school on Monday. The reason for the collective action? An alleged attempt by the Socialist government to teach students that "they are not born as boys or girls, but can choose to become one or the other".
The campaign was organised by a conservative group that last week sent a text message to families alerting them to what it labels "gender theory" teaching, and calling on parents to take their children out of school one day each month.
According to France24, sex education in schools could "become a new ideological battleground" between conservative France and the Socialist government.
Education minister Vincent Peillon reacted forcefully to the wave of absenteeism (around 100 primary schools reported missing pupils) on Wednesday, instructing head teachers across the country to remind parents that school attendance is compulsory. He also rejected the argument of the conservatives, saying: "The national school system is in no way teaching gender theory. It teaches equality from all points of view, and in particular, equality between women and men."
But France24 says that conservatives appear unlikely to give ground because of their "outrage" at the so-called 'ABCs of equality' programme that was introduced in around 600 primary school classes this year, and which they claim involves children reading books such as "I have two dads that love each other".
The 'Pull Students From School' initiative was launched by  the French/Algerian novelist and filmmaker Farida Belghoul but, significantly, it has the backing of ultra-conservative Catholic groups such as Civitas, which is also among the organisers of the anti-gay marriage protests.
According to France24, Belghoul has "carefully avoided directly challenging" the ABCs programme by not mentioning it by name, but Civitas has no such qualms. "Thanks to Farida Belghoul numerous parents have been alerted about an unnatural and perverse ideology that is being taught as early as pre-school under the guise of equality and 'the fight against homophobia'," the group announced on Wednesday.
With the fight set to continue, and signs it could become fiercer, maybe President Hollande will need that crash helmet of his for more than just a disguise. · 

BY Gavin Mortimer  


The Let’s Burn the Gays Russian is Being Sued

RIA Novosti in Moscow reported today: A gay rights activist has said he will sue the flamboyant and outspoken star of Russia’s version of “Scrubs,” who has made headlines in recent weeks over a string of inflammatory homophobic statements.
Nikolai Bayev said in a post on his Facebook account Wednesday that he did not expect his suit against Ivan Okhlobystin to succeed in Russia, but that he hopes to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights.
Bayev seeks 30,000 rubles ($850) in damages, his lawyer Andrey Zaytsev said.
Okhlobystin reacted in typically combative fashion on Twitter.
“The very existence of the lawsuit offends my religious sentiment,” Okhlobystin wrote.
Offending the feelings of believers has since June been made a criminal offense in Russia, punishable by up to three years in prison.
Ivan Okhlobystin
Okhlobystin, 47, was embroiled in scandal last month after saying during a chat with fans that he would “put [gays] all alive in the oven… it’s a living danger to my children.”
The actor refused to apologize and later petitioned the Kremlin to ban “sodomy.” No response followed.
He was sacked as creative director of Yevroset mobile phone retailer over his gay-bashing.
But Okhlobystin got a similar job at clothes maker Baon within days.
Bayev said on Facebook that he has also requested the Prosecutor General’s Office open a case against the actor on extremism charges.
The vaguely worded “extremism” article of Russia’s Criminal Code is routinely used against Islamists, radical nationalists and, occasionally, outspoken opposition activists.
But it has never used against homophobes, Bayev said.
Okhlobystin, a father of six, starred in some 50 film projects before his current project, medical sitcom “Interns,” which was Russia’s most popular television show of 2012, according to pollster VTsIOM.
Okhlobystin is an Orthodox Christian priest suspended in service, a science fiction writer and an aspiring conservative politician.
His anti-gay remarks come against the backdrop of increasing public rhetoric and legislation seemingly aimed at marginalizing gay people from public life in Russia.
Russia has come under fierce international condemnation over a law passed in June banning the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among minors. Rights activists say the legislation has prompted a rise in suicides among gay and transgender people in the country.
Authorities say the measure is part of efforts to promote traditional values and protect children from gay propaganda and is not aimed at discriminating against the LGBT community.

January 30, 2014

The Bieber Lab Results are Back Plus More Police Troubles in Canada


Justin Bieber is in trouble yet again — this time in his native Canada. The pop star, who  was arrested last week for alleged DUI in Miami, surrendered to police in Toronto Wednesday evening in connection with an alleged assault on a limo driver back in December.
Bieber arrived at the station amid a throng of fans, photographers and reporters, pushing his way past as fans screamed their admiration for the 19-year-old Canadian. He stayed for more than 90 minutes, then exited out a back entrance, skipping the crowd that had gathered.
According to Toronto police, Bieber went to a hockey game on Dec. 29 at the Air Canada Centre, then later that night police were called to the area and began investigating whether it was the singer or a member of his entourage who was involved in the assault.
 The Toronto police said in a statement that "on Monday, December 30, 2013, at approximately 2:50 a.m., a limousine picked up a group of six people outside a nightclub in the Peter Street and Adelaide Street west area. While driving the group to a hotel, an altercation occurred between one of the passengers and the driver of the limousine. In the course of the altercation, a man struck the limousine driver on the back of the head several times."
Police said the driver stopped the limousine, exited the vehicle and called police.
"The man who struck him left the scene before police arrived. On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, Justin Bieber, 19, of Calabasas, California, surrendered to police at 52 Division. He is facing the following charge: assault."
The singer is set to appear in court at Old City Hall on Monday, March 10, 2014, 11 a.m.
 Bieber's attorney says he expects the singer's Canadian assault case to be treated as a low-level offense and says his client is innocent, the Associated Press reported. Bieber's California-based attorney Howard Weitzman released the statement Wednesday after the pop singer turned himself in to Toronto police.
Weitzman declined to comment on the allegations his client faces or any potential defense, saying it was now a matter for the court to handle. The attorney says in a statement that Bieber's legal team expects the case to be treated as a summary offense, which is the equivalent of a misdemeanor in the United States, the AP reported.
Bieber's record label, Def Jam, also released a similar statement.
Following his meeting with police, Bieber again took to Instagram, posting a close-up shot. The photo shots Bieber clad in a black jacket and backwards cap, looking into the camera. The post is tagged with one word: “confident," coinciding with the name of his latest music video.

Bieber was arrested January 23 after leaving a Miami Beach club, accused of drag racing and DUI.
Earlier Wednesday, he pleaded not guilty of charges of driving under the influence and resisting
arrest and driving with an expired license. The singer spent the night in jail then appeared in a Miami courtroom, where the judge set bail at $2,500 and Bieber was later released.
He exited the courthouse a short time later, jumped up on a car and waved to a throng of fans as he left.
Bieber's troubles with police don't end there.
 On Jan. 14, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department executed a search warrant at Bieber's home for an investigation into alleged felony vandalism at his neighbor's house, involving an egging incident.
One of Bieber's entourage, Lil Za, was arrested for drugs during the search, but Bieber was not charged with any crime. The investigation is ongoing.

As for the results of the voluntary urine sample came back dirty for THC and Alprazolam which is commonly known as Xanax. Unfortunately for him the results back up the police assertion that a “talkative and 'cocky” Bieber admitted consuming pot.Alcohol and prescription medication before getting behind the wheel of his loaner Lamborghini last week.

A new police report detailing Bieber’s sobriety screening said the handcuffed heartthrob reeked of Marijuana while sitting in a patrol car at about 4:40am last Thursday. When confronted over the strong odor, Bieber copped to smoking pot, the source said.

 Sources: AP, Daily News and other sources
pic: adamfoxieShares

Miami Reporter Shares Wife to Make Porno with His Bud, She Runs Away with Bud

Courtesy of Wally Clark
Wally Clark swears it was a million-dollar idea. The bespectacled man with big ears, a bald head, and a trim figure scrolls through the 10,000 pornographic snapshots he took of his wife cavorting with his best friend. Sure, Clark had nudged the two of them together — but it was only supposed to be so they could all get rich peddling erotic images. His wife and his buddy weren't supposed to run off together.
On a recent Thursday, inside a one-bedroom bachelor pad cluttered with papers, the six-foot-two Hialeah High graduate is revisiting what he calls the happiest five years of his life. A photography studio occupies a back room, and a flame-painted PT Cruiser sits in the driveway. "My wife was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen," he says with a wistful glint in his paralyzed left eye, "until she became a professional liar."
Courtesy of Wally Clark
A picture from Wally Clark's blog.
The 73-year-old purports to be in the business of truth. Flip through a copy of the River Cities Gazette, Miami Springs' free community paper for the past 33 years, and you'll see stories about a local farmers' market, a spectacular car wreck, and a boutique sale. They're all written by Clark, a 25-year veteran of the paper, who produces a good half of its content. But unless Clark can dig his way out of Miami-Dade's most bizarre sex scandal involving a journalist, his job is doomed. Two restraining orders prevent him from covering the majority of his town. Clark usually reports on burglaries and stickups, but he can't visit the police station lobby anymore. The newspaper office is also off-limits.
Technically, Clark doesn't need to go to the police station that often. Miami Springs -- a 2.9-square-mile triangle between Hialeah and Miami International Airport -- boasts a violent crime rate that's less than half the national average. The 14,000-resident suburban city reported only four murders between 1999 and 2011. It's practically a modern-day Mayberry, and Clark is one of the most influential people to call the place home.
"Even though we're online and connected to the Herald, everybody loves to get their newspaper every Wednesday," says Bill Daley, the Gazette's editor. "It's unique in the age of social media because people here still like to read their local paper and see what's going on."
Clark met his now ex-wife while teaching a Harley-Davidson riding class in late 2006, when he was 66. Dana Estabrook, a 20-year-old former bodybuilder and personal trainer, was the youngest student in his 12-person class. "I thought I didn't have a chance," Clark admits. After a couple of lessons, though, the older man invited his pupil over to take sexy photographs on his motorcycle. She accepted, and the two slept together during their second shoot, he says. Estabrook moved into Clark’s Wren Avenue home the following March, and they married two years later in a Savannah, Georgia gazebo.
Courtesy Wally Clark
Clark was so smitten that he tattooed Estabrook's name on his right forearm, and the woman told her husband daily that the two would "be together forever," he says.
But the couple hustled to survive. Divorce records show Clark pulled in only $432 every two weeks from the paper for his articles, photos, and a weekly humor column called "Out of Sync." His monthly $1,032 social security check paid the rent. Estabrook expressed interest in a job stripping, so Clark installed a pole in his photo studio and paid for dancing lessons in Coral Springs. Her debut at the Booby Trap in Doral brought in only $67, he recalls. She never went back and instead began pursuing a graphic design career.
"I couldn't afford the nice things," Clark remembers. "We struggled for years, but she always said, 'I want to buy a house and take care of you.'" During the five-year marriage (Clark's third), the small-town reporter struggled with melanoma, prostate cancer, and heart disease, court records show. With his measly income and mounting medical bills, home ownership would have been a pipe dream.
That's why they concocted the photo project. One image on Clark's desktop computer shows the brunet Estabrook wearing ruby-red lipstick and lying in a bed of flowers. The next shows her on her back naked with an older man hovering over her. The pair's physiques are overlaid with pop art-style illustrations. Court records show that in March 2010, Clark emailed his buddy, chiropractor Art Jansik, to recruit him for modeling: "Very confidential. Need dude to pose with hot babe for erotica pics. No face. You interested?" The goal was to photograph hard-core pornography, Photoshop it, and sell it.
"I like to call it erotic art," Clark explains. "People won't put up a dirty picture in their home, but if you put it on a canvas, they might put it up as a conversation piece."
All went well for a year and a half, until the two models fell in love. As a chiropractor, Jansik made a salary that Clark could never compete with. The wealthy interloper charmed Estabrook, who grew up in Jupiter, by taking her on expensive three-way dates with Clark, including lobster trapping, and by purchasing expensive gifts, according to Clark.
Courtesy Wally Clark
The couple romps.
One day in September 2011 after a long weekend in the Keys, Estabrook confessed her feelings for Jansik. Clark was shattered. The two soon separated, court records confirm.
The next month, Clark emailed Estabrook a picture of the addition he'd made to his tattoo: "Forever died," dripping in blood, underneath the original text.
"Dana always said she'd be with me forever," he explains. "But when she left, forever died."
According to police documents, Estabrook interpreted the tattoo as a threat to her life and claimed Clark threatened homicide. She filed for a restraining order, which permanently bans him from going within 500 feet of her residence in North Miami.
Last May, Clark began venting his frustrations on a WordPress blog, where he posts sections of The Pornmakers, a serialized novel about the indecent proposal. He also became vengeful and filed complaints to get Jansik's medical license revoked. (The Board of Chiropractic Medicine found no probable cause to do so.)
That month, Estabrook sent a letter to Judge Jacqueline Schwartz about Clark's WordPress site, which includes seminude photos of Estabrook, and his latest attempt at revenge. "These articles are very disturbing and troubling to me, and I'm writing you so that you're aware of his most recent actions. I realize that the First Amendment allows freedom of speech, but these articles are filled with lies and obsessive and angry thoughts," Estabrook wrote.
The chiropractor sued his former buddy for invasion of privacy over the site. In January, Jansik filed for his own restraining order, which prevents the reporter from going within 500 feet of the chiropractor's home in Miami Springs and eight local businesses he frequents. The Gazette office is less than 0.2 miles from five of them and 446 feet from a banned SunTrust branch.
Rather than back down, Clark lashed out again, this time in a January 9 installment of "Out of Sync" titled "Getting Even Can Make Your Day." His Gazette column about divorce ends, "Whew! Just thinking about revenge gets me so excited that I need a cold shower and a nap. Sometimes realizing what I could do to get even makes my day."
Jansik refused to comment about the WordPress site or the lawsuit, stating only that Clark is an "assassin of character." Estabrook also declined to speak in-depth. "This whole thing is a nightmare," she said. "This is not my life or who I am. I just want it to go away."
But Clark refuses to let that happen. As a 73-year-old man, he says, there's nothing to hide. Getting the truth out is his profession, and the restraining orders have prevented him from earning a living. Without a job, he doesn't have much else to do but focus on revenge. "However long I live, if I don't do something, that restraining order will be there," he says. "I will never let it go."
Daley, the Gazette's editor, says that Clark "has done a fine job" for the paper and that he could still write his column, but the restraining orders "could be a problem if he doesn't have the access that he has had in the past. We have to sort of monitor that."
 By Allie Conti.

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