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October 17, 2019

Quel dommage! Rwanda Spells American Evangelical Gay Hating Preacher(Visa Violations)

What a Shame that a Pastor with blood on his hands like many pastors and pedophile priests that incite violence and death penalty laws in Africa is being kicked out back to the US. Here in the US, he can meet Graham's and others that make a good living on the price of human blood. Adam

On October 7, Rwandan authorities arrested Gregg Schoof, an American preacher accused of broadcasting hateful sermons that called women “evil creatures” through his evangelical church's radio program.
Schoof was arrested for “illegally meeting with journalists in a public space” after he tried to hold a press conference to criticize the Rwandan government's decision to shut down his controversial evangelical radio station and refuse his appeals.
Hours after his arrest, Schoof and his family were deported after Rwandan authorities refused to renew the family's expired visas.
“We found that his purpose for staying in Rwanda was no longer valid because his church and radio were closed,” said FranΓ§ois-Regis Gatarayiha, Rwanda's director of Immigration and Emigration.
Many Rwandans lauded the move, decrying that hate speech has no place in Rwanda, while others see the move as an attack against faith-based organizations in Rwanda under President Paul Kagame's administration.

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