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September 25, 2013

Getting What We Want in Iran Without War??

New Iranian President Hassan Rouhani encouraged by Obama's 'positive' tone [NBC News]

May 28, 2013

Calvin Klein Reconciles with His Ex Toy Boy

 Even at Calvin Klein’s age which is classified (30+40) he did not know that money can’t buy you love. Yes it can buy you good sex and nice things but not love. One more thing it can't buy is perpetual silence. 

You see after Blond hair, toy boy type at 23 Nick Gruber or like he is known in the Nude dancing business as ‘Gruber’ got busted after a night of drugs and partying down in the village. The dude got into a fight and punched a political intern( Never do that)…now that was bad. He was charge with Cocaine Possession. The intern refused to press charges I mean he was in trouble to begin with for being at the coke party and all.

His papi (literally)  Calvin went and bailed him out and paid for the expenses.  When you have money those things don’t seem to bother people too much. You got your good lawyer, pay the fines and go to rehab.
 Calving Klein had Gruber flown in his own private jet to rehab in Arizona.  Thereafter  Calvin was so pizzed and embarrassed that he dropped the 20 year old kid like a bad cologne.

The problems with smart enough boyfriends that catch a Calvin KLein is that they are dumb and smart at the same time. Dumb because they don’t know what they got and have to act their age and smart because they find out everything about their mates. It is well known that Calvin is got as more sins than the pope himself so having someone who knows your business pizzed at you is a deadly sin.

After Gruber finished his legal problems it was time for pay back. He said he was going to write a tell all book titled of all things “Obsession” ….yes you can laugh now!
When word got back to Calvin that the kiddo was not bluffing Papi flew Gruber to Mexico and the two met up at an exclusive resort there.  “Calvin wants to keep it low-key.” I was told he said.
Another source said, “Nick and Calvin had been texting and met up at the Chateau Marmont [in Los Angeles] about a month ago. Nick and John broke up around February, but remained friends. John actually encouraged Nick to get back with Calvin. He thinks it would be helpful for him.”(I’ll bet)

A spokesperson for Klein said: “I can confirm they are friends and no more. There is no relationship whatsoever, but at the same time Calvin holds no grudges and has put whatever problems they had behind him.” 
ps: The break up was cover by adamfoxie*blog Int. If you interested you can do a search in the search bar.

Getty Images
Nick Gruber and Calvin Klein in 2010.

Getty Images
Nick Gruber

From Page Six: After the breakup, penniless Gruber announced he was working on a tell-all titled “Obsession: My Life With Calvin Klein,” and told Page Six Magazine he was the first man Klein ever fell for. He also claimed Klein once made him take a lie-detector test after suspecting he’d cheated.
Gruber announced he was also working on a reality show about his relationship with Klein, having moved to LA and started dating John Luciano. But by February this year, Gruber and Luciano broke up, and Gruber had a change of heart and pulled the plug on his book.
A source now tells us, “Calvin feels very protective over him. Despite all that has happened, and everything he’s done, he still loves Nick.”

March 24, 2013

Danny DEvito and Rhea Perlman United Again

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman Back TogetherMoney can make people things they are beautiful. What would make a little man, bold and fat think that he could do better than Rhea? She is no bed of roses but next to him she is the Mona-Liza with joint in her mouth.  Paying for sex has it’s limits and since its an expense that never gives back a return in other places like in your wallet you will do worse every time you use it not Better.
Danny and Rhea have money but it comes from  working and  they don’t have the type of money an Oprah has.
Ao Im so Glad they have seen the light and are back on.
adamfoxie*blog is thrilled!!

Readers loved seeing that Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are back togetherfollowing their surprise separation last fall. 

The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor, 67, and the former Cheers star, 64, wed in 1982 and have three grown children together. 

"They love each other," a friend of the couple tells PEOPLE of the pair, who have been quietly working on their relationship. "Always have and always will."

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