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July 4, 2019

4th of July America’s Birthday But Not All Birthdays Are Good

Not all birthdays come at a good time. Two weeks after my mom's birthday, she passed. Her not wanting to celebate because her body hurt when she moved she just wanted to be in a lazy chair, not even her bed. At the time I knew very little about death. Little did I know that her cells were dying and not being replaced, and her organs had slow down along with her blood pressure. I've learn a lot about the dying process after her death so I could understand why she left me. At least I feel in peace that I will follow her and Im grateful I was with her when she died even though I was wishing I wasn't at the time. Never have my heart broken in so many pieaces which is impossible to put together no matter how many years we spend glueing them in place. This fourth of July I have similar feelings.It's like someone I knew all my life was sick and could die. I don't recognize her anynore. Doing things we always preached to the world not to do, We do. We have chief law enforcers that break the law from the President on down, and what they don't break they make it along as they go. I hope there would be a better fourth of July. The saddest thing is that the law breaker on the top of the government was elected by americans. That is another reason to be so sad we have such people among our mists. I can now understand how the civil war started, when we no longer recognize the family neighbors that live among us.   Adam

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