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July 17, 2013

In a Regression to 1400 The Pope Offers Indulgences from Purgatory if You Follow him on Twitter

 Purgatory/No Central Air

There goes the Pope with the leis again like the centuries have stayed still, like when the Catholic Roman church was selling ‘Indulbgences” which means just what the word says. YOu can indulge and pay the pope latter and you be good with god because god loves money than sin and he will forgive those that have the money to indulge. I’t like this church is learnt nothing. They live in they own world in which the truth does not exist only what you are told the truth is. All religions are like that but the Roman church went through a revolution because of it. That’s when Luther nail the indulgences, or the worse on them on the door of the Cathedral in Rome, for which he was arrested.

In the 16th century, when the abuse of indulgences was at its height, Cardinal Cajetan (Tommaso de Vio, 1469-1534) wrote about the problem: "Preachers act in the name of the Church so long as they teach the doctrines of Christ and the Church; but if they teach, guided by their own minds and arbitrariness of will, things of which they are ignorant, they cannot pass as representatives of the Church; it need not be wondered at that they go astray."
The Council of Trent (1545-1564) issued a decree that gave Church teaching on indulgences and that provided stringent guidelines to eliminate abuses. Now Mr. Pope is offering an easy one and which would be the sin that wont const you or is it that he cuts the time period no matter what you you’ve done. Humanity killers of the world , get a computer and follow the pope, you will be spending less time in purgatory. I wonder if that also apply to the priests that have molested children?
The Pope is offering time off in purgatory to people who follow him on Twitter.
Purgatory is the place where practising Roman Catholics believe they will go after death, as long as they are "in a state of grace" having confessed and been absolved of their sins.
The "indulgence" offer comes ahead of Pope Francis' trip to Brazil next week.
It applies particularly to those Catholics who click on to his Twitter feed on Catholic World Youth Day, a week-long event that starts on July 22.
Indulgences are given against the time believers may spend in purgatory following their death - the more indulgences they are granted, the less time they get to spend in the "halfway" house between Earth and Heaven.

IPope Benedict XVI pushes a button on a tablet at the Vatican sending out his first Tweet, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012. The Pope is offering time off in purgatory to people who follow him on Twitter. 

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