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January 30, 2020

U.S. Attorney Complaints Prince Andrew Won't Cooperate with The Epstein Investigation

A photograph appearing to show Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts Giuffre and, in the background, Ghislaine Maxwell.
A photograph appearing to show Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts Giuffre and, in the background, Ghislaine Maxwell.

London (CNN)Lawyers representing alleged victims of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein have threatened to subpoena Prince Andrew after the royal was accused of "zero co-operation" with US prosecutors.

In November, the prince said he was "willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency" if required after he appeared in a BBC Newsnight interview in which he was questioned over his friendship with Epstein.

But Geoffrey Berman, US attorney and the lead prosecutor in the inquiry, said Monday that the Duke of York has not responded to requests for an interview.
Prince Andrew has not cooperated with attempts to interview him about Jeffrey Epstein, US Attorney says

"It's fair for people to know whether Prince Andrew has followed through with that public commitment," said Berman, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.
"To date, Prince Andrew has provided zero cooperation."

Gloria Allred, a US lawyer representing some of Epstein's alleged victims, told BBC Radio 4's Today program on Tuesday: "This is ridiculous. It's just not acceptable."
She added: "I don't know whether Prince Andrew thinks he's above the law or whether he thinks that he doesn't know anything... but excuses just don't cut this anymore."

Lisa Bloom, another US lawyer representing five women who say they were abused by Epstein, told BBC's Newsnight on Monday that her clients were "outraged and disappointed" by Prince Andrew's failure to cooperate.

"If Prince Andrew truly has done nothing wrong then it's incumbent upon him to go and speak to the FBI at a time that's convenient for him and say what he knows," she said. "Perhaps he can help bring other people to justice." 

Can the US subpoena Prince Andrew?

A subpoena is an order that compels someone to appear in court or to submit evidence.
Antonios Tzanakopoulos, associate professor of Public International Law at Oxford University, told CNN that a US court "can always issue a subpoena" but they cannot make someone comply if they are in another jurisdiction, including the UK.

Allred told the BBC that lawyers in the civil lawsuit could seek to subpoena Prince Andrew if he were to travel to the US. "Certainly, if he ever came back to the United States, that would be one of the first things that I'm sure a lot of lawyers, including me, would want to do," she said.

If he were to travel to the US on an official visit, it is likely he would have some form of immunity, although it might be different if he were on a private visit, added Tzanakopoulos. 
Is there another way Prince Andrew could be made to give evidence?

Countries including the UK and US have a Mutual Assistance Treaty, but this is reserved for criminal matters, says Tzanakopoulos. "There is no criminal matter pending in regard to Prince Andrew," he said.

Epstein died by apparent suicide in August, so his alleged victims have instead brought a civil suit against his estate, claiming damages. The FBI's criminal investigation concerns Epstein's alleged co-conspirators.

Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein's accusers, claims she was trafficked to London by Epstein in 2001 when she was 17, and forced to have sex with his friends, including Prince Andrew.

The prince has emphatically denied any form of sexual contact or relationship with her.

The US could make a request to the UK's High Court under a law that provides assistance in civil matters, says Tzanakopoulos, but this process is "so permissive it's easy to give reasons not to do it."
Are the UK courts likely to help?

The UK makes its own rules on how to comply with a request relating to a proceeding in a foreign court.

The Evidence (Proceedings in Other Jurisdictions) Act 1975 states that "a person shall not be compelled ... to give any evidence if his doing so would be prejudicial to the security of the United Kingdom."

Tzanakopoulos believes that "if we're talking about the Queen's son, arguments could easily be made that it is prejudicial."

Anna Bradshaw, a lawyer at Peters and Peters Solicitors, told CNN that even if a request were made for Mutual Legal Assistance in a criminal case, the prince could respond in a UK court with all the accompanying protections available under UK law.

Even if such a request were granted or refused, Bradshaw said, the public would not necessarily know about it -- UK government policy is not to reveal the details of such requests.

January 18, 2020

Gay UK Vet Tells How Harry Defended Him from Homophobic Idiots in Afghanistan


 By Gwen Aviles

A former soldier who served with Prince Harry in the British army said that the prince defended him from other soldiers who had taunted him for being gay and that the abuse stopped once the prince confronted them.

James Wharton, one of the British army's first openly gay soldiers, told Forces News in the United Kingdom, that Prince Harry, who was his tank commander in 2008, stood up to colleagues who had made him feel "uncomfortable" about his sexuality.

"I got into my tank where Prince Harry was doing something, and he could see that I was clearly affected by something and he asked me what the problem was," Wharton told Forces News. "I told him that there were a couple of soldiers outside who weren't very happy with the fact I was gay."

According to Wharton, the Duke of Sussex was "quite offended" by his fellow soldiers' behavior and after the prince spoke to them, "the problem went away." 

Beyond this incident, Wharton noted that Prince Harry, who announced plans last week to step back from the monarchy, was "well-liked" and frequently commiserated with his peers, despite his royal status.

"He knew how to do his job. He was skilled," Wharton said. "He took the time to know his people. He wasn't afraid to get himself involved with things that were going on."

Prince Harry's LGBTQ allyship has been well documented and has garnered him favorable comparisons to his mother, Princess Diana, who worked to destigmatize the lesbian and gay community in the United Kingdom during the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s. 

Last year, his mental health charity, Heads Together, invited Mermaid, a U.K.-based transgender youth charity, to join its wellness efforts. The collaboration was considered noteworthy given that Mermaids — and transgender advocates more broadly — had been subject to vocal criticism by the public and media in the U.K.

Harry's wife, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has also been lauded by the LGBTQ community for reportedly telling her friends that she plans to raise their son, Archie, with a “fluid” approach to gender, including a gender-neutral nursery, according to Vanity Fair. 

November 27, 2019

The Queen cancels Birthday for Andrew and Obscures Him From All Public Activities, No More$$Either

No Cake For You!        Image result for no cake for prince andrew

Related image
 Anti Gay Cake Maker.....You think what you want(Secret thought)

The Queen has reportedly scrapped plans to host a party for Prince Andrew to mark his 60th birthday in February.
Instead, the monarch is said to be arranging a small family dinner for the Duke, according to the Sunday Times. His birthday is on February 19.
The news comes just days after the Queen effectively sacked him from his royal duties at the behest of her eldest son in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.
It has also emerged that Andrew's bungled BBC Newsnight interview was not sanctioned in advance by the Queen. 
"The Queen did not give her approval. The fact that notion has somehow been put about has aggrieved people in the [royal] households.
"Andrew had a son-to-mother conversation, letting her know that he was planning to address the controversy, but without going into any details... What should have happened was the full palace process," a royal source told the Sunday Times.
Meanwhile, royal author Penny Junor said to the paper: "He's absolutely finished. If Andrew is no longer representing or supporting the monarch in any capacity or doing good charitably, what's the point of him?"
The Queen is said to be "privately supportive" of her second son but also "deeply frustrated" that the scandal is overshadowing the rest of the family's work.
The Queen has apparently scrapped plans to host a party for Prince Andrew to mark his 60th birthday in February following his BBC Newsnight interview.  The Queen has apparently scrapped plans to host a party for Prince Andrew to mark his 60th birthday in February following his BBC Newsnight interview. 
The Duke of York, widely reputed to be the favorite of her three sons, has been under scrutiny over his friendship with Epstein for several years. 
He is currently preparing to give up all his charity commitments in a sign that he is unlikely ever to resume royal duties.
Now eighth-in-line to the throne, Andrew quit as Britain's roving trade ambassador in 2011 after being lambasted for his links to the financier following Epstein's jailing in 2008 for child sex offenses. Then in 2015, one of Epstein's accusers, Virginia Giuffre, said she was forced to have sex with Andrew in London, New York and on a private Caribbean island between 1999 and 2002 when she says Epstein kept her as a "sex slave".
Andrew first meets Epstein, reportedly introduced through his friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell.
Earlier this week, a senior British lawyer warned that Andrew could be arrested and trapped in America if he jets across the Atlantic to speak to the FBI.
US officials are examining procedures for a formal FBI interview with Andrew in Britain, and a source close to the Duke said he would be "happy to co-operate".
Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts in the now infamous photo, said to have been taken in the home of Ghislaine Maxwell.
Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts in the now-infamous photo said to have been taken in the home of Ghislaine Maxwell. 
In his BBC interview, Andrew categorically denied the sex claims and gave a series of explanations as to why her account was not true.
He said her account of meeting him sweating and dancing almost two decades ago at a London nightclub before having sex with him could not be true, noting that he suffered from a medical condition that stopped him perspiring.
He also said that on the night he was alleged to have met her he was at home with his family after visiting a Pizza Express restaurant in the commuter town of Woking with his daughter Beatrice.
The explanations provoked derision and ridicule in newspapers and social media.
Prince Andrew's withdrawal from public life over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal means that all 200 of his charities will need to seek new patrons.
The Queen ordered the Duke of York to step down in an attempt to contain the fall-out from his disastrous TV interview about his friendship with the pedophile billionaire.
It comes as 10 of the 35 worldwide sponsors of Andrew's beloved Pitch@Palace charity pulled the plug on their support and funding.
After his sacking, palace sources confirmed charities he was affiliated with would no longer receive his patronage.

November 19, 2019

The Prince Says That was Not His Hand and He Didn't "Sweat" At The Time (Could Not Have Sex)

Image result for prince andrew and the girl
The Prince and the Teen Girl

In a new BBC interview, Prince Andrew attempted to defend himself against accusations that he had sex with one of the teenage girls trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein, while adding he did not regret his friendship with the convicted sex offender.

Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth, was one of Epstein's highest-profile friends, staying at his homes and private island, flying on his private jet, and publicly partying together. They remained in contact even after Epstein's first sex offense conviction. In August, Epstein killed himself in jail as he awaited trial on federal sex trafficking charges involving dozens of young victims.
One of the victims, Virginia Giuffre, has repeatedly said that she had sex with Andrew when she was 17 as part of years of abuse while under Epstein's control. She swore to her story in a court deposition, and a photograph shows her and the prince with his arm around her waist.

60 Minutes Australia

 Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims she was trafficked to Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, when she was 17. The pair are pictured together in a now infamous photograph taken in 2001. Prince Andrew denies the allegation and says the photo is a fake. #60Mins
In a rare interview that aired Saturday, Andrew told the BBC's Emily Maitlis that he didn't remember meeting Giuffre and questioned whether the photograph had been faked. 

"We can't be certain as to whether or not that's my hand," he said, adding that as a member of the royal family it would be unusual for him to hug anyone.

The prince also denied ever having sex with Giuffre and added he had "no indication" that Epstein was trafficking and abusing girls. He questioned the details of her account, claiming he was at home after taking his daughter to a pizza party on that night in 2001. Giuffre said before having sex in a London home, they had dinner and went to a nightclub where she recalled Andrew sweating on the dance floor.
"There's a slight problem with the sweating because I have a peculiar medical condition which is that I didn't sweat at the time," Andrew told the BBC. "I didn't sweat at the time because I had suffered what I would describe as an overdose of adrenaline in the Falklands War when I was shot at."

Andrew added he is now able to sweat again.

The interview prompted ridicule from British tabloids, and commentators described it as a train wreck.

"All these wrecks not even trying to be human beings, Such as Trump and Andrew. All they need is a few minutes under the sunlight of the cams with no protections of scared moderators, reporters and you will see them melt Like Andrew Melted"

November 18, 2019

Prince Andrews Gives Interviews to BBC and Even The Queen Would Have Problems Believing Him


Britain’s Prince Andrew speaking for the first time about his links to Jeffrey Epstein in an interview with BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis. Photograph: PA
Irish Times. Interview with BBC
Britain’s Prince Andrew speaking for the first time about his links to Jeffrey Epstein in an interview with BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis. Photograph: PA 

Britain’s Prince Andrew’s interview with BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis aired on Saturday night in which he discussed his links with Jeffrey Epstein, his friend, and convicted sex offender.
But the appearance raises fresh questions and could increase scrutiny over his ties to the convicted pedophile
Why did Prince Andrew stay at Jeffrey Epstein’s home and attend a dinner on his trip to "break up" with the convicted pedophile?
In the Newsnight interview, the prince spoke for the first time about a stay at Epstein’s Manhattan home five months after the convicted pedophile left prison, a trip that included a party where the prince was “guest of honor”.
But while he told Maitlis the party “wasn’t quite as you put it” and described Epstein’s house as “a convenient place to stay”, some observers have asked why the prince could not have stayed elsewhere, why his stay lasted four days, and why he would attend such a dinner under any circumstances if he was bringing the relationship to an end.
Others have also asked why, after stopping contact with Epstein in 2006 when he heard the financier was being investigated, the prince chose to re-establish contact in 2010 simply in order to say the relationship was over.
What do the prince’s claims, and the ongoing legal action in the US, mean for the FBI investigation and the potential involvement of UK authorities? 
As the FBI widens the scope of its investigation in an attempt to identify more of Epstein’s victims, the prince’s comments might attract even more attention to him.
Alan Dershowitz, who defended Epstein on charges of sex trafficking, has said the prince would have no choice but to submit to questioning by US authorities should they decide to lodge a request.
Prince Andrew key quotes - from Pizza Express to why he didn’t sweat
Britain’s Prince Andrew ‘categorically’ denies teen sex claims
Prince Andrew says he ‘let the side down’ over Epstein friendship
Scotland Yard has reportedly been briefed on the latest developments in the US, while Dai Davies, a former head of royal protection, has previously said it would be in the public interest for an investigation to take place after the Metropolitan police dropped an inquiry.

Under what circumstances might he discuss the claims against him under oath? 
The prince said at the weekend he was prepared to testify under oath “if push came to shove and the legal advice was to do so”.
Gloria Allred, the US lawyer acting for Epstein’s victims, has called for the prince to answer questions under oath. She said: “He could just decide to appear and I think that would be the best action that he could take.”
How credible is the prince’s claim that a condition caused by his Falklands War service left him unable to perspire?
He was attempting to undermine Virginia Roberts’s recollection that he was “dripping with sweat” after dancing with him in 2001 before the then-17-year-old allegedly had sex with him.
But no sooner had the prince made the claim than a picture began circulating on social media showing him outside the nightclub Chinawhite in 2000, which some observers claimed appeared to show him sweating.
Despite the prince’s insistence that he always wears a suit and tie when going out in London, he is tieless and suitless in the photo.
Anhidrosis is the inability to sweat normally. Causes include burns from radiation therapy, certain drugs, diabetes, alcoholism and hereditary issues.
Why did he ignore a spin doctor’s advice not to do the interview?
It is not known why the prince believed the interview was a good idea and how it came to happen. Maitlis has said it went ahead after the queen signed it off.
Of potentially more significance is the departure of the prince’s PR adviser, Jason Stein, who is understood to have left his post two weeks ago after telling the duke not to do the interview.
With the prince now having invited potentially more scrutiny, as well as arguably having caused himself greater reputational damage, who will steady the ship at Buckingham Palace?
How will he proceed with his ‘Pitch@Palace’ scheme from here?
The prince has continued to travel the world and attended a summit of Southeast Asian leaders in Thailand this month as part of Pitch@Palace, the startup mentorship scheme he established and which hosts pitches by would-be entrepreneurs at Buckingham Palace.
But the pressure on him could affect the way in which the scheme is viewed in the UK and elsewhere, not least by businesspeople, other agencies and businesses associated with it.
Partners listed on its website include Air Asia, Aon, Bosch, Standard Chartered, AstraZeneca, the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, Bank of China, Barclays and KPMG. – Guardian

August 29, 2019

Nice To Be A Royal and Better Yet Not To Be A Lier Andrews Accuser Tells Him To Tell The Truth

Image result for Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre
 Andrew and his accuser Virginia Giuffre and Epstein and his right-hand recruiter of  his girls

I can't stand liers that get caught in public with their pants down and say they were just about to change underwear.

It makes me want to laugh or maybe cry when one of the well known super important dudes in the world lies and expect people to believe their stuff to be bought like it was our duty as a world citizen. Because of politics or because of a tittle,  they would calmly say "I didn't know." No such thing. For example, Prince Andrew which is as close to the royal family as you could be being the son of the 'Queen' and involved in all palace political functions and decisions. 

Andrew has more than just a footman to dress him up but he has political dept of people, one, 2 or five, I don't know the quantity but I know they exist. People to inform him of how things are before he visits any country and for any friend, just like the palace knew about Diana's friends which used to irritate her to no end, Prince Andrew knows like the Royal workers know which job is to tell Andrew the friend he is been jet setting around just got convicted of sexual abuse to little girls. 

For him to say he doesn't know about his buddy Einstein is a slap on the face of anyone that knows a little how the world goes around. If you believe Andrew you must be a Trumpie voter and believe what Trump says, he doesn't make money from being President. He doesn't make money from the Presidency when he mentions his properties over 70 times a year(MSNBC). Why dignitaries from different nations would stay at roach and bedbug-infested, overpriced hotel if it wasn't for the owner.
Adamfoxie Blog Int.

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre appeared Tuesday outside a federal courtroom in Manhattan to reiterate her allegation that the financier, who killed himself earlier this month, ordered her to have sex with Britain's Prince Andrew.
She called on him to "come clean" about it. Her remarks came after an extraordinary court hearing was called by the judge in the Epstein case as a way to give voice to alleged victims after the financier's death.
Last week, Buckingham Palace released a statement denying the allegations against Andrew after a London tabloid released a video purporting to show him in 2010 at Epstein's Upper East Side townhouse waving goodbye to an unidentified woman.
Giuffre, whose maiden name is Roberts, was one of nearly two dozen Epstein accusers who spoke out in the New York courtroom. She says that at age 15, while she was working at Mar-a-Lago — the club owned by future president Donald Trump — she was procured for sex by Ghislaine Maxwell on behalf of Epstein.
"I was recruited at a very young age from Mar-a-Lago and entrapped in a world that I didn't understand and I've been fighting that very world to this day and I won't stop fighting. I will never be silenced until these people are brought to justice," Giuffre, who is now married and living in Australia, said Tuesday.  
Giuffre has previously alleged that at age 17, she was forced to have sex with Andrew on multiple occasions at an "orgy" in London and on a private island in the Caribbean.
In an Aug. 18 statement, Buckingham Palace said that Andrew was "appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged crimes" and that "His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in or encourage any such behavior is abhorrent."
On Saturday, Andrew released an even more direct statement, saying he did not "see, witness or suspect any behavior of that sort that subsequently led to [the] arrest and conviction" of Epstein.
Giuffre, asked by reporters Tuesday to comment on the statement, said: "He knows exactly what he's done and I hope he comes clean about it."
David Boies, a lawyer for Epstein's accusers, added: "Anybody can deny things in a printed statement. It's a different thing to come here and answer questions under oath and subject to cross-examinations. Those are the kinds of answers that we are eventually going to get."
The hearing on Tuesday was called by U.S. District Judge Richard Berman who said that although Epstein's death had dissolved the case, "I believe it is the court's responsibility, and manifestly within its purview, to ensure that the victims, in this case, are treated fairly and with dignity."
Andrew is one among several prominent men who have been caught up in the sex scandal centered on Epstein.
In 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty in Florida state court to soliciting a prostitute and procuring an underage girl for prostitution. He served less than 13 months.
In July, Epstein, 66, was arrested again on federal charges of trafficking of minors. He denied the allegations. He died by hanging in his jail cell on Aug. 10 was ruled a suicide

June 18, 2019

The Polish Teen Who Called Prince Harry a "Race Traitor" and Called for Him To be Shot~~Sentenced 4 Yrs

Image result for Michal Szewczuk, 19,
Michal Szewczuk, 19

LONDON (UK Reuters) - 

A teenage neo-Nazi who called for Britain’s Prince Harry a race traitor months after his marriage to U.S. actress Meghan Markle and suggested he should be shot was jailed for more than four years on Tuesday, the BBC reported.

Michal Szewczuk, 19, posted far-right online propaganda which included an image of Harry, the Duke of Sussex, with a gun to his head with the caption “See Ya Later Race Traitor”.

It was posted months after his wedding to Meghan, whose mother is African American and father is white. 

Szewczuk and his co-defendant Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, 18, both Polish nationals, pleaded guilty to encouraging terrorism and Szewczuk also admitted five counts of possessing material likely to be useful to someone planning a terrorist act.

“Dunn-Koczorowski and Szewczuk clearly see themselves as superior to the majority of society and they feel there duty is to express their beliefs, in turn teaching others,” Detective Chief Superintendent Martin Snowden, head of counter-terrorism policing in northeast England.

“The considerable amount of material they have posted on social media channels not only reflects their extremist beliefs but was intended to encourage others to carry out despicable acts.” 

Szewczuk was jailed for four years and three months while Dunn-Koczorowski was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Other posts by the men included support for Norwegian far-right mass killer Anders Breivik and backing for the neo-Nazi group, Sonnenkrieg Division.

May 3, 2019

For Those Interested in Real Queens and Royalty There Is Another Brits-Yanks War That Has Broken Out


Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's wife, known for her role in the hit TV show Suits, found herself in hot water after she disobeyed the orders of Queen Elizabeth and other members of the Royal Family. Apparently, things have been going downhill for a while; but now it’s safe to say the boat has sunken according to Royal Family insider.
It all started early last November just before Meghan and Harry announced their engagement to the world when Meghan signed a deal with Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner. The deal states that Meghan’s New Cosmetics Line will be picked up and promoted by the American shopping channel QVC. Meghan is very proud of her line. She has been quoted as saying, “This is more than just a beauty line. This is what every woman has been dreaming of for most of her adult life.”

The problem is: Surprisingly nothing to do with her steamy television roles, but rather the British Royal Family has concerns with Meghan selling her products in the United States. It is customary when joining the Royal Family that any business on-goings and promotions outside of Great Britain are forbidden. It was later discovered that not even her husband, Prince Harry, knew what she was constructing in the background. When her hidden secret surfaced, it caused a rift in their relationship. Because of this, the Queen herself has now gotten involved and the situation has escalated.
The feud doesn’t seem to bother Meghan at all. She says creating a product line to help people was always her real dream; which is what spawned her beauty line. Why is the Royal Family upset? Because she failed to let them know about her massive skincare empire, which actually violates legal boundries and goes against Royal Family "ethics". Simply put, Meghan is using her fame to promote her skincare line, which as a close source to the Royal Family said is absolutely "not allowed". In response, Meghan has drastically reduced the price of the line, which is up to five times more effective than others on the market. Meghan says her miracle face crème really works and she believes her fellow Americans have a right to experience the benefits; by reducing the price she prevents the profits from being transferred to the UK and the Royal Family taking a portion of her company.
At almost 40 years old Meghan doesn't look a day older than 25, and is showing no signs of aging. She looks even more radiant and youthful than she did when she was years younger! Meghan went on to tell People how her skincare line was meant for celebrity clients who want to look 10 to 15 years younger, but are afraid of the potential risks of surgery or botox. We were so surprised by how shockingly simple, cheap, and effective the technique was, we had to test it ourselves and write a feature article on the results! Meghan explained how it not only changed her life and made her feel more confident about herself, its helped save other celebrities' whose careers were at risk due to their age. Shockingly enough it’s a simple trick you can try too! The truth is out now and we have the inside scoop!

What is Her Beauty Product and What Does it Do?

We were able to do a little snooping and found out what this mystery line was all about. The company is called Vella and it is a cutting-edge Wrinkle Reducer and Anti-Aging Serum. Her product line is becoming so popular, even top beauty experts such as Bethany Mota and Michelle Phan are singing Vella’s praises.
"Something was just telling me this is the right thing to do for my country and fellow Americans," Meghan said in a recent interview. She continued, "There are lots of skin products out there that didn’t work for me… So, I got some of the world’s leading skin experts together to create Vella and this one actually works. I truly feel like the Family might be holding me back from realizing my true potential. But this path feels right."

 Daily News and New York Times

October 3, 2018

Homophobia At The Palace! Queen's Gay First Footman Felt He Had to Resign

When I saw the this article on the Daily Beast by Tom Sykes I wanted to have my readers know about its contents aout the British Royals. The stories about them have been received well at adamfoxie and lately with the story of a gay marriage and positive stories coming out The Palace were nice to see.

It’s an undeniable fact that without the devoted service of a multitude of gay staff, operations at Buckingham Palace would grind to a halt.
But there have long been suspicions of a lingering disregard for true equal rights at the palace; even supposedly affectionate stories, such as one of the queen mother teasing her gay steward William Tallon—aka 'Backstairs Billy'—for being 'an old queen' can be seen as deeply patronizing. 
Prince Philip, as one might guess, is thought to have been no great force for LGBT equality. 
But gay men and women have always been hired within the royal household, not least because long-term gay employees were less likely to have children, and family-appropriate accommodation at the palace is in short supply, whereas single rooms are plentiful.
There had been a sense in recent years that things were beginning to change, with the news that the queen did not oppose the introduction of gay marriage being seen as a step in the right direction. Prince William gave an interview to British gay magazine Attitude, deploring homophobic bullying and Prince Harry and Meghan spoke out earlier this year in support of LGBT issues, with the American star saying, it was about "basic human rights."
There is little doubt that the young royals believe unquestioningly in equality. 
So it was all the more disconcerting to read, this weekend, of the revelation that the queen’s first openly gay senior footman had resigned, after being forced to accept a series of humiliating demotions for allegedly ‘courting publicity’ following the appearance of some articles about him on gay websites. There was an acute sense of disappointment, work being undone and clocks being turned back. 
While some people might think it absurd that Ollie Roberts, 21, resigned after being told he could no longer pass the queen a blanket or walk Her Majesty’s dogs, being permitted to interact directly with the queen is more than just a vanity massage or an ego-trip for poorly-paid royal household employees; it’s a crucial step on the career ladder, as it is a sign that you are trusted.
While it is true that generally, staff are not allowed to give media interviews or cooperate with the press in any way, shape of form, this rule is largely about preventing unauthorized or embarrassing information leaking out to journalists.  
Roberts, by contrast, had merely been the focus of several articles in gay publications which rejoiced in the assumed demonstration of equality by the palace which his employment illustrated.
If Roberts did tip off or otherwise co-operate with some journalists, this would appear to most people to be at worst, a youthful error of exuberance, perhaps slightly self-aggrandizing. There is no suggestion he has sold or betrayed Her Majesty’s secrets. 
A royal insider told The Sun, which broke the story: “Ollie was informed he had been overdoing the press stuff and they knew he was behind articles and gossip pieces.
“They told him his profile was becoming too high and he wasn’t there to draw attention to himself.”
“It looks more likely that the Palace is embarrassed for it to be known that it has gay staff, and it is consistent with decades of homophobia by the Queen's inner circle”
He was subsequently demoted and deprived of key duties. He then “decided he should quit. He feels badly let down when he was proud to be gay in such a good job.” 
Veteran LGBT rights campaigner Peter Tatchell told The Daily Beast: “I can see no example of him giving quotes to the media, which might justify the claim that he was 'courting publicity'. It looks more likely that the Palace is embarrassed for it to be known that it has gay staff, and it is consistent with decades of homophobia by the queen's inner circle. 
“Only two decades ago, the royals banned gay employees from bringing same-sex partners to the Buckingham Palace Christmas staff party. This homophobic discrimination was only overturned after I exposed it and created a public furore, forcing the palace to back down.”
Tatchell, it should be noted, is no great fan of the monarchy and is a high-profile member of the pressure group Republic which seeks to replace the monarchy with an elected head of state. 
Tatchell added: "Since the queen ascended the throne in 1952, the words ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ have never publicly passed her lips. She refuses to speak them. Even when she announced government plans for gay law reform in her Queen’s Speeches in Parliament she avoided using the words lesbian and gay.”
The palace declined to comment on the story when contacted by The Daily Beast and informed of Tatchell’s accusations of homophobia.  
While many would be inclined to give the queen the benefit of the doubt, the departure of Ollie Roberts from his front-line role looks, at best, like a thoughtless own-goal for an institution that desperately needs to modernize, and be seen to modernize.
It is hard to know which is more depressing; that Roberts is the first ever footman to feel comfortable openly talking about his sexuality to the media, or that the palace should have been so stupid as to demote him for doing so, thereby encouraging his resignation.

August 21, 2018

The British Royalty Gets Its First Marriage But Nothing Else

That’s because Mountbatten, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth, is to wed James Coyle, an airline cabin services director, this summer in what has been heralded as the “first-ever” same-sex marriage in Britain’s royal family.
Mountbatten’s ex-wife, Penny Mountbatten, said she will give her former husband away.
Though Mountbatten and Coyle’s ceremony is expected to be small, it’s much larger in significance.
“It’s seen as the extended royal family giving a stamp of approval, in a sense, to same-sex marriage,” said Carolyn Harris, historian and author of Raising Royalty: 1000 Years of Royal Parenting. “This marriage gives this wider perception of the royal family encouraging everyone to be accepted.”
Edward II, who ruled from 1307-1327, is one of England’s less fondly remembered kings. His reign consisted of feuds with his barons, a failed invasion of Scotland in 1314, a famine, more feuding with his barons, and an invasion by a political rival that led to him being replaced by his son, Edward III. And many of the most controversial aspects of his rule – and fury from his barons – stemmed from his relationships with two men: Piers Gaveston and, later, Hugh Despenser.
Gaveston and Edward met when Edward was about 16 years old, when Gaveston joined the royal household. “It’s very obvious from Edward’s behaviour that he was quite obsessed with Gaveston,” said Kathryn Warner, author of Edward II: The Unconventional King. Once king, Edward II made the relatively lowborn Gaveston the Earl of Cornwall, a title usually reserved for members of the royal family, “just piling him with lands and titles and money,” Warner said. He feuded with his barons over Gaveston, who they believed received far too much attention and favour.
Gaveston was exiled numerous times over his relationship with Edward II, though the king always conspired to bring him back. Eventually, Gaveston was assassinated. After his death, Edward “constantly had prayers said for (Gaveston’s) soul; he spent a lot of money on Gaveston’s tomb,” Warner said.
 Several years after Gaveston’s death, Edward formed a close relationship with aide Hugh Despenser. How close? Walker pointed to the chronicler of Newenham Abbey in Devon in 1326, who called Edward and Despenser “the king and his husband,” while another noted that Despenser “bewitched Edward’s heart.”
The speculation that Edward II’s relationships with these men went beyond friendship was fuelled by Christopher Marlowe’s 16th-century play Edward II, which is often noted for its homoerotic portrayal of Edward II and Gaveston.
James VI and I, who reigned over Scotland and later England and Ireland until his death in 1625, attracted similar scrutiny for his male favourites. Though James married Anne of Denmark and had children with her, it has long been believed that James had romantic relationships with three men: Esmé Stewart, Robert Carr and George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham.
Correspondence between James and his male favourites survives, and as David M. Bergeron theorises in his book King James and Letters of Homoerotic Desire: “The inscription that moves across the letters spell desire.”
James was merely 13 when he met 37-year-old Stewart, and their relationship was met with concern.
“The King altogether is persuaded and led by him … and is in such love with him as in the open sight of the people often he will clasp him about the neck with his arms and kiss him,” wrote one royal informant of their relationship. James promoted Stewart up the ranks, eventually making him Duke of Lennox. James was eventually forced to banish him, causing Stewart great distress. “I desire to die rather than to live, fearing that that has been the occasion of your no longer loving me,” Stewart wrote to James.
But James’s most famous favourite was Villiers. James met him in his late 40s and several years later promoted him to Duke of Buckingham – an astounding rise for someone of his rank. Bergeron records the deeply affectionate letters between the two; in a 1623 letter, James refers bluntly to “marriage” and calls Buckingham his “wife”: “I cannot content myself without sending you this present, praying God that I may have a joyful and comfortable meeting with you and that we may make at this Christmas a new marriage ever to be kept hereafter … I desire to live only in this world for your sake, and that I had rather live banished in any part of the earth with you than live a sorrowful widow’s life without you. And may so God bless you, my sweet child and wife, and grant that ye may ever be a comfort to your dear dad and husband.”

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