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October 3, 2019

Are You Gay? If So Can You Tell Which Smart Phone Made You a Little Dumb Gay?

 These guys did not come out gay by using the iPhone and they are being abused by other Gay Russians
trying to prove they are straight and tough.

I should be publishing these true stories on the morning of a Monday to help you start the week but with a tint comical insinuation, I cant wait on news happening. One of the words on our logo is "current." So I'm giving you one serious story which revolves around what has never happened in the US. But like ex-President Obama said elections have results. This will bring us close toma precipice.
The other about the Russian guy who turned gay, I think is a marvelous way to make gay legal in a country that is illegal. I hope more guys come out coming out gay but particularly by watching Putin speeches or Russian Tv in general.
The plaintiff, identified as D. Razumilov, alleges that he became “mired in same-sex relationships” this summer after receiving 69 GayCoins on a cryptocurrency payment app he downloaded onto his iPhone in 2017. The unknown sender was said to have included an English-language message that Razumilov interpreted as “don’t judge without trying.”  “I thought, indeed, how can I judge something without trying it? And decided to try same-sex relationships,” Razumilov wrote in a complaint published by Govorit Moskva on Wednesday.
“I can say after the passage of two months that I’m mired in intimacy with a member of my own sex and can’t get out,” his complaint continues. “I have a steady boyfriend and I don’t know how to explain it to my parents. After receiving the aforementioned message, my life has changed for the worse and will never be normal again.” 
Razumilov accused Apple of “manipulatively pushing me toward homosexuality,” which caused him “moral suffering and harm to mental health,” in his 1 million rubles ($15,300) complaint.  
Moscow’s Presnensky District Court registered Razumilov’s lawsuit last Wednesday, according to the court database, and has scheduled an interview for Oct. 17. 
I got this information from The Moscow Times as a source which some times is fun to look over and wonder if we are already on Mars.

Igor Ivanko / Moskva News AgencyA Russian man is seeking more than $15,000 in damages from Apple after claiming that the U.S. tech giant drove him to homosexuality, the Govorit Moskva radio station has reported.


August 12, 2019

A Gay Nightclub Returns to Washington DC in a Baptist Church

The owners of the District’s former Town Danceboutique plan to open a new club at the former St. Phillips Baptist Church on North Capitol Street NE. (Live Wire Strategic Communications)

Growing up in Wyoming, before he came out as gay, John Guggenmos was raised Southern Baptist, attending church every Sunday and prayer services every Wednesday night.
So he understands, he said, that some people, including some of his relatives, might take issue with his newest business venture: a gay nightclub inside a former Baptist church.
“What does a church mean? Really, it’s a group of like-minded believers,” Guggenmos said. “In that very basic sense, a church is not the walls. It’s the people, like-minded people.”
But Guggenmos is quick to make clear that he’s not equating his plans for a club with a church, even as he makes the point that he wants it to be a gathering place for people seeking community.
“It’s a balancing act,” said Guggenmos, who is also a D.C. advisory neighborhood commissioner. “We want to create a space that the gay community is proud of.” 
Guggenmos was one of the original co-owners of the gay nightclub Town Danceboutique, considered a mainstay in the District’s LGBTQ community for more than a decade before it shut its doors last summer, a casualty of the gentrification it helped spur. Its closing, former patrons said, left a void. There no longer seemed to be a place where gay people as young as 18 could comfortably dance through the night.
Now it appears that a new version of Town is returning to the District, this time in the former St. Phillips Baptist Church on North Capitol Street NE, in the rapidly developing NoMa neighborhood. The news drew celebration from the District’s LGBTQ community and dedicated fans of the former nightclub.
“Town is risen?” read one tweet. “Let the church say amen,” said another. Some Twitter users even started suggesting possible namesfor the new club — Church, Communion, Spirit, Heaven or Sanctuary, among others. 
But despite references to the spiritual nature of the nightclub’s new home, Guggenmos said he wants to make clear that he did not choose the location because of its former capacity as a church. He does not want to make light of any place of worship, he added, nor does he, at this point, want to give it a church-related name. For now, the corporate name listed on the nightclub’s liquor license application is simply “Town2.0, LLC.”
Guggenmos and his business partners, Ed Bailey and Jim “Chachi” Boyle, chose the building because of the space, the “drama of the height” — a four-story interior with wooden beams, stained-glass windows and acoustics that could produce unparalleled shows.
“The very first time I walked in it was like looking down at . . . the Grand Canyon, that feeling of ‘oh my God,’ ” Guggenmos said. “I just knew it.” 
Most importantly, he said he wants to create a space where young gay people can dance and sing and watch drag shows and know they won’t be judged. Like Town Danceboutique, Guggenmos said, the new nightclub will have an 18-plus night — a rarity in the District.
That sense of belonging is needed now more than ever, he said, citing a rollback in protections for the LGBTQ community on the federal level and troubling rates of suicide and depression among LGBTQ youths.
Although younger members of the gay community seem much more open and self-assured than when Guggenmos was growing up, he said, “they still need to know that whatever they are going through, there are other people going through it.”
In a way, Guggenmos sees the new location — with its commanding presence and natural light — as the next wave for gay nightlife in the District, where just decades ago the community was relegated to windowless clubs in warehouse districts. 
The site had been the home of St. Phillips Baptist Church since 1948, according to the church’s website. The congregation, whose pastor is part of a large black Baptist denomination, has relocated to Temple Hills, Md.
Jemal’s Sanctuary purchased the property in March 2017, according to records with the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue, and the owner had reportedly initially hoped to convert the church into a synagogue. The owner did not respond to requests for comment.
Beneath the church’s towering ceiling, Guggenmos and his business partners hope to cast beams of light and have a chandelier that can rise and descend into the atrium.
“It allows you to reveal something in the night,” he said.
He also hopes to create an outdoor patio space with a fountain to the right of the church’s main entrance, along K Street NE, surrounded by a green garden fence. 
He plans to preserve the stained-glass windows and keep the exterior of the church the same. He added that he wants people in the neighborhood, including residents of the apartment complex next door, to be assured that the club’s owners are carefully investing in sound engineering to avoid noise disturbances. They also plan to have an active police presence.
“We’ve always created spaces like we’re going to live across the street from them,” he said.
As he prepares to launch the new Town, Guggenmos’s mind shifts back to a young man who recently sent him a handwritten letter. The two of them had met five years earlier, outside Town during one of Guggenmos’s “stop-ins,” the young man said.
“There is no particular reason you would remember me,” his letter reads. “I wanted to thank you for Town and the concern you showed me that night.”
He said that, at a time when he had just been rejected by his family and his church, “the club was a refuge for me.”
If the move to the new location goes according to plan, it would not be the first time a church has morphed into a club.
One of the most well-known clubs to ever be housed in a church was the Limelight in New York City, which gained notoriety after one of its “club kids” was convicted of killing and dismembering a fellow patron. It closed its doors permanently in 2001 and is now a gym. 

June 20, 2019

Four Teens Caught and Charged on DC Gay Attack and Robbery on Gay Couple


 Police say a young gay couple in Washington, D.C., was assaulted Sunday in what is being investigated as a hate crime.
Carl Craven and Braden Brecht were attacked by what they described online as "a mob of 15 guys" outside of a bar.
Four teenagers have been arrested and charged with robbery with force and violence, according to D.C. police. 
The investigation continues as police have found two additional leads, said Craven. He tells USA TODAY that there were 12 people at the scene.
"They went on to assault and rob other parties within the hour," Craven told USA TODAY. "They started with us, and they just kept going."
Suspects began to call the couple a homophobic slur before attacking Brecht, per the description, and Craven jumped in to defend Brecht.
'Disgusting, misogynistic hate attack': Four men arrested in attack on LGBT women who refused to kiss
"Instinctively, I just jumped on top of him and tried to shield him and was shouting, 'Help, help, help!'" Craven told NBC Washington.  Brecht suffered a cut lip and what appears to be a swollen eye, as well as a tooth chipped in the altercation. Brecht's phone and Craven's wallet were also stolen.
Brecht "will also have to go get further tests done because of persistent, severe headaches," writes Craven in their GoFundMe page.
Craven told USA TODAY that the couple moved to D.C. a month ago for an internship position he held at an energy nonprofit.
Since the incident, Craven said that they have found an outpouring of support from the LGBT community both in D.C. and elsewhere.
"The amount of people that have reached out to us from people who have lived here and have lived all over the place has been insane," he said to USA TODAY. "I didn't realize how close-knit the D.C. gay community is. We've gotten a lot of support."

August 4, 2018

District Court in DC Orders Government To Start Taking DACA Applications


The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the country’s original civil rights organization, today celebrates a huge victory for DACA participants and DACA-eligible persons around the nation.
Today, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia affirmed its prior ruling that the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) violated the Administrative Procedure Act by rescinding the DACA program without sufficient explanation. Rejecting arguments by the federal government and newly articulated justifications from DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, the court ruled once again that the government failed to explain adequately its assertion that DACA is unlawful and it vacated the “Rescission Memorandum” which purported to terminate the DACA program.

Read the Opinion (PDF)

“This represents a powerful victory against attempts to dehumanize immigrants who are law-abiding and productive residents of the United States and who were long ago brought to this country as children through no fault of their own,” said NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson.
The NAACP filed its case in September 2017 against President Trump, Attorney General Sessions, then-DHS Secretary Duke, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security, in defense of people of color who are participating in or are eligible for the DACA program.  The NAACP was joined in the case by two of the nation’s largest labor unions- the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the United Commercial Food Workers (UCFW). Later Princeton University and Microsoft Corporation filed a similar case that was joined with the NAACP case.
The NAACP and its co-plaintiffs successfully argued that the defendants failed in their efforts to articulate a legally sufficient justification for reneging on the commitments extended through the DACA program to undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children and who meet the program’s other eligibility requirements.  Plaintiffs alleged that the rescission of the DACA program violated the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment, the Administrative Procedure Act and the Regulatory Flexibility Act.  The court ruled in April 2018 that the “Rescission Memorandum” issued by DHS in September 2017 violated the Administrative Procedure Act  (“APA”) because it failed to explain adequately why the government concluded that DACA was unlawful.  While vacating the Rescission Memorandum in its original order, the court gave the government 90 days to explain more fully the basis for its decision to terminate DACA. The government’s latest attempt to justify its decision fared no better than its first attempt, as the court once again found the explanation lacking and thus in violation of the APA.  The court maintained its stay of the vacatur order for another 20 days in order to give the government time to decide what to do next.
“This is what happens when the government manufactures a bogus policy rationale for actions that are rooted in discrimination,” said Bradford M. Berry, General Counsel of the NAACP.  “We applaud the court for its careful application of the governing legal principles to this case.”
Joseph M. Sellers, managing partner at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, PLLC, served as lead counsel for the NAACP in the case.
Originally posted by NAACP

May 7, 2018

On His Final Tour of Duty John McCaine Reflects on Sarah Palin and Other Mistakes

Were we ever so young? Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images
John McCain still don't see what he unleashed on the GOP which was like a virus that grew slowly but without obstacles. His running mate which look like he could not find anyone else(not true) and picked what people said was the bottom of the barrel. 
Sarah Palin
It was not her inexperience in politics and many other imperfections but what came out of her through her megaphone vocal chords with that scratching noise worse than an SNL comediane impersonating her. Once she decided to be on a topic (without studying first but because it sounded good at the moment) she will defend it with her life. She would cover it up and repeat it like if that would make true. She lied about her personal life and about her personal life again, because she did not know politics but you would expect it to at least the facts she gave about her life since people didnt know her to be true and get it right. It wasn't until someone from the media got to show her otherwise that she opposed for what she was now fighting for, or her daughter was contradicting her. I remember how she defended how informed she was by reading magazines until the question came, which ones? She didn't know but now she defended not reading magazines.
Do you see the connection to today?  Between, Littman who was more interested in his Israel rather than his oath as Senator of the United States to Palin. This brought a bad habit to the party which it got to be heroin ans they could not get rid of it: "Openly lying" and taking the american people like Trump would say according to what his been attributed to his son in law 'I can lie to them because they are dumb.'
Trump said while campigning in NYC that he could shoot someone on fifth Avenue and his poll numbers would not go down.
These type of trash, which cover most of the GOP on both houses even extended to the House of Representatives and its speaker Ryan firing someone who does not do much and has 0 impact on that institution, the man that give his prayer at the beginning of a session of the Hosue of Reps., The Chaplain. Reason?  Ryan didn't like his last prayer in which he sounded too much middle of the road instead of Republican. Crazy? Not for this bunch. There is no price to pay for the spaker for doing this, not because he is retiring but because this is something that wont be followed by the media since Trump is on 24 hr/7 day coverage. It was reported and Ryan got hell for it and the Chaplain reinsteaded, instead he will resign in the future and it will make no noise. Ryan thought to be like Trump, "you are fired" That's how trump does it but Ryan is no Trump. All he had to do was call the bishop and the Chaplain would been out before the morning prayers
The billionaires who own the media are scared Trump will cost them money or ratings so they give you a repeat of what eveyone else is giving you, vanilla. No one comfronts Trump on a lie, no one. So he piles and they all loose track, even on the era of the play back and live video. Thanks McCain. One thing he had which the other Senators in his Party don't have and is that he could be persuaded with the truth (sometimes), the times that he wasn't following that gut feeling and being a good party member took presedence of the truth but at least one could try and so say senators that try to convince him about a particular bill or action to be taken. He would listen and try to do the right thing even if it turned out wrong.  Adam Gonzalez🦊

When historians — or, really any of us — look back at President Trump’s ascent to the presidency, they will identify many moments over the years, big and small, that could be identified as warning signs of the catastrophe to come. There was the Great Recession, the aftereffects of which hollowed out communities that thrilled to Trump’s nativism. On a much more micro scale, there was the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011, where Trump was ritually humiliated by Seth Meyers and Barack Obama, perhaps fueling the white-hot rage behind his White House bid.
But in purely political terms, one other moment leaps to mind: the day in 2008 when John McCain upended expectations by picking then-Alaska governor Sarah Palin to be his vice-presidential running mate. It’s not as if Republicans hadn’t worn the badge of anti-intellectualism before (see: Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush). But Palin personified a dangerous new strain. She (infamously) didn’t read much; put forth few policy positions beyond “drill, baby drill”; excelled at whipping up crowds into a frothing frenzy; and attacked Barack Obama in brazen, personal terms. Stylistically, she seemed to be almost completely at odds with McCain, a deeply conservative traditionalist who prefers military wars to cultural ones.
But by and large, the GOP base adored Palin. Its loving embrace of such an unhinged figure was an early sign that the Republican Party was far more willing to tolerate qualities once thought to be disqualifying for public life than many people understood.
Throughout the campaign, and since, McCain has steadfastly defended Palin. But in a story reported from his Arizona ranch, where the senator is relaxing between treatment for brain cancer and receiving old friends during what may be his final days, the New York Timesreports that McCain does have regrets about his VP pick. The reason for his discontent — which he has elaborated on in an upcoming book and movie — is that he wishes he had trusted his instincts and picked Joe Lieberman instead. 
While he continues to defend Ms. Palin’s performance, Mr. McCain uses the documentary and the book to unburden himself about not selecting Mr. Lieberman, a Democrat-turned-independent, as his running mate.

He recalls that his advisers warned him that picking a vice-presidential candidate who caucused with Democrats and supported abortion rights would divide Republicans and doom his chances.

“It was sound advice that I could reason for myself,” he writes. “But my gut told me to ignore it and I wish I had.”
Setting aside Joe Lieberman’s many faults, before the 2008 election and since (and the fact that McCain-Lieberman would be unlikely to perform better among voters than McCain-Palin did), it’s striking that, even at this late stage, McCain won’t admit that Palin represents the same variation of grievance politics he now abjures.
McCain, who President Trump has taunted in grossly personal terms (“I prefer war heroes who weren’t captured”) has been one of the few Republicans to consistently take on the president. He has attackedTrump’s “spurious, half-baked nationalism” and furiously criticized his continuous praise of Vladimir Putin. And while he often votes for the president’s priorities, making his everlasting “maverick” label something of a joke, he was the deciding “no” to kill Obamacare repeal in the Senate, an act of apostasy that has earned Trump’s perpetual ire.
But McCain is not just unpopular with the far right because of his #resistance moments. He’s also out of sync with the GOP base in most other ways. He’s a national-security hawk in a time of Republican isolationism, a centrist on immigration in a party full of America Firsters. Beyond his policy positions, McCain is out of step in another important way: he wants Republicans to step back from the toxic, grievance-based ideology that now dominates the party.
Before he helped torpedo the GOP health care vote last summer, McCain gave a stirring speech on the Senate floor, pleading with his fellows lawmakers to return to a politics of decency and consensus.
“I hope we can again rely on humility, on our need to cooperate, on our dependence on each other to learn how to trust each other again and by so doing better serve the people who elected us,” he said. “Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio and television and the Internet. To hell with them. They don’t want anything done for the public good.”
McCain framed the problem as a bipartisan one. But it’s the Republican party where “the bombastic loudmouths” have really gained control in recent years, culminating in the party’s surrender to President Trump. John McCain has always called himself a maverick, but he’ll end his life as all but an outcast.
It is facile to draw a straight line from Palin to this sad state of affairs. But it is striking that, even now, McCain cannot, or will not, fully reckon with the forces he helped unleash.

November 16, 2017

Who is Draining The Swamp? Washington with The WH Seems More Dirt-Stuck Than EVER

 Trump Promised to 'Drain the Swamp' but Look at the people he is chosen, then ignored his campaign but you must look at his corrupt actions as president. It's made his money and his family, He still advertised his hotels on his last trip, while the country paid his Asian trip. That is the least of his ignoring the law. The worse Obstruction of justice by firing the person investigating the Russian connection/WH and using his powers to pardon his friend before even He had a chance to appeal and his threats of using Nukes like they were simple bullets from a gun he is holding. These are just a few of the illegal acts. A Jr High School Student that reads the paper or the news on his/her computer can name them all in a couple of pages.
Washington used to operate one scandal at a time.

Not anymore. Here are just some of the scandals currently brewing:

The indictment of President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his business partner, Rick Gates, in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of possible ties between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

A guilty plea from George Papadopoulos, a foreign-policy adviser on the campaign. He admitted that he lied to Mueller's investigators about his efforts to connect with Russian government officials.
Fatal damage to the Podesta Group, one of Washington's top lobby firms, which appears, unnamed, in the Manafort-Gates indictment. Democratic lobbyist and fundraiser Tony Podesta — who co-founded the firm 29 years ago with his brother, Democratic strategist John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman — announced he was leaving hours after the indictment became public.
The first criminal corruption trial in nearly a decade against a U.S. senator, Robert Menendez, D-N.J., who is now awaiting a jury's verdict. 

Amid Capitol Hill's frenetic pursuit of campaign money, a moment of candor by Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., who said of the tax overhaul bill, "My donors are basically saying, 'Get it done or don't ever call me again.' "

It's worse than any I've experienced in my three, almost four decades working in this field. People who are complying with the rules are competing for results against those that are cutting corners."
Nick Allard, a former Washington lobbyist and current dean of Brooklyn Law School
It's all a far cry from Trump's days on the campaign trail when he regularly vowed to clean things up.

"If I am elected president, we are going to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.," Trump said at a campaign event in Chesapeake, Va., last October.

Actually, the swamp is still pretty swampy.

And some denizens say it's getting worse.

People seem to think that "anything goes, and that it's dumb to follow the rules," longtime lobbyist Nick Allard told NPR.

Allard, now the dean of Brooklyn Law School, called the D.C. ethical climate "worse than any I've experienced in my three, almost four decades working in this field. People who are complying with the rules are competing for results against those that are cutting corners."

The indictment of Manafort and Gates spotlights one small slice of modern Washington. Among the charges, they are accused of failing to disclose lobbying activities for foreign clients, a violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA.

For Attorney General Sessions, Hill Testimony Presents Risk And Opportunity

For Attorney General Sessions, Hill Testimony Presents Risk And Opportunity
The indictment says Manafort and Gates did political consulting work, and then Washington lobbying, for Ukrainian politician Viktor Yanukovych, his political party and, ultimately, the Ukrainian government when Yanukovych became president.

The indictment says they expanded the effort by hiring the Podesta Group and another lobbying firm to work for the Ukrainian clients through a nonprofit in Belgium.

It was "a multi-million-dollar lobbying campaign," according to the indictment.

But none of the lobbyists – not Manafort, Gates, Podesta or employees of the other lobby firm – registered under FARA. Instead, there was a spate of retroactive registrations earlier this year. 

Mueller Russia Probe Moves To The White House; GOP's Math Problem On Taxes
The law requires substantial disclosures, even detailed lists of lawmakers and staffers contacted by the lobbyists, and violating FARA is a felony. But enforcement is rare. Before Manafort and Gates were indicted, the Justice Department had brought felony charges just seven times in the past half-century.

"The question that arises out of the Manafort situation is, is the period of complacency coming to an end?" said law professor Steve Vladeck, co-author of the Just Security blog. "Or is this just a special case brought by a special counsel."

The day after Manafort and Gates were indicted, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, introduced a bill to make FARA more stringent, more far-reaching and easier to enforce. 

Hate Crimes Up In 2016, FBI Statistics Show

The Mueller investigation "just kind of puts a gray cloud around the whole lobbying-special interest community in D.C.," said David Rehr, a lobbyist-turned-professor at George Mason University law school. "It doesn't drain the swamp. But I think now people are just more nervous, and they're actually seeing a prosecutor going after someone."

Still, law enforcement would be just one step in a swamp-draining effort. Meredith McGehee, a veteran lobbyist on political reform issues, said Washington isn't working right.

"We have dysfunction in Congress; we have dysfunction, I think, in the presidency; and we have dysfunction in the lobbying community," she told NPR. "But that's because of the system, as we currently have it structured, rewards dysfunction."

She said the way Americans can change that rewards system is to get engaged in politics.

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