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December 21, 2018

12 Gift Suggestions from The Guys at Hornet

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Happy Holidays
The Guys at Hornet put their heads together and pulled out a dozen ideas for your gay uncle, gay friend or your gay other one. Everything for the top, middle or those ones that like to keep fluidly sex running through the muscles and bodily organs and I don't mean water and liver. The staff swears that these gifts are wanted by the gay man in your life (including you sweetie). If not all at least a couple! If his gift is not here ask me and I will help you out. Just put something on the collection box at the bottom so we can come back after New year's  Adam

Gay men are notoriously difficult to shop for. Let’s say you’ve come across what you think is a cute little stocking stuffer. We probably already have it. But there are a few tried-and-true gay holiday gifts that will never let you down.

Here are 12 gay holiday gifts for the handsome homo in your life:

1. A Pair or Two of Fun Socks

Gay holiday gifts 1 2
Life’s too short to own boring socks, OK? Nothing adds a little zing to an everyday outfit quite like a pop of color or funky print around your gay friend’s perfectly sculpted ankles. Happy Socks has you covered. Seriously, tell your friend to throw those white athletic socks away.

2. Quality Poppers VCR Cleaner

gay holiday gifts poppers
You know, for all those VHS tapes boxed up in your friend’s closet that need cleaning. But seriously, no one does bespoke poppers like the guys at Double Scorpio, an Austin-based “farm to disco” label. (We spoke to them back in February about their business, and why you’ll never want to buy a bottle of RUSH again.) They’re one of the great gay holiday gifts for the guy you want to lure to bed.

3. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 Magnets

Gay holiday gifts 14
Because who doesn’t need Latrice Royale telling them, “Get these nuts away from my face!” every time they reach for that pint of Halo Top? These are lenticular prints, which is a fancy way of saying they’re basically two images in one, and when you tilt them (or, say, open the fridge), the image changes!

4. A Bidet Toilet Attachment

Gay holiday gifts 15
It’s 2018. Why are we still wiping our own butts? Help your friend or loved one join the 21st century with a bidet attachment by Tushy, which runs much cheaper than a $1,000 Japanese toilet. These things fit on whatever’s in your bathroom. Your friend’s butt will thank him.

5. An Adult Coloring Book

Gay holiday gifts 16
Few things are as therapeutic as coloring a picture of Ryan Gosling. (And we don’t judge you when you also sketch a picture of yourself being caught up in his warm embrace.) For the guy who loves coloring but who’s also a thirsty bitch, opt for Color Me Swoon: The Beefcake Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as well as Beginners.

6. Kinky (and Good Quality) Underwear

Gay holiday gifts 1
Sometimes we all want to feel a bit naughty, but there are times that $4.99 jockstrap from Amazon just won’t cut it when visitors are expected. That’s when you reach for a pair of Gregg Homme undies. Woof.

7. A Cute Tee (That Also Raises Money for Charity)

gay holiday gifts sina shirt
The artist behind the Iceman solo comic series, Sina Grace, teamed up with Represent to create this fun tee featuring a dog and cat bonding over comics. And it benefits Rainbow Railroad, an organization that helps queer people around the world escape violence and persecution. Basically, if you don’t buy it, you’re a monster.

8. This Magic Potion for Bottoms

Gay gifts 225
File this one under gay holiday gifts for all the bottoms in your life (or really anyone who wants their digestive system running like magic). Guys who take Pure For Men #StayReady for the sex of their dreams. And it’s vegan!

9. A Cheeky Pin

Gay gifts 223
In case you haven’t noticed, pins are all the rage these days. Much like those quirky socks we mentioned above, they’re a simple, fun way to accessorize an outfit, taking you from “Hey, how’s it going?” to “Hey, how are you, ohmygodIlovethatpinwheredyougetit?!”

10. Queer Prayer Candle

Gay gifts 223
Times are … interesting, y’all, and sometimes that calls for lighting a candle and whispering a little prayer. And let’s be real, half of you queens are praying to Beyonc矇 on a regular basis already. Up the ante with one of these patron saint candles.

11. A Butt Scrub

Gay gifts 22
Honestly, it’s the gift you never knew you needed until you tried it out. Your gay friend will forever sit on faces with confidence thanks to this miracle blend by Studio Ready. His booty (and his boyfriend) will thank you (and us).

12. The Gayest Pillow on Earth

Gay Gifts 299
Is your friend’s home d矇cor a little stale? Well, “stale” will be the last word you use to describe his living room when it’s covered in Tom of Finland muscle hunks and leather daddies.

What do you think of these gay holiday gifts? Which are you adding to your own list?

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December 2, 2018

There is Some Trouble

This is the first time Im doing this but I would feel guilty in closing the computers and enjoy the rest of my early retired life without a try.

The blog needs financial help to continue to pay for news memberships and equitment repairs and apps. I already ended the membership with Google which gave the blog a specialized email and more information of where the hits ar coming from. Since the blog was purchased through "Blogger" we might be ok (Google did buy Blogger a few years back) ;) 

So to make it short,  if you can contribute with a donation on the donation part of the main page or directly to Pay Pal using our email ( in care of Adam Gonzalez or adamfoxie blog.

What I decided to do is publish every other day or weekend until the gas in the tank lasts. You are loved by our blog meaning me the Publisher and volunteers that have helped out. This is a one man operation now. I was supposed to have handed the blog over( last April) but this person is ill, so I stayed. It's been almost 11 years of fun and a little agravation but that was ok. I learned bunches. I wont go without a fight. There is not a lot of funds that are needed, Im talking few hundred for the year since no one is being hired and I donate my time. Do not need  thousands and I can stretch out to publish less. Readership is up but Amazon has not been of much help and I will be taking the commercials off soon, need to check contractual agreements if any.

So now you know the story and we have lots of readers and before we starting cutting down with not publishing on certain days or less stories the readership was up 25% which is what makes me let you know what is going on. By the way I tried Facebook, with about to 2k of friends but facebook  nix it saying they did not see the need to the community. Don't blame them we have been very critial of them. 
I don't like to fight what is going to happen anyways but this one we can fight, is winnable. What ever you can, just don't wait for my birthday next Any amount except pennies is just fine :)

Again, Thank you and if you have questions you can send me personal emails at adamfoxie or at facebook, tweeter, Googl+ 

Adam Gonzalez, Publisher (adamfoxie blog International)

Click the Paypal link below  (the easiest way) or go to PayPal or use the application "DONATE" on the left on this site:                                            

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October 21, 2018

Hey See 5 Million +

Hey, lovely reader....did you notice the 


 in the box on the left? 

It stands for over 5Million readers like you have read on this blog (adamfoxie*)

May 27, 2018

Blogger Retiring Some Applications and Repacking Some. We Will Retire if You Don't Register your Email

Hello to my readers. I am forwarding a letter in some changes to blogger so you if you can understand it. good luck, (maybe you can translate some for me, but that is not my debt anymore) :) But my main reason for passing this too that Blogger is changing and Google too, who owns Blogger. 
What I have been telling my readers is you must register your email to get the daily headlines from blogger (us) (3 usually and on special news day maybe 4, or 5). The thing is when the change that I've been talking about happens you won't be able to get in to read the articles unless you are invited or have received the headlines to your inbox which then you have all the freedom to read those and anything ever published.. I have some concern which happens in regards to two things that will happen and they are both bad. You won't have access here in the US only Internationally. The thing is if you can't come in to read, our ratings will drop and we will have to close. So If you want us and know we don't print hearsay but solid truths, never had to apologize or backtrack. So, this will be our life or death. If we go it will be with a stellar 10 years. Up to you but that is life. Usually when things that belong to us but we don't pay can't stay just being that way because is against the American way. Everyone pays.You still won't pay, just take a small step if we are worth it. Spam free enter your email adress...hard I understnd I hate giving my email address o anyone even th banks but only because they take advantage of you and pass it on to everyone tht will pay hem. NOT ME.. Not here.
I love my readers and is the reason I have not left yet even though I retired last month,No matter what is been a hell of a run! and Iam so happy! But let see if this last appeal works.~~~~~~~~
Adam Gonzalez, Founder



Hi everyone,

To make room for some exciting updates coming soon to Blogger, we’re simplifying the platform to enhance the blogging experience for all of our users.

Updates include:
- Changes to features: G+ widget integrations, OpenID, and Localization & Blogspot ccTLDS.
- Retiring features: Third Party Gadgets, Next Blog, Polls Widget, and Textcube.
- Introducing new features: HTTPS for Custom Domains, Multilogin, Spanner, Google Takeout, and Video Management.

Make sure to check out our latest blog post here to see more details on all of the changes coming to Blogger.

We realize these changes may raise some initial questions, so we wanted to address some of these questions upfront:

Q: Why are you making all of these changes now?
A: Blogger has been working hard to incorporate some exciting updates to the platform, so we thought it made sense to retire features that had very low usage and update some of our current features to coincide with these upcoming changes.

Q: Are you going to bring any of the "retired" features back?
A: At the moment, we do not plan to bring back any of the features we will be retiring. However, the team is working diligently to make sure Blogger has all of the necessary features and tools to make your blogging experience seamless - so stay tuned for more updates coming throughout 2018 and beyond!

Q: Where can I learn more about the new features coming to Blogger?
A: Make sure to check out the Blogger Blog! We'll make sure to post any important announcements there. Also, feel free to check out the Blogger Help Center for more detailed information on our tools and features.  

More questions? As always, please feel free to post here in the Blogger Help Forum.

Have a great day,
Kelly on behalf of your Blogger team

February 22, 2018

Adamfoxie Blog International and Changes {This is our 10th Anniversary}

The change announcement you have been seeing at the bottom of each story has to do with the 10th anniversary of Adamfoxie Blong International. The changes would be first on the stories, which will be shorter and it will go back to the beginning of the blog inception of highlighting not just political issues dealing with our community and friends but also with stories that don't get much attention anymore. Particularly scientific and history based.  

Also, I will be retiring as the Publisher and editor of the blog. The blog will continue but I'm not sure how it will do without my constant attention. I hope I can still write once in a while an editorial but only times will tell how things will go. I will be watching still, the readership because if we don't have enough readers, then is time to close but never lock the doors. This decision is sorely mine.

Adamfoxie will continue to be in its current spot and with its engines ready if there was a need to turn them up again. The blog will continue to concentrate on items that are not getting much attention or items that need a different angle to be shown. We don't take stories from gay sites because we don't wish to compete with sites trying to do what we are doing. If we show the same news that is coincidence and you could probably see that by the way they were written.We can get the news from where everybody else gets them. It's not a matter of having people in different parts of the world report but rather have the professionals already there that publish for all to read. Some charge for the service and others don't as long as credit is given. We started with the idea of having volunteers give us information in different part of the world but if you don't know the person feeding you the information you are reporting hearsay. We don't report rumors.

Well, I can't say goodbye because I will still be here until probably April and at the beginning, there might not be a lot of change except in the sequence of the blog. Instead of every day, it might be every other day or even weekly. It all depends on the readership. If you like the blog this will be a good time to let us know by subscribing free to get the headlines whenever they are published. 

We watch that very intently.

Hope you stay with us. We don't want to give you surprises so we are telling you what is happening with the blog.

                         T H A N K  Y O U___________

5 yrs post graduate in divinity and theology. Plus. a lifetime in managerial positions in the commercial field. Also 3 yrs of staff work in the nonprofit field. Life has made me become very political oriented and religion exhausted and very much in a contra idealistic position. Aware that people need to believe in something or someone but those believers bear the responsibility when that religion makes people be jail, lose their jobs and in cases killed. Because it happens someplace else does not absorb the Christian or the Hindu or Muslim with what happens in Egypt, Iran or India. 

December 24, 2017

Adamfoxie Blog Int. Wishes You Very Happy and Gay Holidays!

Another year...lately it seems like they've reached warp speed... If you can read this you will be getting the most sinceriest wishes for peace and happiness where ever you are.

September 9, 2017

Changes in Adamfoxie~~Please read

Hello Adamfoxie reader,

Just would like to explain why lately the stories in our blog have been reduced in numbers. The reason is we need more followers. Our numbers of readers are good for a blog this size and particularly internationally with good numbers of hits. There are places internationally that even though they read us, they can't show they are following us because of the countries in question. 
Some I hope they do become followers.This is free and we don't push it and we don't give you commercials or pop ups....we could but it bothers the publisher when visiting sites. We are anti pop ups and companies that share information of their readers. We are against all that!!

For the rest of the USA, I hope that the readers do get the blog headlines in their emails.That is the most straight forward way to show you are a follower. No one will know who you are, not this blog and we don't share any! information nor do we keep it. We pay Google for our license and they offer security and they' 're the ones that will make sure you receive the headlines into your email. The Privacy Notice from Google is that they won't share or sell with to third party information. You are welcome to read their policy which is now on one of our pages at the beginning of the blog or do a Google about blogs and information shared.

If you want us to stay we hope you would want our headlines in your email. It's supposed to be 5 or 6 daily but during this time we are reduced to no more than 3 until it comes down to 0 or we can bring our following back up.

We have two licenses to publish and we have freedom of the press or media protection. No one can take us out but is been our rules that we can't continue unless there are enough people that want our blog in their emails. Since we don't make a profit or can't because we came to be entirely free.
 Every month we pay for our license and expenses. I think its fair that we don't continue unless we have a healthy following that we can always proof by showing numbers (not names or emails, which we don't see) and show how needed we are. If we don't show results that can be seen then there is no reason to be here.

Publisher and volunteers

August 2, 2017

Check Us Out ! Adamfoxie Blog Int. ChAnGeS

Check us Out, Less commercials MORE clarity to read and be easy on the eyes.

Say Thanks by Subscribing. Why? 1.You don't miss any issues and you pick from your own mailbox what you would like to read. 2. We feel we need a good amount of followers otherwise  :( know.

June 3, 2017

"Free to be Me" Celebrating Pride Month

This posting is in celebration........ celebrates both the return of Pride 1017 and the new equipment to will make this blog even better, easier to manage and thus spent more time searching those stories that have not made the main stream yet or never will or the ones already out but need a another angle or missing thought.
Thank You

May 30, 2017

Adamfoxie will be Back at Full Strengh

The month of March was very trying for this blog. Some equipment was damaged while maintenance was being done to make it keep up like it has for the best part of eight years. This blog does not opearate on getting regular funds. Our mission is been to bring a particular set of current news stories we feel everyone should know. We don't post what everyone knows unless we can add to the conversation with a smart point of view.

We have ordered new equipment to replaced the damaged computer which will allow us again to to post fresh stories and have fun doing it. It's been no fun driving a car missing a wheel. We should be back to normal by Thursday June 1st. Let's start June with a new commitment to do the best we can do. Going thru this past month missing equipment and having to spend funds we don't readily have is the perfect message to call it a day and stop. As we look at the visitors still coming to our site mainly from the U.S. but also very strongly from 4 other nations and regular visits by 6 more nations told us we have to continue. Our promised is been throughout the years to continue as long as we have a healthy audience that listens to us and the news we highlight.

Thank you!!!! For your support

We do take donations for the new equipment if you can afford it. If not we understand.

May 25, 2017

Great Difficulties for Adamfoxie But We are Stll At It

It is with great regret we have not being able to solve the problem with our main frame which help us scan for fresh stories world wide.

This is age related, I guess equipment kept in shape by having the latest software but when the Transmission quits on a car it doesn't matter that it has a good engine and brand new tires.

What are we doing about it? The publisher is in charge of getting the old one repaired or reassess if there is another way to accomplish our mission which is to give you the freshest stories on current issues while at the same time not publishing what everyone else is reporting.

We concentrate on the LGBT community worldwide so it can feel united by the knowledge of what others are doing and what issues they are facing. This is a community still suffering from homophobia, bias and straight out a lack of education and knowledge from others in regards to it. This while it has never been easier to obtain the latest information both in a human sense and a scientific form as to eliminate all the misinformation out there. It just so happen that homophobes and ignorant people are lazy and are not in the habit of getting new information that would make them reasses their beliefs and even sometimes their lives.

Please keep coming back because there would always be fresh content on the blog. Without readers we have no blog. There is no payment or credit of any type for traffic or hits on the blog. Volunteers have been the answer for work that needed to be accomplish.

Thank you, we have explained the issue thoroughly therefore it won't be  necessary for any more updates. We continue to function in an emergency mode until they issue is resolved.

May 16, 2017

Adamfoxie out for more than a day but "will continue with less volume"

Extra! If you are LGBT ️‍ or know some is important to know our fight is far from over. That is why adamfoxie is still here. Feeling a need to let people know and not allow certain information to fall between the cracks of the maize of information, misinformation. 

Update Sat 20, 2017
Work continues on adamfoxie main frame. This could take a while but the publisher is decided to keep going on adamfoxie even if a loan would have to be obtained It's a matter of time before we succeed with the repairs or we give up And go for a new one. If you are a reader with funds this might be something you might consider helping. All you need is pick a week or less worth of stories within the past 8!yrs.

New update: The main adamfoxie computer will be delivered tomorrow Friday. Word is it has been repaired. If so back in business by Friday night. I guess we stay grinding this path.


Update:  I would like to give you an update in fixing our mainframe. The mother board will be soldered and hopefully that would do the job. At this point this computer cannot be replaced for a new one, Why? Money. If someone with some money available, any amount would help in starting a fund to replace it that would be great. If that were to happen, $2000. is app needed, we will send you or somehow show you a receipt for the amount paid. Adamfoxie is not set up to keep a profit. We are not non profit as far as the government is concerned only because our postings would be restricted. For example, We have called politicians liers (never to a private individual). With a non profit designation we would have to watch what we say. We are licensed but only need to adhere to the same rules as any private media reporting company or individual. 
We hope this new procedure gets us back in business by Saturday. It this does not work we will let you know and give you an idea how long(months?) it would take to get funding for the new equipment. If not we assume this blog is not needed. Do not wish anyone to make any sacrifices for this endeveour but only if the funds are available. We will not keep any funds for any app or anything else except a new computer if needed. Meanwhile We will try to put out one story a day to remind our readers we are down but not out yet. The publisher believes that in certain endeavors one should go with the winds and see where they get you instead to spend all the energy to fighting for something that is only a tool, not the idea behind

The main frame for Adamfoxie neededs a new fan. The repairs are done inhouse because of the finances of Adamfoxie which are always on the needs filling up gage. One the dangers of doing repairs yourself or a volunteer in which job is far from the manual fixing of hardwareis that you might fix something and break something else in the processes but I do take responsibility (unlike you know whom!) I damaged the mother board. Now a professional was needed. This is a dedicated computer and without it there is no Adamfoxie. You need more than one server but this is where the fast world searches for fresh LGBT news are done.

Hopefully we will be out for 24 hrs. Only. Hope you understand. If you want to say something nasty to me for damaging the computer even though I did installed the new cooling fan and to quote Trump it looks "beautiful" except now there is no power to make it work.
I will see you soon. (I hope)

March 21, 2017

Your 2017 New Adamfoxie Blogger Design

Thank you for being with this blog for another year. For the old timers you know we change our design every year. Blogger thru Google is good enough to give us the choice to pick the main design and we get to pick everything else. Fonts, colors, logos, commercials, how much space and lay out.

The intention is not to make it pretty but to make it useful for you. There are people that can’t see colors well and we try to use the best available colors that if something is missed to the eye in blue you can see it down the line in white. That way you get the essence of the posting.

Please bear with us because this is just the first week of changes and more needs to be added. Any suggestion will be taken very seriously. 

We are only here because you visit and read our reports. The promise has always been, we don’t post when there is nothing worthwhile to post and we wont post to ghosts readers. These follows our guidelines of what can or cannot be posted. We do post daily
We don’t post what everyone else is posting or at least not in the same way.

Keep coming back and I and those that help will keep making it better for you. Things will be in different parts of the blog but everything is there or at least will be there when we are finished.



March 12, 2017

If you Register for Free…..

If you email register to get adamfoxie blog International this is what you will NOT get:

* Ads from us or anybody we do business with
* Your privacy invaded by anybody we are associated with
* Nothing that is not the headlines for the freshest stories we publish
* Articles matching any event for which there is plenty of coverage
* No Spamming
*Not giving or selling any information from you (we will have no information on you)

What you will get:

*Free headlines every time we publish 
* The freshest headlines
* What we have written and the author of the article on current events, giving priority to important LGBT articles       
* Articles from all over the world from main media and known or employed by main media writers
* Continued free service no matter what changes occur in our blogging magazine 
* Our blog does not have the capability to know who you are including your email. When you email register you do not supply your email to us and we would not use any application(s )to uncover this. This would violate our mission and our license with Google. ‘Blogger' owned by Google will secure your information and they promise privacy for your account and no spamming.
* You will get our stories ahead of being sent to other sites (Facebook, Tweeter, etc.,). Exception might be breaking news of national importance.

Adamfoxie does not write or publish every important news every time it happens on a news cycle. 
If there is plenty of coverage we will not repeat what others are saying. The exception would be if we can get a different angle to the story. Exception to this rule is if something is happening and for the sake of history we want it in our magazine also (does not happens often). Adamfoxie publishes every day so far for the last 8yrs.

We have a perpetual  open library blog. This means everything that has been published can still be found in the order of date and label *label is at the end of every story and it has to do with what the headlines says but condensed in a few words that can be easily searched.
We scan the world over for the most interesting but import news that we feel everyone should know but particularly the LGBT community. We do not use the LGBT media to write or post their stories. We have become adult enough in 8 yrs to have our sources and doors that we can use to bring you what is important FOR US.


November 13, 2016

Four Million Views on Adamfoxie*blog International {{Thank You!

Last summer we reached 3 million viewers and a few months latter adamfoxie had surpass that number by a million. We have over 4 million viewers now and counting *there is a views counter by where you register your email.

It took a few years to reach the first million but the word is out of the type of internet magazine we are and it seems every few months give us a million. We keep you informed of current events but hold on what everyone is posting about and post on what is missing or a more interesting take of what is being served or different angle. Sometimes we get the story early and go ahead and post it first.       Maybe the story is being ignore but we think it will interest you.  
Other times we post important news because we have readers in all parts of the globe and they get their news of what is going on in this nation and the West through this medium of adamfoxie.

The stories are carefully picked so our readers will be well informed not on hear say or rumors but on stories that have confirmation. You can usually find the source at the end of the story by the left hand margin. This blog is against the spread of rumors and innuendo on the net and try to fight it particularly at Facebook where we have an account. As well as Twiter and Google +

I emphasize to you the importance of having your email registered with the page. You will have access to stories that only register uses can see and you will have access before anybody else from 15 minutes to 72 hours head start. 100% spam free. Even the blog wont know your email nor name, handle.  
Don’t have a need to know. You just enter your email and you receive the headlines on you inbox as soon as they are posted on the page. This is all free.

I would like to thank you for reading adamfoxie blog International. The blog is read by 10 nations including United States.

Thank you for another million of you!


November 7, 2016

Register and get your Spam free updates(for registered readers)

Election latest polling……
Go to 

While there you would want to register your email(spam free) by the clock{{}}


November 3, 2016

A Comment on Adamfoxie* Would Have Those People Reading it

The numbers below are snap shot of a minute of adamfoxie* audience around the world. The Countries below are only a fraction, cannot post them all.
Reading right now 1130 11/3

United States

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