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March 20, 2020

Adamfoxie blog and Corona Virus (How Does it Feel to have so many deaths on your shoulders?)

 Bedroom where the hot water exploded

I want to thank the readeship in the U.S. but also internationally to all those people that would like to see how they are doing from outside of their country and also some people still want to know how americans are doing in this pandemic and compare notes. 
This blog will keep you informed on that hasnt posted yet or posted and is not being given enough attention. For the LGBT community we always check the information available(not from lgbt media) to be posted here.

The days of volunteers is been long gone so this is the operation of one person, me. While I remain able to search, check and post I will continue to do it. The obvious times I can't be behind the computer you can already imagine but there is also the need to make some money. So in days like tomorrow (Not today because a hot water pipe blasted through my wall in my bedroom and flooded  the bedroom, foyer, kitchen, yesterday). It's a good thing it happened in the early afternoon. I was home and not sleeping in bed at night, that would have been catastrophic. Also if it happend while I was out my poor cat would have been very adversly impacted. This is a bad building and bad owners.
There is no keep up here only cosmetic stuff when an aprtment vacate so they could raise the rent. 

 I should have been out of here but I could not because the new apartment had no garage and its in the area in downtown Brooklyn where there is no parking.  During this pandemic is a blessing to have a car so  I don't have to use mass transit.The fire dep was here so fast it seems they came in helicopters. Asked if I wanted an ambulance but I was just out of breath because the apartment was full of steam. This was the hot water that feeds the steam contraptions in the rooms that keep you warm. 

Tomorrow I will be out for a few hours to earn money to hold me through the month. Iam taking precontions but if you don't hear from Adamfoxie, you can imagine Im out of action.

Still this message was to remind you of what I do and the information I get is verified and I let you know from where. Iam trying to do the outmost not to repeat what everyone else is posting because then why would you need me. I still look for that information out of the Pandemic that makes us think and probably even post something even though I know is not easy to get through without a google email. I have changed it but then the insults come in(and the spam from India) which is fine except with no staff is very had to keep track and do my job. Anyone can be a google if its just to get through google sites.

I wish you the smarts to do the right thing for you and others during this time. I have no faith that this will teach anything to our current government. They killed the office that dealt with AIDS because the Religious people asked Trump to close it (AIDS is a word they hate, dont know why? It was not the name they were using). He said he did not want to spend the money he would rather spent millions upon millions in flying his family around the world with the secret service. They(secret service even ran out of money, first ever) because on the money they were spending on this family.
That was important but not the office of transmitable diseases headed by the CDC. Then he refused the testing from the WHO(world health org). He had his own he said...another lie he didnt even know what he was turning down. He did try to buy the German Pharma doing the testing for them. He got another break by having the Germans not cmeout with this in the open or at least the German press.
I wish him health so one day if I survive this I can see him prosecuted even though I doubt he will do jail time. How would it feel to have so many deaths on your shouldes? He doesn't feel.

December 24, 2019

Adamfoxie Blog International Wishes You and Yours The Following with Most Sincerity:

Thank you for being with us going in the 12th Year. This blog has grown not by size but by experience and as it got older it began to see the world with different kinds of eyes.  I was supposed to have retired two years ago but instead, I thought that while there was a serious readership particularly in areas of the world in which they don't have a free press like we do in the United States.  
But I am not minimizing the US readership. Even though on a daily basis, you have a Mexico(just happened a week ago) to Portugal, Turkey, Russia in which they surpass the US readership for 24 hrs. Still, the uS readership is the strongest and why not when the publication originates in new York City.

I feel proud and with a sense of responsibility to not just get off and leave things as they are. That is not me. Always before leaving any company, I made sure that my absence would not hurt too much. Still, There was a Littman Jewelers in North Miami, A million-dollar store went out after I did. But they brought in the family to take over a difficult store but with the potential to do really well. I left because I did not like the unfair treatment received on a one to one in front of the store the President of the Company and the guy that hired me, come on by on his way to play gulf in Miami and ripped me a new one on my day off.  He came without notice (and when my staff called I rushed out there). He was pissed probably not at me but took it on me because some pieces of semi-expensive display pieces were not set according to a memo that went out with a picture. (sometimes you got that picture but no the merchandise or you sold the merchandise). "sorry customer we can't sell you that diamond because the president of the company would rather have in the window".

I care enough whenever I would read the memo to give the instructions to get it done. Meanwhile, my main assistant liked all the papers nice and neet like a secretary she had been. The only thing is it did not help the boss (me) to not see those memos no matter how neatly they were filed in her cubicle office. Neat, but most of the time she forgot to show it to me. If I happened to get the mail there would be no problem but I did take two days off a week up from times that I took no days off.

My partner and I split up after nine years and I was burnt out really bad to the point I gave my resignation to my district manager which he did not accept, instead flew from Tampa to see me in North Miami. So I appreciated it. This was a guy taller than me with a reputation of being very tough and he was, but he did bring me out from the snow in Buffalo to Miami because I was bilingual and he knew I had a reputation of selling very expensive items, a good teacher and being tough with the staff while at the same time having a good rapport with them. My staff knew I would not do anything to make them work harder or different so  I would feel good with power. I had plenty of experience and the only time my ego went up when up was when my bosses gave me the numbers for my store and they happen to be good. I figure I give you that little background on me. Maybe I'm feeling melancholic since I expect major personal changes for 2020. Last time I made changes like that it was in 2002.

I wish every single one of you reading this to be practical and have the knowledge to take care of yourself and yours. I hope you have the understanding to deal with all those crazy situations we all experience from day to day others more serious than others. I know not all my readers are Christian so I will just wish you very happy, sane holidays. I hope you get the strength to keep ongoing. Whatever you do in life that helps a company or an individual you are needed and need to have the smarts of life.

By reading adamfoxie* and the news I feel affect us, but sometimes we are not out here for all, to know, read or see. 
Stay true to you and the decency inside your heart. This journey is short and it makes no sense to go on with the wrong ideas when soon our bodies will be gone.

I'm Adam Gonzalez, I produce and publish this blog. ( If you would like to communicate about something you deem serious.
HaPpY HoLiDaYs

The publication will come back on Thursday Dec.26

October 15, 2019

Adamfoxie says>>>Sorry There Were Two Paragraphs on The M16 Spy Story That Appeared Too Dark.Fixed

 Wall comes down in Germany

September 30, 2019

Self News About Adoptions and Adamfoxie Blog News


My first trip to our house in Puerto Rico after moving to NYC. This is 10 years later
Thank you for reading this page and being a backer. There are two issues I would like to quickly inform or explain to you so you know what this blog is doing. No matter what the personal life of the publisher or anyone who decides to volunteer to write something there is a reason why things get done in any particular way. The reason I don't stop and explain all the time is that what we publish is not about the blog but what the blog publishes as an LGBTQ Media news outfit(nonprofit, without commercials that pay).

Issue one: On weekends the blog slows down to one or two articles. These give the blog a little break to take care of technical problems and plan the week ahead of where the blog is going in reporting. There is a lot of stuff that happens every day. Not LGBTQ but we published what affects us as human beings which many times would not mention LGBTQ. The blog will only pick the story that has not gotten enough media coverage. We don't take stories from other gay media outfits. If we run the same one, you will see a different tone because they and Adamfoxie got it from different sources or sources at different times.

Issue Two: I published on Friday and advertised there was going to be an article about a judge in a midwestern state that ruled religious outfits could stop LGBTQ adoptions. I also had an article written by me about my own family and one girl who was part of our household who had contextual (?) sex with one of my brothers while his wife was having a baby in the hospital. I included how he blamed me, 9 or 10 yrs old and my dad which was at the age he was not having any more kids (8 by first wife and 12 after his wife died and he married my mom that was 17 and he already had 8 kids, most of them except the baby which my mom raised (the only one that called my mother by mommy instead of her first name like all the others did). So after 20+1 kids, my father was spermed out. 

In any case, it was my brother and as bad that let's say it was a weak moment because she was not the one that said no and maybe she did but he had all the power. My mom in NYC, wife in hospital and the girl making his meals making his bed, etc. What was awful was him beating the wholly crap out of her in NYC when her baby (he made her pregnant) came out. I think he might have tried to beat or kill the baby. I don't know.

I did not publish that story because I used real names on everyone and I know better because many of the people that knew about this secret are dead and can't corroborate rovorate with me.
My mom is dead and my oldest sister where my brother beat her was at her house and if it wasn’t for her she told me he would have killed either the baby or her. 

I am not concerned about what this man thinks or does. I don't speak to him and when he did not show up at my mom's funeral that just ripped any family umbilical cord I had still might have had attached to this man. He has daughters and two sons and he is a grandfather. I think they should know what a dandy man he is been but I really don't want to be sued over this. I have enough to do without dealing with a family issue like this. I always check what appears in the blog but right now it will be my word against his because the people that know are either dead or they won’t talk because they believe you don’t expose the dirty linens out in public from the family. 

This is the same story, without names. 

August 25, 2019

Please Keep it Going

If the true and verified stories on adamfoxie blog International ever touches you, ever taught you, ever inspired you....then help in keeping it going. Just a little, even if it doesn't pay the business subscription to The Times it still means aa lot..someone parted with $5 bucks.  I see people asking for money on the street and is amazing the good heart of the people that live in this country, citizen or not. Some times are even clear the intentions and there is something fishy still most people will be moved because they think if they lowered themselves to ask there must be a need somewhere. We ask for much less but we don't go to that corner, we stay on the net.

If you have given recently, this is not for you...This blog knows better than going to the well too many times. This blog only asks 3 times a year. This is the second time this year..or maybe the third?

Adamfoxie stayed away from getting a nonprofit license because of the rules imposed in what you print, particularly about political figures. But the issue is not dead yet. All for pay ads have been taken down and all contracts terminated. The ads you see are nonprofit or community ads. If there are suggestions from the readers they will be read with anitcipation and giving a lot of weight as to the way to go or stay on this course.

April 10, 2019

Adversity Always Comes Back


Just as was getting back it's own audience back, Google threw us a bone on top of the rails but at least we were expecting it and took evasive action. Still, we lost all of those readers we had on Google Social Media even though we didn't know how it was going to affect the blog in other ways. We are still waiting for a second aftershock. I'm sure the problem of getting through with Twitter it has plenty to do with Google.  

After Google now it's been Twitter which has done something to kick us out every time we go in to try to solve the problem. I am going to try one more time tomorrow and then send a letter and wait for the mana from the internet to come and allowed us to feed those that depend on Twitter to read our daily news and blog programs. But better yet you can just enter your email on our main page  (right here to your left) and you wont depend on anyone except your ISP to deliver your email. 

With it, you will get approximately three daily stories that are current from that they or last 24 hours. You also will have the library of all the stories we have written since 2009. Oher magazine stories to keep for a few months or more to have on your finfger tip information about HIV, or other diseases and stories you would want to have the information readily on your hands. How do you know you are gay, etc.

Well, Thank you for reading this update and for staying with us. If you notice we haven't been on Twitter now you why. I have even try to send the stories from adamfoxie facebook and Google and Facebook don't speak to each other. So we can't do what we use to do in the past.

I hope the month of April catches you feeling well. In the USA the cold should be improving.

Good things usually happen to me in April, hopefully to you too. We'll see what we get???


December 21, 2018

12 Gift Suggestions from The Guys at Hornet

Related image
Happy Holidays
The Guys at Hornet put their heads together and pulled out a dozen ideas for your gay uncle, gay friend or your gay other one. Everything for the top, middle or those ones that like to keep fluidly sex running through the muscles and bodily organs and I don't mean water and liver. The staff swears that these gifts are wanted by the gay man in your life (including you sweetie). If not all at least a couple! If his gift is not here ask me and I will help you out. Just put something on the collection box at the bottom so we can come back after New year's  Adam

Gay men are notoriously difficult to shop for. Let’s say you’ve come across what you think is a cute little stocking stuffer. We probably already have it. But there are a few tried-and-true gay holiday gifts that will never let you down.

Here are 12 gay holiday gifts for the handsome homo in your life:

1. A Pair or Two of Fun Socks

Gay holiday gifts 1 2
Life’s too short to own boring socks, OK? Nothing adds a little zing to an everyday outfit quite like a pop of color or funky print around your gay friend’s perfectly sculpted ankles. Happy Socks has you covered. Seriously, tell your friend to throw those white athletic socks away.

2. Quality Poppers VCR Cleaner

gay holiday gifts poppers
You know, for all those VHS tapes boxed up in your friend’s closet that need cleaning. But seriously, no one does bespoke poppers like the guys at Double Scorpio, an Austin-based “farm to disco” label. (We spoke to them back in February about their business, and why you’ll never want to buy a bottle of RUSH again.) They’re one of the great gay holiday gifts for the guy you want to lure to bed.

3. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 Magnets

Gay holiday gifts 14
Because who doesn’t need Latrice Royale telling them, “Get these nuts away from my face!” every time they reach for that pint of Halo Top? These are lenticular prints, which is a fancy way of saying they’re basically two images in one, and when you tilt them (or, say, open the fridge), the image changes!

4. A Bidet Toilet Attachment

Gay holiday gifts 15
It’s 2018. Why are we still wiping our own butts? Help your friend or loved one join the 21st century with a bidet attachment by Tushy, which runs much cheaper than a $1,000 Japanese toilet. These things fit on whatever’s in your bathroom. Your friend’s butt will thank him.

5. An Adult Coloring Book

Gay holiday gifts 16
Few things are as therapeutic as coloring a picture of Ryan Gosling. (And we don’t judge you when you also sketch a picture of yourself being caught up in his warm embrace.) For the guy who loves coloring but who’s also a thirsty bitch, opt for Color Me Swoon: The Beefcake Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as well as Beginners.

6. Kinky (and Good Quality) Underwear

Gay holiday gifts 1
Sometimes we all want to feel a bit naughty, but there are times that $4.99 jockstrap from Amazon just won’t cut it when visitors are expected. That’s when you reach for a pair of Gregg Homme undies. Woof.

7. A Cute Tee (That Also Raises Money for Charity)

gay holiday gifts sina shirt
The artist behind the Iceman solo comic series, Sina Grace, teamed up with Represent to create this fun tee featuring a dog and cat bonding over comics. And it benefits Rainbow Railroad, an organization that helps queer people around the world escape violence and persecution. Basically, if you don’t buy it, you’re a monster.

8. This Magic Potion for Bottoms

Gay gifts 225
File this one under gay holiday gifts for all the bottoms in your life (or really anyone who wants their digestive system running like magic). Guys who take Pure For Men #StayReady for the sex of their dreams. And it’s vegan!

9. A Cheeky Pin

Gay gifts 223
In case you haven’t noticed, pins are all the rage these days. Much like those quirky socks we mentioned above, they’re a simple, fun way to accessorize an outfit, taking you from “Hey, how’s it going?” to “Hey, how are you, ohmygodIlovethatpinwheredyougetit?!”

10. Queer Prayer Candle

Gay gifts 223
Times are … interesting, y’all, and sometimes that calls for lighting a candle and whispering a little prayer. And let’s be real, half of you queens are praying to Beyoncé on a regular basis already. Up the ante with one of these patron saint candles.

11. A Butt Scrub

Gay gifts 22
Honestly, it’s the gift you never knew you needed until you tried it out. Your gay friend will forever sit on faces with confidence thanks to this miracle blend by Studio Ready. His booty (and his boyfriend) will thank you (and us).

12. The Gayest Pillow on Earth

Gay Gifts 299
Is your friend’s home décor a little stale? Well, “stale” will be the last word you use to describe his living room when it’s covered in Tom of Finland muscle hunks and leather daddies.

What do you think of these gay holiday gifts? Which are you adding to your own list?

Give belowNeed Help!!!! One Time Donation, What Ever You Can. The link will take you to our Pay Pal page.

Click Here...........↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟.  or
         ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ or copy and paste 

December 2, 2018

There is Some Trouble

This is the first time Im doing this but I would feel guilty in closing the computers and enjoy the rest of my early retired life without a try.

The blog needs financial help to continue to pay for news memberships and equitment repairs and apps. I already ended the membership with Google which gave the blog a specialized email and more information of where the hits ar coming from. Since the blog was purchased through "Blogger" we might be ok (Google did buy Blogger a few years back) ;) 

So to make it short,  if you can contribute with a donation on the donation part of the main page or directly to Pay Pal using our email ( in care of Adam Gonzalez or adamfoxie blog.

What I decided to do is publish every other day or weekend until the gas in the tank lasts. You are loved by our blog meaning me the Publisher and volunteers that have helped out. This is a one man operation now. I was supposed to have handed the blog over( last April) but this person is ill, so I stayed. It's been almost 11 years of fun and a little agravation but that was ok. I learned bunches. I wont go without a fight. There is not a lot of funds that are needed, Im talking few hundred for the year since no one is being hired and I donate my time. Do not need  thousands and I can stretch out to publish less. Readership is up but Amazon has not been of much help and I will be taking the commercials off soon, need to check contractual agreements if any.

So now you know the story and we have lots of readers and before we starting cutting down with not publishing on certain days or less stories the readership was up 25% which is what makes me let you know what is going on. By the way I tried Facebook, with about to 2k of friends but facebook  nix it saying they did not see the need to the community. Don't blame them we have been very critial of them. 
I don't like to fight what is going to happen anyways but this one we can fight, is winnable. What ever you can, just don't wait for my birthday next Any amount except pennies is just fine :)

Again, Thank you and if you have questions you can send me personal emails at adamfoxie or at facebook, tweeter, Googl+ (adamfoxie blog International)

Click the Paypal link below  (the easiest way) or go to PayPal or use the application "DONATE" on the left on this site:                                            

 HERE.     HERE.      HERE.

October 21, 2018

Hey See 5 Million +

Hey, lovely reader....did you notice the 


 in the box on the left? 

It stands for over 5Million readers like you have read on this blog (adamfoxie*)

May 27, 2018

Blogger Retiring Some Applications and Repacking Some. We Will Retire if You Don't Register your Email

Hello to my readers. I am forwarding a letter in some changes to blogger so you if you can understand it. good luck, (maybe you can translate some for me, but that is not my debt anymore) :) But my main reason for passing this too that Blogger is changing and Google too, who owns Blogger. 
What I have been telling my readers is you must register your email to get the daily headlines from blogger (us) (3 usually and on special news day maybe 4, or 5). The thing is when the change that I've been talking about happens you won't be able to get in to read the articles unless you are invited or have received the headlines to your inbox which then you have all the freedom to read those and anything ever published.. I have some concern which happens in regards to two things that will happen and they are both bad. You won't have access here in the US only Internationally. The thing is if you can't come in to read, our ratings will drop and we will have to close. So If you want us and know we don't print hearsay but solid truths, never had to apologize or backtrack. So, this will be our life or death. If we go it will be with a stellar 10 years. Up to you but that is life. Usually when things that belong to us but we don't pay can't stay just being that way because is against the American way. Everyone pays.You still won't pay, just take a small step if we are worth it. Spam free enter your email adress...hard I understnd I hate giving my email address o anyone even th banks but only because they take advantage of you and pass it on to everyone tht will pay hem. NOT ME.. Not here.
I love my readers and is the reason I have not left yet even though I retired last month,No matter what is been a hell of a run! and Iam so happy! But let see if this last appeal works.~~~~~~~~
Adam Gonzalez, Founder🦊



Hi everyone,

To make room for some exciting updates coming soon to Blogger, we’re simplifying the platform to enhance the blogging experience for all of our users.

Updates include:
- Changes to features: G+ widget integrations, OpenID, and Localization & Blogspot ccTLDS.
- Retiring features: Third Party Gadgets, Next Blog, Polls Widget, and Textcube.
- Introducing new features: HTTPS for Custom Domains, Multilogin, Spanner, Google Takeout, and Video Management.

Make sure to check out our latest blog post here to see more details on all of the changes coming to Blogger.

We realize these changes may raise some initial questions, so we wanted to address some of these questions upfront:

Q: Why are you making all of these changes now?
A: Blogger has been working hard to incorporate some exciting updates to the platform, so we thought it made sense to retire features that had very low usage and update some of our current features to coincide with these upcoming changes.

Q: Are you going to bring any of the "retired" features back?
A: At the moment, we do not plan to bring back any of the features we will be retiring. However, the team is working diligently to make sure Blogger has all of the necessary features and tools to make your blogging experience seamless - so stay tuned for more updates coming throughout 2018 and beyond!

Q: Where can I learn more about the new features coming to Blogger?
A: Make sure to check out the Blogger Blog! We'll make sure to post any important announcements there. Also, feel free to check out the Blogger Help Center for more detailed information on our tools and features.  

More questions? As always, please feel free to post here in the Blogger Help Forum.

Have a great day,
Kelly on behalf of your Blogger team

February 22, 2018

Adamfoxie Blog International and Changes {This is our 10th Anniversary}

The change announcement you have been seeing at the bottom of each story has to do with the 10th anniversary of Adamfoxie Blong International. The changes would be first on the stories, which will be shorter and it will go back to the beginning of the blog inception of highlighting not just political issues dealing with our community and friends but also with stories that don't get much attention anymore. Particularly scientific and history based.  

Also, I will be retiring as the Publisher and editor of the blog. The blog will continue but I'm not sure how it will do without my constant attention. I hope I can still write once in a while an editorial but only times will tell how things will go. I will be watching still, the readership because if we don't have enough readers, then is time to close but never lock the doors. This decision is sorely mine.

Adamfoxie will continue to be in its current spot and with its engines ready if there was a need to turn them up again. The blog will continue to concentrate on items that are not getting much attention or items that need a different angle to be shown. We don't take stories from gay sites because we don't wish to compete with sites trying to do what we are doing. If we show the same news that is coincidence and you could probably see that by the way they were written.We can get the news from where everybody else gets them. It's not a matter of having people in different parts of the world report but rather have the professionals already there that publish for all to read. Some charge for the service and others don't as long as credit is given. We started with the idea of having volunteers give us information in different part of the world but if you don't know the person feeding you the information you are reporting hearsay. We don't report rumors.

Well, I can't say goodbye because I will still be here until probably April and at the beginning, there might not be a lot of change except in the sequence of the blog. Instead of every day, it might be every other day or even weekly. It all depends on the readership. If you like the blog this will be a good time to let us know by subscribing free to get the headlines whenever they are published. 

We watch that very intently.

Hope you stay with us. We don't want to give you surprises so we are telling you what is happening with the blog.

                         T H A N K  Y O U🦊___________

5 yrs post graduate in divinity and theology. Plus. a lifetime in managerial positions in the commercial field. Also 3 yrs of staff work in the nonprofit field. Life has made me become very political oriented and religion exhausted and very much in a contra idealistic position. Aware that people need to believe in something or someone but those believers bear the responsibility when that religion makes people be jail, lose their jobs and in cases killed. Because it happens someplace else does not absorb the Christian or the Hindu or Muslim with what happens in Egypt, Iran or India. 

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