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March 1, 2016

Here Find Eleven Openly Gay Oscar Winners

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1. Dustin Lance Black

In case you missed it, Tom Daley's fiancé was quick to point out Smith's mistake (though he swears it was all just a light-hearted jibe). Black won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar in 2009 for tear-jerking biopic Milk.

2. Elton John

It turns out that Elton and David Furnish aren't just good friends. He took the Best Original Song Oscar in1995 for The Lion Kings 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' - and in a category where his 'Circle of Life' and 'Hakuna Matata' had also been nominated.

3. Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge, LGBT activist and poster girl for the lesbian singer-songwriter  set, won Best Original Song for An Inconvenient Truths 'I Need to Wake Up' in 2007.

4. Pedro Almodóvar

Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderass filmmaking pal has two Academy Awards decorating his mantelpiece - the 1999 Best Foreign Language Film prize for All About My Mother and 2002 Best Original Screenplay for Talk to Her.

5. Stephen Sondheim

You probably won't be able to guess what theatre legend Stephen Sondheim won an Oscar for. Give up? He won the 1990 Best Original Song award for Dick Tracys Madonna-performed 'Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)'.

6. John Gielgud

Arguably, even McKellen's original 'no openly gay male actor has ever won an Oscar' is up for debate. While far from a flag-waving LGBT advocate, John Gielgud was widely known to be gay and never pretended otherwise. The EGOT winner was named Best Supporting Actor in 1981 for Arthur.

7. Howard Ashman

Openly gay lyricist Howard Ashman shared the Best Original Song Oscar in 1989 for The Little Mermaid's 'Under the Sea' with composer Alan Menken. After his death from AIDS-related illness in 1991, he was posthumously honored alongside Menken for the title track from Beauty and the Beast at the next Academy Awards.  
  • 8. Alan Ball

You can thank screenwriter Alan Ball for all the queer content in Six Feet Under and True Blood. He took home the 2000 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for American Beauty.

9. Bill Condon

Writer/director Bill Condon won Best Adapted Screenplay in 1998 for Gods and Monsters. McKellen was nominated for Best Actor in the same film, but you will have already guessed that he lost out on that one.

10. John Schlesinger

Known for portraying gay people like real human beings in movies like Sunday Bloody Sunday, John Schlesinger was named Best Director in 1969 for turning Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight into hustlers in Midnight Cowboy.

11. John Corigliano

Best known for his work outside of film, classical composer John Corigliano received the Best Original Score award in 1999 for The Red Violin. His 1988 composition ‘Symphony No 1' was dedicated to the friends he had lost to AIDS.

March 4, 2014

Hollywood Turns towards the Cause of Gay Rights on Oscar Night


“12 Years a Slave” won best picture, but for much of the evening, it was gay rights, not race, that held Hollywood’s attention at the Oscars. Jared Leto dragged the real world into Sunday night’s celebration of make-believe. After winning the best supporting actor for portraying a transgender AIDS patient in “Dallas Buyers Club,” Mr. Leto voiced support for protesters in Ukraine and Venezuela. He championed gay people. “To those of you out there who have ever felt injustice because of who you are or who you love, tonight, I stand here in front of the world with you and for you.” Hollywood is so righteous, suddenly, about gay rights, and that’s a little puzzling because for so long, movies were part of the problem. Professional basketball has its first openly gay player, Jason Collins, but it’s still hard to think of romantic leads — male or female — who are A-list Hollywood movie stars and also openly gay.

Think Back: Politics at the Oscars

From Michelle Obama to Michael Moore to Marlon Brando (or not Marlon Brando), the Oscars have a long political history, explains Sam Tanenhaus of The Times.

A Landmark Oscar Win for ‘12 Years a Slave’
Julia Roberts in Givenchy on the red carpet.Fashion Review: Jitters and Jeweled Armor on a Blessedly Dry CarpetMARCH 2, 2014
When stars talk about their solidarity with gay people, they can sound a little like the French describing the Resistance during World War II — there were some heroes, but the vast majority collaborated.

Continue reading the main storyVideo
“Dallas Buyers Club” was a low-budget indie film that according to its star, Matthew McConaughey, was turned down 137 times. It’s bold, but not even all that daring: the film, which is based on a true story, has as its lead character a straight man with AIDS. (When he accepted the best actor award, Mr. McConaughey praised God, his family and himself, but didn’t mention people with AIDS.) No movie studio wanted to make “Behind the Candelabra,” a biography of Liberace, so HBO took it on. In May, HBO will also show “The Normal Heart,” Larry Kramer’s play about the H.I.V. and AIDS crisis in the 1980s. Hollywood studios passed on it for more than 20 years.

Despite what many conservatives maintain, Hollywood doesn’t set the social agenda. More often it timidly trails the culture, then belatedly buys in and turns up the music.

Ellen DeGeneres is an exception. She came out in 1997 and ABC canceled her sitcom, “Ellen,” in 1998; her career took a nose-dive. (She has since recovered nicely.) As the Oscars M.C., Ms. DeGeneres was more lighthearted about gay issues, perhaps because her conscience is so clear. She alluded to her own orientation playfully, joking that in “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jonah Hill “showed us something in that film that I have not seen in a very, very long time.”

She was expected to be a kinder, gentler host than last year’s, Seth MacFarlane, and she was, but she also had some bite. She marveled over, as she put it, “one of the most amazing Liza Minnelli impersonators that I have ever seen in my entire life.” As the camera panned to the real — and startled — Ms. Minnelli, Ms. DeGeneres told her, “Good job, sir.”

Ms. DeGeneres, who hosted in 2007, once again brought a touch of daytime television to the black-tie event. She wore sneakers with a white tuxedo and clowned in the aisles much the way she does on her talk show, taking selfies with stars like Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep, then tweeting them for real.

At one point, she interrupted the proceedings to order pizzas and distribute slices to the stars, saying she needed cash for the delivery boy. “Where’s Harvey Weinstein?” It says something about pre-ceremony celebrity starvation that quite a few in the front rows, including Jennifer Lawrence, took big bites.

If the Super Bowl is a secular Christmas that everyone can celebrate, the Oscars are Easter: the dress-up parade and those long acceptance speeches are all part of the ritual. But some traditions, notably the Academy’s insistence on handing out technical awards early, are tiresome. It can start to feel like a high school graduation where diplomas are handed out alphabetically, and your child’s last name begins with Z.

It was almost two hours before the best supporting actress was announced. When she took the stage with aplomb, in a lovely pale blue Prada dress, Lupita Nyong’o of “12 Years a Slave” did not disappoint. “It doesn’t escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is thanks to so much pain in someone else’s,” she said. (She was referring to the slave character she played, not viewers bored by technical awards.)

There was little chance that the producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, who produced a Judy Garland television movie, would let the 75th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz” go by without a tribute. They asked Pink, who has a huge gay following, to sing “Over the Rainbow,” and she did it with proper deference, without a trapeze but instead in a conventional red evening gown. She got a standing ovation.

February 24, 2013

Identity Thief Stole The Oscars Weekend

 Identity Thief stole a slow box office this Oscars Weekend.
'Identity Thief' fails to steal critics' hearts
The Jason Bateman-Melissa McCarthycomedy earned $13.5 million, which was enough to beat second place finisher, Dwayne Johnson’s new releaseSnitch, which took in $13.2 million.
The Julianne Hough-Josh Duhamelromance Safe Haven came in third with $10.8 million.
Alien family film Escape From Planet Earthand Bruce Willis’ action sequel A Good Day to Die Hard took fourth and fifth places with $10.4 million and $9.3 million, respectively.
Rounding out the Top 10 were alien thriller Dark Skies ($8.5 million), Oscar contender Silver Linings Playbook ($5.7 million), zombie romance Warm Bodies ($4.5 million), the supernatural Beautiful Creatures($3.6 million), and pharmacological dramaSide Effects ($3.4 million).

September 27, 2012

Philippines’Oscar Bet is a Drama on Aging Gay Man


Photo credit: AP | Filipino writer and director Jun Robles Lana answers questions during an interview in suburban Quezon City, north of ManilaPhilippines on Wednesday Sept. 26, 2012. Lana's film “Bwakaw”, an indie drama that explores the loneliness and missed opportunities of an ailing, 70-year-old gay man has tested the local sensibilities about sexuality and, if it passes theAcademy Awards’ nomination process, may get a shot as the country’s entry for the best foreign-language film next year.(AP Photo/Aaron Favila)


MANILA, Philippines - (AP) -- An independent drama that explores the loneliness and missed opportunities of an ailing, 70-year-old gay man is testing Philippine sensibilities about sexuality and hoping to advance in the Academy Awards' foreign-language film competition next year.
"Bwakaw," or "Voracious," has received positive reviews and local awards and is doing the rounds of international film festivals inToronto, New York, Hawaii and Tokyo.
Writer and director Jun Robles Lana says the movie is named after a stray dog with a voracious appetite for life that has a bond with the main character, Rene. Bwakaw's zest for life contrasts with Rene's grumpy disposition.
Rene came out of the closet in his twilight years, thinks it is too late for love and only awaits his own death. He has made a will and labeled his few possessions to be given away to friends. He even bought a coffin at a funeral home's closing-out sale.
But when Bwakaw dies after an illness, Rene, played by veteran actor Eddie Garcia, finds new appreciation for life. "It's the dog that basically teaches him to live life to the fullest," Lana said in an interview Wednesday.
"It's really more about loneliness, although you can't help that some people or critics are branding it a gay film simply because the character is gay, but that's really beside the point," he said.
Lana admits that while Filipinos are generally gay-friendly -- the most popular movie star is Vice Ganda, an out-and-out gay comedian -- local mainstream audiences might not be too receptive to a serious take on homosexuality in the conservative and predominantly Roman Catholic society.
"We tend to look at gay characters as iconic, funny characters," he said. "So when you make a movie like this, you really have to market it in such a way that it would be more appealing to them."
He said that the movie focuses on the comedy aspect in order to appeal to a wider audience.
But the filmmaker hopes that between the laughs, moviegoers will find that it is more than a comedy.
He said he made the film with the intention to honor his mentor, writer Rene Villanueva, who died in 2007. He described Villanueva, who came out as gay later in his life, as generous and harsh at the same time, and an inspiration for the main character, Rene.
Lana said the drama "eventually became a story about growing old, missed opportunities, about how desire is inextricable from our lives."
For Lana, who started in art house films but has for the last few years been mainly involved in commercial movies, "Bwakaw" was also "a return to my roots."
"I did not expect this film which I made for very personal reasons would resonate with so many people and not just Filipinos," he said. "I'm really just thankful for all the wonderful things going our way."
The Philippines has submitted entries to the Academy Awards for many years but has never been nominated or even short-listed.
"Bwakaw" is one of around 40 films entered in the foreign-language category this year. The list is to be pared to 10 late this year and to the final five nominees by January.

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February 27, 2012

Tweets } The Oscar Celebrities 2012 O'DonnellRosie O’Donnell ‏ @Rosie go octavia so lovely – and melissa mcarthy – just beautiful -
Lance BassLance Bass ‏ @LanceBassCongrats @octaviaspenceron her first Oscar!! Standing O was amazing!
Official Wanda SykesOfficial Wanda Sykes ‏ @iamwandasykes I heard that they’ll be serving shit pie for dessert over at the Vanity Fair party.
Alan CummingAlan Cumming ‏ @Alancumming Why do they always ask about the frocks first? It’s like asking footballers about their jockstraps before asking about the game
Rosie O'DonnellRosie O’Donnell ‏ @Rosie Glenn Close looks fanFREAKINGtastic !!!
Sandra BernhardSandra Bernhard ‏ @SandraBernhard hello miss talent #glennclose one of the greats we’ve enjoyed your body of work #oscars rock on
Wilson CruzWilson Cruz ‏ @wcruz73 Who is Tom Hanks screwing to get all this air time on this year’s Oscars? Is he producing? #oscars
Bill MaherBill Maher ‏ @billmaher A tribute to seatfillers to start the show? This cld be a long night. And he was filling Jo-Lo’s seat? Really, one man?
Chaz BonoChaz Bono ‏ @ChazBono Recording the Oscars so I can watch it and fast forward through commercials.
Carson KressleyCarson Kressley ‏ @CarsonKressley #J.Lo’s dress was lovely. Simple with just a hint of aureole.
Christopher RiceChristopher Rice ‏ @chrisricewriter I can see Oscars from my house.
Nadia BjorlinNadia Bjorlin ‏ @RealNadiaB Sick at home watching the Oscar pre-shows, and I have to say, that reading twitter commentary is highly entertaining! Hilarious..

February 26, 2012

2012 Oscar Winners

Winners! Complete List From the 2012 Oscars

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
We're posting all the winners as they're announced at the 84th Annual Academy Awards...
Directing: Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist
Animated Short Film: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Documentary Short Subject: Saving Face
Live Action Short Film: The Shore

Original Screenplay: Midnight in Paris, Written by Woody Allen
Adapted Screenplay: The Descendants, Screenplay by Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash
Original Song: "Man or Muppet," The Muppets; Music and Lyric by Bret McKenzie
Original Score: The Artist, Ludovic Bource
Actor in a Supporting Role: Christopher Plummer, Beginners
Visual Effects: Hugo
Animated Feature Film: Rango
Documentary Feature: Undefeated
Sound MixingHugo
Sound Editing: Hugo
Film Editing: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Actress in a Supporting Role: Octavia Spencer, The Help
Foreign Language Film: A Separation (Iran)
Makeup: The Iron Lady
Costume Design: The Artist
Art Direction: Hugo
Cinematography: Hugo

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