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April 27, 2015

Four Cutest Swedish Guards(cops) Show Their Know How on NYC Subway Fight

 Four strapping gorgeous Swedish policemen broke up a fight between two homeless men on an uptown 6 train while on their way to see Les Miserables.

Hello, officers.
DreamySwedesBugged.jpg(Courtesy DNAinfo)
The cops, who are named Eric, Marcus, Samuel and Erik but are somehow not members of a Europop boy band, were on board the train in Manhattan near the Bleecker stop at around 5 p.m. yesterday when they reportedly heard a train operator call for police assistance over the intercom. “We thought maybe someone needed help,” Samuel, whose last name is Kvarzell, told the Post
Eric (Jansberger), Marcus (Asberg), Kvarzell, and Erik (Naslund) then made their way to the front of the train, according to media reports, where they spotted two men brawling on the floor of a car. “One of the guys was on top of the other guy so we separated them," Asberg told the tabloid. 
The alleged aggressor was quite violent, according to witnesses, so Jansberger, Kvarzell, and Naslund wrestled him to the ground and put him in an armlock. "One of the guys tried to wrestle us so [we] wrestled him to the floor until the police came," Kvarzell told DNAinfo. "They were screaming."
Asberg stayed with the victim, and all four waited for NYPD officers to arrive, whereupon both were taken off the train. The NYPD did not immediately have any details regarding an arrest, but an NYPD spokesman referred to it as "The Swedish Incident," which is coincidentally the title of my most recent Fifty Shades fanfic submission.
Meanwhile, the Nordic dream team proceeded to watch Jean Valjean sing-cry as planned.
“We came here for vacation; we’ve been here one day,” Asberg told the Post. “We’re no heroes, just tourists.”
Update 1:05 p.m.: A straphanger caught some of The Swedish Incident on video: 

May 16, 2014

Sweden Lags Behind on Gay Rights from Other European countries


Sweden is less gay friendly than a slew of European countries, including Portugal and the UK, in a new index that looks at whether legislation respects the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual and interest (LGBTI) people. 

Last year, Sweden was singled out as the most gay-friendly tourism destination in the world, but a new index showed on Thursday that Sweden actually lagged behind many European neighbours - including neighbour Norway, when it came to putting your laws where your mouth is. 

The Rainbow Europe Map reflects 49 European countries’ legislation and policies that have a direct impact on the enjoyment of human rights by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual and intersex (LGBTI) people.
Sweden scored 65 percent in the gay-friendly ranking, putting it on par with France (63 percent) but below Norway (68 percent).The three most gay-friendly countries were the UK, Belgium, and Spain - fulfilling 82, 78, and 73 percent respectively of the organization's requirements.
The report credited Sweden for continuing "to close existing legal gaps related to the protection of the human  rights of LGBTI people" and mentioned specifically that people who undergo gender reassignment no longer have to submit to being sterilized. 
“Over 150 trans individuals already forcibly sterilized now seek legal redress," the report from ILGA-Europe stated. The report also noted that Swedish migration case workers had not been trained in how to process asylum claims from LGBTI immigrants.
"Asylum policies for LGBTI asylum seekers were also strongly criticized for their inconsistency," the report noted, citing a summary of the migration law applications by Swedish LGBT organization RFSL.
The organization credited the Swedish foreign minister and the EU affairs minister for speaking out against Russia outlawing what it termed gay "propaganda" directed at minors.
The report mentioned a Stockholm school's decision to add a third non-gendered changing room for its pupils, the wedding of two Ugandan men in Sweden, the country's first LGBT retirement home, and Swedish Crown Princess Victoria attending the annual Gay Gala.
The European map showed a clear east-west divide. Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia were in the bottom five alongside western European mini-state Monaco.
Italy defied the east-west divide and was the only country in western Europe that does not offer any form of rights or protection for the LGBTI community.

"While the human rights of LGBTI people have undoubtedly gained great visibility across Europe, progress in terms of real legal, political and social changes vary considerably from one country to another," said Gabi Calleja, co-chair of ILGA-Europe’s executive board. 
“In large part depending on levels of societal acceptance, of political leadership and political will, as well as the strength of civil society in a given country.”

 The Local/at (

January 26, 2014

Sweetish Marines Do “Grease” in Afghanistan

These Marines are really good. They certainly ready for prime time and I don’t mean in war but in something much more un-killing like.

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