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August 27, 2019

Two Brothers and a friend Stabbed Their Brother a 16 yr Arab Israeli Who is Gay

HoNoR Killing Attempt

Image result for A third suspect, 24-year-old Jamal Cnaani
Image result for A third suspect, 24-year-old Jamal Cnaani

Three Israeli Arab men from northern Israel were indicted in Tel Aviv Sunday in connection with the stabbing of a gay teenager in Tel Aviv last month, in what was an apparently attempted honor killing.

Last month, a 16-year-old Israeli Arab boy was stabbed and seriously wounded just outside of the Beit Dror gay youth hostel in Tel Aviv.

The teen told emergency first responders that he had been attacked by his older brother, who apparently targeted the teen because of his sexual orientation.

Four days later, two of the teen’s older brothers turned themselves into police.

The victim’s two brothers, ages 23 and 27, were charged Sunday with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the July 26th stabbing, along with aggravated assault and making threats, in connection with previous incidents. The names of the two suspects remain under a court-imposed gag order to protect the identity of the victim.

A third suspect, 24-year-old Jamal Cnaani, was also charged Sunday with conspiracy to commit murder for his role in the planned honor killing.

According to the indictment, once the two older brothers had discovered that the victim was in a homosexual relationship with another youth, they threatened to murder him if he did not break off the relationship.

The two older brothers also physically abused the victim, beating and kicking him, and in at least one instance, beat him to the point where he lost consciousness.

The brothers also kidnapped the teen on one occasion in May of this year when he attempted to flee and seek assistance from the police. 

A month later, the teen managed to escape his home and move to the Beit Dror hostel in Tel Aviv.

In July, after locating their younger brother, the two older brothers conspired with Cnaani to kill their brother by stabbing him to death.

April 20, 2015

Husband Burns Wife to death, She visited Sister without Permission

 Shabana (right)with her sister not knowing what the short future would hold for her. She originally had been sold by her father like a piece of property and that is how she was treated. Why? The government allows such transactions or turns a blind eye.

Pakistan, home country to  the Mastermind of the World Trade center and a war in Afghanistan, to the Taliban before it suffered serious losses with drone warfare and now ISIS liked too, before they got too involved in Syria and Iraq. They obtained the capability for nuclear weapons right after India which goes to show you that there is no political party, country or alliance when tons of money talks. That is how the US catches the worse of its killers, criminals and that’s the way it looses it’s secrets.

Pakistan which is a ‘very religious’ god fearing country which likes to kill people in the name of god; You know the same way we used to and the same way some people that miss that past calls for LGBT’s to be killed even today without suffering anything but high fives from orgs that the government support in the same way it supports religion and I am referring to the NRA. I am one of those liberals that supports some americans in keeping a gun in their home in a crime ridden area but I’m  against an organization that supports americans and others in this country to carry any kind of weapon with the exception of may be nuclear.

Pakistan that usually makes the news for killing their leaders or someone else but protests when the US goes and nabs our killer, is in the news again for the same thing: killing. This time is a father that went with his son and kill his daughter in law for leaving the house without permission.

The son named Muhammad Siddique became upset on learning that his dear wife, Shabana Bibi of only 25 years old, visited her sister without asking her husband first (her brother Muhammad Azam said to the Police)

The husband and his faithful and religious father beat the poor woman before dousing her with gasoline and not happy with that, they lit the match. This occurred before their holy day on Friday.

These couple had been married for three years in which time this woman suffered tremendous physical abuse which made her sterile and incapable of having children. She suffered 80 percent of burns in her body. She died of those injuries on Saturday at the hospital.

The police Arrested the guilty pair but obviously this is a social illness that the government does not seemed to have a handle on purely because the inferiority of woman is something kids learn if not in school where girls sometimes are not even aloud to attend so they could keep house and then marry early for either money for their father or sometime of help from the husband (sheep and cows are acceptable in the bargain for a person). To this the government it seems to have no problem. So the abuse and killing becomes the end result of a culture that has no business in this age but still people refuse to leave the old fashioned ideas that everyone is supposed to have a religion or at least a god and follow the rules according to scrolls thousands of years old; Instead of obeying the common law for all.

How do you fight that?  You fight it where it starts with kids and the separation of governments and religion. Governing fairly no matter how much people say they miss a Theocracy is impossible when laws and scriptures collide with a government for all.

The police had to charge this two cowards with 'Terrorism.’ Not First Degree Murder, burning a human being, etc. etc. When asked the police they said that this was to cut red tape or to make things go faster. Yes, because if they were charge with murderer they would probably walk like it’s happened here before and even in some provinces’ in India which we dearly call the World’s largest democracy (that’s being being beyond generous with that term). The British did not leave India a democracy but a parliamentary system similar with theirs but in name only. They also left them with a civil war and partition of the old India in the facets that kept killing each other which Pakistan being one of those factions. Pakistan, a nuclear power that still experiences honor killings.

“Honor Killings’ just the name for killing in the most horrendous way that sometimes is not even inflicted in war, that is the name given. That alone tells us this is an ingrained social ill which nobody seems to address well. Not the government of Pakistan and not it’s so called moral allies of the West.

How many times does this happen in Pakistan. Is this something that seldom happens being committed by crazy people like we would say here. NO, this happens hundreds of times a year not by the agnostic if there were any in that country but by the religious ones. Deeply religious! They ones that truly believe and enjoy what they are doing like they we’re obeying a mighty god that will protect them from any consequences.  We hear this coming from religious people and even brainless politicians in this nation and nobody takes weight of what this would mean. Well I don’t expect this killing to make any headlines of any significance in this country, so in honor of Shabana and women, children and LGBT victims of senseless religious violence this blog decided to post it.

Fact: Hundreds of women are murdered by their relatives in Pakistan each year through domestic violence or on the grounds of defending family "honour".
The Aurat Foundation, a campaign group that works to improve the lives of women in Pakistan's conservative and patriarchal society, says more than 3,000 women have been killed in such attacks since 2008.
Adam Gonzalez, Publisher

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