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June 18, 2015

Why the Cocks Fight and Ethnic Cleansing in the Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic has gone back 86 years to uproot not only Haitians but Haitian descendants who see themselves as Dominicans and their language is spanish and they know no other. To go back generations to up root people is immoral. Most people not aware of the rife between these two countries that share the same island ask why are the Haitians registering and not just mixing in the population? The answer is the color of the skin. Haitians are black of french heritage. Dominicans are mostly brown and see themselves as descendants of Spain. 

The Island was colonized by the spanish and the Haitians by the french but both have been occupied by the US. Having won Puerto Rico from Spain the US figured they had their presence guarantee in the Caribbean together with Cuba with an over friendly but corrupt Government. 
In Hispaniola (original name of the island) the US was more than happy to get out in which it saw as colony for just some US giant corporations. However the US intervened in the D.R. twice with US marines because of civil strife. Eisenhower sent the marines in the 50’s and also Lindon Johnson in the 60’s.  The Marines were also sent to Haiti by President Clinton after the brutal Dictator “Papa Doc” threatened to come back after leaving during a rebelion. Meaning the Us has seen itself a little responsible for helping this island from a distance.

It’s a shame that the Dominican Republic having been colonized just like Haiti and many of its residents having left for the US to look for a better life it’s a shame that they wont aloud the Haitians what they themselves have asked of this nation. One have to ask, if the Haitians were brown and white like most of the Dominicans, would there be such a rush to dislocate hundreds of thousand Haitians? (at least 250,000 have registered and almost all of them are due to be deported in the next 48 hours).

We have seen ethnic cleansing in Europe but never in the Caribbean or a Spanish country for that matter. The D.R. is making history the wrong way and one way in which the world particularly in the America’s would remember with a bitter taste in their consiences. 
Color of skin, gender, sexual orientation, nationality still play such an important negative role in the world when it should not. Its like those things I just mentioned made you human or not. Today in Africa people and the middle east people are slaughter in the name of nationality and religion. 
Color of the Haitian Skin:

There is an artificial line that splits the island of Hispaniola in two. On one side is Haiti, and on the other is the Dominican Republic.
There was a time when that split between the two countries was drawn with blood; the 1937 Parsley Massacre is widely regarded as a turning point in Haitian-Dominican relations. The slaughter, carried out by Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo, targeted Haitians along with Dominicans who looked dark enough to be Haitian -- or whose inability to roll the "r" in perejil, the Spanish word for parsley, gave them away.The Dajabón River, which serves as the northernmost part of the international border between the two countries, had "risen to new heights on blood alone," wrote Haitian American author Edwidge Danticat."The massacre cemented Haitians into a long-term subversive outsider incompatible with what it means to be Dominicans," according to Border of Lights, an organization that commemorated the 75th anniversary of the massacre in 2012.Today, things are as tense on the island as they have been in years. Within days, the Dominican government is expected to round up Haitians — or, really, anyone black enough to be Haitian — and ship them to the border, where they will likely be expelled.
 Island of Hispaniola


The Dominican Republic is set to begin what some are calling "ethnic purging," placing the fate of hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent into limbo. Half a million legally stateless people could be sent to Haiti this week, including those who have never stepped foot in Haiti and don’t speak the language. In 2013, a Dominican constitutional court ruling stripped the citizenship of children born to Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic as far back as 1929, retroactively leaving tens of thousands without citizenship. Today marks the deadline for undocumented workers to register their presence in the Dominican Republic or risk mass deportation. However, only 300 of the 250,000 Dominican Haitians applying for permits have reportedly received them. Many have actively resisted registering as foreigners, saying they are Dominican by birth and deserve full rights. Dominican authorities have apparently organized a fleet of buses and set up processing centers on the border with Haiti, creating widespread fears of mass roundups. The Dominican Republic’s decision to denationalize hundreds of thousands of people has sparked international outcry. We are joined by the acclaimed Haitian-American novelist Edwidge Danticat.

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