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July 13, 2017

New Boxing Champ Jeff Horn (Unlike His Predecessor) Dedicates His Win to Kids

 Jeff Horn

Jeff Horn, who shocked the boxing world with an upset win over Manny Pacquiao to win the WBO welterweight title, dedicated his victory to kids who are bullied.

“To all the kids out there in schools — I’m not saying Manny Pacquiao’s a bully or anything — but I’m just saying that this is a win for all you guys out there being bullied,” Horn said from Brisbane, Australia, moments after defeating Pacquiao Saturday night. (The decision was roundly criticized by virtually every boxing expert, who thought Pacquiao clearly won.)

Horn, 29, grew up in Australia and was the constant target of bullies in high school, once being attacked by 30 people. He later took up boxing to defend himself and prior to the Pacquiao fight recalled the hurt he felt from being picked on.

“I got called ‘gay’ a lot. Words like that shouldn't hurt me, but I was a kid. It cuts deep, especially when it's every day. You don't know how to stop it,” Horn said.

“Day by day, it takes a bit of you. I know the lows you can feel. I've had those feelings, like suicidal thoughts. I can remember some days that I felt that because of the bullying.”

"Pacquiao a Homophobe who's traveled both in the US and His home country preaching to kids that they will be go to hell if not saved by JC and being gay is not 
compatible with the scriptures and god. Just imagine how confused his preaching most've made those kids listening to him. Those who might be struggling with their sexual orientation."

Pacquiao might not be a bully, but he has espoused nasty anti-gay views, once comparing gays to being “worse than animals.” Homos'tvern was taken aback by Pacquiao’s comments.

"I was [shocked by his views],” Horn said. “Even if he thought it, I'm shocked he came out with it. Being in the role he is, being a public figure, maybe he can get away with that. I don't really get into that type of thing. People can do what people want to do. It's everyone's own life."

It’s cool that in the highlight of his athletic life, Horn thought of others who are in the same situation that was once in.


November 22, 2012

Things We Love About Hector "Macho" Camacho

Hector Was shot in San Juan PR in the face last night-early this morning. He has been unresponsive and the family was waiting for his mom to arrive from Florida.  He is been kept alive by artificial means. His heart stopped once but they were able to get it back going, how ever the Neurologist in charge said there is nothing he can do for him, but “this most take it’s coarse” ..I’ve heard those words before and it means, is up to the body and there is nothing anybody can do about it. He is brain dead. The main problem seems to be that a couple arteries supplying blood and oxygen to the brain have been severed. He did make to the hospital by ambulance with a beating heart, so that shows how this man’s body works.
I love the man because of what he did to combat poverty and become a world class athlete. The closest I have ever been to him was flying on the same plane from Puerto Rico to New York, but have always been aware of his victories. He will be the type of boxer that would make me watch a boxing match and I am a boxing fan. After retiring and being adored and and chased by the fans, no longer having that in his late 40’s it made him to wrong choices. I am in vigil for him, watching live net reports coming out of the Commonwealth Island, but each time I look I think Im going to see the words. But he is brain dead...
adamfoxie on Hector Camacho shot in the head-Click here-Hector in Coma Not expected to survive
Adam Gonzalez, publisher

On Wednesday, many people in the world were saddened to hear that Puerto Rican Boxer Hector "Macho" Camacho had been shot in the face, and was in critical condition.
Doctors in San Juan recently declared that "El Macho," is now brain dead, and are consulting with his family over whether he should be kept on life support.
But whatever happens with Camacho in the following days, it is clear that his legacy will live on.
Camacho won three world boxing titles for his native Puerto Rico. He may have had serious behavioral problems outside the ring, and several run-ins with the law, but his warm personality, outrageous boxing costumes, and enthusiastic participation in reality shows like Univision's Mira Quien Baila, made him somewhat of a pop icon, and won this tragic hero a place in the hearts of many.
These are our favorite things about Hector "Macho" Camacho. Thanks to our readers for contributing to this list.
1.The Name
Camacho did not only have a catchy nickname and an ego to match the size of his muscles; he also coined his own phrase, which he used over and over again in TV appearances and ads. "What Time is it? It's Macho Time!"
2. Crazy Costumes
As Camacho became a famous boxer, he began to enjoy basking in the media spotlight. So during fights, he entered the ring in outrageous costumes like a roman soldier outfit, this Puerto Rican superhero outfit, and an unexplainable, and somewhat morbid costume with a helmet, which he wore to his 1997 championship bout vs Oscar de la Hoya.
3. The Hair What about that little Superman-style curl of hair adorning El Macho's forehead? A classic trademark that even Univision's Don Francisco tried to emulate.
4.The Reality Shows
Towards the end of his career El Macho's boxing abilities withered. But his charisma stayed intact, earning him a spot of several reality shows. First El Macho danced for Mira Quien Baila, Univision's version ofDancing With the Stars. Then he became a surreal Mira Quien Bailacritic, and then he starred in his own web series. In this episode Puerto Rican singer Giselle Ortiz gives El Macho a couple tips about how to seduce a girl.
5. Julio Cesar Chavez's Alter–Ego
Some boxing fans found that El Macho was a refreshing alternative to Julio Cesar Chavez, the stoic Mexican champ, who was the other big Latin boxing star in the 80s and 90s. "He was always like the street peacock to Julio Cesar Chavez's earnest family man [image] back in the day," wrote Twitter user @monikafabian. "Two different Latin manhoods."
6. A gentleman?
Many fans of El Macho, who saw him in Mira Quien Baila are convinced that the rowdy, spotlight-hungry, boxing legend had a soft touch as well. "I loved it when this guy got out on a dance floor and displayed how sensitive he could be. God help him," wrote Twitter user Ivone Torres.
7. And Despite Everything a Champion for Puerto Rico and U.S. Latinos
Take away all the flashy costumes, the clever slogans and the run-ins with police, and what are you left with? A gifted boxer, with a lethal left hook, who won world boxing titles in three weight categories. El Macho was simply one of the best at his sport, and that is why people began to pay attention to him in the first place. In case you never saw him fight, here's a good combination of El Macho knockouts.

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