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November 15, 2018

What Made Hitler a Psychopath?

What made Hitler into a psychopath? 

Arthur Broadbent
Arthur Broadbent, former Online Poker Grinder at PokerStars (2009-2018)

Ben Smith, Company Director

Hitler was a person with sociopathic tendencies NOT a psychopath. He was twisted by traumatic events outside his control, which turned him into the most dangerous delusional sociopath, arguably of all time.
Read Meine Kampf. I read the first few chapters and stopped because it broke my heart. For all concerned.
He was broken in the first World War. He was a hero in the most brutal, senseless conflict in human history. A senseless war inflicted on the population of Europe by the ruling class.
People killing people that they did not want to kill - on behalf of people who did not care a jot about any of them. It could have ended on the first day, but for the egotism of just a few powerful men.
It was senseless, mass murder. With the victims used as weapons against each other.
And he tried to rationalise the irrational. And born from that was a fully rationalised nightmare, he solidified the senselessness into a horrifically twisted form of rationality.
He drew conclusions when there were non to draw…
And then he acted with sociopathic zeal and charisma according to his emergent, terrible code of honour.
His evil was not of his own making but was his ‘own’ none-the-less.
And in his tragically twisted world vision, he acted with total honour and with no regret.
Before the war, Hitler was a good man with good ideas and intentions.
He would have done great good in the world.
But that potential was poisoned and then unleashed with equal power in a horrific direction.
Hitler was man’s own evil reflected back at us.
In Meine Kampf, he switches from that good man to an evil one, literally, upon the turn of a page.
He has no sense, as the author, of the irrationality of that transformation.
I read that far and no more. And I won't.
Susanna Viljanen, works at Aalto University

Given to the anamnesis of psychopathy and the personal history of Adolf Hitler, I would be ready to claim Adolf Hitler was NOT a psychopath.
It is more likely Adolf Hitler was a narcissist with sociopathic tendences.
Why so? First, psychopathy usually manifests itself as cruelty to animals and antisocial behaviour already as a child. Second, psychopaths need constant stimulation and cannot stand boredom. Third, psychopaths are sexually promiscuous and have issues with human relations. Fourth, psychopaths are more or less chameleons: they have no solid principles or ethical concepts.
We know Hitler loved animals. He was a dog person and he was a vegetarian for ethical reasons. He had very strong concepts of ethics and he was a teetotaller.
This is an important detail: animal lover, vegetarian, teetotaller and sexually abstinent. These are strong contraindications on psychopathy, but will indicate a narcissist personality disorder.
Both narcissists and psychopaths experience sense of grandiosity, entitlement and feeling they have some kind of a mission or purpose. But Hitler’s case suggests more a narcissist than a psychopath. He was genuinely talented and unlike psychopaths, he wasn’t a fraud. He truly believed he was the destiny of the German nation, and he had genuine charisma.
Yet he also had very strong sociopathic tendencies. He hated certain groups of people, Jews being the most important, but also Gypsies, disabled people and dissidents. He was ready for genocide and war against the “subhuman races”.
But it must be remembered Social Darwinism was mainstream everywhere in the non-Catholic Western world, and almost every Western country, and Hitler’s ideas and ideology on racial hygiene, eugenics and euthanasia were by no means anyhow shocking in the 1930s. Sweden, for example, planned massed gassings for the feebleminded already 1910.
Jacob Winsett, B.S Business Management & Sports Business, University of Central Florida (2017)

Adolf Hitler was a psychopath for most of his life, issues with his father, his failure at becoming a famous artist (painter), the death of his mother, and his psychotic beliefs contributed to his mental state. From the mid 1930’s until his suicide In May 1945 Hitler was pumped up with amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, and methamphetamine along with a multitude of other drugs. By wartime (1939) Hitler had his personal physician Theodor Morell wake him up with an amphetamine (or similar) injection and had him be on the ready with injections of “vitamins” as Morell called them as well as a large supply of pills and powders. These “vitamins” were the most powerful opiate painkillers, methamphetamine, cocaine, and amphetamine to name a few.
Hitler’s psychosis was very real for most of his entire adult life and was exacerbated by a yes man quack doctor who would give Hitler anything he wanted no matter the strength of the treatment or consequence as long a he stayed alive. Issues as a child and his mothers death led to erratic behavior further exacerbated by WWI and his ordeal with temporary blindness, during his rise to power he was a maniac who knew how and when to turn on the bravado, once he had the entire Nazi party under his thumb he became a hopeless drug addict. He was a disillusioned psychopath and his incompetence as a leader inadvertently helped the Allies decide not to assassinate him during the war as they believe his incompetence was so great that he alone would cost the Germans the war and the Allies were correct.
Adolf Hitler with his personal physician Theodor Morell (Left)
Lucy Hendricks, Maddest Old Bat, Basset Hound slave, NHS Wizzard

As said before Hitler wasn't a psychopath. How he became what he became we shall never really know. A series of unfortunate events that came together in a perfect storm, to use cliche after cliche!
Ive read quite a lot about his early life, but lets be honest most people born in the latter half of the 19th century had pretty harsh upbringings. My own Gt grandfather who was born in the same year as Hitler, and had an alcoholic father and abject poverty, but ended up living a very normal life. So what turned Hitler into the man he was?
Having been a medic for many years my own personal theory is that Hitler suffered some type of brain injury during WW1. Brain injuries are not always noticed or even get the treatment they need, even today, but back then, no one would have even realised. But brain injuries do often lead to often very severe personality changes. Unfortunately we don't have a complete picture of Hitlers medical records, however there seems scant evidence from before the war that he was a jew hating maniac. However brain injuries often lead to irrational thoughts, paranoia, anxiety, and mania and disconnect , all of which Hitler suffered from in his later life.
Athena Walker, Psychopathy is present from the first breath one takes, to the last.

First, that’s not how it works. You are born a psychopath, you don’t become a psychopath.
Second, Hitler was clearly not a psychopath.
Hitler was a possibly a malignant narcissist which is NPD with antisocial traits, and a true believer zealot. He also may have been a neurotypical that started an entire population down the slippery slope of evil;
The seven social processes that grease the slippery slope of evil;
  1. Mindlessly taking the first small step
  2. Dehumanization of others
  3. De-individuation of others
  4. Diffusion of personal responsibility
  5. Blind obedience to authority
  6. Uncritical conformity to group norms
  7. Passive tolerance of evil through inaction, or indifference.
He was going to drive his vision of the future across the world and down everyone's throats. His way, was the right and the only way. He was convinced of his grandeur and this was reinforced by the hoards of yes men that followed him in the beginning.
Hitler not only believed his fantasies, he was consumed by them. He would not entertain anything outside of what he thought. He ignored good counsel and refused to see the war as it was happening. He wouldn't even approve military machinery that would have turned the tide. Instead of enacting a full Sturmgewehr 44 production line, which was a clearly superior weapon for medium range, he killed production entirely.
He couldn't see the value of the weapon, so the military went behind his back and continued to produce and issue them in very limited numbers to German battle troops. Hitler so preoccupied with his grandiose vision that he didn't even notice. This weapon went on and inspired actual visionaries Mikhail Kalashnikov, who created the AK-47. As well as Eugene Stoner who was the originator of the AR/M16 series weapons.
Other examples of his belief in his cause can be seen in his "no surrender" policy. No matter the cost to their supplies, the ground lost, or the men sacrificed, he refused in the face of significant loss to change this policy. Despite seasoned generals imploring him to reconsider, he outright refused, calling his own men cowards. He believed that they were in the right, and the cause would succeed because it was pure in it's rightness.
Another would be that he had the final say so on all ground movement and engagements of troops. No matter who he had in charge of the men, no matter their experience, he believed he was more knowledgeable. This ended up being an massive error in judgment when it came to D-Day. Hitler had set the troops and retired to bed for the evening. He believed that the invasion would not happen where it did, but instead had his Panzer troops in reserve at another location. When the ground commanders saw what was happening the sent word, but the advisers refused to wake Hitler.
This decision allowed the Allies to establish a beachhead and advance inland. The reserve Panzer troops would have easily dispelled this advance, but there was no ability to call them without Hitler's say so. They sat, engines running, waiting for Hitler to send word and allow them to engage, and by the time it arrived the Allies were firmly established on shore. The ground Generals had no power to change the issued commands. The rest is a very bloody history.
At the beginning of the war he was followed with the fervor he inspired at his speeches, but later on as these same generals lost battle after battle needlessly they began to change their minds.
High ranking close contact military leaders even plotted his death, and attempted to assassinate him with a briefcase bomb. It ended up injuring him, but in only inspired his paranoia further. This was either the second or third attempt, and each time it was his own men that tried to do him in. Including General Rommel, the Desert Fox, one the most trusted of Hitler's generals was involved in one of these attempts.
Also, Hitler was a well known drug addict. Psychopaths lack the ability to become addicted to drugs. It’s against our physiology;
Recent neuroscientific evidence indicates that psychopathy is associated with abnormal function and structure in limbic and paralimbic areas. Psychopathy and substance use disorders are highly comorbid, but clinical experience suggests that psychopaths abuse drugs for different reasons than non-psychopaths, and that psychopaths do not typically experience withdrawal and craving upon becoming incarcerated. These neurobiological abnormalities may be related to psychopaths' different motivations for—and symptoms of—drug use. This study examined the modulatory effect of psychopathic traits on the neurobiological craving response to pictorial drug stimuli. Drug-related pictures and neutral pictures were presented and rated by participants while hemodynamic activity was monitored using functional magnetic resonance imaging. These data were collected at two correctional facilities in New Mexico using the Mind Research Network mobile magnetic resonance imaging system. The sample comprised 137 incarcerated adult males and females (93 females) with histories of substance dependence. The outcome of interest was the relation between psychopathy scores (using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised) and hemodynamic activity associated with viewing drug-related pictures vs. neutral pictures. There was a negative association between psychopathy scores and hemodynamic activity for viewing drug-related cues in the anterior cingulate, posterior cingulate, hippocampus, amygdala, caudate, globus pallidus, and parts of the prefrontal cortex. Psychopathic traits modulate the neurobiological craving response and suggest that individual differences are important for understanding and treating substance abuse.
Hitler continued to cut his nose off to spite his face in his pursuit of his fantasy of world domination that played over and over again within his own head. Hitler was possibly a narcissist, or neurotypical, but not a sociopath, or a psychopath.

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