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October 2, 2019

It Happens Again! Boy Gets Outed Boy Kills Self

This is a failure in our culture including families, religion, commerce, Schools. Why in this day and age in which even have a gay man married to another man running for President. I know after Trump the job is not as important as it used to be but President is better than a king. Of course, there is more to the story than just being out but the manner in which this young guy was outed. His friend showed pictures breaking his confidence and trust and now felt, wrongly that he had no good life left. Adolescents tend to exaggerate most things, I know because I was one. We don't know better, have not been there, do not know that most things settled down and passed after a few days. What also gets me is then in this age of fast communications of cell phones and computers he felt there was no one to help. We need to print this because we need to keep telling the gay and straight worlds that this is still happening. Those so-called religious people that put this sexual orientation down that they have their finger in the soup also. They have responsibility for this whether they decide to take it and do something about it or keep ignoring it and blame it on suicide as an end result of A life.


The family and classmates of a Tennessee high school student who killed himself after being outed online as bisexual have demanded that the school and state authorities investigate and prosecute those responsible, calling it a case of “social media bullying.”

The student, Channing Smith, a 16-year-old junior at Coffee County Central High School in Manchester, Tenn., took his own life on Sept. 23 after sexually explicit text messages that he had exchanged with a male classmate were posted on social media, according to his family.

“He was absolutely humiliated,” his older brother, Joshua Smith, said by phone on Monday, describing the messages as “very explicit.”

“There was no way he could have gone to school afterward,” he added.

A few hours later, Channing shot and killed himself, his brother said. In Channing’s final post on Instagram, he said, “I really hate how I can’t trust anyone because those I did were so fake.”
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In the days since students at the school have set up a Facebook group called “Justice for Channing” and organized a rally where attendees wore homemade T-shirts with that slogan. Dozens gathered on Sunday for a memorial service where the country singer Billy Ray Cyrus performed “Amazing Grace” and rode Channing’s motorcycle. On Instagram, the actress Lili Reinhart said the story “breaks” her heart. 

Channing Smith, a high school junior, killed himself after he was outed as gay when his texts with a male classmate were posted to social media. Channing's older brother said he was "beyond disappointed" with the school's handling of the case. (  

Channing’s mother, Crystal Smith, addressed a crowd at one of the vigils, according to the local television station WTVF. “Just because you think it’s cute or funny to make somebody embarrassed or humiliate them, think again,” she said. “Because if somebody would have realized that, my son would not be dead.” 

Saying he was “beyond disappointed” with the school’s handling of the case, Joshua Smith argued that administrators had tamped down students’ attempts to call attention to Channing’s death, and he noted that state officials had not brought criminal charges against anyone in the case.

Charles Lawson, the director of the Coffee County Schools, said in a statement that the school district was “not at liberty to make any statements concerning the matter at this time.”

“A legal investigation is being conducted that involves some of our students,” he said.

Dr. Lawson added: “Counseling was provided at the school for students and staff who were struggling with what occurred. The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network has reached out to provide resources for those that are dealing with this difficult situation.”

The Coffee County district attorney, Craig Northcott, denied that his office had “failed or refused” to investigate the matter.

“I, like the rest of the community, am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of the young life of Channing Smith,” Mr. Northcott said in a statement.

“My office has encouraged, cooperated in and supported the investigation into the events leading to this death,” he added. “Ethically, I am prohibited from commenting on an open investigation or prosecution.”

“When all relevant facts are available,” Mr. Northcott said, “my office will advise the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department on what charges if any, we believe are appropriate to help guide it in that decision.”  

A call to the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department was not immediately returned on Monday.

In June, local news outlets reported that state authorities were investigating Mr. Northcott in part because he had refused to prosecute domestic violence cases involving same-sex couples.

Channing’s death underscores the challenges of combating cyberbullying, which has proliferated in recent years. According to a report last year from the Pew Research Center, 59 percent of teenagers said they had been bullied or harassed online — and many of them thought teachers, social media companies and politicians were failing to help.

In schools across the country, L.G.B.T. students are more likely to be bullied and experience depression than their straight peers, studies have found.

Joshua Smith, who lives in Kentucky with his wife and two children, described his brother as “the sweetest kid on earth.” At 6-foot-3 and 230 pounds, he often poked fun at his own clumsiness before others could.

“He was a band kid,” Joshua said, “so he wasn’t known as a football stud.”

Channing played the guitar and the bass could play “Amazing Grace” on the tuba and loved to sing.

Joshua said he had been unaware that his brother was romantically involved with boys. He said investigators had told him Channing’s messages with the other boy were leaked on Instagram and Snapchat.

At one of the memorial services, Joshua said: “I can assure you that your school hopes you forget, your town hopes that you forget, right, they’re going to hope that this goes away,” adding, “But we’re not going to let that happen.” 

He said his mission was to bring justice to the parties responsible for Channing’s death and to make changes so that “no human on this earth will have to die this way again.”

If you are having thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). You can find a list of additional resources at

Susan C. Beachy contributed research.

October 1, 2019

Britain Refuses to Face It's Crimes Against Gays Through The Turing Law and Erase Their Convictions

A Scientist, Father of The Computer and Code Breaker, was driven to suicide. Electric shocks, Jail, this man was lost to all of us.

Two years ago the "Turing law" was passed to right a historic injustice by pardoning gay men convicted in the past because of their sexuality. But fewer than 200 living people have had their convictions wiped out so far. What's going wrong?
Terry Stewart is 66 and the recipient of an award for his work advising the police on LGBT issues.
But as a young man in 1981 he was a target: spotted by a pair of police officers in a Charing Cross public toilet, he was arrested for "importuning" - an outdated offence which effectively criminalised gay men chatting each other up in public.
"They said I had approached several men in the toilets and told them I wanted to have sex. There was nobody there," he says.
An outspoken campaigner for gay rights who had challenged police in the past, Mr Stewart feels the arrest was typical of a prevailing "hostile atmosphere" against gay people at the time. 
"It just confirmed all my fears about so-called British justice," he says. "The attitude was they were two upstanding police officers protecting society from people like me."
Mr Stewart was convicted on a majority verdict and fined £20, but a criminal record meant he could not pursue his chosen career in social work.
He is now one of thousands of gay men unable to obtain the pardons offered by the government since 2017, which were intended for people unjustly convicted because of their sexuality.
For Mr Stewart and many like him, it is because the offence they were convicted of - importuning - is not one of those eligible for a pardon, despite the government acknowledging it was used in a discriminatory way.
Others are put off from even applying by an intimidating, bureaucratic system, say campaigners.
Terry StewartImage copyrightTERRY STEWART
Image captionGay people were persecuted during an "absolutely horrendous" period, says Terry Stewart
As many as 15,000 gay men were said to be eligible when the law was passed, inspired by the posthumous pardon of World War Two code-breaker Alan Turing, who killed himself after being convicted of gross indecency.
The law meant the convictions of about 50,000 gay men who had died were automatically deleted, while those still alive could apply for statutory pardons.
Applications for pardons were tacked on to an existing Home Office scheme, where gay men could apply for some offences under laws which are now repealed to be "disregarded" or deleted.
But to date, only 189 of these applications have been approved. As a result, few pardons have been issued.
The convictions eligible for disregard and pardon are gross indecency and buggery under the 1956 Sexual Offences Act, equivalent military offences and similar offences under earlier legislation.
Mr Stewart says the government should live up to its promises and pardon all gay men with convictions for their sexuality.
"What I would like people to know is that there was a whole period of our history, within our lifetimes, which was absolutely horrendous. Our own government should be able to put its hand up and say, 'We treated these people appallingly,'" he says.
Katy Watts, a solicitor at the Public Law Project who has represented Mr Stewart, says the crime of importuning was repealed in 2003 and the Home Office has acknowledged it was used in a "discriminatory way".
She says: "People have lost livelihoods and careers because of an offence that should never have been a crime in the first place."

'Branded and ashamed'

Thousands of gay men are living with this conviction but the home secretary has the power to "put this right" by extending the system to more offences, Ms Watts says.
Campaigners working with people to overturn their convictions also say the "incredibly low numbers" applying for pardons are "inevitable" because of flaws in the scheme.
Christopher Stacey, co-director of Unlock, a charity which works with people facing obstacles because of a criminal record, says forcing people to apply instead of proactively pardoning them is a "clear barrier to justice".
"It causes people understandable anguish when faced with a Home Office form which forces them to show why their application should be granted for something that they might have felt branded and ashamed of for much of their life," he says.
When people do apply, they are often rejected for not meeting the requirements: 71% of the 663 applications made up to April this year were turned down.
Home Office figures show the reason most applications were rejected was that they related to offences not connected with sexuality - such as possession of drugs. 
Many people were also turned down because they were convicted of sex in a public lavatory, which remains an offence.
A handful were rejected because their offence was deemed non-consensual or involved someone under 16.
A Home Office spokesman said: "We are proud of the government's record on improving equality. We made it possible for men with eligible historical convictions for decriminalised behaviours to apply to have their convictions disregarded. Those who have their convictions disregarded are also automatically pardoned for the offence."
He said there was "no scope" to disregard offences outside the official scheme.
When the issue of men convicted of importuning was raised in Parliament before the Turing law passed, former Home Office minister Sam Gyimah said they were not eligible.
The full offence in the 1956 Sexual Offences Act is "soliciting and importuning", and soliciting remains a crime, he said. Today, it only applies to people seeking the services of sex workers on the street, however.

'You feel guilty'

Some gay men say unfair criminal records still have the power to blight their lives, even in recent years. Richard - not his real name - was arrested in the mid-1990s for importuning, after a man briefly spoke to him as he left a West End gay club.
He unwittingly signed a caution thinking it was part of the paperwork needed to leave the police station.
"As a gay person you think you're in the wrong anyway," he said. "You have internal homophobia yourself and everything that goes with it - the shame, everything else. You feel guilty."
Later, Richard worked in education for several years. But when he tried to change jobs in 2014, he fell foul of more stringent criminal records checks, which had been tightened after a series of controversies and tragedies.
He found himself rejected for multiple jobs and unable to work in his profession for a year because of a criminal record he had previously been unaware of.
"It broke me," he said, plunging him into depression and isolation. It was "so twisted and painful" to find his pride in his professional life under attack because of his sexuality, he said.
Richard eventually persuaded the police force involved to expunge his caution, after it accepted it was unlawful. But he says it is "outrageous" that there is no clear way for many other gay men to achieve the same outcome.

April 25, 2019

Deputy Sheriff in Alabama Attacks The Gay Community After Suicide of Bullied Teen

Image result for nigel shelby

A sheriff’s deputy in Alabama has been placed on leave after he made anti-LGBTQ comments on social media — specifically, on a post about a teenage boy who was bullied until he killed himself, reported Monday.
Last weekend, a local Alabama news station shared Rocket City Pride’s Facebook post about Nigel Shelby, a 15-year-old who died by suicide after being bullied for being gay, according to Rocket City Pride. The station’s story specifically highlighted the fact that LGBTQ people face a higher risk of violence and that they often lack legal protections.  
We are heartbroken over the death of Nigel Shelby, a 15-year-old Freshman at Huntsville High School. Nigel took his life because he was bullied for being gay. There are no words that can be said to make sense of this devastating news.

Below is a link to a GoFundMe account to help his mother with his funeral expenses. We will also be collecting donations at Huntsville’s Only Drag Brunch on Sunday and at Drag Queen Bingo on Tuesday. 
Please donate what you can to help.
https://...See More
On Sunday, Madison County Deputy Jeff Graves denounced the entire LGBTQ community in a comment to that Facebook post. 
“Liberty. Guns. Bible. Trump. BBQ. That’s my kind of LGBTQ movement,” Graves reportedly wrote on Sunday. (His comment has since been taken down, reported.) “I’m seriously offended there is such a thing such as the movement. Society cannot and should not accept this behavior.”
The Madison County Sheriff’s Office acted fast. By Monday, Graves was placed on administrative leave while the agency investigated the incident.
“The Sheriff’s Office holds all its employees to a high standard, and the public can be assured that a thorough and complete audit will be conducted and appropriate action will be taken,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.
“Bullying of any group or person in or outside of schools is unacceptable, and I welcome any and all efforts to raise awareness to bully and bring bullying to a stop,” Sheriff Kevin Turner added. “The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is proud of the community support and engagement we have received over the years, and we look forward to growing those community partnerships."
The local community has rallied in the wake of Shelby’s suicide — both Shelby’s high school principal and the superintendent of his school district have spoken publicly about his death, while drag queens at the Tennessee Valley Rocket City Pride’s Easter Drag Brunch condemned anti-LGBTQ bigotry and bullying.

April 24, 2019

This 15 Yr Old Alabama Kid Comes Out But The Bully Drives Him to Suicicide

                                    Image result for nigel shelby


A gay teen from Huntsville, Alabama, has died by suicide after enduring anti-gay bullying.
Nigel Shelby, a 15-year-old freshman at Huntsville High School, was bullied at school by classmates because of his sexuality. He reportedly died last week. 
Tennessee Valley Rocket City Pride, a local LGBTQ advocacy group, shared the news of Shelby’s death on Facebook with links to resources for queer youth in the region. “There are no words that can be said to make sense of this devastating news,” the group wrote.
Students at nearby Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (AAMU) held a candelight vigil for Shelby this past Sunday, April 21.

Rocket City Pride also addressed the topic of anti-gay harassment Sunday at its Easter Drag Brunch. According to Rocket City Now, Caila Malone, a local drag performer, recalled “being called terrible words even when I was in elementary school before I knew what they meant.”
“These bullies have to be held accountable,” Malone added at the brunch, “and until our state legislation shows that they have to do that, they’re able to run amuck and do whatever they want.”
Community members have launched a GoFundMe page to support Shelby’s mother in the wake of his death.
Suicide and other mental health issues disproportionately affect LGBTQ youth in America. If you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts, please contact The Trevor Project, a nonprofit dedicated to suicide prevention, at 1-866-488-7386. Visit The Trevor Project’s website for more information and resources.
Brooklyn-based writer and editor. Probably drinking iced coffee or getting tattooed.

February 22, 2019

One Out of Five Gay Brits Trying to Change Sexual Orientation Ends Up Committing Suicide

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A fifth of gay, lesbian and bisexual British people who have tried to change their sexuality have attempted suicide, while others have been raped in an effort to make them straight, according to a study of “conversion therapy” in Britain.

Of 458 people who said they had experience of trying to become straight, 91 had attempted suicide and 22 had been forced to have sex with someone of the opposite gender, according to the survey, which had 4,613 total respondents.

It was conducted by the Ozanne Foundation, a charity, to gather evidence of the extent and impact of conversion therapy and released on Wednesday.

“There are young people’s lives who are very significantly at risk,” said Jayne Ozanne, a Christian who founded the charity to work with religious organizations on LGBT+ inclusion.

Ozanne suffered two nervous breakdowns when she failed to change and then suppress her own attraction to women, she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Conversion therapy, which can include hypnosis, electric shocks and fasting, is based on the belief, common in conservative religious communities, that being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender is a mental illness that can be cured.

Malta, Ecuador and just over a dozen U.S. states have outlawed it, according to the ILGA, a network of LGBT+ rights groups. Several nations are considering bans, including Britain, New Zealand and Australia.

The survey, which was put out online, raised issues of consent, with 76 people saying they had been forced to undergo conversion therapy.

Over half of survey respondents who had tried or been forced to try to change their sexuality were 18 or under when it first happened. 

They were also overwhelmingly religious. More than 90 percent attended a church as a child and two-fifths had been through “deliverance ministry,” which aims to cast out evil spirits.

The pressure to change their sexuality went hand-in-hand with psychological problems. Around 60 percent said they had suffered mental health issues as a result, three-fifths of whom were men.

“There is what I call an abusive mindset that says it’s always your fault,” said Ozanne, who tried “dozens” of types of conversion therapy in Britain, Germany, Argentina and the United States.

“It constantly leaves you in a negative place,” she said. “It makes you hate yourself for who you are.”

The survey’s respondents were whiter and more likely to be English and Christian than Britain’s general population. More than half were not straight.

Ozanne admitted that the survey had failed to reach British ethnic minorities and those from other religions. However, she said that the results should still be taken seriously, given the level of attempted suicides and other mental health issues.

Bisi Alimi, a gay activist who fled to Britain after being attacked in Nigeria, said that conversion therapy among British minorities often included forced marriage to someone of the opposite gender and being sent back to their family’s country.

Both Ozanne and Alimi supported banning conversion therapy. 
“If you criminalize it, it will go underground,” Alimi said. “We cannot stop the problem . . . but we can at least reduce the damage to people.”

SOURCE: Ozanne Foundation, online February 20, 2019.

November 16, 2018

Study Shows Gay Conversion Therapy is Associated with Suicide

Jack Turban MD MHS

When I went to see the new film Boy Erased this week, half the audience was in tears. The movie depicts the devastating practice of gay conversion therapy, in which therapists or religious professionals try to “cure” young people of their homosexuality. At the end of the movie appears the statistic that 700,000 LGBT Americans have been exposed to conversion therapy — an estimate that includes both conversion therapy for gender identity and sexual orientation.
Psychiatry has a dark history when it comes to supporting LGBT people — or rather, not supporting them. Homosexuality was described as a mental illness for decades until it was dropped from the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1987. Since then, the field has evolved in its stance toward homosexuality. Conversion therapy for sexual orientation is now considered unethical by both The American Psychiatric Associationand The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.
What most people don’t realize, is that whether or not sexual orientation conversion therapy for adolescents is harmful was never properly studied. Most argue it doesn’t need to be. Based on expert consensus, literature from the harms of conversion therapy on adults, and inference, nearly every major medical organization labeled sexual orientation conversion therapy unethical.
new study published this month in the Journal of Homosexuality finally provides some concrete evidence, however, that sexual orientation conversion therapy during adolescence is associated with poor mental health outcomes.
The study recruited 245 LGBT people between the ages of 21 and 25. Participants were asked two questions about sexual orientation conversion therapy:
(1) Between ages 13 and 19, how often did any of your parents/caregivers try to change your sexual orientation (i.e., to make you straight)?
(2) Between ages 13 and 19, how often did any of your parents/caregivers take you to a therapist or religious leader to cure, treat, or change your sexual orientation?
They also had participants complete a number of mental health measures. Those whose parents tried to change their sexual orientation had three-fold higher odds of having ever attempted suicide (aOR 3.08, 95 percent CI 1.39-6.83). Those whose parents enlisted the help of a professional (therapist or religious leader) to change their sexual orientation had a five-fold higher odds of having ever attempted suicide (aOR 5.07, 95 percent CI 2.38-10.79).
Overall, the field of psychiatry continues to condemn efforts to change a person’s sexual orientation. We now have additional data to show that such efforts are dangerous. As I’ve written before, several states have begun to outlaw the practice. I hope this new data will help propel lawmakers in other states to do the same. 
The study has some limitations, which are further described in the manuscript. Notably, the authors recruited only people to identified as LGBT at the time of the study. The study would not have included people who identified as LGB during adolescence but not that the time of the study. Regardless, however, the study shows that there is a sizable number of people exposed to sexual orientation conversion therapy who then suffer poor mental health outcomes and that these mental health outcomes are worse than LGB young adults who are not exposed to conversion efforts.
Ryan, C., Toomey, R. B., Diaz, R. M., & Russell, S. T. (2018). Parent-Initiated Sexual Orientation Change Efforts With LGBT Adolescents: Implications for Young Adult Mental Health and Adjustment. Journal of homosexuality, 1-15.

August 30, 2018

Dave Robinson A Gay GOP Sex Cadet Says Multiple Partners is the Reason For Gay Suicides

Gay GOP official under fire for linking LGBTQ suicide rates to number of sex partners
© Facebook

Dave Robinson, the communications director for the Salt Lake County Republican Party, is facing criticism after he linked suicide rates in the LGBTQ community to the number
 of sexual partners, a person has had.

During a meeting with The Salt Lake Tribune’s editorial board, Robinson, who is gay, recalled a previous conversation he had in which he sought to defend the Republican Party’s relationship with the gay community.

“I said, you can own your own business, you can run for office — I don’t think there’s a better time on this planet in history to be gay than right now,” Robinson said to the Tribune.
Instead of enjoying a celebratory dinner with family recognizing the passage of Historic National Legislation for suicide prevention, I have to react to this.

Mr. Robinson, you do NOT speak for me. Bigotry in any form is unacceptable. Disappointing is not a strong enough word.

When pressed about the high suicide rates among those in the LGBTQ community, Robinson said he thinks “it has more to do with the lifestyle that the gays are leading
 that they refuse to have any scrutiny with.”

He then went on to note that he knows members of the LGBTQ community who have been involved with “over 2,000 sex partners” and said he believes that could be contributing to “some of the self-loathing” in the community that turns people to
committing suicide.

“You talk to some of these people that have had grundles of sex partners and the self-loathing and basically the unhappiness and the self-hatred level is tremendously high,
” he said. “The gay community really needs to start having some conversations
within their community, saying, how is our lifestyle affecting our mental health?”
The communications director also said the increase in the availability of PrEP,
a kind of pre-exposure prophylaxis used to prevent HIV, could be causing an increase in STD rates by causing members of the LGBTQ community to engage in unprotected sex like “bunny rabbits” and leading to mental health issues that can lead to suicide.
Robinson’s remarks prompted criticism from many other Republicans who
denounced his controversial claims.

“I am angry that someone who purports to speak for Republicans has made such inappropriate, inaccurate and hurtful comments,” Salt Lake County Council Chairwoman Aimee Winder Newton said in response to Robinson’s remarks to the Tribune. “This has caused our LGBTQ friends heartache and has been counterproductive in our fight
against suicide.”

Sen. Daniel Thatcher (R) also condemned Robinson’s remarks in a post on Twitter.
“Instead of enjoying a celebratory dinner with family recognizing the passage of Historic National Legislation for suicide prevention, I have to react to this,” Thatcher said on Twitter. “Mr. Robinson, you do NOT speak for me. Bigotry in any form is unacceptable. Disappointing is not a strong enough word.”
Robinson defended his comments after he was notified by the Tribune they would be published on Tuesday.

“I stand by my position that multiple sexual partners lead to increased risk of STD and HIV, which affects one’s mental, physical and financial health, which leads to a higher
 risk of depression which leads to a higher risk of thoughts of suicide which leads to
higher suicide rates,” Robinson told the newspaper in an email.

Let me just add that I know the empty feeling of being younger and letting other guys like you and wanting to be liked and be close to another man without having one of myself.

It is an empty feeling when you have to leave the bed at the certain time because he is finsihed with you or he leaves you alone on your own bed. 

Would someone kill themselves for that reason? I don't know but I do know that guys don't killed themselves because they are wanted and are invited to share someone else's body.

They might do it because nobody wants them but that is another topic.Some like not having strings attached and love!! leaving in the morning and going back to being single.. 

I stopped doing that and was able to settled down because I felt uncomfortable jumping from one to the other. I found someone (the wrong someone but at least I settle down). 

There are other things a gay man goes thru, awful hurtful things like bullying to non acceptance by your parents or your friends....those are the reasons they kill themselves.

Psychiatric associasions have found this type of rejection is conducive to loosing your self esteem and getting lost mentally. I think it's obvious this gay republican never went throught those things otherwise he would not be taking the church (any church) position which is we all go jumping from bed to bed and that bring all the problems. Its not that easy to diagnose suicide. This man is totally wrong and since he is gay and republican I can understand his idiotic thinking.

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