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August 20, 2017

Missing British Boy Now Among Barcelona Dead

 Julian Cadman, 7

It’s a tragic confirmation. Julian Cadman’s family had frantically searched for the British 7-year-old in the wake of Thursday’s ISIS-claimed van attack on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas landmark. Today Catalan police said he was among the Assault's 14 fatalities. One additional person was killed that in nearby Cambrils, and while police fatally shot five alleged jihadists there, preventing further casualties, they’re still searching for the Barcelona driver. A local police chief speculated that he could have crossed into nearby France, even if checkpoints are operating on the normally open border.


May 12, 2015

Why is this Juror Smiling?

2015_05_sirois2.jpgAdam Sirois, at a press conference after the mistrial was called (AP)
This is the man that kept that jury locked up and the only hold out on Etan’s Patz murder trial. Thanks to him  this was a mistrial and now New York City either goes for a mistrial or let the man that confessed to how he murdered Ethan in the basement of his building. Even if this psycho  was innocent there would be no reason for this juror to be smiling.  He wanted those 15 minutes of fame so badly he just felt good. 
Now the city has to go through an expensive, more difficult re trial or let this man loose. Many refer to this case as the OJ murder retrial. Again no reason for the guy to be smiling! People that know NYC Police know that they pushed this man too much like if in todays info-technical society no body was going to find out. These interrogators were so much knuckle heads that they never thought that if anything they should have treated this accused with kid gloves. In such a public trial like this one everything was going to be highlighted by the man’s lawyers but their stupidity prevented them from  realizing that. Instead they treated Hernandes like they would any defendant, ’badly’.
One would think that the interrogators and their supervisors’ would pay some price? No chance, thats why it gets done.
When the treatment that Hernandes got was read to the jury it gave this juror with a lack of common sense but with a little hair inside his butt for fame an excuse to figure out the man did it but with a little doubt down where I told you, he had to hold out.  Now the city afraid of its own cops has to go for a second trial.                ( Adam)

 Etan Patz parents 1979

The following appeared along with the picture of the famous juror enjoying his new found fame at
The juror whose belief that Pedro Hernandez did not kill six-year-old Etan Patz—resulting in a mistrial for the murder trial—is now speaking out. Adam Sirois, a health care consultant, told WABC 7 that the jury started out as eight for a guilty verdict, four for not guilty, "it moved to approximately 6-6 - there were some unsure votes in there. 9-3, 10-2 and then 11-1, so there was a progress that went along. It was hard to know that I was the last one on the 'not guilty' side, but I couldn't vote the other way."
The murder trial was supposed to be a coda on the 1979 disappearance of Etan, who was last seen heading to his school bus stop in Soho by himself. However, his body was never found and no charges were ever brought against any suspect. The most compelling person of interest was Jose Ramos, a drifter who dated Etan's babysitter who later was convicted of molesting little boys. Ramos told investigators he was 90% sure he had taken Etan and was eventually found guilty of Etan's death in a 2004 civil case.
The NYPD reopened the case of Etan's disappearance in 2012—finding no new evidence—but arrested Hernandez, who had been a bodega worker in the neighborhood in 1979—Etan had apparently headed to the bodega first to get a soda—and who had "confessed" about strangling a boy to relatives and his church group. Detectives who interrogated him for hours without a lawyer, obtained a confession, which Hernandez’s defense claimed was extremely questionable because of his mental health issues, which include shizophrenia.

April 7, 2015

The Murderer of Child Ethan Patz Trial Continues, Killer is Not Able to Articulate Why?


Why would an alleged killer confessed of a crime in which he was not a suspect at the time and chances are he would have never been prosecuted even if suspicions fell on him again.

This is the case of a Manhattan Child of 6 yrs old Ethan Patz. This man superintendent or assistant at the time of the building where the Patz family lived. He was briefly interviewed and discounted for reasons of bad detective work. You would think that a child missing on the way to the school bus which stopped just by the building on the other side of the street. You expect that the police would sweep all the people that lived there. Interviewed and see if at anytime Ethan had been seen with anyone at all. May be someone saw him with this man who had kind of made if not friends but acquaintance to the young child. A smile here, good morning there, a soda or candy here an d there. May be someone saw them together. But even just supposing that no one saw them, still is so disheartening that they talked to the alleged killer even though he was an adult leaving or at least working so close to the boy they you would think they looked at this background. He was Dominican. Well send a cop to his neighborhood back in his old neighborhood before he came to NYC, he was a grown man when he emigrated fro  the Caribbean Island to see if ever a boy would have disappeared around  Pedro. 

I am just pointing out a couple of scenarios that the detectives could have done but never did, but there is so much more on the tool box of investigators looking for a missing child. Now that we look at this whole case again from beginning to end we can see what was done wrong. Quarter backing after the game?  Yes its done all the time to review how things have gone wrong and how they could be improved. We still, have little boys and girls disappearing all the time. A lot of it is blamed to some oriental or Russian ring of people that steal boys to grow them as sex slaves and hookers. Does it really happen? yes, we have learn that this does happen and now with the internet it happens more frequently but we also get to know it faster and are able to spread the news faster.


Second part of this equation is why would this man confess? If you have ever been involved with religions particularly the Evangelical movement. As strict as they seem to be about gays in telling other people what kind of lives they should have from the bed to the job they should have. My minister was opposed for me to become a policeman even though I had qualified with the written, physical, oral for translator, when I asked him he said cops carry guns! They(church pastors, deacons.) are pretty easy going once someone converts. Now they are their property if they seem to be following the rules.  According to their believes they live so others can be converted and saved.

 They believed that they will get rewarded on the other side according to the converts that you have made. Just like almost if you had quarters to meet.  Christian religions have never believed that everyone is equal and if you look what whey their founding fathers are you will see the king, queen or pope. People with all the power all the money and a good army to get taxes and be able to take others money in the process of conversion. What is the point? Conversion. It has a tremendous impact and carries a lot of weight when somebody says in church in the presence of others as witness that they have sinned and they have slept with the pastors’s wife. I am using the pastor’s wife because that is one sin I never heard someone confessing to. It usually was, is with drinking or going gambling or smacking the wife. Those I have personally witness my share of times.
 Ethan parents used to watch him from him take the school bus from here 

Now you have a man Pedro Hernandez who killed this boy and even though he probably thought he would get caught, what a surprised how easy the whole thing turned out be. That even gave him more time to be thinking about what he had done. At a time that he was surrounded by his sister and religious members of her church and feeling safe in their mist and being told that JC will pardon any sin, the only sins for which there is no forgiveness is making fun of the wholly ghost and you can always say you didn’t mean it and that of taking your own life. Funny you could blow up a whole school of children and find forgiveness but not if you kill your self or make fun of something no one has ever sin because is a ghost. Of coarse for any word that describes anything from a space alien to to a ghost or the face of JC on a doughnut, you will find witnesses that will swear on their bible’s or yours that indeed they have seen it. Be that as it may you get my point.

In this type of congregation which usually every night  they ask for people to come and confess or accept JC as their god. In prayer meetings or everything they do. It’s like they were all editors for a trashy magazine and they are desperately looking for the dirt on everyone so of coarse they’ll forgiven.  

Pedro is feeling depress,  he is down, he is not drinking, not allowed. So he has no other means to live his past. He put the murder of young boy on the side trying desperately to buried like he did with garbage bags. Now the metal is really hitting the asphalt and the noise in his head most’ve been deafening. On that particular environment of feeling guilty but safe; he thought there is no way that what he told this group was going to be leaked out. I am convinced that if he knew he was going to pay for this crime he was never going to confess for it. The whole idea was to be pardon and not have to pay for it. Go with the saints when they go marching in all dressed in white with all sins forgiven to meet his savior. What would he tell his savior. It’s a tough spot to be in a religion that says you will meet god one day but you have the murder of a child on your Angel- rap sheet.

How ever this was too much for someone very close to him and someone who has always taken him  after he fell from the arms of the lord and went drinking or disappeared for a while and did not go to church. His sister that was the closest person to him had a better conscious than Pedro ever did. Pedro believed in getting away with things. Wether it was not finishing school in Santo Domingo and trying to beat his neighbors to a better life he came here.  Not to study or work and save for a business and better life. No he worked to spend and sustenance, his job kept him close to what he was, the garbage that you discard. Had no wife or kids because no one would have him; particularly with his sexual quirks of liking boys. The earlier the better because they are more trusting and can fight the less. It did not take much to strangled this boy and hiding the lifeless corpse with the garbage bags. From there it was easy to have the sanitation department pick this little lifeless body and take to a dump. 
Thanks to his sister for opening her mouth which she probably repented after all the commotion, TV cameras and questioning to make sure she had nothing to do with this killing; Still she did a brave thing.
Adam Gonzalez, Publisher of this blog and ex seminary student (graduated 3 yrs. 3rd honor at 18)


Pedro Hernandez freely confessed during a prayer meeting to the 1979 kidnapping and killing of Etan Patz because it allowed him to feel forgiveness without having to face legal consequences, a forensic psychiatrist testified Thursday.
"He felt relief. He felt forgiveness . . . he felt he did not have to go to the police," Dr. Michael Welner testified at Hernandez's murder trial in state Supreme Court in Manhattan. Witnesses from a New Jersey religious group testified earlier in the trial that Hernandez told them he had killed a boy.
Those statements, as well as one videotaped statement Hernandez made to police and one he made to prosecutors, constitute the bulk of the prosecution case against Hernandez, now 54, of Maple Shade, New Jersey.
Welner was called as a rebuttal witness by the prosecution to counter a defense contention that Hernandez had a low IQ and suffered from mental impairment that led him to make a false confession.                                             
 Red building in Corner Ethan’s home
Etan was last seen on the morning of May 25, 1979, as he went to catch a school bus in SoHo. Hernandez told police in 2012 that while he was a teen working at a SoHo bodega, he lured the boy into the store basement and strangled him. The boy's body has never been found.
Hernandez was questioned by police in 2012 based on a tip. He first confessed at the end of a lengthy NYPD interrogation, then gave a third videotaped statement, lasting three hours with two rest breaks.
Welner interviewed Hernandez for 18 hours over four days in February and March of 2014, and snippets of those were played for the jury Thursday over the objections of defense attorney Harvey Feishbein, who said prosecutors were trying a "backdoor" move to introduce "garbage" about the defendant's cocaine and alcohol abuse.
In one of those clips, Hernandez again says that he strangled Etan, but said the youngster was still moving when he carried him out in a sack and dumped him in an alley about a block-and-a-half away.
He said he returned to the alley the next morning because "I wanted to see if he was dead," but there was nothing in the alley.
He said he thought someone had found Etan "alive and took him somewhere else."
At another point, he told the psychiatrist that Etan "might be alive somewhere . . . I don't know."
Welner said he questioned Hernandez repeatedly about why he had strangled Etan but he never got an answer. "He didn't resolve those questions in our interview," the psychiatrist said.
Welner is expected to face cross-examination when the trial resumes Monday 4/6/2015 before Judge Maxwell Wiley.

September 19, 2014

Judge Sees Confession of Killer of Etan Patz to Decide to Accept it as Evidence


NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New Jersey man accused of the murder of 6-year-old Etan Patz in 1979 calmly confessed on a videotape played in court on Monday to choking the boy and stuffing him alive in a garbage bag he tossed in an alley.
A Manhattan judge will decide whether the confession taped by police in 2012 will be allowed as evidence against Pedro Hernandez, who is accused of kidnap and murder.
Patz disappeared on his way to school on May 25, 1979, near his home in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood. It was the first time he had been allowed to walk alone to a school bus stop.
The search for the boy gripped the city. Patz was one of the first children pictured on the side of milk cartons as part of an appeal for information on missing children.
Hernandez's defense attorney argues his client does not understand his legal rights. The attorney, Harvey Fishbein, said Hernandez suffered from mental illness including hallucinations and was borderline mentally handicapped.
In the confession, Hernandez, 53, described luring the boy into a SoHo deli where he worked with the offer of a cold soda.
The tape was played in state Supreme Court before Justice Maxwell Wiley. It was the first time it had been shown in public.
Patz' parents were in court, although his mother left before the video was shown.
Hernandez said he took Patz to the basement and strangled him.
"I grabbed him by the neck and started to choke him. I was nervous, my legs were jumping and wanted to let go but I couldn't let go," Hernandez said. "It was like something took over me."
Hernandez said the boy fell to the floor and that he knew he was still alive because he was gasping and his legs were moving.
He said he put the boy in a garbage bag, which he put in a box and carried on his shoulder to an alley a couple blocks away.
He said he left the box in the alley and went back to work. When he returned the next day, he said the box was gone.
Patz's body was never found, but he was legally declared dead in 2001.
On the videotape, Hernandez spoke softly and calmly without any apparent emotion.
"Mentally I was like, I feel bad and I don't feel bad. Half and half," he said. "I wasn't really thinking right at the time."
In court, clad in an orange jumpsuit, Hernandez also betrayed no feelings.
He offered differing recollections on the tape of what he had intended when he approached Patz on the sidewalk.
At one point, he indicated he did not have any violent intentions, but said later under police questioning: "My mind was already made up what I was going to do."
He told police he had been diagnosed with manic depression and schizophrenia.
His lawyer argued Hernandez was questioned for several hours before police read him his rights and made the videotape, which he said was filled with "the impossible" and "the highly improbable."
The hearing was set to resume on Tuesday and expected to take several weeks.
Police got a tip about Hernandez, who was living in Maple Shade, New Jersey, a month after authorities in April 2012 excavated the basement in another SoHo building, which failed to yield clues.
The tip said Hernandez told family members as far back as 1981 he had killed a child in New York, police said.
Natasja Sheriff
Photo: AP/Stanley Patz

October 28, 2012

Another Blow to Etan's Parents Accused Pedro Hernandez Being Released

While prosecutors weigh what to do about a suspect who surprisingly surfaced this spring in the landmark 1979 disappearance case of Etan Patz, the man who was the prime suspect for years is about to go free after more than two decades in prison for molesting other children.
These two threads in the tangled story are set to cross next month, a twist that evokes decades of uncertainties and loose ends in the search for what happened to the sandy-haired 6-year-old last seen walking to his Manhattan school bus stop.
The new suspect, Pedro Hernandez, has been charged with Etan's murder after police said he emerged as a suspect and confessed this spring. But there's no public indication that authorities have found anything beyond his admission to implicate him, and his lawyer has said Hernandez is mentally ill.
Jose Ramos
The Pennsylvania inmate, Jose Ramos, was declared responsible for Etan's death in a civil court, but the Manhattan district attorney's office has said there wasn't enough evidence to charge him criminally. After serving 25 years on child molestation convictions in Pennsylvania, he's set to be freed Nov. 7, about a week before prosecutors are due to indicate whether they believe there's evidence enough to keep going after Hernandez.
It stands to be a coincidence fraught with anguish for Etan's parents, who brought a successful wrongful death lawsuit against Ramos, and for the former federal prosecutor who went to lengths to pursue him. At the same time, it offers a glimmer of vindication for Ramos, who has denied involvement in the boy's disappearance, though authorities have said he made incriminating remarks about it.
In a letter last month to The Associated Press, Ramos said he was declining interviews while in prison but will be available to speak after his release.
Etan's disappearance made national news and raised awareness about children's safety, turning him into a symbol for the issue in a now-familiar response: He was among the first vanished youngsters ever pictured on a milk carton. The day of his disappearance, May 25, is now National Missing Children's Day.
After years of investigation as far afield as Israel, an arrest was finally made on the eve of this year's anniversary. Hernandez, who worked at a convenience store near Etan's home when the boy disappeared, wasn't a suspect until a tipster contacted police this spring after the case, long quiet, returned to the headlines when officials dug up a neighborhood basement looking for clues. After his arrest, the New York Police Department announced that Hernandez had admitted strangling the boy and leaving his body in a trash bag.

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