UPDATE 9:25 AM: He’s out at the Daily Beast but CNN has decided not to cut Howard Kurtz loose for his sloppy reporting about NBA player Jason Collins’ coming out. “There has been no status change with Howard Kurtz, he remains the host of Reliable Sources.  He will address this issue on the program this weekend,” a CNN spokesperson said today. No word if the Jeff Zucker-run news network will be renewing Kurtz’s contract as the long time host of the Sunday media show when it is up.
1st UPDATE, THURSDAY PM: Howard Kurtz’s job problems today may not be over. I have learned that CNN is reviewing what happened at the Daily Beastand its Reliable Sources host’s sloppy reporting on NBA player Jason Collins. “Some things have been raised this week and CNN wants to review the situation,” a CNN insider tells me about the cable news network’s relationship with its long time Sunday media show host after the Daily Beast dumped him Thursday. No word yet if that means Kurtz is canned at CNN but the fact that such a discussion is occurring can’t be a good sign.
PREVIOUSLY 1:42 PM: Media critic/reporter Howie Kurtz is the host of CNN’sReliable Sources but he was fired today from his other gig at The Daily Beast for sloppy reporting on pro basketball player Jason Collin’s coming out. “@TheDailyBeast & @HowardKurtz have parted company…”tweeted Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown. At issue was that Kurtz reported wrongly that Collins hadn’t made public he was once engaged to a woman – when he had. The Daily Beast retracted the story on Wednesday. This didn’t seem to rise to the level of a firing offence. According to Kurtz tweets“This was in the works for some time… But as we began to move in different directions, both sides agreed it was best to part company.” Kurtz had been the Washington Post media critic since 1990 but took a buy-out in 2010. He has done double duty on the CNN media show since 1998. In the past Kurtz has been criticized for writing about CNN and hosting the show. As of right now, sources tell me that Kurtz’s CNN gig is secure at the newly Jeff Zucker-run network.

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