August 31, 2018

Russia's Putin Forced to Soften A Little His Dramatic and Unpopular Pension Cuts

 Mr. Alexei Navalny (Can you see what is behind that face?)

Usually Putin doesn't say much when he decries about anything in a way of explanations. But this time the Russian population was having a big problem swallowing the fact they now had to wait 8 more years to retirenment. That is a big increase and only a leader that either has a lot of backing from his constituents or a dictator that can use force to jail and kill the opposition could just say it and do it. But this time Putin had to soften the years by 3 which is not much but I guess it was his gesture from someone who doesn't back down to his people. At the end the Russians have to swallow what ever he throws at them. I wonder if the population knows or suspect how many billions he is got in multiple properties in Russia and much more in dollars, pounds, rubles  and real estate in outside banks. All he had to do is put some money back to the economy like a $billion or so as a way of thanking the Russian population for making a nobody ex KGB middle level spy with not many assets to one of the riches man in the whorld. 

If you like the order that comes from dictators you have to put up with making them rich with the family and many friends. You also have to put up with the jailing with jacked up charges and sometimes dissapearences which means death bcause you never get to see your son or husband ever again. 

I know some don't like to suffere while Putin enjoys your money. One of those is Alexei Nalvany.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has softened his plan for pension reform in response to his falling approval rating and the threat of nationwide protests, reports the AP.
Why it matters: In a rare concession, Putin said the retirement age for women would be raised from 55 to 60, rather than 63 as originally planned. The televised speech in which he announced the partial change illustrates just how unpopular the reforms were, as Putin seldom explains his policy decisions to the public. 

Russian opposition leader and prominent Putin critic Alexei Navalny has been sentenced to 30 days in prison for breaking public protest laws, reports Al Jazeera.
Why it matters: Navalny was convicted in January but sentenced more than six months later, a delay he claims was part of the Russian government's efforts to stop him from leading nationwide protests over pension reformon Sept. 9. Navalny has been jailed several times for organizing protests against Putin and for other charges he says are bogus. He was barred from running for president in January.

The Government of Ortega in Nicaragua Blamed for Deaths and Open Violations of Human Rights

The UN Human Rights Office accused the Nicaraguan government of violating international and human rights laws in a scathing report published on Wednesday. After massive street protests shook the foundations of President Daniel Ortega’s authoritarian regime in April, police and armed parapolice groups cracked down with disproportionate force, including extrajudicial killings, forced disappearances, sexual violence and torture. 
Why it matters: The UN says that Nicaragua’s political crisis has left at least 300 dead and 2,000 injured, among a population roughly equal to that of the D.C. metro area. U.S. and Latin American diplomats worry that the instability could spawn a refugee crisis and create a power vacuum that might be filled by transnational organized crime groups.
Ortega, whose government dismissed the UN report in an official response, says that his country is doing perfectly fine. After repressing peaceful protests in April and May, police and armed shock troops conducted a “cleanup” operation during which they violently removed the barricades and roadblocks erected by protestors across the country. By July, Ortega started claiming victory over “terrorists” and “coup-plotters” and told foreign media that the country’s “normalization” was proceeding apace
By contrast, the UN report shows that the situation in Nicaragua is anything but normal. Most of the deaths occurred during the “cleanup” between April and July. However, the government continues to employ myriad forms of persecution and retaliation in order to silence dissent. Hundreds of Nicaraguans have received terrorism charges and been detained without due process. The “systematic” persecution of dissidents compounded by pro-government intimidation has resulted in "a climate of widespread terror, frustration and despair." Unsurprisingly, the report also notes an exponential increase in Nicaraguan asylum seekers abroad.
What's next: The UN Human Rights Office has called on the Ortega regime to cease the repression and disband the parapolice forces. More notably, it has urged the UN Human Rights Council to consider creating an independent probe into the matter. Such an extraordinary step, if taken, would elevate the crisis in Nicaragua to the same symbolic level as other, more well-known cases — such as Syria's and Gaza's — that have recently been the subject of UN inquiries. Talks between the government and opposition groups have stalled, but increased international scrutiny and diplomatic isolation could help push Ortega back to the negotiating table. 
Mateo Jarquín is a doctoral candidate in the department of history at Harvard University.

A First, Facebook Removed 52 Page Accounts From Myanmar High Army Figures with 12 Million Followers

Image copyright Facebook is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms in Myanmar
A Rohingya ethnic minority man looking at Facebook on his cell phone
 Facebook is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms in Myanmar

A number of high-profile army figures in Myanmar, including the army chief, no longer have Facebook accounts. 
Facebook cancelled their accounts after a UN report called for several leaders to be investigated and prosecuted for genocide over their role in violence against the Rohingya minority and others. 
It's the first time Facebook has banned any country's military or political leader. 
In all, Facebook has removed 18 accounts linked to Myanmar and 52 Facebook pages. One account on Instagram, which Facebook owns, was also closed. 
Between them they were followed by almost 12 million people. 
Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in Myanmar (also called Burma), with more than 18 million users. 
The UN report said that for most users in Myanmar "Facebook is the internet" but that it had become a "useful instrument for those seeking to spread hate".

What was in the UN report?

Its wording was the strongest UN condemnation so far of the military's operations against the Rohingya. 
The military launched a crackdown in Rakhine state last year after Rohingya militants carried out deadly attacks on police posts.
Thousands of people have died and more than 700,000 Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh. There are also widespread allegations of human rights abuses, including arbitrary killing, rape and burning of land. 
The report named six senior military figures, including Myanmar's top commander Min Aung Hlaing, who it said should be investigated for genocide, and called for the case to be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The report had begun its investigations months before the latest crisis, which it said had been "a catastrophe looming for decades".

Who are the Rohingya and why are they so hated?

The Rohingya are one of many ethnic minorities inside Myanmar and make up the largest percentage of Muslims - but they are not officially classed as Burmese citizens. 
The government sees them as illegal immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh, which also denies them citizenship.
A Rohingya girl in Cox's BazaarImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionMany Rohingya have set up refugee camps in nearby Bangladesh
Even the term "Rohingya" is controversial and many in Myanmar avoid using it, instead calling them "Bengali", which reinforces the notion that they are immigrants from Bangladesh. 
The UN report said that over the years, government and military actions against the Rohingya had resulted in "severe, systemic and institutionalised oppression from birth to death". 
The state newspaper has used words like "fleas" to describe them.
Buddhist nationalist groups have also pushed the idea that Rohingya Muslims are a threat, seeking to turn the country to Islam. 

What do people say online about the Rohingya?

Comments describe the Rohingya as dogs, maggots and rapists. Others suggest that they be fed to pigs. 
Some outright condemned Islam, with one Facebook page in Burmese calling for "genocide of all Muslims". 
The BBC's Facebook posts about the Rohingya attracts similar levels of vitriol. Monday's story of the UN report led to multiple comments on the post condemning the Rohingya.
"The Rohingya are Bengalis... they are invaders," said one. "They eat Bengali food, speak Bengali, wear Bengali dress. Burmese people should drive every last Bengali back to Bangladesh." 

What about the army chief?

Commander-in-chief of Myanmar armed forces general Min Aung HlaingImage copyrightAFP
Image captionMin Aung Hlaing is a hugely influential figure in Myanmar
Army chief Min Aung Hlaing had two Facebook accounts. 
According to AFP news agency, one account had 1.3m followers and the other 2.8m followers - a substantial following. His position also means he wields a huge amount of influence.
In a Facebook post, he too referred to Rohingya as "Bengali", saying that Rohingya was a "fabricated" word.
Facebook said his page - along with other banned pages - had "inflamed ethnic and religious tensions."
Image ca
An excerpt taken from Min Aung Hlaing's Facebook postAccording to news site the Myanmar Times, presidential spokesperson U Zaw Htay said that the decision to ban the accounts was made without consulting the government. 
He added that they were "in talks with Facebook to get the accounts back".

An excerpt taken from Min Aung Hlaing's Facebook post

What has Facebook done?

Nothing until now.
This issue is not a new one. In 2014, experts raised the alarm about Facebook's role in spreading hate speech in Myanmar. 
In March, a UN official said Facebook had "turned into a beast" in the country.
The report said Facebook had been "slow and ineffective", in tackling hate speech. The "extent to which Facebook posts and messages have led to real-world discrimination and violence must be independently and thoroughly examined," it said. 
Facebook agreed on Tuesday that it had been "too slow to act", but that it was "making progress - with better technology to identify hate speech, improved reporting tools and more people to review content".
Facebook also acknowledged that many in Myanmar relied on the platform for information, "more so than in almost any other country".

California Voted to Treat The Poor in The Courts The Same as The Rich: No Cash Bonds

 How many thousands you said, your honor? No problem!


California’s newly signed law abolishing money bail makes the livelihoods of thousands of bail bondsmen obsolete – and in Sacramento, which is dotted with colorful figures from the industry, many are frustrated by the move.
There are 3,200 licensed bail bondsmen in the state and the industry accounts for at least 7,000 jobs, according to Maggie Kreins, vice president of the California Bail Agents Association. .
“Bail bondsmen are insurance agents,” said Topo Padilla, president of the Golden State Bail Association and Sacramento bail bondsman. “We issue an insurance policy to the court guaranteeing a person’s appearance in court. If a person fails to appear in court, the bail industry goes out and returns people to the court. If we fail to return the person to court in time, we pay the full amount of the bond.”
The new law, SB 10, replaces the money bail system with a “risk assessment” of an individual’s likelihood of returning for court hearings and their chances of getting arrested again. Those who are deemed “low-risk” would be released with the least restrictive non-monetary conditions possible, while “medium-risk” and “high-risk” defendants could be held awaiting trial. 
"Really and truly a bail bond is nothing more than accountability,” said Greg Padilla, who owns Greg Padilla Bail Bonds in Sacramento. “That’s all it is.”  
The new law faces strong opposition from the bail bond industry, which moved to block the law Wednesday by introducing a referendum drive, asking voters to delay and ultimately overturn SB 10.
“With a stroke of a pen, this bill eliminates the bail bond business,” Topo Padilla said. 
Topo co-owns Greg Padilla Bail Bonds with his father, Greg, who has been in the industry for nearly 40 years.
Bail bonds is a family business for the Padillas, spanning three generations. Greg’s wife, son and grandson work in the bail industry. His son, Leonard Padilla, made an illustrious name for himself as a bail bondsman and led a life that is sometimes stranger than fiction. 
Leonard isn’t chasing people who jumped bail anymore, but his father still runs the business from his storefront directly across the street from the Sacramento County Main Jail.
“By October 1 of next year, we’re gone,” Greg said of SB 10. “So we just have to go find a job.” 
He has 14 full-time employees and two locations in downtown Sacramento. He said he didn’t know how they would fight SB 10 but he know people are looking into ways to do it. 
Tony “The Tiger” Lopez, another notable Sacramento bail bondsman, isn’t sticking around to see what happens. He’s closing up shop. leaving the bail bond business and moving out of state, he said. 
“By next year, it’s over, it’s a wrap, we’re done,” he said.  Lopez has been a bail bondsman for 19 years, taking up the business after a career as a professional boxer where he was a three-time World Boxing Champion.
“Who’s going to chase the people who don’t show up to court?” he said. “If they don’t show up, on my dime and our dime, we chase them . . . Anywhere they go we go, because if we don’t find them we actually pay that bond cost.” 
SB 10 replaces bondsmen with county-funded teams that are responsible for finding people who don’t show up on their court date.
“It’s stupid, there’s no other word for it, it’s just stupid,” he said. 

Google Fights Back and Dismantles Trump's Assertion About The State Of The Union Speech


  • Google has issued a methodical statement dismantling US President Donald Trump's latest attack on it.
  • Trump on Wednesday tweeted a video purportedly showing that Google had not promoted his addresses to Congress even after doing so for President Barack Obama.
  • Google debunked this, with independently archived web pages supporting its statement.

Google is fighting back. 
After President Donald Trump widened his line of attack on the search-engine giant, Google swiftly debunked the US president's latest tweet against it in a methodical statement. 
Using the hashtag "#StopTheBias," Trump posted a video claiming to show that Google had promoted President Barack Obama's State of the Union speeches but ignored Trump's addresses to Congress for the past two years. 
"For years, Google promoted President Obama's State of the Union on its homepage," the 24-second video said. "When President Trump took office, Google stopped." Google disagreed. In a statement sent to journalists on Wednesday, the company said:  
"On January 30 2018, we highlighted the livestream of President Trump's State of the Union on the homepage. 
"We have historically not promoted the first address to Congress by a new President, which is technically not a State of the Union address. As a result, we didn't include a promotion on for this address in either 2009 or 2017." 

There's evidence to support Google ... 

Google's statement is supported by records on the internet-archive website Wayback Machine, which shows that the search engine indeed promoted live coverage of Trump's State of the Union address this year. This was backed up by a screenshot posted to the "r/The_Donald" community on Reddit

GoogleGoogle/Way Back Machine 

... and questions over whether Trump's video was doctored 

Other inconsistencies in Trump's video have been pointed out. BuzzFeed and others noted that the 2016 screenshot in Trump's video appears to feature a Google logo that was ditched in September 2015. The company explained its new look in a blog post

On the left: Google's new logo, unveiled in September 2015. On the right: Trump's video, claiming to show an old logo in 2016.
Google/Donald Trump/Twitter 

Finally, Wayback Machine shows that Google also ran a Cinderella doodle on January 12, 2016. This does not feature in the short video that Trump tweeted.

August 30, 2018

Dave Robinson A Gay GOP Sex Cadet Says Multiple Partners is the Reason For Gay Suicides

Gay GOP official under fire for linking LGBTQ suicide rates to number of sex partners
© Facebook

Dave Robinson, the communications director for the Salt Lake County Republican Party, is facing criticism after he linked suicide rates in the LGBTQ community to the number
 of sexual partners, a person has had.

During a meeting with The Salt Lake Tribune’s editorial board, Robinson, who is gay, recalled a previous conversation he had in which he sought to defend the Republican Party’s relationship with the gay community.

“I said, you can own your own business, you can run for office — I don’t think there’s a better time on this planet in history to be gay than right now,” Robinson said to the Tribune.
Instead of enjoying a celebratory dinner with family recognizing the passage of Historic National Legislation for suicide prevention, I have to react to this.

Mr. Robinson, you do NOT speak for me. Bigotry in any form is unacceptable. Disappointing is not a strong enough word.

When pressed about the high suicide rates among those in the LGBTQ community, Robinson said he thinks “it has more to do with the lifestyle that the gays are leading
 that they refuse to have any scrutiny with.”

He then went on to note that he knows members of the LGBTQ community who have been involved with “over 2,000 sex partners” and said he believes that could be contributing to “some of the self-loathing” in the community that turns people to
committing suicide.

“You talk to some of these people that have had grundles of sex partners and the self-loathing and basically the unhappiness and the self-hatred level is tremendously high,
” he said. “The gay community really needs to start having some conversations
within their community, saying, how is our lifestyle affecting our mental health?”
The communications director also said the increase in the availability of PrEP,
a kind of pre-exposure prophylaxis used to prevent HIV, could be causing an increase in STD rates by causing members of the LGBTQ community to engage in unprotected sex like “bunny rabbits” and leading to mental health issues that can lead to suicide.
Robinson’s remarks prompted criticism from many other Republicans who
denounced his controversial claims.

“I am angry that someone who purports to speak for Republicans has made such inappropriate, inaccurate and hurtful comments,” Salt Lake County Council Chairwoman Aimee Winder Newton said in response to Robinson’s remarks to the Tribune. “This has caused our LGBTQ friends heartache and has been counterproductive in our fight
against suicide.”

Sen. Daniel Thatcher (R) also condemned Robinson’s remarks in a post on Twitter.
“Instead of enjoying a celebratory dinner with family recognizing the passage of Historic National Legislation for suicide prevention, I have to react to this,” Thatcher said on Twitter. “Mr. Robinson, you do NOT speak for me. Bigotry in any form is unacceptable. Disappointing is not a strong enough word.”
Robinson defended his comments after he was notified by the Tribune they would be published on Tuesday.

“I stand by my position that multiple sexual partners lead to increased risk of STD and HIV, which affects one’s mental, physical and financial health, which leads to a higher
 risk of depression which leads to a higher risk of thoughts of suicide which leads to
higher suicide rates,” Robinson told the newspaper in an email.

Let me just add that I know the empty feeling of being younger and letting other guys like you and wanting to be liked and be close to another man without having one of myself.

It is an empty feeling when you have to leave the bed at the certain time because he is finsihed with you or he leaves you alone on your own bed. 

Would someone kill themselves for that reason? I don't know but I do know that guys don't killed themselves because they are wanted and are invited to share someone else's body.

They might do it because nobody wants them but that is another topic.Some like not having strings attached and love!! leaving in the morning and going back to being single.. 

I stopped doing that and was able to settled down because I felt uncomfortable jumping from one to the other. I found someone (the wrong someone but at least I settle down). 

There are other things a gay man goes thru, awful hurtful things like bullying to non acceptance by your parents or your friends....those are the reasons they kill themselves.

Psychiatric associasions have found this type of rejection is conducive to loosing your self esteem and getting lost mentally. I think it's obvious this gay republican never went throught those things otherwise he would not be taking the church (any church) position which is we all go jumping from bed to bed and that bring all the problems. Its not that easy to diagnose suicide. This man is totally wrong and since he is gay and republican I can understand his idiotic thinking.

The Talk That Killer of Wife and Girls (Watts)Had a Double Live Might Be Confirmed by X Male Lover

 A man claiming to be the gay lover of accused US murderer Christopher Watts has told a US media outlet they had a 10-month affair.
Watts, of Colorado, has been charged with killing his pregnant wife, Shannan Watts, and their two young daughters – Bella, 3, and Celeste, 4.
Shanann's body was discovered in a shallow grave about 65km from the family's home in Frederick, a community in the oil and gas fields north of Denver. 
The girls' bodies were recovered from nearby oil tanks.
Watts told investigators that he killed his wife after discovering that she had strangled their daughters, after he told her he wanted to separate.
Watts told investigators that he killed his wife after discovering that she had strangled their two daughters, Bella, three, and Celeste, four, after he told her he wanted to separate.
Watts told investigators that he killed his wife after discovering that she had strangled their two daughters, Bella, three, and Celeste, four, after he told her he wanted to separate. (Facebook)
Now an anonymous man appeared on HLN’s ‘Crime and Justice’ TV show claiming he had met the accused on a dating app.
It comes amid intense media speculation in the US that Christopher Watts, 33, was having an extra-marital affair with a “co-worker” – presumed to be female. But yesterday, the anonymous man told host Ashleigh Banfield he had been approached by Watts in June 2017.
“He reached out to me and messaged me,” the man said.
“It was small talk. He told me his age. He had two daughters.”
Watts, 33, was arrested earlier this month over the slayings of his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, 34, and their two young daughters.
Watts, 33, was arrested earlier this month over the slayings of his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, 34, and their two young daughters. (AAP)
The purported gay lover said Watts’ profile listed him as straight.
“I asked why his profile said straight. He said he was not out and not ready to be out as far as sexuality.”
Court papers released last week revealed investigators had learned Watts was “actively involved in an affair with a co-worker”, something he had denied in police interviews.
Watts worked as an operator at Colorado oil and gas explorers  Andarko Petroleum.
He was fired on August 15, the day of his arrest.
Frank Rzucek the father of Shanann Watts, left, and her brother Frankie Rzucek attended court for Christopher Watts' arraignment hearing at the Weld County Courthouse.
Frank Rzucek the father of Shanann Watts, left, and her brother Frankie Rzucek attended court for Christopher Watts' arraignment hearing at the Weld County Courthouse. (AP/AAP)
The bodies of his wife and daughters were found on property owned by the company.
Court documents stated the girls had been submerged in crude oil for four days.
In the HLN interview, the unidentified man said Christopher Watts talked about his wife before her death and said he had met one of their daughters.
“Bella made a comment… She asked if she could sleep with him and mommy,” he told Banfield. 
“That’s how I found out he was married. I asked why he lied to me. He told me he knew he wouldn’t have a chance with me if he told me he was married. He told me what I wanted to hear.’
A man claiming to be Christopher Watts' gay lover claimed that he and his wife Shannan were having marital troubles.
A man claiming to be Christopher Watts' gay lover claimed that he and his wife Shannan were having marital troubles. (Facebook)
Watts was also critical of his wife, according to the unidentified man.
“He told me his wife was verbally and emotionally abusive,” he said. 
“He told me he didn’t love her. She didn’t love him. I knew something was wrong at home.”
When Banfield asked the man if he thought Christopher Watts had killed his family, he replied that the husband and father should be jailed for the crimes.
“‘I hope he gets convicted and I hope he stays in prison for the rest of his life.’
During a court appearance last week, Watts did not enter a plea to three first-degree murder charges, two counts of killing a child under 12, one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy and three counts of tampering with a deceased human body.
He is due back in court in November.

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