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The hidden truth about all religions is revealed in this award winning documentary video. Please watch, discover and become awake to the lies that you have been told. Listen and watch where religion originates. It takes somebody who is a seminarian or a secular person who takes Religion as one of their credits or is assign to them to get a Masters in certain categories of study to be aware of simple but old truths about religion.

Knowing where a religion originates in my opinion should not affect a person’s faith. On the other hand going around quoting wrong verses of the bible which they learn from mouth to mouth instead of actually being written in the bible. Nothing has more authority than saying god says or the bible says, so eventually when parents wanted their kids to obey their own rules they would say that god commanded or the bible says. Those things have had so much power that still people repeat versus of the bible that are not on the bible, same for Muslims and other religions. There are so many in Judaism that they stop saying it came from their bible instead that this came from “Tradition.” So many observances that they do not come from what we know as the old testament but from “tradition.” In other words this are the ways is being done and there is no reason to change it.

I hope as I give our readers documentaries dealing with philosophy and religions they become more knowleable of the religions. I firmly believe that we have engrained on our DNA a need to believe, to think that we are not alone in this vast Universe but that we have company. People have even invented “guardian angels” and truly believe that they have a guardian angel on back of their shoulders. We asked where was their angel when they lost the house and both legs on the last hurricane? They would say their angel was out to lunch, on vacation or this was a test. 

I personally never understood the test part. I would imagine that it comes from the believe that one is purified just like water, by hitting many rocks along the way. I know that because I have studied the subject and given a lot of thought to it. Most people don’t give much time to the why of things so they are not able to explain why loosing their little son or daughter to a kidnaper and child killer is part of a test to them. If that is a test to them isn’t infinite unfair to the subjects that are being used to test you, One thing is to say a hurricane is testing you another thing is to say god took your kids and make them suffered an infinite painful death just to test their parents? Isn’t there a better way to test than to afflict pain to love ones?

In this film you not going to find the answers to life. Those answers you have to find yourself but at least with this film you will find where all these things that we all talk about and sometimes hold as holly and immaculate,  where they originated because everything has an origin  That is biblical everything has a beginning and an end as in “ the Alpha  and the Omega” the beginning and end. 

If you believe in Jesus no one will stop you but at least you will know where Christianity came from and how much blood has been spilled because of it.

At the end of the film it will give you conclusions based on the facts presented. I hope you will will not be offended but if you are you can explain your point on this story right on this page, not on the Fb or G+ pages where you might find the URL to this blog. But if you note your opinions of the page here on the main site others can add to it and if you ask of the publisher {Adam} I will try to answer it. I will also add something else. Something I seldom comment about and it’s my religious believes.  They are none but I do believe  in something. I think religious believes should be personal and private. A lot of people make their believes public because they are recruiting people. I believe that to be wrong no matter where you think it comes from. It is proven by all the blood ahead when people have try that with someone with opposing views.

 If you are a Christian and believe that because you believe you read in the bible, again you most know that not everything in the bible applies to today. It’s impossible. That is why we can eat shrimp today when the bible says you can’t. You have to first know the reason of why not, which is the same reason that Paul tells Timothy to drink a lot of wine because he is known to have stomach problems. On the shrimp it was because also because of health. It’s called food poisoning. They had no ice and no refrigeration. We have that now. With the wine you had unclean waters from streams and other places. Wine had been purified by fermentation and the alcohol as the by product was beneficial as we know today. You might get a hang over but you will not get poisoned by it.

Coming back to my faith, I believe in god but not as  a persona but rather a power or electricity that powers our brains and everything in the universe. I don’t know how that power feels or thinks but I do believe that this power is the one that gave us electricity to power up our brains when we were born and it powers it out when we die. As you know you can’t destroy or kill electricity it it does not end. You can’t kill it. You can control to a small degree and move it from one place to the other. That’s about my religious believe. As of names, I don’t think that as important. Call it god or the power like in “ Star wars.” After studying divinity and being a student and a 3 yr graduate of a small independent Pentecostal bible Institute I came to the conclusion that religion is the worse illness that has afflicted this world. Why? Like any illness I count the casualties “directly” related to it. 

 The ram, age of the ram

Come watch this film with me and see what you think. If you have doubts about any facts here, we have today what the millennial’s have discover to repudiate a lot of their parents religious beliefs: Google and the internet. You can always check facts. All you have to do is be careful from the source. Non religious Universities and sometimes certain branches of government can be a good source to check certain facts. Museums and sites sponsored by them are also a good source. 

Come don’t be afraid to find facts. The film has different parts that run consecutive and seem to connect seamless. Enjoy!

“May the power be with you”

Adam Gonzalez, Publisher of adamfoxie* blog International                                     


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