The Man in an Orange Shirt aired over the weekend, and it was almost universally loved by critics and viewers alike.
The two-part drama that told two love stories 60 years apart was touching to watch, and the BBC didn’t shy away from showing every aspect of gay life, and that included airing a graphic sex scene.
While this didn’t seem to bother many, The Daily Mail felt the need to criticize the broadcaster for their inclusion of the scene – because God forbid viewers at home find out that, yes, gay men have sex.
“Viewers who tuned into part two of Man In An Orange Shirt expecting more mawkish period drama were met with graphic and sordid sex scenes instead,” wrote critic Christopher Stevens in his TV recap.
“Few, I suspect, watched until the end.”
Apparently, Christopher couldn’t get past having to watch two men have sex on screen for less than 30 seconds in order to appreciate the important message behind the two-part series. Masculinity is such a fragile thing.
We had no idea gay sex was still considered so “sordid”….
Take a look at what the TV critic was so angry about below:
Who wants to bet that if it was a heterosexual couple having sex the Daily Mail wouldn’t have batted any eyelash…
Wake up sweetie, it’s 2017.