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July 17, 2018

Ads From Franklyn Graham Pulled on UK DoubleDecker Buses After Backlash

 Blackpool Transport has decided to remove the adverts promoting the controversial Festival of Hope at the Winter Gardens after a public backlash 

Bus chiefs have scrapped adverts promoting a controversial preacher’s visit to Blackpool after a public backlash. Banner adverts have appeared on Blackpool Transport’s Palladium fleet promoting the Festival of Hope at the Winter Gardens, which will feature American evangelist Franklin Graham in September. 

Franklin Graham Blackpool Pride canceled its two-day festival booking at the Winter Gardens, held in June, in protest at Graham’s appearance while MPs Gordon Marsden and Paul Maynard urged then-Home Secretary Amber Rudd to investigate whether Graham should be denied a visa. In 2014, Graham suggested the devil is behind LGBT rights and activism, saying ‘when he [the President] fails to defend biblically defined marriage, and he openly and zealously advocates for gay rights... we know we are locked in a war against the Christian faith, not culture’. He added: “The architect behind this offensive is none other than Satan himself.” 

He has also been accused of making anti-Islamic comments. A spokesman for Blackpool Transport said: “Blackpool Transport has recently been made aware of an advert in place on the side of some of our double-decker buses.

 “In light of customer feedback and reactions on social media which has resulted in heightened tension, we have taken the decision to remove all adverts relating to the ‘Time for Hope’ Festival with immediate effect.

 We will reimburse any income back to the advertising company. “We work with multiple advertisers and third-parties and in no way do we endorse or support any advertisement which is placed on our vehicles. Jane Cole, Managing Director at Blackpool Transport, said “The removal of these adverts is as a result of us listening and acting on customer and public feedback which we aim to do at all times. “Blackpool Transport is a proud ongoing supporter of the Pride and LGBT+ communities and in no way did we intend to cause any distress or upset.” “All buses carrying the advert will remain off the road until they have been removed. The Festival of Hope event is due to take place on September 21-23. 

February 26, 2018

Billy Graham Opposed Civil Right Laws Instead Followed Politics in Place of Christ

Very few News orgs will tell you the bad side of Billy Graham. Why? His followers happen to be the followers of Trump and they are vocal if anything else. The closest to god an individual might be, the closes to the truth as per the gospels  he is but that truth preached in the New Testament does not appy to Republicans and even some Democrats in the 30-45% of voters who have supported Trump at one time or another. If a guy talks their thruth then there is no more truth even if it opposes their blible.  Reverend Greer with NBC and myself will exxplain why such a statement is true. Adam

While the Rev. Graham’s message often spoke of love, acceptance, and mercy, its reach must be felt far beyond an individual human heart, a single race of people and particular sexual orientation or gender identity... Or else you’re hardly giving your life to Jesus Christ as much as to a partisan worldview parading around as Christian piety.
From an early age, I was drawn to the glamour and excitement of the religious venues and personalities that dotted the area of Texas in which I grew up — in the shadow of Bishop T.D. Jakes’s Potter’s House, Jan and Paul Crouch’s TBN studios, and Benny Hinn’s annual healing crusades — which makes me wonder why I didn’t attend Billy Graham’s “Metroplex Mission” in October 2002 when I was 12.
Graham had held a crusade at the same Dallas Cowboys stadium 31 years prior (one of its earliest and most sought after names) My mother, who was 12 at the time and living in the area, didn’t attend that one either. At that time, de facto segregation was the rule of schools, churches, and businesses throughout much of the land, so it wouldn’t have occurred to her to attend.
Much of Graham’s preaching focused not on the pressing issues of his time — other than mentioning from time to time the Cold War — but on personal conversion and salvation. This homiletical orientation represented the logic of Southern Baptist ministers and lay people of his generation: Social transformation only comes through individuals “giving their life to Jesus Christ.”
This posture exposes one of white evangelical Protestantism’s sharp edges: The elevation of individual religious experience trumps concern for systemic injustices. This led Graham, at the height of the civil rights movement, to accuse “some extreme Negro leaders [of] going too far and too fast.” That logic was an inevitable result of Southern Baptists and other evangelical Protestants losing their cultural battles against evolution, integration and reproductive justice throughout the 20th century. And, for a generation, white evangelical Protestants were told by their leaders to withdraw from the broader American culture — a tightrope Graham walked carefully. While his message was one of individual salvation instead of societal power, his personal relationship with every U.S. president from Eisenhower to Obama showed that not even he was exempt from the allure of American politics.
Then, during the late 1970s, emboldened by President Carter’s threat to strip “segregation academies” of federal subsidies, white evangelical Protestants across the South began expanding their pulpits from local churches to national platforms like television, political action committees and groups like Moral Majority and Focus on the Family. Through their vast political and ecclesial networks, they delivered their congregants into the hands of Republican politicians like Ronald Reagan, departing from the cultural withdrawal of their evangelical forebears.
Graham’s sermons and columns at the time reflected that same shift, as he took an increasingly hostile stance against the rights of LGBTQ persons. (The elder’s Graham’s shift eventually opened the way for his son, Franklin, to join forces with other members of the Religious Right to support and elect Donald Trump as president of the United States in 2016.) 
Graham’s selective withdrawal from and engagement with politics reflected the general trends of the white evangelical cultures of his time, especially their understanding of the connections between personal salvation and social transformation.
Historically, Christianity has held in tension various approaches to cultural domination, withdrawal and transformation. Some Christians have sought holiness through withdrawal (nuns, monks, the Amish), others through domination (the Inquisition, the Crusades, colonization, settlement schools) and yet others through progressive social transformation (Quakers advocating for abolition, black southern Christians fighting for civil rights, the Moral Mondays movement). Those preoccupied with personal salvation have often found themselves unconcerned by systemic evil; those preoccupied with social transformation have often found themselves unconcerned with personal evil; and those preoccupied with domination have found themselves concerned with painting those not in their camp as evil and deserving of a sort of heavy-handed spiritual domestication.
Graham was definitely in  His opposition to the civil rights movement’s tactics of transformative disruption, his alignment with the political Religious Right and his failure to preach against the horrors of church-based homophobia and sexism demonstrate the limitations of relegating the gospel of Jesus Christ to little more than eternal fire insurance. Over Graham’s lengthy public ministry, white evangelical Protestants adjusted, wedding themselves socially and politically to a form of religion that theologian Dorothee Sölle referred to as “Christofascism”: The perpetuation of a societal status quo in which Christians maintain power, frame the aim of Christianity as a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ” and retain all the ills of white Christian society like patriarchy, colonization, and heterosexism.
Under Graham and other evangelical leaders’ watch, white evangelical Protestantism has evolved into a hyper-nationalistic, militaristic and xenophobic corner of American Christianity. That is unfortunately one of the byproducts of his ministry: It is less about his followers’ personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and more the domination they try to extend in His name.
Because of this, Christians of all churches and people of goodwill throughout the U.S. and the world must be vigilant about the power that evangelicals continue to accrue, how our national policies in places like Palestine and Israel might be impacted by their nihilistic eschatological visions informed by Tim LeHaye’s “Left Behind” book series and how the educational, economic and political well-being of black communities and other communities of color is habitually attacked by centrist and right-leaning policies.
While the Rev. Graham’s message often spoke of love, acceptance, and mercy, its reach must be felt far beyond an individual human heart, a single race of people and particular sexual orientation or gender identity. Or else you’re hardly giving your life to Jesus Christ as much as to a partisan worldview parading around as Christian piety.
ByThe Reverend Broderick Greer a priest on staff at Saint John's Cathedral in Denver, where he oversees liturgy and young adult ministry.

February 23, 2018

Billy Graham Leaves a Legacy of Pain and No Hope to The LGBT Community

I don't know if this is an issue that only touches LGBT but whether that is true or not, the truth has to be told.
Billy Graham chats with a Miango woman and a little boy near the Miango village in Eastern Nigeria on Feb. 19, 1960. (AP Photo)
Intro: What does that picture tell you?
 There is a  woman with her young boy carrying wood probably to cook and keep warm at night. She has a big load of wood on her head. Next, to her, you have an American missionary which looks like he is wearing working suit in the scorching desert. A little past these three people there is a late year Chevorlet (1960). The woman is not being offered help with her load nor a ride in the pretty new car. The man has a new testament on her hands and the American man is teaching her about a new god that needs her to repent and serve him by helping build a church. What would she get? She will get happiness, peace and the knowledge than when she died she is going to go to the Nigeria in heaven and have all the burning wood she can carry. The woman asks what will happen to her mom who died a few months back and her first daughter only being 4 years old. She was told no one can do anything about that nor her daughter since she was not baptized but because of it, she needed to have a sense of responsibility to tell everyone about this god so it won't be on her shoulders the eternal death of others. The woman asked if she still needs to carry all that wood? She is told that she will be expected to carry more wood for her and the new church. But not to worry because this new god will give more strength to carry the extra wood. Adam
Evangelicals across the country are mourning the death of Billy Graham, an influential preacher who died in his home in Montreat, North Carolina, on Wednesday. But while some are celebrating his legacy, others are grappling with the lasting damage his actions have done to their communities.
Over the course of Graham's 99 years of life, he reached millions of Christians around the world and had an outsized impact on the national political landscape. For many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people, however, Graham was a crusader against them, one whose efforts shaped the religious right into an anti-LGBTQ political force.

 In 1950, Graham began the weekly "Hour of Decision" radio program broadcast on more than 700 stations around the world. He is seen here circa 1955. Keystone / Getty Images File

"Graham was perhaps the most important figure foundation-builder for the evangelical coalition that came together in the late 1970s as the Christian Right," Heather White, a visiting assistant professor of religion at the University of Puget Sound, told NBC News. "He helped unite factionalized fundamentalists, hippie Jesus people, and conservative-leaning white Mainline Protestants into an evangelical coalition."
White said Graham also helped connect this coalition to "the political process in general and to the Republican party in particular, especially through his support for Nixon in the 1960s."
Graham himself had few specific words on LGBTQ people, at least when compared to the rest of his expansive canon, but his disapproval of homosexuality was unequivocal.
“Let me say this loud and clear!” Graham responded to a young woman who wrote to him in 1974 confessing her love for another woman. “We traffic in homosexuality at the peril of our spiritual welfare.” This was after Graham had claimed homosexuality to be a “sinister form of perversion” that was contributing to the decay of civilization, according to the book “Martin Luther King Jr., Homosexuality, and the Early Gay Rights Movement” by Michael G. Long. 
Graham also spoke out on the subject of the AIDS crisis, telling a record-breaking crowd of 44,300 in Cooper Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, in 1993, “Is AIDS a judgment of God? I could not be sure, but I think so.”
Graham quickly retracted those remarks, telling a reporter at the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he regretted the comments. "To say God has judged people with AIDS would be very wrong and very cruel. I would like to say that I am very sorry for what I said."
Perhaps this incident is the best analog for his impact on LGBTQ rights: This was a man who, advocates argue, may not have been extremely outspoken on LGBTQ people, but he left behind an institutional apparatus that has done structural damage to the community.
His organization, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is part of that institutional apparatus. Now spearheaded by his son Franklin Graham, it has provided a platform for virulent homophobia and support for anti-LGBTQ initiatives.
On the organization's website, Franklin Graham has claimed Satan is behind LGBTQ rights and activism, has said there is “no place for compromise” on same-sex marriage and has praised Russian leaderswho he said have "stood steadfastly against the rising homosexual agenda in their country." 
Garrard Conley, the author of “Boy Erased,” a memoir in which he recounts his experiences in conversion therapy in Arkansas, said Graham’s rhetoric was frequently employed in the liturgy he encountered and in the camp where he was told he could be “cured” of homosexuality.
"I grew up hearing Graham's name referenced in almost every church service, and when I was sent to conversion therapy, his evangelical fire was the model for our change,” he said. “Though many saw Graham as a loving influence, his legacy has been harmful to queer individuals.”
“Don't just take my word for it,” Conley added. “Graham called homosexuality 'a sinister form of perversion,' and never appears to have changed his thoughts on the matter."  
Graham's legacy, whether he approved of it or not, includes substantial work in marrying American evangelicalism with the Republican right. This relationship continues to shape the country. Ahead of the 2016 presidential election, his son and heir apparent, Franklin Graham, urged his following to “hold your nose and go vote” for Trump following the release of the Access Hollywood tape in which Trump was heard making his infamous remarks on women.
Partisan divides aside, both President Trump and former president Barack Obama expressed their condolences on the day of Graham’s passing. Though disagreements over how to frame Graham's lifetime of work are vehement, his towering status in the realm of American culture can't be denied.
Toward the end of his life, Graham expressed regret for getting involved in politics, saying in a 2011 interview with Christianity Today he should have "steered clear" of the topic and admitting he "sometimes crossed the line" in that capacity. But much like his sermon in Columbus where he condemned the victims of AIDS, many believe the damage has already been done.
by John Paul Brammer

January 23, 2017

In Ghana Preacher Says if Dogs Don’t Do it, Gays Shouldn’t Either

 This might not be an everyday occurrence but as you can see it happens. Many people know that there are Penguins and  member of other species that voluntarily in an regular basis go male to male.

The founder and Presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International in Ghana, pastor Dag Heward-Mills has caused massive controversy in South Africa over a sermon on homosexuality.

Bishop Heward-Mills who was preaching at a well-known church in Soweto, the Grace Bible Church described homosexual as “unnatural” and “unbiblical.”

“…You don’t find two male dogs, two male cats, or two male lions…even lizards, two male elephants, there is nothing like that in nature, it is unnatural, yes, there is nothing like that.”

But his sermon angered a popular South African choreographer and radio personality Somizi Mhlongo who is also a known homosexual.

He stormed out of the service and later posted a video on Instagram saying he wasn’t going to sit there and be offended. The video has been viewed more than 62,000 times and has attracted almost 1,000 comments.

Mr Mhlongo said the congregation had been cheering as the Ghanaian pastor said homosexuality was “sinful and disgusting”.

“This is who I am. I am a gay man. Get it into your skull. My soul is all right with my God.

“I’m disappointed at all the gay men and women who sat there and listened to him offending us and didn’t do anything about it. I walked out and visibly so,” Mr. Mhlongo said.

Learning lesson:  If you are a gay man/lesbian do not just sit there while anyone, anyone disrespects you because you are gay. They can be what ever they want to be, a gay person does not need to be respectful of someone who demean him/her because they think they have their bible right or their feelings towards gays are more important that a gay human being. if someone does not like gays, don’t be around them. As in public places no one has the right to demean someone else.
This disrespectful, ignorant pastor does not know the difference between a dog and a human being but for everyone’s information, dogs, penguins, ducks, fish, etc. do it too. Get educated!!

September 10, 2016

Anglican Archbishop Calls for Denial of Entrance to SAfrica to US GayHater Pastor

 Preacher Anderson after encounter with Arizona Border Patrol in 2009. Where ever Anderson goes he finds trouble. When you are telling strangers that they are dirty and need cleaning and are going to hell that goes way beyond the conduct of a man towards the strangers minding their own business around him. 

Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Njongonkulu Ndungane has called on the South African government to deny entry to the country to controversial American pastor‚ Steven Anderson‚ who has an openly anti-gay stance. 

Ndungane made the call on Thursday night after Anderson apparently labelled the Minister of Home Affairs‚ Malusi Gigaba‚ a “sodomite” in a video broadcast.

Anderson‚ of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in the US‚ is outspoken in his anti-gay views and achieved notoriety when he welcomed the tragic Orlando gay night-club shooting earlier this year as having “rid the world of 50 sodomites”.

He is full of hatred, he should write his own bible to suit him better. If you listen to him you will develop an urge to punch someone….he usually is the one that gets punch

Gigaba weighing up options after call to bar controversial hate speech pastor 
Ndungane said: “Our Constitution‚ of which we are all immensely proud‚ makes it quite clear that there will be no discrimination against people of a different sexuality. Neither does it allow hate speech in South Africa. How‚ then‚ can we allow such an openly homophobic and anti-gay person the right to speak on public platforms in our country?”

Ndungane said he failed to see the logic of refusing entry to a human rights activist such as the Dali Lama‚ as the government had done previously‚ and yet allowing someone such as Anderson entry‚ albeit with conditions.

“South Africa is a society facing many challenges‚ including that of poverty. We don’t need to have a man such as Pastor Anderson stirring up conflict and division through hate speech. I therefore call on Minister Gigaba to deny him entry to the country.

“I also call on Pastor Anderson to immediately apologise to Minister Gigaba for having insulted him on his video. He would do well to learn from the African concept of ubuntu‚ in which we respect others even if we differ from them.

“Clearly‚ Pastor Anderson has yet to experience the liberating freedom of the love of Jesus Christ‚ a man who accepted all people without reservation‚” the Archbishop Emeritus added.

Ndungane has been actively outspoken in the worldwide Anglican communion in defense of gay rights‚ and in moves to get the church to be more accepting of gay people.

March 13, 2012

Anti-Gay Preacher’s Band Shocks Students

 Controversial preacher Bradlee Dean delivers a prayer on the Minnesota House floor. 

When anti-gay preacher Bradlee Dean opens his mouth, controversy usually follows. And a performance at an Iowa high school late last week proved no different.
Dean’s band — Junkyard Prophet, a Christian heavy metal/rap group — performed at Dunkerton High School on Thursday and then split the audience up into several groups: boys, girls and teachers. They reportedly told the girls that they would have mud on their wedding dresses if they weren’t virgins, advised them to take a submissive role in their marriages and showed images of aborted fetuses.
Those at the school who walked out on the program were mocked and shouted down, the WCF Courier reports.
On Thursday, students passed around a petition to ban the group and others like it from performing at the school. According to the WCF Courier, another petition circulated Friday asking the school’s gay community to stop complaining.
Dean has spoken out frequently against gay rights. He made national headlines last year when he delivered a prayer on the Minnesota House floor that questioned President Obama’s faith.
Students told the La Crosse Tribune that a number of students at the program left crying. Superintendent Jim Stanton told the student body that the group’s “opinion about intolerance” is “not in line with the beliefs of the Dunkerton Community Schools.” Dean’s group has performed at the school before, but it appears the message was mellower then.
Stanton told TPM that the school is trying to “move forward” after the performance last week. The school system is developing an “action plan,” including a committee of students, teachers, administration staff and parents that will screen all performers before they are welcomed to the school. The school is offering counseling for students. And the district is trying to recover the money it paid the band.
Dean is scheduled to hold a community conversation at a church in Elk Run Heights, Iowa on Monday night. The organization had some booking issues after the Dunkerton Community Hall’s board members voted not to allow the group to perform at their venue. Jake MacAulay, who co-hosts a radio show with Dean and is a spokesman for Dean’s ministry, told TPM that the response has been a “shocking surprise.” Dean and MacAulay will react to the public firestorm at the event, according to a release.
“We’ve learned from this,” Stanton said. “It will never happen again.”

David Taintor is the Front Page Editor at TPM, where he contributes to TPM's Livewire coverage, among other areas. David is from Chanhassen, Minnesota, where, yes, it gets very cold. Reach him at taintor [at]

August 1, 2011

The Power of a Piece of "Meat"

"During this Sunday Service in church, a priest gave the following sermon:

Dear Brothers and Sisters !!!!!

Today I want to talk about a Piece of MEAT.

YES.....THAT Piece of MEAT !!!!!! Sometimes strong and hard, sometimes loose.

That Piece of MEAT that separates brothers and sisters!!!!! Men and Women. !!!!!!!

That Piece of MEAT that causes Husbands and Wives to divorce!!!

That Piece of MEAT that causes hatred and jealousy between brothers.!!!!

That Piece of MEAT that causes women to fight with women,

It is that Piece of MEAT that is sometimes outside and sometimes more inside than outside .

Beloved brothers and sisters,

It is that Piece of MEAT that can give so much pain, but it also brings a lot of UNBELIEVABLE PLEASURE !

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, that's the Piece of MEAT, I want to talk to you about : -

WHICH IS .............................. ...............


THE TONGUE !!!!!!!!!
Written by acer 

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