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June 3, 2013

Your Marriage is NOT Affair Proof } Rules of Romance!

When you feel threatened by a partner’s relationship outside the marriage, speak up. You can’t stamp out his desire for others, nor can you stop her from being unfaithful. But that doesn’t mean that you have to shut up, or blind yourself to a potential threat, or take no position at all about your partner seeing a person who may be a temptation.
In my own marriage, the unspoken rules for “outside relationships” have varied with our age and stage of life. As a couple in our twenties in Berkeley, I was quick to encourage Steve to hang out or go to the movies with female friends, both because I thought nothing possibly could happen (he was too high-integrity a guy) and because I believed that couples should never constrain the freedom of their loved one, where outside friendships were concerned.
Fast forward a few decades, and we’re quite different. Neither of us are paranoid maniacs, nor do we deny or try to prevent the reality of outside attractions. But at several points in our marriage we’ve said “no” to one or the other continuing an outside “friendship” because we sensed it was going to end up at the expense of our marriage, even if the other denied it.

As I say in Marriage Rules, never take monogamy on faith.
The reason many couples make a vow to “forsake all others” in front of their community of family friends, is simply because it’s so hard to maintain. Humans are not “naturally” monogamous. It’s a myth that you can swear your partner to monogamy, or keep him or her faithful by being the best lover and most gorgeous, devoted person in the world In the realm of sheer physical attraction, no long-term partner can ever compete with the idea of someone new. Let’s just say that affairs wash the brain in chemicals that trigger an altered, obsessive “high” against which marriage has little chance, erotically speaking.
The paradox is that affairs are more likely to occur with couples that assume their marriage is affair-proof. The problem with taking monogamy on faith—even when, or especially when, your partner says, “I’d never be attracted to anyone but you, honey”—is that you will put yourself to sleep. You won’t be awake to a real threat to your marriage, or even to the simple fact that your partner is a sexual being and outside attractions can’t be stamped out of existence.
So what to do? There no one “rule” that fits all. Many couples have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about outside attractions. Other couples choose an “open marriage,” usually with a set of rules to go along with it. (No sleeping with the same person twice, not with anyone in our friendship group, etc.)
No expert has the right to assume they know what boundaries are best for a particular couple. But if your commitment is to fidelity (my bias, for sure), speak up when you feel a threat. Don’t be afraid to set limits on a particular outside relationship when your gut tells you that your partner could be tempted.

December 27, 2011

New Book on Nixon} The Most Corrupt and Homophobic President Was Having Gay Relationship with Bebe Rebozo


More personal scandal than Watergate? Richard Nixon with Bebe Rebozo at Key Biscayne, Florida
More personal scandal than Watergate? Richard Nixon with Bebe Rebozo at Key Biscayne, Florida
He carpet-bombed Cambodia, spewed out anti-Semitic slurs and crude misogynistic jokes in the White House and smeared his political opponents with ruthless 'dirty tricks' campaigns.
And, of course, he lied to his country about his involvement in the Watergate scandal and went down in history as America's shiftiest, darkest President.
Given everything that Richard Nixon has been accused of, it's difficult to believe there could be any more skeletons left in his cupboard. But it seems there are.
A new biography by Don Fulsom, a veteran Washington reporter who covered the Nixon years, suggests the 37th U.S. President had a serious drink problem, beat his wife and — by the time he was inaugurated in 1969 — had links going back two decades to the Mafia, including with New Orleans godfather Carlos Marcello, then America's most powerful mobster.
Yet the most extraordinary claim is that the homophobic Nixon may have been gay himself. If true, it would provide a fascinating insight into the motivation and behaviour of a notoriously secretive politician.
Fulsom argues that Nixon may have had an affair with his best friend and confidant, a Mafia‑connected Florida wheeler-dealer named Charles 'Bebe' Rebozo who was even more crooked than Nixon.
The book, Nixon's Darkest Secrets, is out next month — by coincidence at the same time as the UK release of a new film directed by Clint Eastwood about another supposed closet gay among Washington's 20th-century hard men.
But while FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover, played in Eastwood's film by Leonardo DiCaprio, allegedly had an affair with his squeaky-clean deputy Clyde Tolson, Nixon's supposed secret paramour was a very different character.
Bebe Rebozo was a short, swarthy,  good-looking Cuban-American businessman with a history of failed relationships with women and close alliances with Miami's Mafia chiefs.


The veteran TV newsman Dan Rather recalled how Rebozo 'transmitted the sense of great sensuality', paying tribute to his 'magnetic' personality and 'beautiful eyes'.
Fulsom uses recently revealed documents and eyewitness interviews — including with FBI agents — to shed new light on long-standing suspicions among White House insiders that Nixon may have been more than just good buddies with Rebozo.
He claims Nixon's relationship with Pat, his wife of 53 years, was little more than a sham. A heavy drinker whom his own staff dubbed 'Our Drunk', Nixon used to call his First Lady a 'f***ing bitch' and beat her before, during and after his presidency, says Fulsom.
Richard Nixon hugs his wife, Pat, as they leave Republican headquarters in Los Angeles to return to their hotel following his election victory
Richard Nixon hugs his wife, Pat, as they leave Republican headquarters in Los Angeles to return to their hotel following his election victory
The pair had separate bedrooms at the White House — and in Key Biscayne, the exclusive resort near Miami where Nixon holidayed, Mrs Nixon didn't even sleep in the same building. Rebozo, however, was in the house next door.
Fulsom claims one of Nixon's former military aides had a secret job 'to teach the President how to kiss his wife' so they would look like a convincing couple.
How much of this can we believe? Nixon died in 1994 and his reputation is pretty much irredeemable. As with Eastwood's Hoover film, there is no definitive proof, but plenty of 'supporting evidence'.
Fulsom quotes a former Time magazine reporter who, at a Washington dinner, bent down to pick up a fork and saw the two holding hands under the table. It was, the reporter judged, sufficiently intimate to suggest 'repressed homosexuality'.
Another journalist related how, loosened up by drink, Nixon once put his arm around Rebozo 'the way you'd cuddle your senior prom date. Something was fishy there'.
Henry Kissenger is believed to have resented the way Rebozo would fly on Air Force One, the Presidential plane, wearing a blue U.S. Navy flight jacket bearing the President's seal and with his name stitched on it
Henry Kissenger is believed to have resented the way Rebozo would fly on Air Force One, the Presidential plane, wearing a blue U.S. Navy flight jacket bearing the President's seal and with his name stitched on it
But who exactly was Bebe Rebozo, and how did a shady Florida businessman of unclear sexual leanings end up as the bosom friend of one of the most paranoid and buttoned-up political leaders of the 20th century?
Born two months before Nixon in 1912, Charles Gregory Rebozo was the son of a Cuban cigar-maker and, as the youngest of nine, was stuck with the nickname 'Bebe'.
He came from poverty but worked his way up through property speculation and then banking. According to the FBI, he had close links with Mob bosses such as Santo Trafficante, the Tampa Godfather, and Alfred 'Big Al' Polizzi, a stooge of Meyer Lansky, the Cosa Nostra's financial brains.
By the 1960s, an FBI agent was describing Rebozo as a 'non- member associate of organised crime figures'. He bought land in Florida with a business partner who was believed to be a front for some of the most powerful Mafiosi.
When Rebozo started his own bank in Florida in 1964, Nixon — then a lawyer — wielded a golden shovel at the ground-breaking ceremony and became its first depositor.
According to Mafioso Vincent  Teresa, the bank was used by the Mob to launder stolen cash. It hardly seems possible that Nixon, who pledged to make fighting organised crime a priority of his presidency, could not have known of his best friend's Mafia links.
Nixon had just won one of California's U.S. Senate seats when he first met Rebozo in 1950. Fearing Nixon was facing a nervous breakdown, fellow Senator George Smathers suggested a holiday in Florida and enlisted his old school friend Rebozo to show the socially awkward Nixon a good time.
Their first jaunt together — in Rebozo's 33ft fishing boat — did not go well. Rebozo later complained that Nixon just sat reading papers and, according to his host, barely said half a dozen words to him.
Smathers said Rebozo later told him: 'Don't ever send that son of a bitch Nixon down here again. He's a guy who doesn't know how to talk, doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't chase women... he can't even fish.'
But Rebozo persevered — and according to a cynical Smathers, Nixon's rising stardom in Washington and the potential influence it offered 'had a lot to do with it'.
In months, the pair were inseparable, holidaying with Nixon's wife Pat — and without her. Rebozo became an 'uncle figure' to the Nixons' two daughters, Tricia and Julie. The dapper Cuban-American chose Nixon's clothes and even selected the films he watched at the White House.
President Richard Nixon (left) says goodbye to family and staff in the White House East Room on August 9, 1974
President Richard Nixon (left) says goodbye to family and staff in the White House East Room on August 9, 1974

On Nixon's solo visits to Key Biscayne, they swam and sunbathed, indulging in their shared passions for discussing Broadway musicals and barbecuing steaks.
Both men were also extremely secretive, and their relationship — described as the 'most important unsolved mystery in Nixon's life' — was kept so discreet that the New York Times did not mention it for nearly 20 years.
Observers noticed their intimacy became most apparent when they were drunk. An aide recalled them playing a game called King of the Pool at Key Biscayne: 'It was late at night, the two men had been drinking. Nixon mounted a rubber raft in the pool while Rebozo tried to turn it over. Then, laughing and shouting, they'd change places.'
They were seen together at the same British-themed hostelries in the Key: the English Pub, where they drank beer from tankards engraved with their names, and the Jamaica Inn, where they ate at a discreet booth.
Both spots were owned by another businessman with Mob links and the secret service asked Nixon to find another place to eat.
Why the President's minders didn't raise alarms about Rebozo's Mafia connections has puzzled experts, but they probably didn't dare. When a New York newspaper investigated Rebozo's Mob links in the 1970s, its staff suddenly found themselves under secret service surveillance.
A White House aide once dismissed Rebozo's role as 'the guy who mixed the Martinis', but he was far more important than that.
Richard Nixon died on April 22, 1994, four days after suffering a major stroke in New York. He was 81
Richard Nixon died on April 22, 1994, four days after suffering a major stroke in New York. He was 81
When Nixon became President, Rebozo got his own office and bedroom at the White House, and a security clearance that allowed him to go in and out without being logged by the secret service. Using a false name, says Fulsom, Rebozo even got into Nixon's hotel suite during a trip to Europe.
The President's closest colleagues complained at the way Rebozo monopolised Nixon's time. General Alexander Haig, his last chief of staff, is said to have imitated Rebozo's 'limp wrist' manner and joked that Rebozo and Nixon were lovers.
According to Fulsom, Henry Kissinger resented the way Rebozo would fly on Air Force One, the Presidential plane, wearing a blue U.S. Navy flight jacket bearing the President's seal and with his name stitched on it.
Away from Nixon's side, Rebozo surrounded himself with glamorous women and threw Miami parties that descended into orgies, but was it all a front?
Aged 18, Rebozo reportedly enjoyed an 'intense' affair with a young man, Donald Gunn. He later wed Gunn's teenage sister. The marriage lasted four years and, according to his wife, was never consummated.
Rebozo didn't marry again until middle age, when he entered what Newsweek magazine described as an 'antiseptic' alliance with his lawyer's secretary. 'Bebe's favourites are Richard Nixon, his cat — and then me,' the lady complained later. A fellow Miami resident told Nixon biographer Anthony Summers that Rebozo was definitely part of the city's gay community.
Summers and co-writer Robbyn Swan, however, question whether there is enough evidence to suggest Nixon was gay. 'They held hands on occasion, and both men had problems with consummating physical relationships with women, but we found no evidence that Nixon was actively homosexual,' Summers told me this week.
Physical or not, Nixon's attraction to Rebozo has struck many as politically reckless. Nixon expert Professor Fawn Brodie couldn't understand how he would be 'willing to risk the kind of gossip that frequently accompanies close friendship with a perennial bachelor'. After all, she added, Nixon was, in public, a virulent gay-hater.
When Walter Jenkins, a trusted aide to President Lyndon Johnson, was caught providing sexual favours to a retired sailor in a YMCA lavatory, Nixon denounced him as 'ill'. People who suffered this 'illness', he added, 'cannot be in places of high trust'.
Rebozo was certainly in a position of 'high trust', and not only because he was a key fundraiser. He was with Nixon when he announced his successful run for President and again in June 1972 when Nixon learned that five men hired by the White House to break into the Watergate building had been arrested.
'We were swimming at Key Biscayne in front of my house,' Rebozo recalled. 'They came out and told him. He said: "What in God's name were they doing there?" We laughed and forgot about it.'
Rebozo also ended up being investigated by the Watergate committee, which found that a £64,000 cash contribution from the industrialist Howard Hughes that was meant for the Republican Party was actually in Rebozo's safe deposit box.
It also emerged that both Nixon and Rebozo's personal wealth had soared during Nixon's first five years in the White House, Rebozo's rising nearly seven-fold from £432,000 to nearly £3million.
Rebozo escaped prosecution — allegedly because of a White House deal — and he stood by his disgraced friend. He was at Nixon's bedside during his final days.
When Rebozo died in 1998, he left more than £12million to the Nixon memorial library, whose executive director eulogised him as a 'consummate gentleman' on whose 'wise counsel, shrewd political insight and ready wit' Nixon relied.
Typically, Nixon had been rather less charitable — he always described Rebozo as just a 'golfing partner'.
  • Nixon's Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story Of America's Most Troubled President by Don Fulsom (Thomas Dunne Books, £16.62) is published on January 31, 2012.


November 2, 2011

Little Justin Bieber accused of Not Wearing a Little Protec Backstage and fathering a child


He is currently dating pop sweetheart Selena Gomez, but the 19-year-old might not be happy with recent reports about her beau Justin Bieber.
A 20-year-old woman is said to have filed a lawsuit against the teen pop sensation alleging he is the father of her three-month-old baby, have reported. 
According to reports the California woman named as Mariah Yeater is asking the Baby singer to take a paternity test.
Baby daddy? A 20-year-old woman is said to have filed a lawsuit against Justin Bieber alleging he is the father of her three-month-old baby
Baby daddy? A 20-year-old woman is said to have filed a lawsuit against Justin Bieber alleging he is the father of her three-month-old baby
The website reports that Star magazine have obtained the court papers, which are said to have be filed late October, making the request. 
According to the website Ms Yeater asks for Bieber ‘to provide adequate support for my baby.’
It has been reported the woman claims she had sex with the underage star on October 25 last year when she was aged 19-years-old.
According to the website a hand-signed affidavit has been reviewed and  claiming that Yeater was invited backstage by bodyguards after Bieber's performance at the L.A. Staples centre.
It reports that after describing meeting the singer Yeater wrote in the affidavit: 'Immediately, it was obvious that we were mutually attracted to one another, and we began to kiss. Shortly thereafter, Justin Bieber suggested that I go with him to a private place where we could be alone.
'I agreed to go with him and on the walk to a private area, he told me he wanted to make love to me and this was going to be his first time.
Post show: It has been reported the woman claims she had sex with the underage star when she was aged 19-years-old, backstage after one of his concerts in Los Angeles
Post show: It has been reported the woman claims she had sex with the underage star when she was aged 19-years-old, backstage after one of his concerts in Los Angeles
'We went inside and immediately his personality changed drastically. He began touching me and repeatedly said he wanted to f*ck the sh*t out of me. At the time I asked him to put a condom for protection, but he insisted that he did not want to.'
'In his own words, he said that because it was his first time he wanted to feel everything.'
She is said to have described the intercourse as 'brief'. 
A court hearing is said to have been set for December 15. 
A spokesperson for the star could not be contacted by MailOnline earlier today.
Justin has been dating girlfriend Selena Gomez since the end of last year but the couple waited until the Oscars in March to make their first public debut together. 
Since then their relationship appears to have gone from strength to strength and the couple manage to fit time into their busy schedules to see each other. 
What will Selena say? Justin has been dating his girlfriend for the past ten months
What will Selena say? Justin has been dating his girlfriend for the past ten months
Last month when the couple were both in Winnipeg and they spent an amorous evening watching the basketball  together and were seen smooching from a private box.
While Selena has been looking after Baylor, the dog is said to be both Selena and Justin’s and the couple are thought to have adopted the pup from an animal rescue centre in Winnipeg on October 14.
In February this year Justin, who is a Christian, spoke out about per-marital sex in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine and said: 'I don't think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them.'


August 5, 2011

Tiger Woods With $ Problems: Not All Cheaters end Up Like Schwarzenegger

http://www.theroot.comTiger Woods May Be Struggling Financially
by Cindy Boren
It was easy to snicker when a new commercial debuted in Japan earlier this month showing Tiger Woods hawking a heat rub product (insert whatever joke comes to mind here).
But Woods' latest promotional deal with Vantelin Kowa rub may be about more than a desire to build his global brand in the far East.
It's quite possible that Woods actually needs the money -- badly.
According to a Fortune Magazine piece published Friday morning, Woods' earnings may be down as much as $50 million, making it difficult for the former World No. 1 to cover the costs of his lavish lifestyle.
Read the rest of this article, including what's going on with Elin Nordegren, at the Washington Post.

July 24, 2011

As These Couples Tie The Knot There is story: The Thrill/The Hurt Of an Affair

The initial thrill of an affair can be exhilarating. But, as Jennifer Tilson* discovered during her liaison with a married man, love doesn’t always conquer all
One writer discovers that love doesn't always conquer all

Clearing out a drawer in my bedroom the other day, I came across a photo that stopped me in my tracks – it shows me and my partner Richard in Italy on a wine-tasting holiday. We’re laughing at the camera; we look happy. 
Today, nearly four years after that picture was taken, I find it painful to glance at it because no matter how happy we looked then, the reality now is that I am 40, single and childless. I wonder whether this is the price I paid for my five-year affair with a married man. 
Like many people who fall in love with someone who’s already attached, I told myself that our love elevated our relationship above the usual married-man-and-mistress clichés. Maybe it did. But it still didn’t work out.
Richard and I met at work. I was 33 and had just emerged from the bitter break-up of a six-year relationship. Ten years older than me, Richard had so much charisma that every girl in the office developed a soft spot for him. But we knew he was off-limits: he was married with a ten-year-old daughter he doted on. 
At first there wasn’t any special spark between us, but as the weeks went by I started to look forward to seeing him. We discovered that we shared the same politics and liked the same books and films. We were never short of anything to talk about. After six months I was totally hung up on him and wished the weekends away so I could see him again at the office. 
Nothing had been said until one evening, when we shared a taxi after dinner with a client of the consultancy business we worked for. We’d both drunk enough to loosen our inhibitions and we kissed. All our emotions came spilling out – how we’d been thinking about each other for weeks, that we’d been hoping for this but had been too scared to say anything. We ended up kissing like teenagers, trying to make the most of our time before we arrived at the station for him to catch the last train home. Afterwards all I could think about was how we could next be alone together. We had to wait for two weeks, when he invented a boys’ night out. The evening was as wonderful as I had imagined – until he had to leave to travel home. 
There were still good times, mostly during weekends away. But the guilt was never far off
We quickly started to snatch time together whenever we could, navigating our way between his family commitments and work, and at the same time dealing with our emotions, which fluctuated wildly from exhilaration and joy to guilt and anxiety. At first we were so overwhelmed with passion that we kept reality at bay, but eventually it started to seep in. After six months we still hadn’t had an entire night together because Richard couldn’t find a way to justify an overnight stay and his wife never went away. I spent my weekends waiting for the few phone calls that he’d be able to make when his wife was out. I was also starting to think about my future. My last relationship had broken down because my boyfriend had been reluctant to have children, and now that I was 34 the issue had shifted to the forefront of my mind. 
Richard was always honest with me. He wanted us to be together, but was full of angst about the impact on his daughter as well as the pain it would cause his wife. He said that although they’d grown apart, she was a good person and if it hadn’t been for meeting me he wouldn’t have contemplated ending his marriage. I desperately wanted his wife to be a villain to help justify our deception. A pattern developed: he would make the decision to leave her, I would be exhilarated, but he would back out at the last minute, unable to face breaking up the family unit, and leave me feeling totally let down. There was never a good time for him to see it through – it was his daughter’s birthday; his wife’s mother was ill; his wife’s job was stressing her out… It reached the point where, two years down the line, we seemed trapped in this cycle where we’d break up and then, weeks later, be back in each other’s arms. 
In the end his hand was forced. His wife confronted him and asked if he was seeing someone else. Richard broke down and confessed, but I don’t think he was prepared for the suddenness of it all. His wife threw him out on the spot and he turned up on my doorstep with
an overnight bag, looking ashen-faced. The last thing he’d seen before he walked out of the door
was his daughter sobbing. 
It wasn’t the most auspicious of starts and it didn’t get much better. From the outset Richard was consumed by guilt, which was compounded by the fact that his wife made it difficult for him to see his daughter. Her sense of betrayal was now the backdrop against which our relationship was being played out, and I quickly realised how naive I’d been. The end of the marriage was utterly traumatic for her. And Richard’s daughter Amelia was so devastated that she refused to speak to him. I had totally underestimated the father-daughter bond and how, no matter how much he loved me, he could not truly be happy without her in his life. He would cry about it, this big, strong man, and I felt helpless. His misery hung over our relationship like an oppressive cloud. I veered between guilt and, I’m ashamed to say, resentment about the hold his family had over him. 
Then there were the practical things. Richard had gone from living in a large house with a garden in the suburbs to my two-bedroom flat on a busy city street. It was clear he hated it, which I in turn felt bitter about. It came as a shock, too, that I missed the freedom of my own space and spontaneous nights with my girlfriends drinking wine around my kitchen table, which had to be abandoned in the face of Richard’s sadness. Far from being the cosy love nest I’d fantasised about, the flat sometimes felt more like a counsellor’s waiting room.
Guilt was never far off

Work became difficult too. I had confided in some colleagues who were supportive, but I was aware that our affair was the subject of gossip. I felt a chilliness in particular from a couple of women who, although they’d never met Richard’s wife, aligned themselves with her. When I was head-hunted by a rival company I jumped at the chance to start somewhere afresh – ironic when I thought about how much I used to look forward to seeing Richard in the office every morning. 
There were still some good times – most of them during weekends away, when we were cocooned in our bubble. But the guilt was never far off. I had three friends who Richard liked enormously and who were accepting of him, but they had children and whenever we got together it reminded him of what he had lost. A year after he’d left his family home, he still hadn’t seen Amelia, and my friends found it hard to believe that he couldn’t find a way to do so. My family, thankfully, stood by me, but I did shelter my father from some of the details – he believed that Richard was separated when we met. One friend, meanwhile, made it clear she didn’t approve. Her father had walked out on her and her mother when she was the same age as Amelia, so our situation was incredibly difficult for her. She said she didn’t want to end our friendship but she refused to meet Richard. Deep down I understood, but at the time it made me feel judged and we stopped speaking. Sadly, the friendship has never recovered.  
I was now 36 and starting to feel increasingly panicky about my biological clock – and, while it seems madness to have expected Richard to commit to being a father again when his own family situation was unresolved, I became slightly obsessed with it. He knew how much I wanted to be a mother but he couldn’t contemplate having another child while he was still married and trying to rebuild his relationship with Amelia. He wouldn’t even file for divorce. It caused angst-ridden discussions that, as time went on, morphed into vicious rows. I would scream at him that it was all very well for him, that he’d had his family, but he was sabotaging my chances to have one. He would say how sorry he was, which made it worse. 
Two years later it felt like all we did was argue. In the middle of one furious exchange, Richard said that if he’d known it was going to be like this he would never have left home. Afterwards he cried and told me he didn’t mean it. But both of us knew there was an element of truth to what he said.
It’s hard to identify the exact moment that we realised it was over. We were both exhausted from the emotional turmoil and couldn’t see a way through. Richard wasn’t capable of moving things on and, although he never said it to me directly, 
I think he believed that he only had a chance of rebuilding his relationship with his daughter if he was on his own. And I wanted to give myself a chance to have a relationship with someone who could be there for me 100 per cent of the time. So after one stressful Easter weekend we agreed that he should move out. I went to stay with my parents and returned to the empty flat a week later feeling desolate. The fact that he wasn’t going back to his wife was no consolation. It just seemed as if everybody had been left unhappy. 
Two years on we’re no longer in touch, although I heard from a former colleague that he is seeing his daughter again, and I’m happy for him. It’s something, at least, that’s come out of the wreckage. I don’t know if he’s met anyone else – I haven’t. I have dated a couple of times but haven’t met anyone who can hold a candle to Richard. 
I do believe we loved each other. But it wasn’t enough to mitigate the heartache that our relationship caused – and if I could have my time again I would never walk down the same path. It’s hard to build your happiness on someone else’s heartache. Some people who’ve had affairs get married and build a happy life, but not us. We have all been left irrevocably damaged. 
as told to Kathryn Knight. *Names have been changed

June 11, 2011

The Weiner Story... It has Taught Us Again... About Us

 The Weiner Story:

In defense of hairy chestsAnthony Weiner was born September 4, 1964. He is the  US Representative for New York's 9th congressional district, which includes parts of southern Brooklyn and south and central Queens. Weiner is a Democrat, and has held the office since 1999. He was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1998 mid-term elections, filling the seat previously occupied by Democrat Charles Schumer who successfully ran for the U.S. Senate that year. Weiner defeated his Republican opponent, Louis Telano, by a margin of 66 percent to 23 percent. He was re-elected handily for six additional terms, receiving 59 percent of the vote in 2010. He was an unsuccessful candidate for Mayor of New York City in the 2005 election.
Previously, Weiner was a member of the New York City Council from 1992 to 1998, and an aide to former U.S.   from 1985 to 1991. He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.
As you can see from his background he is a politician that came through the ranks and grass roots of NYC. He has been trained by the best. Now the reason I bring up his background is to illustrate the point that he is not a Bush born politician with a silver spoon in their mouths, they had an open 'door' and  they made the  decision to walk through it or not. 
Anthony Weiner thinks a silver spoon is something you use as a keepsake and one does not eats with it. As an open door he had a double pad lock NY metal door. He decided to come through the kitchen instead and get himself known there.
He keeps the Clinton's as his friends  and now has a wife that is very well connected with them, but especially Hillary. We know the Clinton's don't quit. Neither does Anthony Weiner.
He is going back to Washington next week and will stay there until this blows over, which eventually will. Just like the Clinton's know, everything comes to past and no bad experience last 100 years. 
He will go back and stick it out. 
It would have been better for the Democratic party if he resign. First they will stop the bleeding. Second they can blame he republican's for pushing a guy out for cyber sex. Just like they tried unsuccessfully to kick Bill Clinton out for having 'real' sex. It would mean the republican's have not learned yet,  that the american people are not interested on what people do to get sex as long is not illegal;  Yes everyone likes to read a nice wet lush story, but not when it becomes to kicking out the President of the United States or a Congressman or a Mayor (Gulliani will attest to that) it's not going to happen without proof that laws were broken.
Yes, what Anthony Weiner did is everything people are saying about him. But to make him resign, "it aint going to happen." He is no quitter.  He is broken no laws and even his wife, now pregnant is not going to divorce him. His wife is a muslim and muslims don't give women many rights. Especially on divorce, no matter how many other wives or women the husband has acquired.
She is being advised by the Clinton's no doubt, that this will pass. Mrs. Clinton took Weiner's wife out of the country to the far east in a State Dept. Diplomatic trip. (Note I do Not mention her name)
This matter is settled!
What is not settled is how the party that says they have the decency,care for families and family issues, salvation and so and on still looking for sex and bedroom issues. These despite that when you compare Washington scandals dealing with homosexuality, sexuality, prostituting, picking up guys in men's rooms,males taking male and female interns home, etc,etc. They get the no 1 price. Democrats have done it but not to the same level and besides, is not the democrats the party that are preaching all these so called family values. Which it seems to mean, protestant white men, with their still slavery and domination believes.  They Can't have people behave in a different way of what they think they should behave, even if they don't behave that way themselves.
I hope that as Anthony Weiner hangs on, everyone learns again that is not about sex. The representatives we send to Washington to represent us can not be any better than their constituents. They are voted in by a majority. If you take the law of averages you know that every class, or type of people are voting this person in. 
I don't know of any saints or  perfect human beings. We should demand the highest of our standards of our representatives whomever they are. But I think is about time that these politicians stop preaching non sense about how people ought to lead their private lives and about time that we stop listening to them, but more importantly not voting them in.
Let's have smart people that can make the smartest decisions for their constituents. 
Slavery is over, laws of how people should have sex are coming down.  We can make this a new day. A new commitment to Equal human rights, including the right to marry whoever you legally want just like we give that right and the right to vote to individuals that are mentally disabled or people in jail. Yet Homosexuals have to fight it out in every state to get the same. This will pass...


(wikipedia used to illustrate his background)

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