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November 9, 2017

Ex County Clerk Davis Back from The *Devil's Tour Against LGBT to Run Again

*The devil's Tour is adamfoxie's own term after listening to the colorful way she described Gays

The Kentucky county clerk who drew worldwide attention for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples two years ago will run for re-election next year, her attorney said on Tuesday.

Davis spent five days in jail in September 2015 after refusing a court order to issue marriage licenses following the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same-sex marriage. Davis claimed same-sex marriage went against her Apostolic Christian beliefs.

Staver’s organization represented Davis in the resulting lawsuit filed by four couples against her. 
“She’s not interested in any other office,” Staver said.

Last month, Davis and a representative of Liberty Counsel traveled to Romania, where those against same-sex marriage seek a referendum on the issue this fall, to meet with religious and political leaders, Staver said. 

Davis’ case in 2015 drew hundreds of protesters and supporters to her office in Morehead, in rural eastern Kentucky. While she was in jail, then-Republican presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz visited her.

Less than a month after she was released from jail, Davis, who won election to the office in 2014 as a Democrat, changed her affiliation to the Republican Party.

Rowan County Democratic party officials could not be reached for comment.

Prior to her election, Davis served as a deputy to her mother, Jean Bailey, who served as the county clerk for nearly four decades.

After her case, Kentucky lawmakers removed all county clerks’ names from the state marriage license form. A federal judge later ruled that while the new law made the suits against her moot, the couples’ attorneys were still entitled to legal fees.

The earliest Davis will be able to file for re-election is Wednesday, according to the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office.

Reporting by Steve Bittenbender

October 28, 2016

Putin’s Top Aide Gets Hack-Payback is Sweet

Payback is a bitch!

Putin instructs Vladislav Surkov, his top aide
Is Wiki leaks going to run out of new material?
A Ukrainian group calling itself Cyber Hunta has released more than a gigabyte of emails and other material from the office of one of Vladimir Putin's top aides, Vladislav Surkov, that show Russia's fingerprints all over the separatist movement in the Ukraine. 
While the Kremlin has denied the relationship between Moscow and the separatists, the emails show in great detail how Russia controlled virtually every detail of the separatist effort in the Russian-speaking regions of the Ukraine, which has torn Ukraine apart and led to a Russian takeover of Crimea. 
And unlike the reported Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee, the Ukrainian hack reached deep into the office of the Russian president. 
"This is a serious hack," said Maks Czuperski, head of the Digital Forensic Research Lab of the Atlantic Council (DFRL), which has searched through the email dump and placed selected emails on-line.  A senior U.S. intelligence official said the U.S. "had no role" in the hack. 
Surkov has been a close aide to Putin for more than a decade, serving as both deputy prime minister and Putin's deputy chief of staff. The hacked emails date from 2014, a period during which Surkov was called the "gray cardinal" of the Kremlin, Putin's behind-the-scenes aide responsible for managing Russia's most crucial operations. He guided separatists not just in Ukraine, but in breakaway "republics" in Georgia as well. 
It's as if the Russians were able to hack the email of Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security director and close aide to President Obama. 
Specifically, the anonymous Ukrainian hackers were able to download the Outlook email accounts of Surkov's assistants, including a "Masha" and an "Yevgenia," according to the DFRL. Surkov himself apparently doesn't use email. The files included "the inbox, outbox, drafts, deleted email, spam, etc.," said Czuperski, noting 2,337 messages in total were dumped.  

A senior U.S. official, asked if the material was authentic, told NBC News that there was "nothing to indicate otherwise." 
Hidden in the one gigabyte file are a variety of materials that provided evidence of Russian involvement at the highest levels in the war in the eastern Ukraine, which has taken the lives of 10,000 people, including the 298 passengers and crew of Malaysian Flight 17, shot down by a separatist missile in July 2014 over Ukraine. 
There is a list of casualties in the Donbass region of Ukraine sent from a high-ranking separatist official, and a list of candidates for office in a sham election. One email notes that the individuals with asterisks next to their name were "checked by us" and are "especially recommended." Days later, those same names were announced as having been "elected." 
There are expense reports and a proposal for a government press office in Donetsk, scene of some of the fiercest fighting -- a three-person operation for separatist propaganda , with an editor, reporter and webmaster. 
One U.S. official told NBC News that the material confirms much of what the U.S. believed was going on at the time, that the Kremlin was running the separatists at a micro-level. In fact, the official noted that Surkov's name was the first on a list of Russians and Ukrainians placed under executive sanctions by President Obama in March 2014, citing his role in the separatist movement. The action froze his U.S. assets in the United States and banned him from entering the country. Similar sanctions were imposed by the European Union.  
Czuperski said he believed that since Russian authorities realized they were dealing with a violation of international law, they wanted to keep the details in their emails close-hold. He said that while he believes there is likely more hacked material, and that it may prove politically sensitive, he doesn't know that for sure, or whether "Cyber Hunta," like WikiLeaks, will continually dump material. 
“It's all time and probability -- how much effort you put in and how much effort the adversary puts in," he said.


April 25, 2016

Bernie Goes Nuclear with Monica Lewinsky, What’s Next, The Dress?

                                                                          In Wilmington, Deleware on Saturday, actress Rosario Dawson said she was 'with Monica Lewinsky' because 'bullying is bad,' suggesting Hillary Clinton supporters were attacking Bernie Sanders fans 
In Wilmington, Deleware on Saturday, actress Rosario Dawson said she was ‘ ith Monica Lewinsky’ because ‘ ullying is bad,' suggesting Hillary Clinton supporters were attacking Bernie Sanders fans. Would you buy a used car from the owner of that expression? ‘They made us do it.' Next we’ll bring up the sperm I can see her saying, because Bill had some at the time. That’s how much sense it all makes.
What does Monica Lewinsky has to do with Hillary Clinton and the today’s campaign to pick a Democratic Candidate to run for President?  Its besides me. Hillary was the one that was done wrong and she took it better than a man.

There was talk that if Sander’s campaign got desperate with no way to win except a Clinton mistake, they were going to bring in subjects that will embarrass her and make her per haps say the wrong thing. We are there getting to the end and no one knows it better than Sanders. There is no way he can win unless something happens to the front runner which has the only numbers to win. The nuclear bomb(s) are here and the bringing Monica to the campaign and have Sanders himself comment on it is definably a testing of the dirty waters to see if anybody can be sunken in.

The more  I see this conduct the less I think we can bring these voters (Sanders) to the democratic tent on the convention. Hope I’m wrong. All I see is ammunition given to Trump to use against Hillary latter on. Some will say that is a good thing because it makes Hillary ready for those attacks when they come in. That is so wrong. Hillary has been ready and she was ready for this one since it flew over her head. The awful thing is you can’t win an election with dirt alone. Trump is having that problem even though he is ahead,  he is having trouble getting the magic number to be declared winner before the Primary. Still their strategy seems to be to have Clinton fight her husband instead of trump or Sanders. Hillary ClintonVs.Bill Clinton’s past. Every time Hillary fights the GOP it makes her sound Presidential because she knows what she is talking about. They want to stop that. They want her to talk about her husband instead. 
This is what Raw Story wrote about this incident late sunday afternoon:

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was put on the spot Sunday morning when pressed about actress Rosario Dawson’s comments about Monica Lewinsky before she introduced Sanders to a Wilmington, Delaware crowd.

Saturday night, Dawson raised Democratic hackles with a jab at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign, saying: “We are literally under attack — not just for supporting the other candidate. I’m with Monica Lewinsky on this … bullying is bad.”

The comment, coming from out of nowhere, became bigger news than Sanders’ speech to the crowd and the Vermont senator was forced to address it when speaking with CNN host Jake Tapper.

“One of your high profile advocates, Rosario Dawson, invoked Monica Lewinsky at one of your rallies,” Tapper said. “Do you think it’s appropriate to be talking about Monica Lewinsky on the campaign trail?”

“We have many many — Rosario is a great actress and she’s doing a great job for us,” Sanders parried, saying she has help increase voter turnout.

“What our job, right now, is to contrast our views compared to Secretary Clinton. That’s what a campaign is about,” he continued before adding campaigns shouldn’t be about “personal attacks.”

Tapper didn’t let the senator off the hook, asking, “But, yes or no.  Should your surrogates be talking about Monica Lewinsky?”

Sanders paused before stating, “I have no idea in what context Rosario is talking about, but I would hope that all of our people talk about the real issues.”

Watch the video below via YouTube:

February 17, 2016

IRS Grants Welfare Tx Exempt to Karl Rove’s Dark Political Machine


In a farcical abuse of common sense and the American taxpayer, the Internal Revenue Service has granted Crossroads GPS, the dark-money machine of Karl Rove, the Republicans’ guru of attack politics, status as a tax-exempt “social welfare” organization. This means it can keep its deep-pocketed campaign donors secret. The ludicrous I.R.S. finding that the group is not primarily what it so obviously is — a strident G.O.P. operation that should be required to name its donors — is essentially a license for it to run amok in the current federal election cycle with anonymous, unlimited donations.

The ruling, quietly made in November and brought to light this week by the Center for Responsive Politics, signals a shameful retreat by the I.R.S. from enforcing regulations intended to prevent abuses of the nonprofit tax law by campaign operatives. The agency had come under attack from Tea Party and other right-wing groups for questioning their claims to be “social welfare” exemptions, and the Rove ruling is the latest result. It can only invite more partisan operatives to pretend to have society’s nonpolitical interests at heart as they fill campaign troughs with money from hidden donors.

Since pioneering this fiction, Mr. Rove has proved to be no Mother Teresa of a social welfare advocate, as he strategizes obsessively for Republican hegemony. His group has spent $330 million on election ads and candidate support since it was created in 2010, after the Supreme Court freed corporations and unions from political spending limits, according to the center’s watchdog blog, Open Secrets. The dodge has become bipartisan, with President Obama’s re-election helped by the Democrats’ Priorities USA Action operation as a “social welfare” organization under section 501©(4) of the tax code. 

When he first ran, Mr. Obama promised to fight for reform of big-money politics, but he failed to follow through. Similar vows are being heard from the candidates for the Democratic nomination this year. Senator Bernie Sanders so far has been riding a wave of small donations, while Hillary Clinton, aided by “super PACs” and small donors, is promising to rein in the special-interest money driving the current campaign. Republican candidates would rather talk about walling off Mexico and ending Obamacare, even as they profit from operations like Mr. Rove’s.

The public’s voice is sorely needed on an issue that is at the very heart of concern over an affluent minority’s growing power in American politics. Trying to portray sheer check-writing power as a “social welfare” benefit insults honest taxpayers. “Operating for the benefit of one particular candidate or party, it’s hard to say that’s not private benefit,” Marcus Owens, the former I.R.S. director of exempt organizations, told ProPublica in reacting to the agency’s misguided blessing of the Rove machine.

New York Times

December 18, 2015

Ted Cruz is Not Crazy but Whatever Comes After Crazy Thats Him


In no particular order, Texas senator and Republican presidential aspirant Ted Cruz has: said acts of Christian terrorism stopped centuries ago, forgetting the Ku Klux Klan and the shooting in Colorado last week; claimed he has never met an anti-abortion activist who advocates violence, despite being endorsed by one just days before; dismissed the need for Planned Parenthood because there isn't a shortage of "rubbers" in America; and made an offhand comment that Colorado mass shooter Robert Dear could be a "transgendered leftist activist." All this in just the last week. 

Ted Cruz What Does Ted Cruz Look Like? »
Cruz also has a favorite line he likes to use, which appears on the stump and in his book. "For a long time, the left has had two caricatures of conservatives: that we are either stupid or evil. I take it as a backhanded compliment that they have, to some extent, invented a third category for me: 'crazy.'" It's typical Cruz: both self-aggrandizing and distant from the truth, with a little temporizing statement ("to some extent") that rescues the self-aggrandizing part from being an outright lie. Either way, it's wrong.

Ted Cruz is far from crazy, which is the essential Ted Cruz problem. Crazy you can deal with, even forgive a little, often ignore. Ben Carson is a bowl of Froot Loops floating in a sad lethal pond of gasoline. Donald Trump went warp speed into the Trumpiverse decades ago. Both men have conducted their campaigns and recent years on perpetual tangents. But Ted Cruz knows exactly what he's doing. He doesn't even hide it particularly well. Not only is his intelligence one of his favorite selling points, his book undermines any notion that he misspeaks. He is gaffe proof because the gaffes are not arrived at by error. Ted Cruz does awful things by intelligent design.
Weeks ago, the staff at MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes asked me to review presidential campaign books for them, mostly because no one wanted to read the damn things. Campaign books rarely strive to be good, much less literary. They're meant to generate revenue and an excuse to go on talk shows, while their (usually ghostwritten) composition solidifies speeches for the stump. If you follow a campaign, you've already heard two-thirds of their howlers, spooky stories and too-perfect anecdotes.

Ted Cruz's book, A Time for Truth, is, by comparison, almost delightful. It's a testament to the fatuous politispeak repetition of campaign books that one penned by a man who clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist and became solicitor general of Texas manages to surprise you for not only being smartly not-ghostwritten but also well-paced and occasionally funny and persuasive. It's no Education of Henry Adams, but it's enjoyable and well-crafted. Even if he is not always likable, Young Ted Cruz is an interesting person.  

But once you get about halfway through the book – to national events that were part of your own memory, where you could pen the story yourself, where you are no longer reading memories so far outside the fact checker's reach that you have to take Cruz's word for it – suddenly you realize that what makes Ted Cruz's book so exceptional is what makes him exceptionally nasty.

For one thing, there is no plausible excuse for someone who graduated cum laude from Princeton, went to Harvard Law and clerked on the Supreme Court not doing the reading, but the Cruz argument, whatever it is, coasts through an environment in which there is no data to challenge it. In fact, all that lawyerly skill at crafting an argument seems to have been marshaled in service of careful elision — points that are true out of context or that are framed in such a briefly qualifying way as to avoid outright falsehood.

For instance, despite being a 340-page work, the book possesses only 66 end notes, the plurality of which are dedicated to citing quotes from famous conservatives or noteworthy persons Cruz expects resonate with a right-wing audience. A paucity of end notes isn't really glaring for these books; take away the double-spacing, and many conservative campaign books' works cited pages could be printed on two Post-Its. But it stands out when someone like Cruz inveighs against Obamacare — his senatorial career's Moby-Dick — and only comes up with ham-handed anecdotes about meeting struggling Americans in the heartland.

There's a young woman in North Platte, Nebraska, whose ex doesn't pay child support. She hugs Cruz and says, "I'm a single mom… I've got six kids at home, and I'm working five jobs. Not a single one of those jobs is even thirty hours per week, because Obamacare kicks in at thirty hours a week." The really difficult questions to answer would have been whether a single mother of six children would qualify for significant amounts of aid, and especially whether she would have qualified for the Medicaid expansion if conservatives in the Nebraskan legislature had not rejected it, so of course the questions are not asked. Not even when he mentions the millions still without insurance, who might also live in Nebraska, or Florida, or Texas, or Louisiana, or Alabama, or Mississippi or many other conservative-controlled states that rejected the Medicaid expansion.

And, in any event, there are the familiar dual horrors of rising premiums and Obama saying, "If you like your plan, you can keep it." Naturally, Cruz ignores that premiums rose before Obamacare, that insurance companies Chicken Little all the time about rate hikes before rolling them back, and that part of the rise relates to people who are actually sick being able to get medical care that insurance companies actually have to pay for now. 

On that last point, for a litigator, Cruz seems really allergic to using a wonderful legal word like "rescission," which is too bad, because it explains rate hikes and changing plans. Simply put, before Obamacare, when insurance companies could rescind your contract the moment you needed costly treatment after paying for years, it was very easy to have a cheap plan you'd want to keep. Those great plans with low premiums stopped existing when the law required that they benefit more than one party in the contract. But mentioning that would spoil the image of poor insurance companies that Cruz suggests were "lured into bed with Obamacare" via the Leninist thinking that "the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." Poor butterflies. 

There you go. Well, I talked to some folks. Also, Lenin.

Other lawyerly reframing is at least more fun. His description of the 2000 South Carolina primary is an exercise in post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. Cruz describes the Bush 2000 campaign as reeling from John McCain's win in New Hampshire and needing to refocus. Luckily, Cruz notes, the Bush campaign could run to the right of McCain on tort and campaign finance reform, two issues that get the people to the polls in droves! As it happens, those were two issues that Ted Cruz briefed George W. Bush on, while touring the state with him, which Bush later won. It suggests that, if not for his counsel on these critical points, the Bush campaign’s larger war chest and its infamous push-poll asking residents of the historically racist state how they felt about John McCain's "black baby" might have had no effect at all.

But if you want the Ted Cruz experience in a pinch, take his condemnation of biased journalism. He starts with your bog-standard, "Yes, almost all journalists are Democrats," which might surprise the massive journalism apparatus the right has created over 40 years, before choosing an odd target. "There is, however, a new, particularly noxious species of yellow journalism... It's called 'Politifact.'" Years from now we might lament that first they came with fact-checkers, and we said nothing. 

His proof is more interesting. He decries Politifact's labeling as "mostly false" a statement that he says was "an inadvertent error" and "it turns out that part of [my statement] was indeed mistaken." What singles Politifact out for bias is that they didn't fact check the entire speech. Never mind that the rest of the speech, like most Cruz speeches, might have been recycled and already fact checked. Never mind that newspapers are limited by space and that Fisking an average Cruz speech requires a ream of paper. Never mind that sometimes newspapers fact check interesting statements because they know readers will read it. Given that, please never mind that the fact that has Ted Cruz in high dudgeon was about the game Space Invaders. 

Moreover, Politifact evidently shamelessly editorialized when they fact-checked Cruz (and every conservative's) assertion that Obama kicked off his presidency by going on "a worldwide apology tour." Then, before confronting the issue, Cruz concedes, "It's true that he didn't explicitly add the words 'And I'm sorry.'" In fact, Obama "wasn't exactly bragging." So the new front in the liberal propaganda war is a fact check website that checked facts Cruz admits are not literally true without any poetical ear for interpretation.

Busting Ted Cruz for selective narrative and hanging massive public policy decisions on anecdotal evidence (the most reliable kind!) would seem like nitpicking, but he can't help himself. He surrounds moments of choosing to efface inconvenience with writing that is too accomplished for his decisions to be accidental. You throw in qualifying language and weasel words when you know a declarative statement will hang you. All that now I admit what I said wasn't literally true is there for a reason.

You don't need to nitpick books like Donald Trump's or Ben Carson's, because on their faces they're two of the most full-of-shit works ever published. One reads like it was dictated to a flunky from a limousine phone call, and one reads like a preteen frantically rewriting the text of their Encarta CD-ROM six hours before the assignment's due. But that's their role. Being stupid, arrogant and nuts drives their brand universes. Even books like Paul Ryan's and Marco Rubio's are lazy buzzword assemblages interrupted by performative grieving, because that's what they need to be.

You have to deal with Ted Cruz differently because he demands it, because his endless invocation of his scholarship and the sharp, nimble way he chooses to tell his own story signals that this is how deftly his brain operates. 

So when a Ted Cruz spokesman later walks back the candidate's comment that Robert Dear might have been a "transgendered leftist activist" by insisting that the candidate was just commenting on the lack of available information, you have to take it with a huge grain of salt. Yes, the full context of Cruz's statement is more openly speculative:

"The media promptly wants to blame him on the pro-life movement when at this point there's very little evidence to indicate that… It's also been reported that he was registered as an independent and a woman and a transgendered leftist activist. If that’s what he is, I don’t think it's fair to blame on the rhetoric on the left."

On the other hand, it's hard to believe that Cruz would seriously consider the breaking-news reporting of someone widely referred to as "The Dumbest Man on the Internet." Not unless it was useful. And not unless the word "transgendered" hadn't recently taken up position as the right wing's socially acceptable sexual panic designation. Having lost the ability to be considered civil for suggesting that all homosexuals are pederasts who seek to adopt children to molest them into gay indoctrination, the right has embraced the nightmare of the transgendered "predator in drag," invited into the women's restroom by liberal legislation for the fruits of rape and cross-dressed kiddie fiddling. It even worked in Houston, a city in a state Ted Cruz is from.

It's a powerful image to invoke, and it does a lot of heavy lifting. It shifts the conversation to candidate Ted Cruz. It distracts from conservatism's violent rhetoric against Planned Parenthood and forces the fact-check process to address Cruz's accusation. And it sets the monsters of Planned Parenthood — teen-sex abettors, fetal-destroyers, profaners of womanhood — along a perverted axis whose terminus might as well be a little girl locked behind a bathroom stall while the door rattles under the pounding of a set of hairy white knuckles. 

Cruz speaks during a rally opposing federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Olivier Douliery/Getty

Sure, maybe he didn't mean that, but how lucky that someone might think that anyway. And, sure, this sort of discussion might constitute playing the game of interpretation, but if Cruz would condemn Politifact for not engaging in the practice, he can hardly fault others for taking his exhortation seriously.

Cruz is being interpretively nasty in part because of who he is, but also because fictionalizing America's crisis moments is dramatically successful. As the Ted Cruz phenomenon glides on, without a change in tone or a moment of hesitancy, it's easy to think of an old expression pro-wrestling expression: "Live the gimmick, brother."

The line has roots in old regional promotions, back when wrestling didn't admit to fans that everything was a work, when wrestlers took care never to ruin the illusion. But it also means that if you want to sell your character, you have to live it. A Texas redneck like Steve Anderson never caught on as a "Stunning" member of the Hollywood Blondes, but once he got a leather vest, two Budweisers, two middle fingers and the name Stone Cold Steve Austin, people connected to a character so real to a part of his experience that he could slip into it the moment he stepped outside. The wit that made him a masterful mic and ring psychologist — and an excellent interviewer today — meant that, when the lights went on, he was that rogue Texas Rattlesnake, and everyone recognized him.

A crazy person doesn't become the clerk to the Chief Justice of the United States. Crazy people don't get those jobs. Even a contradictory boil like Antonin Scalia has his logic: it's the hemorrhoidal resentment for foreignness and change that leads your granddad to rage at anything that threatens his fantasies of the good old days. Ted Cruz isn't any different, and buying his line that he's uniquely earned "Democrats'" label of crazy not only obscures the work, it's part of it. Ted Cruz knows that, for all his erudition, he's still an intellectual one-percenter in a party that rejects elites and revels in combative anti-knowledge. Reading his book is like watching him put his mask on in the morning: the pages wear on, and the incisive first half gets quieter, as the volume on the demagoguing second half gets louder, until there he is — Ted Cruz, brother — and the arena goes nuts.

Cruz has mastered the useful gaffe. He's playing the heel to the media he knows he can outrage enough to disseminate his comments, riding his name and statement for page views for a three-day cycle: outrage, interpretation, contrarian defense. And he's playing face to the fans at home who he knows already want to agree with him in whatever visceral jaundiced hell they inhabit. 

Ted Cruz is too smart not to know that replacing all of Planned Parenthood's services with "rubbers" is objectively stupid. He knows claiming that Christian terrorism has been dormant for centuries is a contemptuous violation of an even Jeopardy!-level understanding of history. He knows a bearded mass shooter who mentioned "baby parts" was probably not firing from the left side of the aisle in defense of his feminine identity, but he knows speculating about it commits him to nothing. These assertions form a web of cold malignancy too tactically useful to lack intent. It's a work, and it works. It's his ticket to the main event.


January 13, 2014

GW Bridge was a Terror Target Not Just a Political Prank

While the digging into Chris Christie's "BridgeGate" is far from over, this much we do know. The Christie administration jeopardized the lives and livelihoods of tens of thousands of New Jersey residents by shutting access lanes to the George Washington Bridge, all in the service of a still to-be-determined political vendetta. But that's not all we know that threat to public safety. Of all days, Christie's hatchet men and women chose the 12th anniversary of the September 11 attacks in New York City. And among the region's likely terror targets before and after the carnage of 9/11 was the George Washington Bridge.
Just ask Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who defended Governor Christie this week by brushing off September's traffic hellscape on the bridge as a "stupid political prank." But in an interview with Steve Forbes to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 slaughter, Giuliani told a different story:
New York City is not just the World Trade Center.I didn't know, that morning, that there'd be only two planes. There could've been three, could've been four. Could've been seven. What could've happened were follow-up suicide attacks. We had plenty of intelligence that Islamic extremist terrorists, who would get arrested, would have plans for the Lincoln Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel, the George Washington Bridge, the subways, the PATH train.
New York City is also Times Square, which was the site of a failed 2010 bomb plot. And on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it was just one area on concern. As CBS New York reported on September 9, 2011:
Just two days before the 10th anniversary, New York City is on high alert.Federal and local authorities have beefed up security after receiving intelligence about a credible threat. The alleged plot by al Qaeda involves detonating car bombs on bridges and in tunnels in New York and Washington D.C. to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11.
In response, police on both sides of the Hudson River erected security checkpoints at bridges, tunnels and other sensitive locations. But Christie's New York counterpart Andrew Cuomo urged residents not to panic while explaining, "All New Yorkers should be cautious and aware as we prepare to commemorate the 9/11 anniversary."
As it turns out, the targeting of the GWB began long before Al Qaeda's devastating attacks in Manhattan and Washington, DC. As CNN recalled, the busiest bridge in the world was also at risk during the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center carried out by Ramzi Youssef and Omar Abdul Rahman that killed six and wounded over 1,000 people:
June 1993: Rahman and others were charged in a plot to bomb New York landmarks including the Lincoln Tunnel, George Washington Bridge and the FBI's New York office.
In a nutshell, for two decades national, state and local authorities have worried that the George Washington Bridge and the tens of thousands of drivers who cross it daily could be in the crosshairs of terrorists hoping to unleash the maximum damage on the United States. Nevertheless, Team Christie apparently didn't think twice about converting it into a parking lot. For Chris Christie's minions, the anniversary of the September 11 bloodbath was "time for a traffic jam in Fort Lee."

April 15, 2013

The Family of This Young Gay Attorney Is Not Silent Over His Death This Weekend and Motor Mouth Councilman Duran Trying to Throw Mud At Him

John Duran says anger is misplaced, he was trying to warn public of possible outbreak
The family of a West Hollywood attorney who died over the weekend from bacterial meningitis is blasting a city councilman for making what they say were 'sensationalist and erroneous public statements' about the victim.
Councilman John Duran tells Gay Star News he meant no disrespect to the victim or his family. He says his priority was public safety in a city with a large population of gay men.
Brett Shaad, 33, was taken off of life support on Saturday (13 April) and died later that day at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills.
'There has been huge amount of misinformation about the time, circumstances and details of my brother's death driven by a politically-motivated council member and inaccurate media reporting,' the victim's brother, Brian Shaad, said in a statement Monday (15 April) to Instinct magazine.
'This was started by sensationalist and erroneous public statements made by Councilman John Duran of West Hollywood ... Eight days have now passed since Brett's first symptoms, and this still remains an isolated case. My brother is not the Patient Zero to an epidemic that Councilman Duran made him out to be.'
Duran held a press conference last Friday and was also quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying: 'We don't want to panic people but we learned 30 years ago the consequences of delay in the response to AIDS. We are sounding the alarm that sexually active gay men need to be aware that we have a strain of meningitis that is deadly on our hands.’
Duran tells GSN that his alarm was due there being some similarities to an especially deadly strain found in New York in recent years that has resulted in 22 cases, including seven fatalities since 2010.
'I wasn't trying to make political gain,' he says. 'I was trying to get the word out as broadly as possible that was happening in New York might be getting a toehold in LA.'
He adds: 'There are certainly parts I wish could have done better.'
Duran says he at no point gave Shaad's name to the media and that it became public via Facebook and Twitter: 'The press got the name out of blogosphere. I only confirmed it after they had it.'
It was reported that Shaad has attended the White Party in Palm Springs over the Easter weekend but Shaad's brother said in his statement there is 'no evidence' he attended that particular event - one of several circuit parties held annually.
Says Duran: 'At the press conference, I said what we are concerned about are large gatherings of people, like the White Party or this weekend in West Hollywood. I know (Brett Shaad) was in Palm Springs that weekend. I don't know what Brett did while he was there.'
Brian Shaad writes that 'at a time when we should have been focused totally on Brett's care, our family spent a huge amount of time and energy trying to correct the news reports that resulted from Duran's statements.'
For his part, Duran says he emailed the family an apology on Saturday (13 April) in which he 'extended my deepest condolences. I wrote that I apologize for the intrusion into your privacy.'
He adds: 'The family is angry and upset and I think they are lashing out. They should be angry with the disease, not me.’

February 7, 2013

Rumsfeld Wants Pardon for Hacker } That Alone Should Concern Most People

Rumsfeld's personal spy ring
British computer hacker Gary McKinnon should be pardoned by US President Barack Obama in a bid to court others who may want to work for the American government, a former military advisor has said.
Asperger’s sufferer Mr McKinnon, who was accused of the “biggest military computer hack of all time”, fended off attempts to extradite him to America last year. But he is still officially wanted by US authorities, who refused to formally drop charges against him, despite the British Home Secretary’s decision to keep him at home.
John Arquilla, a US Naval Postgraduate School professor and advisor to former American Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, said that the gesture could help in a drive to recruit “master hackers”.
In the journal Foreign Policy, Mr Arquilla wrote: “If the notion of trying to attract master hackers to our cause is ever to take hold, this might be just the right case in which President Obama should consider using his power to pardon.
“One presidential act of mercy, such as in the case of McKinnon, won’t entirely repair relations or build trust between hackers and the government, but it would be a strong signal of officialdom’s growing awareness of the wisdom of embracing and employing the skills of these masters of their virtual domain.”
The US authorities have cracked down on hackers in recent years but plans were announced last week to increase the size of the US Cyber Command to about 5,000 hackers as America attempts to take the online fight to China, which he said is more supportive of its own hacking community.
He wrote: “Hackers may be courted and pampered in China, Russia, and other countries, but in the United States they are often hunted by lawmen. The judicial system is very tough on them, too.” This problem, he argued, could be partially solved by pardoning Mr McKinnon.
Mr McKinnon’s extradition was blocked by Home Secretary Theresa May on humanitarian grounds. His supporters argued that he suffered from depression and could kill himself if put on trial in America, where he faced up to 70 years in jail. Ms May tabled amendments to laws governing extradition, proposing to allow courts to block removals if a judge believed justice could be served by the defendant standing trial in the UK.

January 31, 2013

Gay Basher Frank Vandersloot Rich RightWinger Sues Mother Jones for Calling Him Gay Basher

1012 bi vandersloot 04.JPG

To adamfoxie* readers:  In this post Im including various stories touching a man that worked for Romney, of belgian background, Wealthy, Mormon, anti gay rights..  This is a man that has used his money to gay bashed the community by putting signs of which you will see one below. I call this behavior of anti gay, pro unhinging the community “A Classical Case of Gay Bashing" He sued the blog Mother Jones, because they called him, “ A gay basher” I mention a case about Another Vandersloot, his first name is Joran, also Belgian but at this time I don’t have evidence that they are connected. I mention it as a background of what I thought or was thinking when I hear the name Vandersloot and Mother Jones being sued.

In my way to describe what Frank Vandersloot is done that makes him a gay basher and I called him  a gay basher.  As a matter of fact in my old neighborhood he would be called  a scumbag. Using his money and the legal service to slow down the effords being made by the gay community in cutting the chains attached to our civil rights and Trying to be like 
everyone else in the treatment we get.
If it seems confusing, Im sorry. But I wanted to include the facts as I know them without checking HRC or Mother Jones and havin g 4 pages to read.  But I have check for the accuracy of what I wrote because and they are the facts.

Who is this Frank Vandersloot? The first time I heard his name I thought He was an uncle of Joran Vandersloot .  You know Joran, he is doing a 28 yr sentence in Peru for killing a local girl. He also is wanted in the Islands for the murder of an american tourist girl. Authorities in the US would like to talk about him being that at one time he said he killed the american girl as he tried to black mailed the dead american girl’s parents. A piece of works!  I call him a “Scum Bag” In the neighborhood I grew in a Scum Bag was clearly described and easily understood, but rarely use. Kinda special word.

He comes from a very wealthy Belgium family. While his father was judge and had the money no body could touch the scummie.  Actually he had gotten away with killing the american girl but he has a habit of  taking drunk girls to his place and killing them like it was his hobbies.  Some people with a lot of money most get bored and try to figured they can get away with anything, even murder which he had at that point.

Well, we will find out if these two rich Belgium families  The Vandersloot and Vandersloot are related somehow.  I don’t know that that is true, but gosh it would make a grand case.but no evidence as today that I know of.  Just using it as a passing fact..

I mentioned Scumbag and I will give you my definition by talking about what they do. We know the first and now we meet the second Scumbag,  Frank. By the way I can tell Frank to go ahead and sue me too so I can prove  that you are what I called you “a Scum Bag” and gay basher, which to me is the same.   


1.Somebody that uses their money to intimidate other people  be political or using the american system of law to harass and try to intimidate others.

2. A person that called themselves religious, in this case mormon, the church that fights people’s civil rights with $money$ the mormons./ Which happens to be Mitt Romney’s religion which connect with Vandersloot and good old Mitt. F.Vandersloot was working for Romney, even though I think Romney was working for him.

This because he was helping the campaign financially. Now was F Vandersloot fighting against people's civil rights?

  VanderSloot  was mobilizing segments of the left to go against the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) which was going after Romney for his stand on gay rights and after him for his billboards(below is one) bashing all of gay individuals.  From young to old. 

 HRC had started a petition called "Fire Frank," calling on Romney to "Fire Frank VanderSloot immediately and return the money he had donated to his campaign. The group said at the time that nearly 40,000 people had signed the petition that far. This is as  Vandersloot paid for those homophobic bill boards against gay rights.

HRC spokesman Dan Rafter told BuzzFeed that "Mitt Romney can't have it both ways - saying repeatedly he opposes discrimination against gay Americans but then employing Frank VanderSloot, whose harsh anti-gay views are quite clear. The Republican hopeful should immediately fire VanderSloot to show the country he means what he says.” That happened at the time.
A spokeswoman for the Romney campaign at the time would not say anything about this, even though he was asked. 
Frank Vandersloot Outs The Reporter for not liking what he was saying.Vandersloot defense on that, people around the reported knew he was gay……liking the guy yet? 

I don’t want to repeat the whole case now, but  FVandersloot went toe to toe with the reporter who was criticizing him and his bill boards. So included on my definition of scum bag is outing a reporter because the reporter criticized how you are treating his community. It is the right for the reporter to come out on his terms as long as he is not preaching one thing and doing the other.  You know like some mormons that preach all this good stuff which only is available on sesame Street, without big bird of coarse. In other words it does not exists.

 Never the less the preaching and the doing are opposite with these people.  Anti civil rights and according to ex-members mormons  they should have never being made a religion (it wasn’t until recently that the government allowed it through the IRS to converted them into a non profit…they pay no taxes….you know like Tom Cruise).  This should not have happened because they are just a sect of criminals, hijacking lives. 

 Vandersloot went after writers (he is got that habit) like, James Tidmarsh, who runs a gay blog called The Idaho Agenda and who took down a post on VanderSloot's opposition to gay rights after he, too, received a cease-and-desist letter and a series of emails from Melaleuca's lawyer. Melaleuca's letter to Tidmarsh, dated February 7th, says that Melaleuca "recognizes the potentially valuable service that The Idaho Agenda website ("Website") provides to Idaho's LGBT community" but that "it is wrong, however, for you to use false, misleading, and/or defamatory statements to support your opinions or objectives.” What a piece of double talk. 

The Reporter} Tidmarsh says "I started the blog as an events type of a blog to support the LGBT community here in Idaho," he said. "It’s not going to be supporting anybody if it’s tied up in litigation.” ( Litigation that Frank VSloot was doing….the court system again…He tied up Tidmarsh in Litigation!).

The Tidmarsh post that raised Melaleuca’s(the lawyer) ire pinpointed three incidents: when VanderSloot paid for a full-page newspaper ad that outed a reporter, Peter Zuckerman, who had exposed sexual abuse among Boy Scout troops in a Mormon area in Idaho; when VanderSloot paid for billboards that criticized Idaho state television for running "It's Elementary," a documentary about discussing gay issues with schoolchildren; and third, the article mentioned the fact that VanderSloot's wife Belinda donated $100,000 to support Proposition 8 in California.
VanderSloot's company "goes after anybody who speaks critically of them," May-Chang said. That includes a number of other outlets, including Mother Jones, which took down an article at the behest of Melaleuca's lawyers. Washington bureau chief David Corn said they took it down in order to re-report the story, and re-posted with corrections a week later. (Corn noted that "We’ve done this in the past with other stories where there have been issues.")
So That is was was happening and that is what Mother Jones Blog posted, Mother Jones Called this scum bag a gay basher.  If this guy is not a gay basher  then Im straight. Bashing does not have to be done with baseball bats. You can do it by using your money and resources to keep Civil rights, particularly the the right to marry the person you love and live a normal Lives (not marrying a bunch of wife’s like they do and then call themselves “Normal”) A Normal life for us besides marriage is not being prosecuted for whom we are, not fire, nor get bashed on a paper or with any other weapon.  IM here cum and get me! Gay basher
Adam Gonzalez for adamfoxie*

The letter caught me totally by surprise," Tidmarsh told BuzzFeed. "Everything I wrote has been out there for years. It’s widely known in Idaho. It’s not like it was big secrets I’d uncovered."
Still, Tidmarsh chose to take the post down.
Me Im Frank VanderSloot and I sue (Not his quote)

April 21, 2012

The Word I was looking For was “Bastard” for Breitbart

Conservative blogger and activist Andrew Breitbart’s death came as a result of heart failure attributed to coronary artery disease, according to a report from ABC News.  The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office reported that the 43-year-old has a negligible amount of alcohol in his system when he collapsed near his Brentwood home on March 1, but no prescription or illicit drugs were found.
 I have family and friends that when they died is something I still carry with me because I was so touched and hurt.  On the Other hand there are family members and others that I feel relieved.  I feel that way because I know the world is a better place by them not being here... Now this not just about this  hater who's blood in his veins  had to be in brown the color of things we don’t like.  As a matter a fact I was reading on GQ that brown is coning back. The end of the world for sure like Santorum whose full of it would say.
The Coroner’s office spokesperson Doug Harvey told ABC that no foul play was suspected and the case of  Andrew Breibart... the case was considered closed.  You will notice I will not want to write his name right away, because haters should not be forgotten. He was against gays and went it served him and some in the the LGTB community he converted just only to do damaged.
Breitbart is credited with bringing a new style of combative partisan journalism into the mainstream, aBC said.. I say the same style of brown journalism  like people like the Limbaugh's of the world. There was nothing new about this evil man.  Abc says, although his legacy as such has been marred by credibility questions andaccusations of racism.  Recently, Tina Brown, editor of Newsweek and “The Daily Beast” called Breitbart’s type of radicalized reporting “a bastardization of journalism” and recommended David Carr’s New York Times profile of the deceased provocateur as a fitting summation of the man and his work.
Thank you …that is the word I was looking for…”bastard”  also  the so called gays that supported him.

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