April 25, 2016

Bernie Goes Nuclear with Monica Lewinsky, What’s Next, The Dress?

                                                                          In Wilmington, Deleware on Saturday, actress Rosario Dawson said she was 'with Monica Lewinsky' because 'bullying is bad,' suggesting Hillary Clinton supporters were attacking Bernie Sanders fans 
In Wilmington, Deleware on Saturday, actress Rosario Dawson said she was ‘ ith Monica Lewinsky’ because ‘ ullying is bad,' suggesting Hillary Clinton supporters were attacking Bernie Sanders fans. Would you buy a used car from the owner of that expression? ‘They made us do it.' Next we’ll bring up the sperm I can see her saying, because Bill had some at the time. That’s how much sense it all makes.
What does Monica Lewinsky has to do with Hillary Clinton and the today’s campaign to pick a Democratic Candidate to run for President?  Its besides me. Hillary was the one that was done wrong and she took it better than a man.

There was talk that if Sander’s campaign got desperate with no way to win except a Clinton mistake, they were going to bring in subjects that will embarrass her and make her per haps say the wrong thing. We are there getting to the end and no one knows it better than Sanders. There is no way he can win unless something happens to the front runner which has the only numbers to win. The nuclear bomb(s) are here and the bringing Monica to the campaign and have Sanders himself comment on it is definably a testing of the dirty waters to see if anybody can be sunken in.

The more  I see this conduct the less I think we can bring these voters (Sanders) to the democratic tent on the convention. Hope I’m wrong. All I see is ammunition given to Trump to use against Hillary latter on. Some will say that is a good thing because it makes Hillary ready for those attacks when they come in. That is so wrong. Hillary has been ready and she was ready for this one since it flew over her head. The awful thing is you can’t win an election with dirt alone. Trump is having that problem even though he is ahead,  he is having trouble getting the magic number to be declared winner before the Primary. Still their strategy seems to be to have Clinton fight her husband instead of trump or Sanders. Hillary ClintonVs.Bill Clinton’s past. Every time Hillary fights the GOP it makes her sound Presidential because she knows what she is talking about. They want to stop that. They want her to talk about her husband instead. 
This is what Raw Story wrote about this incident late sunday afternoon:

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was put on the spot Sunday morning when pressed about actress Rosario Dawson’s comments about Monica Lewinsky before she introduced Sanders to a Wilmington, Delaware crowd.

Saturday night, Dawson raised Democratic hackles with a jab at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign, saying: “We are literally under attack — not just for supporting the other candidate. I’m with Monica Lewinsky on this … bullying is bad.”

The comment, coming from out of nowhere, became bigger news than Sanders’ speech to the crowd and the Vermont senator was forced to address it when speaking with CNN host Jake Tapper.

“One of your high profile advocates, Rosario Dawson, invoked Monica Lewinsky at one of your rallies,” Tapper said. “Do you think it’s appropriate to be talking about Monica Lewinsky on the campaign trail?”

“We have many many — Rosario is a great actress and she’s doing a great job for us,” Sanders parried, saying she has help increase voter turnout.

“What our job, right now, is to contrast our views compared to Secretary Clinton. That’s what a campaign is about,” he continued before adding campaigns shouldn’t be about “personal attacks.”

Tapper didn’t let the senator off the hook, asking, “But, yes or no.  Should your surrogates be talking about Monica Lewinsky?”

Sanders paused before stating, “I have no idea in what context Rosario is talking about, but I would hope that all of our people talk about the real issues.”

Watch the video below via YouTube:

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