April 20, 2016

Clinton Wins Big in NY and so does The Donald


Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic presidential primary in New York, which she represented in the U.S. Senate for eight years.

Clinton beat out rival Bernie Sanders in Tuesday's election, further extending her lead in the delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination.

Most Democratic primary voters see Clinton as the best candidate to face Donald Trump if he is the Republican nominee in November, and 7 in 10 see her as the most likely eventual nominee.

Before Tuesday, Clinton led Sanders 1,292 to 1,042 in the delegate count. When including superdelegates, the AP count had Clinton at 1,761 and Sanders at 1,073.

Most of New York's Democratic delegates are awarded on a proportional basis by the outcome in each congressional district. New York has 247 pledged delegates at stake.

I expect when all the votes are counted by latter tonight or early tomorrow you will have Hillary wining by 58-60% of the vote while Bern Sanders with around 42%.

It’s a big victory by Hillary and on the other side a big victory by Trump. He will end up the night with about 60% of the vote. It would have been great for him if he reached 50% but he went beyond that.

By tomorrow we’ll know how many candidates more Hillary got compare to Sanders.

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