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July 7, 2014

Europe’s Gay Capital Madrid Stages an Out of This World Pride March


     Hundreds of thousands crammed the Spanish capital's broad central avenues to the din of drums and whistles as rainbow-coloured flags fluttered in the sunshine.
    Dressed as everything from policemen to ancient warriors with swords and helmets, drag queens, transsexuals and other party-goers danced in the street and waved from double-decker buses that crawled slowly through the crowd.
    "I'm having a great time. This is an opportunity for me to offer myself to the world of showbiz," said Julia Woman, a lanky man of 30 in a blond wig and leopard-print dress, whose high heels made him nearly six and half feet (two metres) tall.
    "It's also a chance to defend my rights on the subject of homophobia and all that. And also to have a bit of fun, a bit of personal satisfaction."
    Organizers expected more than a million people, including thousands from abroad, at the evening parade, the main event in five days of festivities by defenders of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights.
    "I came because I was told it is the biggest Gay Pride parade, and that's true," said Christophe Probst, 47, a Frenchman who came from Paris for the party.
    "It's fantastic. The whole city gets involved. There is nothing else like it."

    The festival kicked off on Wednesday night with an open air appearance by Conchita Wurst, the bearded Austrian transvestite who won the Eurovision song contest in May.
    That was followed on Thursday by an annual highlight of the festival: men in high heels and dresses raced on foot through Madrid's gay district, Chueca, cheered on by crowds.
    Wurst sang on Friday evening alongside various Spanish stars at a concert in the Vicente Calderon stadium, home to Atletico Madrid football club.
    Organizers call it the biggest pride party in Europe. The two LGBT groupings behind Madrid Pride, COGAM and FELGTB, said they expected 1.2 million people to join in.
    Madrid police said nearly 500 officers would be in the streets for security.
    Pride events in other European capitals have reported hundreds of thousands of participants.
    The groups that organised the march dedicated it this year to victims of discrimination in countries where gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals are punished, sometimes by death.
    "We are organising one of the best Pride events in the world," said Boti G. Rodrigo, leader of FELGTB, in a statement.
    "It is time to speak up for all those who cannot, so they can see that they are not alone in suffering, that we are fighting for their freedoms and for our own and that LGBT human rights are inalienable," she added.
    The organisers warned in their manifesto for this year's event against the threat of discrimination posed by far-right groups which have gained strength in some European countries.
    They added that spending cuts imposed in Spain by the conservative Popular Party during the recent economic crisis had increased discrimination in access to public services such as healthcare.
    Spain emerged in the late 1970s from several decades of social conservatism under the dictator Francisco Franco, into an era of liberal reforms.
    In 2005 it became the third country in the European Union to legalise gay marriage, after the Netherlands and Belgium. Several other countries around the world have followed.

    June 28, 2014

    Happy Pride to ALL Plus more

    Happy Pride to All

    Page by Levi Pulkkinen - Here’s the world's longest human rainbow, made up of 31,000 students, faculty and alumni of the ...


    Governor Cuomo

    A message of pride

    In this changing year and times for the community of gay people; As we fight and win when we put our resources together to be included in our government and nation as legal as human beings and civil inhabitants we will need to watch those knives from those we thought were on our side. Those that supported us because it seemed it was the right thing to do for their careers.  Some of them seemed to be shocked that we are not different. We do all the things people do, good and bad. We even have sex which has disgusted a long time supporter I wont mention right now.They got our support and and they gave us at time the opportunity for many to hear our message.

     That is all good.  The important thing is, there are still honest of heart people as I wait for their minds to to make the final decision and there is no doubt that if they happen to be good open hearts as mentioned it will be easy for them to see the truth and see that in the little journey we make today in this life we were meant to support each other and not let rules of religion or words of fear take that away..

    I would think believers would want to believe a just loving god. To serve a mad violent god and not a loving one, why would anyone want to spend eternity (if you believe in that) with this mad, judging killer of a god? We are born and have a life full of choices. I don’t doubt that somewhere along we have to pay the piper for those choices we make but to make choices of abandoning friends and family because of religious dogma, it seems to me so ungodlike, so merciless, so self-righteous.
     What pride means to us is not just to show colors but to celebrate our accomplishments and our undivided resolve to not have to live closeted out of fear.

     Every year the walks, parades bring the message home which is that we are here and we don’t want to be tolerated but accepted as just any other human being. 
    Happy pride to those watching and those doing the lifting.

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