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May 14, 2019

Just A Little of Rachel Maddow Out of The MSNBC Cams

Since The Rachel Maddow show premiered on MSNBC in 2008, Rachel Maddow has been the face of the network. Beloved by newsies, Maddow isn’t afraid, to be honest with her audience about her emotions and motivations. Trusted as a master storyteller, the first openly gay primetime news host has always been unconventional. From an early age, she hit the gun range. In her teens, she loved punk rock, especially the band The Dead Kennedy’s. The story of Rachel Maddow off the air is one that needs to be known. How many jobs do you think she had before her big break? The number will surprise you.

She Met Her Partner In A Very Desperate Housewives Way

In 2010, Rachel Maddow told People that when she met her partner of nearly 20 years, “it was very Desperate Housewives.” They weren’t set-up on a date, and they didn’t meet at a bar or online. Maddow had just moved to Massachusetts at the time and was hired by Susan Mikula to do yard work.

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Maddow has never been shy about her feelings and said it was “love at first sight” when she and her partner Mikula met in 1999. They’re still going strong today.

When Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula went on their first date, they chose to avoid the classic “dinner and movie” scenario. Instead, they went to a gun range, where Mikula got to show off her skills to Maddow. Surprisingly, the date didn’t turn Maddow away, even though she’s a noted liberal.

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“I think shooting ranges are an excellent place to both learn about guns and to freak your friends out,” Maddow explained to CBS Sunday Morning in 2016. She also admitted that shooting is fun, before reiterating her strong beliefs about gun safety and gun control.

Maddow has always had a knack for getting people’s attention. As a teenager, she fell in love with punk rock music. In particular, she loved The Dead Kennedys and Husker Du. Her parents hated it, and even grounded her once after discovering an album with a risque cover.

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Looking back on her life, Maddow says her love of bands like Meat Puppets and Black Flag was the “apex of my coolness.” Not everyone would agree with that statement, as she has a large following of a vast audience.

Before entering the television world, Maddow was a fixture on the radio. Her start in radio would never have happened if a friend hadn’t dared her to try, though. Maddow wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life when a “sidekick spot” opened up on a local radio show.

Photo Credit: Joe Kohen/Getty Images for The New Yorker
According to her friend, “we thought it might pay more than the minimum wage.” Maddow won the job and fell in love with talk radio right away. At the time, she had no idea her tiny radio gig would lead to much larger things.

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March 1, 2019

Olly Defended Ariana Grande Headlining Manchester Pride

It was recently announced that pop superstar Ariana and Olly’s synthpop band Years & Years will be the main artists performing at the new-and-improved Manchester Pride Live celebrations in August this year.
But while many fans are ecstatic at the chance to see their favourite artist perform and celebrate equality, some are unhappy that a straight performer is headlining an LGBTQ festival, and have accused Ariana of ‘exploitation’.
After the singer defended herself, explaining that she just wants to make LGBTQ fans “feel special and celebrated and supported” with her performance, fellow headliner Olly took to Twitter to share his own views on the controversial topic.
“I’d love to see more LGBT+ headliners across all bills, the reality is line ups are a mix of artists depending on their availability and the need to sell tickets,” he wrote.
“Pride’s normally raise money so they can put on their events and donate to various (usually local) causes. That being said I think more LGBT+ people will understand how problematic Pride can be.
“Every year we get a couple of days (or… a month?) and we’re meant to be grateful Starbucks have rainbow cups. I’m glad to see people demand change, the absence of people of colour in these spaces is shamefully obvious.”
Olly went on to defend Ariana’s status as an ally to the LGBTQ community, and argued that if more people supported queer artists, they’d be more likely to get headline slots at pride festivals.
“In the case of Manchester Pride – Ariana has shown more than most that she cares about us and loves Manchester,” he continued. “Does that mean we shouldn’t try harder to celebrate all the amazing queer talent? No!
“But – can’t stress this enough – if more people listened to and supported LGBT+ artists – they’d get more slots.”

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