May 10, 2020

Little Richard, Gay and Talented, Dead at 87 From Bone Cancer

        Photos: Little Richard, founding father of rock 'n' rollPhotos: Little Richard, founding father of rock 'n' rollLittle Richard dies at 87: Rock and roll legend called Nashville ...

Stars took to social media to pay tribute to early rock legend Little Richard, who died at 87 on Saturday.
The genre's early days were blessed with outsized personalities – Elvis and his shockwave-generating gyrations, super-slick Chuck Berry and the combustible Jerry Lee Lewis – but none as wild as Richard Penniman. Those remembering him today reflected on the "Tutti Frutti" singer's influence on music as well as his kindness. 
In an interview, Richard's former bass guitarist Charles Glenn, 61, recalled fond memories of playing with the late rock 'n' roll legend and says Richard would've wanted people to be happy right now, to celebrate, not be sad.
"He was always the most loving person at all times. The guy that we saw on TV, that was (him) 24 hours.  People thought it was an act, (but) that was not an act, that was Richard," Glenn says. "I don't think anybody can rock 'n' roll like Richard... he always made sure to entertain you, even if he was just saying 'Hello.' His 'Hello' was the most entertaining 'Hello' you could ever want to have."
Former first lady Michelle Obama honored Little Richard's creativity and wished his family well.
"With his exuberance, his creativity, and his refusal to be anything other than himself, Little Richard laid the foundation for generations of artists to follow. We are so lucky to have had him," she tweeted. Sending all my love to his family and friends today."
Spike Lee shared a 90's Nike commercial he directed that featured Little Richard.

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