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October 4, 2013

A Grand Dad Comes to The Defense of Gay Grandson After Mother Booted Him Out


What a gay child lost from his own mum, he recovered from his own grandfather. For members of the LGBT community, it's disheartening enough that society until this day continues to misunderstand them. But it's doubly depressing if it's your own parents, more so the mother who carried you in her womb, would become be the one to disown you.
On Oct 1, the online portal of FCKH8, a business entity that produces apparel and accessories for both gay and straight people, published on its Facebook page a letter of a grandfather.
The unidentified grandfather, writing to his daughter Christine, blasted her for her reaction and behaviour when she learned her son was gay.
Acting Superman to Chad, his grandson, the grandfather berated his own daughter for booting the kid out of her house just because he was gay.
"Chad didn't choose it [being gay] any more than he being left-handed," he wrote.

And then straightforwardly he told her, "I'm disappointed in you as a daughter."
"You're correct that we have a 'shame in the family,' but mistaken about what it is."
He continued then when she disowned her own child just because he was gay, that was 'the real 'abomination' here" because it goes "against nature."
Instead of trying to understand the turmoil his grandson is hurdling right now, "you, however, have made a choice of being hurtful, narrow-minded and backward."
The finale, albeit also sad, was the grandfather giving his daughter a dose of her own medicine.
"While we are in the business of disowning children, I think I'll take this moment to say goodbye to you. I now have a fabulous (as the gay [sic] put it) grandson to raise..."
Still hope remains because he did tell his daughter to give them a call.
Followers of FCKH8 on Facebook cheered on the doting and loving grandfather.
"I want to hug this supportive grandpa and slap his daughter!" Amanda Bean wrote.
"Best.Grandpa.Ever." Cori Lazarus-Search said.
"Bestest gramps ever!!!!!!! He wins the internet!!" Megan Woodcock Keegan wrote.
"Her son was ousted for what he was. She was ousted for what she did," Cheri Odum said in support of the grandfather's disowning his daughter.
Then again, he did say to call them up didn't he?
"'If you find your heart, give us a call.' She should really think about that line specifically," Amanda Adkins said.

As of Friday, grandfather's loving embrace of his gay grandson and brave front against his rather un-enlightened daughter had attracted 15,607 likes, and still counting. The post had been re-shared 7,705 times.
Below is the image of the letter:
Grandpa to the Rescue of Gay Grandson, Tells Own Daughter ‘You Are the Shame in this Family’ (Facebook/
Grandpa to the Rescue of Gay Grandson, Tells Own Daughter ‘You Are the Shame in this Family’ (Facebook/

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