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March 23, 2013

Brandon Bennett and "Back to Basics Please"


For those of you that click on this page and see a guy that seems to be advertising a drink in NYC ; Well let me introduce you Brandon and his organization of help to anyone that needs it and would like to Get back to Back to B A S I C S please  for help or to help  which happens to be the name of this
non- profit org. 

   He is in Yuma, Arizona, but has outlets in a couple other places. Now we can contact anybody through phone or computer. There is contact info below.

People like him is what keeps big orgs going.  He is the  “grass roots” that you hear about.  I like good people and that is why I like Brandon. People like him are the salt of the earth. The people in Russia or Saudi Arabia that will see this as soon as I finish typing; Will ask : What is this got to do with me ??

In countries like yours in which even holding hands might be cause for loosing your head in a very physical way, well this is the way to start a couple of people with one thought  and one idea in common and work from there to get others like them. Im recognizing Brandon and his Organization because they are a point in which they can show the way to people out side of their immediate location.
Also if we get someone that can spare a donation in a better off country………. He and adamfoxie* both need it. 

Back to the Basics Please, Inc.

Back to the Basics Please, Inc. - Yuma, AZ

Contact Info


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