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April 19, 2019

19 Yr Old. Girl in Bangladesh Set on Fire For Accusing Her Teacher of Assault

Nusrat Jahan Rafi was burned to death for reporting sexual harassment at her school in Bangladesh

 The horrific death of a young student who was burned alive after she reported sexual assault allegations to the police has sparked protests in Bangladesh to demand more justice for women.
Nusrat Jahan Rafi, 18, who was from Feni, 100 miles south of the capital Dhaka, was tricked into going onto a rooftop at her madrassa, or school, on April 6, where at least four people doused her in kerosene and set her alight, reported Human Rights Watch.
She was attacked for refusing to back down from an earlier allegation of an attempted sexual assault against her headmaster. She died four days later from burns covering 80 percent of her body.
“The horrifying murder of a brave woman who sought justice shows how badly the Bangladesh government has failed victims of sexual assault,” said Meenakshi Ganguly, HRW’s South Asia director.
“Nusrat Jahan Rafi’s death highlights the need for the Bangladesh government to take survivors of sexual assault seriously and ensure that they can safely seek a legal remedy and be protected from retaliation.”
People in Bangladesh are protesting for justice for Ms Rafi
People in Bangladesh are protesting for justice for Ms Rafi CREDIT: MAMUNUR RASHID/NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES
The police handling of her case has compounded public anger. A video of Ms Rafi filing the assault case reportedly shows a police officer telling her that the incident was “not a big deal”.
According to the BBC, she appears distressed, trying to cover her face with her hands.
The video was later leaked to the local media. Death threats ensued and the pressure to withdraw the complaint worsened after the headmaster was arrested.
On April 11, as she tried to enter her school to sit her final exams, she was lured to the roof and surrounded by four people wearing burkas, demanding that she renounce her accusations.
She refused and they set her on fire, attempting to make it look like suicide. But in a final defiant stand as she succumbed to her injuries, she recorded a message on her brother’s phone. “The teacher touched me, I will fight this crime until my last breath,” she said.
The brutal case shocked Bangladesh to its core. Sheikh Hasina, the prime minister, expressed deep sorrow over her death and personally ordered law enforcement agencies to find the perpetrators and take punitive action.
Relatives of Nusrat Jahan Rafi weeping as her body is handed over
Relatives of Nusrat Jahan Rafi weeping as her body is handed over CREDIT: MAMUNUR RASHID/NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES
To date, 15 people have reportedly been arrested, seven of them allegedly involved in the murder, and one has confessed. The headmaster remains in custody and the police officer who filmed Ms Rafi has been removed from his post and transferred to another department.
However, human rights groups say Ms Rafi’s case highlights a wider problem of the ongoing vulnerability of women who suffer sexual harassment in the conservative South Asia country, and who are targetted when they brave social stigmas to speak out.
Ms Rafi’s tragedy is not an isolated incident, giving rise to scepticism about the authorities’ record in prosecuting sexual violence cases.
Human Rights Watch noted that the murder occurred close to the fourth anniversary of a case of mass sexual harassment of at least 20 women during Bengali New Year celebrations at Dhaka University in 2015. There has been little progress on their court case.
According to Ain O Salish Kendra, a Bangladeshi human rights organisation, there were over 700 cases of rape reported in 2018, but the actual numbers are likely to be higher given the fear of many victims of being shamed and humiliated.
“Nusrat Jahan Rafi’s cruel death is a sobering reminder of the pervasive risk of sexual violence that is faced by Bangladeshi women and girls,” said Meenakshi Ganguly.
“The government should ensure justice for her family, urgently put legal protections in place to prevent sexual assault, and provide effective protections to survivors.”

November 11, 2018

Tucker Carlson Seems to Have Assaulted a Gay Immigrant

Attorney Michael Avenatti tweeted that he is investigating an alleged assault committed by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and/or members of his inner circle.  The incident that apparently took place at a club in Virginia last month is at least partially corroborated through a video (seen below) — although no violence or assault is depicted in the video.
Avenatti also says that the incident “likely includes underage drinking in violation of VA law”.  He alleges that Carlson’s son and daughter were present and that his son committed assault and battery, while his daughter was “drinking underage” with Tucker’s “assistance and knowledge”. 
“We are attempting to locate additional witnesses and to identify those depicted in the video,” Avenatti tweeted. “In particular, we need assistance identifying the balding man that grabs the man seated at the bar. We anticipate charges being filed. Anyone with knowledge, pls contact us.”
The video, which can be seen above, was also tweeted by Avenatti.  It clearly shows Tucker Carlson repeatedly cursing, and telling another individual to “get the f–k out of here” several times.  What’s not seen or heard on the video but alleged by Avenatti is that Carlson also told an apparent immigrant to “go back where you came from”.
Avenatti went on to respond to an individual asking him what the video reveals, by saying, “You mean other than Tucker repeatedly cursing a guy out seated at the bar while a friend/associate of his makes a bee line for the guy, grabs him off his chair, and then threatens violence?” “Assault is [a] threat of violence. Battery is a physical touching,” Avenatti told Hillreporter. “There are both in the video,” he explained.
According to Avenatti, numerous witnesses were there and contradict any claims by Carlson that he was innocent in the matter.
Fox News reached out to Hill Reporter on Sunday, November 11, and provided a response from Carlson:
“On October 13, I had dinner with two of my children and some family friends at the Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia. Toward the end of the meal, my 19-year-old daughter went to the bathroom with a friend. On their way back through the bar, a middle aged man stopped my daughter and asked if she was sitting with Tucker Carlson. My daughter had never seen the man before. She answered: ‘That’s my dad,’ and pointed to me. The man responded, ‘Are you Tucker’s whore?’ He then called her a ‘fucking cunt.’
My daughter returned to the table in tears. She soon left the table and the club. My son, who is also a student, went into the bar to confront the man. I followed. My son asked the man if he’d called his sister a ‘whore’ and a ‘cunt.’ The man admitted he had, and again become profane. My son threw a glass of red wine in the man’s face and told him to leave the bar, which he soon did.
Immediately after the incident, I described these events to the management of the Farmington Country Club. The club spent more than three weeks investigating the incident. Last week, they revoked the man’s membership and threw him out of the club.
I love my children. It took enormous self-control not to beat the man with a chair, which is what I wanted to do. I think any father can understand the overwhelming rage and shock that I felt seeing my teenage daughter attacked by a stranger. But I restrained myself. I did not assault this man, and neither did my son. That is a lie. Nor did I know the man was gay or Latino, not that it would have mattered. What happened on October 13 has nothing to do with identity politics. It was a grotesque violation of decency. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

February 27, 2018

Weinstein Company Will File for Bankruptcy-What Does it Mean for The Victims?

 The men in this picture have many women claiming they were assaulted  by them

The Weinstein Company says it will file for bankruptcy after a deal for the sale of the company fell apart.

The film and television studio had been in talks with a group led by Maria Contreras-Sweet, who was in charge of the Small Business Administration under President Obama and backed by billionaire Ron Burkle. The deal was said to be worth $500 million — "roughly $275 million for the Weinstein Company, plus the assumption of $225 million in debt," The New York Times reports.

According to a letter from the Weinstein Company to Contreras-Sweet and Burkle, talks broke down in part over the issue of interim funding, which the studio needed to stay operational and paying its employees.

"[W]e must conclude that your plan to buy this company was illusory and would only leave this Company hobbling toward its demise to the detriment of all constituents," the company said in a letter. "Despite your previous statements, it is simply impossible to avoid the conclusion that you have no intention to sign an agreement — much less to close one — and no desire to save valuable assets and jobs." 

"While we recognize that this is an extremely unfortunate outcome for our employees, our creditors, and any victims, the board has no choice," the company said in a statement to the Times. "Over the coming days, the company will prepare its bankruptcy filing with the goal of achieving maximum value in court." 

Harvey Weinstein, His Brother And Their Company Hit With Civil Rights Lawsuit
Two weeks ago, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Weinstein Company and its founding brothers, stating that the studio "repeatedly broke New York law by failing to protect its employees from pervasive sexual harassment, intimidation, and discrimination."

"Any sale of The Weinstein Company must ensure that victims will be compensated, employees will be protected going forward, and that neither perpetrators nor enablers will be unjustly enriched," Schneiderman said in a statement announcing the suit.

The suit appears to have played a role in scuttling the sale. If there is no sale of the Weinstein Company, it's not clear how such victim compensation would be funded.

Gloria Allred, the attorney representing many of Harvey Weinstein's alleged victims, "was angry with the timing of the New York Attorney General's lawsuit precisely because she feared it would kill the deal and lead to bankruptcy ... which would hurt the victims' chances for compensation," as NPR's Elizabeth Blair told Morning Edition.

Another aspect in the deal's collapse likely was the role of David Glasser, whom the investors wanted to make the new CEO.

"Glasser was a top executive under Harvey Weinstein," Blair explained. "The Attorney General was adamant that no perpetrators or enablers to Weinstein's misconduct be part of the sale — and he believed Glasser was one of them. The Weinstein Company board then fired Glasser. And Schneiderman met with both sides of the sale and appeared to approve the conditions of the sale."

But the letter from the Weinstein Company makes clear that the contingencies related to Glasser were a problem. An attorney for Glasser has said he plans to sue for wrongful termination.

The bid from Contreras-Sweet was seen as a way for the company to survive and retain its employees. Other bidders were primarily interested in certain of the company's assets, especially its library of films, and most of the other bids would have required a sale through Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

The fall of the Weinstein Company has been swift in the four-and-a-half months since The New York Times reported allegations of sexual misconduct by Weinstein over decades, ranging from harassment to rape. The New Yorker soon published further allegations. Weinstein was fired from the company three days after the Times story came out.

He has apologized for some of his behavior, but "denies many of the accusations as patently false," Lisa Bloom, then Weinstein's lawyer, said in October.

December 16, 2017

Young Guy Lured Mature Gay Men with Sex for Deadly Attacks

Cody Parkinson was jailed for two years for his role in an assault.
Cody Parkinson was jailed for two years for his role in an assault. It takes a mind who has been damaged by probably an assault when he was a boy or hatred for his gay dad if he had one. These crimes are committed with a specific small target in mind. They are not meant to change anything in society except to bring some kind of relief to the damaged young mind.

TWO men who used a gay dating app to seek out, then violently assault men they believed were pedophiles were today jailed over the “protracted and vicious beatings”.
James Joseph Katchan, 20, used app Grindr to seek out his victims, all of whom were homosexual men, luring them to public places with the promise of sex.
But when they arrived they were ambushed, with one man so badly beaten he was left with bleeding in the brain.
Katchan pleaded guilty to five serious assaults, four of which happened over 10 days in January.
He was jailed for six years for what District Court Judge Vicki Stewart said were attacks designed to “terrorize” victims. 
His co-offender Cody Parkinson, 19, was jailed for two years after he admitted his role in the last assault in March.
In that attack, Parkinson agreed for his picture to be used by Katchan to lure a 57-year-old to a park.
As Parkinson waited, Katchan and two other men hid in bushes. As the man approached, they all confronted him, telling him they were a group who guarded the area against pedophiles. They punched, kicked and stomped on him as he cowered on the ground.
He suffered bleeding from the brain and other injuries.
In a separate attack on January 21, Katchan struck up a conversation with a 35-year-old, arranging to meet him at a park in Kenwick.
When the victim arrived, Katchan greeted him with the slur “hey you pedophile faggot” before punching him in the face.
Two days later, he lured a 33-year-old to a Canning Vale park and hit him over the head with a bat embedded with metal rings.
Katchan’s lawyer John Hawkins said his client’s offending was motivated by a desire to humiliate men who were expecting to have sex with “a boy they thought was 14 years old”. But Judge Stewart said there was “absolutely no justification” for Katchan’s crimes.
Lawyer Mara Barone, who acted for Parkinson, said her client’s crime was “not in any way, shape or form an offense of homosexuality”.
Two other men have been charged over the attacks.Parkinson and Katchan were made eligible for parole.

Shannon Hampton, PerthNow

April 19, 2017

Tx.Lawsuit Alleges Hazing Male Athletes Were Sexually Abusing Others

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April 10, 2017

Gay Couple is Assaulted but Now Gets Sued by Perp

 Ronnie Sewratan-Vernes and Jasper Vernes-Sewratan. Photo: Jasper Vernes-Sewratan 

One of the boys suspected of assaulting a gay couple in Arnhem on Sunday morning denies throwing the first punch, the 16-year-old's lawyer said on Pauw on Monday. According to the teen, the two gay men shouted aggressive words to the group of young people and one of the men started the fight, ANP reports.

The boy also denies that the assault had anything to do with the men's sexual identity and that a bolt cutter was used in the fight. He does, however, acknowledge knocking out one of the men's teeth with his fist. He will file charges of assault against, the lawyer, Gerald Roethof, said. 

Roethof added that the young people were a 'mixed' group. "There was a boy with blond hair and blue eyes, someone with a Moroccan and someone with a Turkish background."

The gay couple, Jasper Vernes-Sewratan and Ronnie Sewratan-Vernes, filed assault charges against the group of young people, expressly mentioning the use of bolt cutters in the attack. They were attacked as they walked home from a party around 4:00 a.m. on Sunday morning by a group of between six and eight youths. The suspects are between the ages of 14 and 20 years.

According to the victims, they were attacked because they were walking hand in hand. Dutch society's reaction was mostly one of outrage and horror. A protest against LGBT violence is being organized in Arnhem for Saturday. The bridge over the IJssel near Westervoort was illuminated in rainbow colors on Monday night. D66 leader Alexander Pechtold and party  member  Wouter Koolmees arrived at the government formation negotiations walking hand in hand on Monday, to show support. Prime Minister Mark Rutte called the incident “terrible" and GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver called it "ludicrous" that people are still being attacked because of who they love.

January 5, 2017

Disabled Youngster Targeted by 4 for Live Assault on FaceBook

Four people have been charged with hate crimes for allegedly carrying out an assault, live-streamed online, in which a man was tied up, hit and cut with a knife by several assailants.
In Effort To Curb Violence In Chicago, A Professor Mines Social Media
Authorities say the victim, who had been reported missing before the attack, has "mental health challenges." He was encountered by police on Tuesday evening and is recovering in the hospital.

The Facebook Live stream showing the attack has been deleted. But multiple outlets have posted videos they identify as archives of the stream, recorded by a woman who frequently turns the camera on herself. The clips show multiple people taunting, threatening and hitting a man who is tied up in a corner. At least once, a man uses a knife to cut the victim's hair, cutting into his scalp.

On the video, the assailants, who are black, say "F*** Donald Trump" and "F*** white people." They force the victim, who is white, to say "F*** Donald Trump," as well.

The four people accused of the crime have each been charged with a hate crime, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, according to the Cook County State's Attorney's office. Other charges include burglary, robbery and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

The Associated Press reports that police say they don't believe the victim was targeted because he was white:
Live-Streaming Of Alleged Rape Shows Challenges Of Flagging Video In Real Time
"Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Thursday morning that charges are expected soon against four black suspects. Guglielmi says the suspects made 'terrible racist statements' during the attack, but that investigators believe the victim was targeted because he has special needs, not because of his race.
"Guglielmi says it's possible the suspects were trying to extort something from the victim's family."
As for the remarks about Donald Trump, Cmdr. Kevin Duffin said at a news conference late Wednesday that investigators are working to determine whether the statements are "sincere or just stupid ranting and raving."

Chicago police found the victim in distress on the street before they were aware of the existence of the Facebook live stream, authorities said at the news conference. The four suspects were arrested after police were called to a residence near where they'd found the man and then connected the incident and the location.

The victim, a resident of a Chicago suburb, apparently spent at least 24 hours in the company of his alleged assailants — one of whom he knew from school, police say. He had been reported missing on Monday. Police say he traveled into the city with his acquaintance in a stolen van.

A GoFundMe account for the victim has been set up; a public relations representative for GoFundMe says the website will be working with the campaign organizer to ensure all money raised reaches the victim.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson highlighted the "brazenness" of the assailants, for not just carrying out the attack but broadcasting it "for all to see."

"It's sickening," he said. "It makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that. I’ve been a cop for 28 years — I've seen things that you shouldn't see in a lifetime — but it still amazes me how you still see things that you just shouldn't [see]."

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