Jalen Stogner
Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune
So  far in Chicago this weekend,  7 people have been shot, including 17-year-old Jalen Stogner, who was gunned down in front of his mother and younger brothers, 11- and 4-year old, at a laundromat, reports theChicago Tribune.
Stogner was assisting his mother when he exchanged “dirty looks” with another man, leading to an altercation. When the man pulled out his gun, the teen attempted to run, but was shot in the side of his back. According to the Tribune, Stogner’s mother became “frozen” when she saw the weapon and his little brother dropped the detergent in horror.
“Just to see my son lying in that puddle of blood, and I couldn’t do nothing to save him,” said Marla Stogner. “I just called and screaming his name and he just wasn’t responding.”