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April 1, 2014

Anderson Cooper Says No Beef with Alec Baldwin

Anderson Cooper, Alec BaldwinSteve Granitz/, Danny Martindale/WireImage
Anderson Cooper isn't one to hold a grudge. He just tweets and moves on!
Alec Baldwin, not so much...
"I didn't speak out against him. I sent maybe two tweets expressing an opinion," Cooper clarified today on The Howard Stern Show when Stern asked about the CNN anchor's seemingly outraged reaction to Baldwin's use of anti-gay slurs on several occasions.
"I like Alec Baldwin, I think he's incredibly talented," Cooper, who is openly gay, insisted. "I think he's incredibly smart. I've got nothing against the guy. I don't want the guy to have a career that gets negatively impacted. I want him out there working. I love watching Alec Baldwin do stuff. I think he's genius in what he does and his comedy...and a really good actor. I saw him on Broadway recently."
Referring to "the first time" that Baldwin shoved his foot in his own mouth, when the actor tweeted that a certain Starbucks barrista was an "uppity queen" back in 2011, Cooper said that he let that one go.
"I was like, ‘You know what? Fine, maybe he just made a mistake,'" he recalled to Stern.
"But then he calls somebody else a 'toxic little queen' and then says that he'd like to shove his foot up the guy's ass but the guy would probably enjoy it too much," Cooper continued, referring to Baldwin's tweeted beef with a Daily Mail who reported (incorrectly, it turned out) that Alec's wife Hilaria Baldwin had been tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral.
"And then [he] said, ‘Oh, I didn't know that queen was an anti-gay slur,'" Cooper said. "Which, OK, maybe I can believe that, although I don't think that's true, but then how do you explain saying you'd like to put your foot up the guy's ass but he would enjoy it? Which seems to be some reference to what he believes this guy's sexual preference is."
Stern suggested that maybe it would have been better if Cooper had called Baldwin up personally, instead of tweeting at the time: "Why does#AlecBaldwin get a pass when he uses gay slurs? If a conservative talked of beating up a 'queen' they would be vilified."
"Maybe I should've," Cooper acknowledged the point. "I don't know him. I'd met him once, I think...and I know he was on this show and he seemed to think that I said he should be vilified, which I never said. I said that, if he was a conservative, he would have been vilified, but he sort of got a pass...Then when he called the person 'a c--ksucker,' and then said he didn't know that ‘c--ksucker' was something that was an anti-gay...I mean, what adult does not know that calling a guy a c--ksucker is..."
Cooper was referring that time to Baldwin's most recent gaffe, when he was caught on video calling a paparazzo a c--ksucker, but denied the more egregious charge, which was that he had called that pap a f---ot." Baldwin insisted he called the man a "fat head."
After the third incident, the veteran newsman tweeted, "Wow, Alec Baldwin shows his true colors yet again. How is he going to lie and excuse his anti-gay slurs this time? Just read Alec Baldwin's latest excuses. They are actually so ridiculous they are funny."
Stern admitted that he uses the c-word in question "all the time," adding that he most definitely does not mean it in that particular way.
Cooper, giving Stern a pass considering the shock jock's usual repertoire, put it this way: "When you want to say something and the worst thing you can possibly think of to say to something, which is what this situation was, to talk about a sexual act between two guys as being the worst thing you can possibly think of, that seems to indicate…
"But I never said he was homophobic," Cooper concluded. "I have no idea what's in his head, so... I was surprised at how upset he seemed to get for some reason at me, and he said something in New York magazine recently about me again, like out of the blue…
"I got no beef…I sent my little two tweets six months ago, I'm done."
In the Feb. 24 issue of New York, Baldwin called Cooper "the self-appointed Jack Valenti of gay media culture," referencing the late former Motion Picture Association of America president who came up with the movie rating system still in place today.
But with Cooper saying that he has “no beef" with the man, once again the ball is in Baldwin's court.

February 17, 2013


With his glamtourage.
 Mi Vestito
Fluffing his hair, not a care, staring at some birds.
 Mi Pelito, como sto?
Loving his furry little beanie.
 me pruriti
Come sto?
Really enjoying this kiss.
 Nene estas BUENO!!
Just two dudes wearing dresses hugging it out.
 Bailamos? Waltz o rock y roll
Being tickled.Besame mucho
Working that runway with former President GWB!Jorjito me lleva a donde?  No Confio
Going in for a kiss.En la boca o en la boca?

Anderson Cooper Thinks the Bachelor Has a Boyfriend

Anderson Views on the Bachelor…sounds like he is talking about the Bachelorete

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March 11, 2012

Will Smith Gay? Tisha Campbell Responds on Tweeter

Star Magazine came out with a front page story, alleging that blockbuster actor Will Smith had a gay relationship with fellow actor Duane Martin, which is why his marriage to Jada has been reportedlyfalling apart
 Now actress and wife of Duane, Tisha Campbell-Martin, is reportedly fed up with all of the gay rumors and is speaking out.

The former star of the ’90s hit sitcom “Martin,” who says that she usually ignores rumors, could not remain silent any longer, so she took to Twitter on Wednesday to vent:
Usually I ignore negativity but I’m tired of the media attacking TheSmiths. They’re n amazing couple n I wish ppl wld stop perpetuatin LIES
According to Tisha, she has heard the gay rumors about her husband before so the current ones are nothing new.  The couple, who have been married for more than 15 years, have been subjected to rumors about not only her husband’s homosexuality but about her being subjected to domestic violence.
Tisha and Duane actually joked about the allegations back in 2007, when they were interviewed byEssence Magazine.  Despite the rumors that have swirled around the couple, Tisha and Duane have remained devoted to each other and to their two children, one of whom has autism.
Meanwhile, Will’s questionable sexual preference has been gossiped about for years.  The whispers actually began after he appeared in his first major motion picture back in 1993, when he played a gay con artist in the film “Six Degrees of Separation.”
Will’s character was supposed to engage in a full homosexual love scene in the film, but after he landed the part, he was not onboard with the idea.  Will’s character was also supposed to lock lips with a Caucasian man, but at the time, the 43-year-old balked, so mirrors and trick camera angles made it appear as if Will’s character kissed the male actor.
Will hasn’t been the only one rumored to be gay.
For years, rumors have abounded that Jada is a closet lesbian and both Will and Jada have kept their “down-low relationship” open.
Now Will and Duane’s longtime friendship has tongues wagging, suggesting they are involved in a “bromance.” According to Star, Will and Duane have taken one too many vacations together that include trips to Sin City Las Vegas, Miami, and supposedly a private cruise in Trinidad while Tisha and Jada sat at home.
An eyewitness claims that the pair dined at a Trinidad eatery on February 24, and that “it was clear Will and Duane both arrived and left together.” Another source swears that Jada hates that Will is “taking him on exotic vacations while she’s sitting home alone.” She allegedly “can’t stand [his] relationship with Duane” and feels that he “flaunts it in her face.”
Over the past year, there has been countless speculation that Will and Jada’s 14-year marriage has run its course.  Now a source allegedly told Star Magazine that the union is in fact “completely fractured” and that the more time Will spends with Duane, the more strain he places on his marriage to Jada.
So the question remains, will the rumors continue to rage between Will and Duane?
The unidentified source laments, “It’s only a matter of time until one of them makes the split official and files for divorce.
by Ruth Manuel-Logan

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