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November 22, 2016

Duterte Might Have Lost His Teflon Thanks to Long Dead Marcos

Philippines Dictator Ferdinand Marcos admirer President Duterte Might have put his foot on the wrong grave.
Like Trump in the US nothing seems to stick to this criminal President. One who orders killings of suspected drug users and sellers alike. His voting block has ignore the thousands of killings during this year but there is one dead stiff he might have offended the nation with. That is Ferdinand Marcos who has not been allowed a proper burial there because of the memories of the people of his regime. He did nothing different Duterte is done except Duterte uses drugs as an excuse to get rid of people he sees as a threat or just simply don’t like, when Marcos used the Commies for doing the same thing. (adamfoxie blog)

Libingan ng Mga Bayani National Heroes Cemetary

The bitter taste left by the “hero’s” burial for former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, with outrage fueling protests, reveals deep divides between Filipino society and its ruling classes. Reflecting on the abuses of power during Marcos’ dark 21-year reign, including nine years under martial law, should lead to comparisons with the current strongman in the presidential palace.
Despite new President Rodrigo Duterte’s landslide victory on a wildly anti-establishment platform, Duterte supported Marcos’ burial in the national Heroes’ Cemetery, asking the country to “forgive” their long-time oppressor. The issue of Marcos’ final resting place, like Duterte’s so-called “drug menace,” was not of any major national concern less than a year ago. Marcos died 25 years ago. The only people the least bit concerned with the ghoulish idea of moving his corpse to lie alongside national heroes were a small but powerful cabal of Marcos-clan supporting elites.
From his rhetoric, you would be forgiven for expecting Duterte to have railed against such a public measure and such elitist forces. But as with most populist rhetoric, Duterte’s anti-elitism belies a cynical manipulation of existing fears. Duterte aimed his ire at some in the establishment, but not all. He has created a strong sense of resentment toward particular figures that dare to question his methods while creating new cronies and resurrecting old establishment figures.
Senator Alan Cayetano, Duterte’s running mate, who came third in the race for vice president, leads a group of new Duterte loyalists, including the fading boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao, also a senator. Duterte’s 28-year career in provincial politics, and 10 years prior in the state prosecutor’s office, makes him a member of the establishment, even if his gutter vocabulary masks his elitist position in Filipino society.  But his provincial standing meant Duterte had to cozy up to established national figures for support — especially given that the vice presidential election resulted in victory for a potentially opposing force, Liberal party nominee Leni Robredo.
When former President Gloria Arroyo had her corruption charges dismissed in July, she had Duterte to thank.  In return, she now supports his lawless war on drugs, which has resulted in thousands of extra-judicial killings and a growing chance of a warrant from the International Criminal Court. Furthermore Arroyo is now one of the notable voices leading the public lynching of Duterte’s only real opponent in Filipino politics, former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima. Arroyo and others (including Pacquiao) take turns smearing De Lima, threatening to show a sex tape in the Senate and accusing her of being a drug lord and running her drug empire from the country’s notoriously corrupt prisons.
Sandwiched somewhere between the ugly combination of Duterte’s new and old allies, the specter of the Marcos dictatorship has a very real political face — his son. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., known as Bongbong, narrowly lost the vice presidential election to Robredo by less than single percentage point. Bongbong’s ties to Duterte are hardly distant; only last month, whilst in China, Duterte said Marcos could be the next vice president if his legal challenge to the narrow election loss is upheld. The bond is a public allegiance that goes back a year to the beginning of the campaign, when Duterte said that Bongbong would take over if he failed to stop crime in three months.
Almost six months into his term, while the calamitous war on drugs has generated an obvious omertà from which few are able to speak out, Duterte has a gaping Marcos-shaped weakness. Through his relationship with Bongbong and support for the elder Marcos’ burial, it may not take much for ill sentiment to become public and realigned at the palace.
For very little political gain, perhaps only loyalty, Duterte has risked turning the outrage behind #MarcosNOTaHero into #Du30NOTaHero. While such a dramatic shift will surely take time, the longer the drug killings continue, the more likely the backlash is. Despite a life in politics Duterte has displayed a lack of political instinct in some of his calculations and a dangerous reckless streak, extending into international affairs.
The Marcos gamble has backfired already and brought the popular vice president into the public eye, with Robredo passive-aggressively shaming her boss on Twitter over the burial. With the president endorsing an authoritarian past, the Philippines has another stark warning of the future of a Duterte-led country. While held accountable for this protest, however, Duterte still has plenty of apologists to come to his aid. If the Marcos burial does not end up being the moment the tide changed, it will be another time a warning was missed.
By Dr. Tom Smith who is a Lecturer in International Relations for the University of Portsmouth based at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell. He specializes in terrorism, political violence, and insurgencies with a focus on Southeast Asia.

August 10, 2015

Killer of 12 Wounded of 70 Gets to Live by Count of One (Juror)


 The jury deciding whether Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes should be sentenced to death ended deliberations Friday after it became apparent one juror would not budge from her opposition to a death sentence, a juror told reporters.

Because the jury could not reach a unanimous decision, Holmes will be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for opening fire during a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" on July 20, 2012, killing 12 people and wounding 70 others. 
"We ended our deliberations when one absolutely would not move," the juror, who only identified herself as "juror 17," told reporters after the verdict Friday. Two other jurors were "on the fence" about the death penalty, she said. 
The jury rejected arguments from Holmes' defense attorneys that he was legally insane when he carried out the attack and found him guilty of 24 counts of murder — two for each person he killed. Holmes’ lawyers then argued it would be inhumane to execute a man who suffered from mental illness.

 James Holmes Sentenced to Life in Prison For Colorado Movie Theater Massacre 2:15
Juror 17 said the issue of mental illness appeared to be the reason the juror refused to vote to sentence Holmes to death. “There was no other concern," she said.  

District Attorney George Brauchler said Friday that he was disappointed when the verdicts were read. He apologized to the families of the victims, but several relatives said at a news conference that he did all he could to secure a death sentence, and they appreciated his efforts. 
"I still think death is justice for what that guy did, but the system said otherwise," Brauchler said. "I honor that, and I'll respect that outcome." 
Juror 17 said the jury tried to reach a unanimous decision. The jury had less instructions than in previous decisions, leaving the issue more up to jurors' personal values and morals, she said. Earlier Friday, another juror asked to see video of the crime scene, which Juror 17 believes may have been an attempt to sway the juror opposed to a death sentence. 
Juror 17 said some of the images shown during the months long trial will be hard to forget. The trial lasted 65 days and involved more than 300 witnesses and thousands of pieces of evidence. "It was very emotionally difficult," she said. 
"I feel that we really truly did our best to come to a proper verdict," she said. Formal sentencing is set to begin on Aug. 24, and is expected to last three days.

NBC news

June 20, 2015

Southern Grown Race Terrorism, Harvested by the GOP

Where did he get the notion this country and the South needed Protecting from him?


This time, we can know it was race terrorism. The act echoes America's greatest historical terror organization, the KKK, which murdered blacks who sought to change the existing white order. It echoes whites burning the AME Church to punish blacks for plotting against the existing white order. It echoes white revanchists burning and bombing churches in the Civil Rights era. It echoes an act of terror committed by a white supremacist against a minority church just three years ago. 
This time we can know it was terrorism because there's not a lot of wiggle room left in the terror debate when the killer reloaded five times, said, "You're taking over our country, and you have to go," and told one woman, "I'm going to let you go because I want you to be able to tell them what happened." We can know because even Fox News' morning zoo crew of Doocy, Kilmeade and Hasselbeck (imagine Strom Thurmond sired the Three Stooges) were forced to kick the football away from race and toward the massacre as an "attack on faith." It makes about as much sense as declaring 9/11 an act of architectural critique, but GOP presidential candidates picked up and ran with a theme that depicts white conservatives as targets just as much as the people dead on the church floor.
Thankfully, we can now move on to performative lamentations about politicizing the event, forgetting that terrorism, like war, is the advancement or retrenchment of a politics by other means. Here's Mona Charen writing in the famously pro-segregationist, terrorism-pardoningMLK-dismissing National Review, already shaking her head about how groups might have a political response to an act that is by definition political. Fighting violent politics with rhetorical politics is just opportunistic, dirty pool. What's next? The Green Bay Packers formulate a football response to the Chicago Bears scoring on them? 
The fact is, this is political because American movement conservatism has already made these kinds of killings political. The Republican Party has weaponized its supporters, made violence a virtue and, with almost every pronouncement for 50 years, given them an enemy politicized, racialized and indivisible. We can’t afford to allow political discussions of these events, because if we do, we might notice what’s already there, wracking the body politic like gangrene.
Movement conservatives have fetishized a tendentious and ahistorical reading of the Second Amendment to the point that the Constitution itself somehow paradoxically "legitimizes" an armed insurrection against the government created by it. Those leading said insurrection are swaddled by the blanket exculpation of patriotism. At the same time, they have synonymized the Democratic Party with illegitimacy and abuse of the American order. This is no longer an argument about whether one party's beliefs are beneficial or harmful, but an attitude that labels leftism so antithetical to the American idea that empowering it on any level is an act of usurpation. Leftism no longer constitutes a debatable misuse of American power, but theft and governmental overreach.
And nothing — nothing — emphasizes that overreach and theft like black people. Mendacious twit and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley issued a statement saying, "We do know that we'll never understand what motivates anyone to enter one of our places of worship and take the life of another," but to riddle it out all she needed to do was go outside and look up at the traitorous rag borne by Confederate armies and raiding parties and rapists and murderers that flaps outside the capitol as if to say, "Enact change at your own risk."
For the neoconfederate ghouls driving movement conservatism, that rag represents the first leftist-directed black theft. A quite literal one: They are taking the black people that are our property. It's there to repudiate Reconstruction — government redistribution of property for former slaves and reshaping of government to create a proportional voice for blacks. It was dragged back out to respond to the Civil Rights movement: the theft of whites' ability to codify privilege and plunder into the law, "robbing" them of a permanent subservient underclass created through systemic disenfranchisement and deprivation. That last reaction is the permanent subtext of one half of the American political dialogue, the long low dog whistle that entered the mainstream of American conservatism with Nixon and the Southern Strategy in 1968 — a toxic mixture of anti-government resentment, absolute refusal to recognize the left as legitimate, and racial loathing.
With each new iteration of right-wing reaction, another layer of distinction between the objects of their resentment has eroded, until Democrats, minorities and theft function as one aggregate of American subversion. Probably nothing certified this perception for movement conservatism quite like Barack Obama's winning the presidency twice as a milquetoast social democrat, and with over 94 percent of the black vote: plain and simple, when Barack Obama stole the country from its rightful stewards, it was black Americans who did it. But he needn't have bothered. Obama merely confirmed an extant narrative that equated all vaguely left-leaning government action with mass redistribution to a parasitic black population on the road to American collapse. Lee Atwater, the former Republican National Committee Chairman and advisor to both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, summed it up better and more emphatically than anyone else could:
“You start out in 1954 by saying, ‘Nigger, nigger, nigger.’ By 1968 you can't say ‘nigger’—that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states' rights and all that stuff. You're getting so abstract now [that] you're talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you're talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites. And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I'm not saying that. But I'm saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me—because obviously sitting around saying, ‘We want to cut this,’ is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than ‘Nigger, nigger.’” 
The enemy is one entity now. Black people are the engine of the Democratic Party, which is the engine of bad government, which is the engine of illegitimate oppression. They are part of a vast national criminal enterprise — against which our founders gave us a special amendment as a lethal and liberating tool. To kill them is an act of rebellion, the hunting down of the criminal and the freeing of yourself and the just.

It's still theoretically possible that Dylann Roof is merely insane, that his insanity coincidentally led him into a black church that stood as a historical symbol of black resistance and progressive politics and just happened to kill only nine black people, reload five times and leave a witness behind to testify as to his racist message. Maybe it's just a coincidence that the black community leader assassinated in that church was a Democratic state senator pushing for not only police reform but for gun control — a rolling back of not only the last bulwark of unofficial white supremacy and unaccountable racial punishment but of the easiest means for citizens to frighten and intimidate the "other" in their midst. And maybe he was inspired to choose these targets and send this message in a vacuum, an autodidact completely unaware of a flag of treason flying over Charleston and a mainstream political movement that trades heavily in the rhetoric of the rebellion that flew it. You could also win the lottery tomorrow.
But whatever you do, do not profane this moment by politicizing it. Do not ask about the politics of Fox News and Republican leaders celebrating an armed, avowed criminal like Cliven Bundy because he spouted neoconfederate language while painting himself as a victim in an America where blacks were worse off than when they were slaves. Do not ask why you can find pictures of Ron Paul shaking hands with the founder of America's biggest white supremacy website and why he made millions off spectacularly racist newsletters. Do not ask whether his son's opposition to the Civil Rights Act might have more to do with whatever thought process leads him to keep employing white supremacists as staffers. Do not ask why the former governor of Texas used to hang out at Niggerhead Ranch and winkingly campaigns on his support for Tentherism. Speaking of which, do not ask why that constitutional interpretation has led multiple conservative state legislatures to pass nullification acts of gun control just as conservative attorneys general invoked nullification to undermine an Affordable Care Act that the Tea Party demonized as an imperial handout to shiftless minorities. Do not ask why Newt Gingrich's biggest applause line of the 2012 campaign outside of "Obama is a food stamp president" was berating black debate moderator Juan Williams in South Carolina (for whom "work...seemed to be a strange, distant concept"), while the biggest Kinsley gaffe of 2012 was Rick Santorum saying, "I don't want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money." Do not ask why, in the first year of Obama's presidency, when everyone was still paying Bush administration tax rates, it was important to take to the streets with AR-15s to stop someone from Kenya from stealing white people's country. Do not ask why the most conservative Supreme Court in generations preposterously declared racism over and rolled back the Voting Rights Act or why conservative state houses immediately began enacting voting restrictions targeted at blacks. Absolutely do not ask why right-wing hacks and politicians scream bloody murder when the Department of Homeland Security reports on right-wing, racist domestic terror and ignores when law enforcement cites right-wing extremism as our main terror threat. All of that happens in a vacuum, and no one could possibly learn from that.
Most of all, do not under any circumstances politicize this moment, because you might risk discovering how much it could echo 50 years of the violently anti-government racialized rhetoric of a Republican Party piggybacking on 150 years of Southern white resentment. Because that would mean at least two weeks of everyone laboriously having to explain to you what a horrible, misleadingly coincidental thing Dylann Roof's alleged acts were. You'll want that explanation to seem fresh when the next coincidence happens. And the next. And the next.

The Confederate flag
Charleston's History of Hellish Violence


December 19, 2014

Classroom Massacre Reaction in Pakistan from Chinese Newspaper




Militants "Pakistani Taliban" organized on the 16th in the morning broke into a northwest city of Peshawar Army public school teachers and students shot massacre, killing at least 141 people were killed and the dead included 132 young students and nine staff, another 145 students were injured. More than eight hours after the incident continues, authorities announced the evening, the culprit has been fully killed. Pakistan in recent years, this is the bloodiest terrorist assault on campus.

Classrooms by machine-gun fire

Fear of attack from on at 10:30 on the 16th (Taiwan time 13:30), seven uniformed Taliban Peshawar molecular Climbing enter the school, expand the "undifferentiated attack", when hundreds of students and schools staff. The school physics lab assistant Abbas said the shooting occurred when some of the students are holding a party, "I see 6-7 people walking along the classroom, students per classroom toward the fire." A large number of Pakistani soldiers and police rushed to his side and surrounded by schools, rescue mission. Taliban elements in the school hostage standoff with the army. The school located in White 夏瓦沃沙克 road, designed for children of military personnel enrolled students aged between 10 to 18 years.

Peshawar Khyber Pashtun provinces where the governor Ka Dake said that the authorities killed 2-3 terrorists, as well as when a person is surrounded, who detonated the bomb. Ka Dake adds, most of the dead was 12-year-old to 16-year-olds, 122 people injured students. "Pakistani Taliban" organization (TTP) statement committing crimes, the spokesman pointed out how Lasagni attacker for six militants (including three suicide bombers), they are ordered to shoot the older students. He told CNN that the "suicide bombers being held hostage by 300-400 people." The school has at least 500 students.
 Revenge attacks off school action
 The statement said the attack was retaliation for the purpose of northwestern Pakistan in North Waziristan, DC military action. He Lasagni says, "the government massacre of Taliban fighters, harassment of their families, we have to attack to retaliate ... We want them to feel the pain." Pakistan bordering Afghanistan, such as the semi-autonomous tribal region of North Waziristan, since many years as a base for Taliban and other Islamist militants hiding place. US long-term to the Pakistani press for raids. 
Pakistani retired generals Massoud analysis, aimed at combating the Taliban military raids determination. He said, "They start to pick weakness, because these attacks can create great psychological impact."
 Pakistani Prime Minister Xia Lifu said that it will immediately go to Peshawar, personally supervised the rescue authorities. He said, “This is a national tragedy caused by barbaric acts,” but Pakistan will not be the retreat, the military will continue raids, "Do not doubt, the battle will continue." 

October 23, 2014

Mex Mayor and Wife Masterminds behind 43 students disappearances


 A Mexican mayor and his wife were "probable masterminds" behind the disappearance of 43 student teachers last month in the restive southwest, the country's attorney general said on Wednesday.
The students went missing on Sept. 26 from Iguala in the southwestern state of Guerrero, after they clashed with police. The incident sent shockwaves across Mexico and undermined President Enrique Pena Nieto's claims that Mexico is getting safer under his watch. 
So far, federal authorities have arrested 52 people in connection with the incident, including dozens of police who have links to a gang called Guerreros Unidos, or "United Warriors." The gang's leader, Sidronio Casarrubias, was caught last week.
Thousands marched in Iguala on Wednesday to protest the disappearance of the teachers in training. After the march, masked men set fire to the municipal offices with Molotov cocktails and smashed the windows. 
In Mexico City, Attorney General Jesus Murillo said Casarrubias had told prosecutors that Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, had ordered two local police forces to stop the students from disrupting a political event that day. 
"We have issued warrants for the arrest of Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca, his wife Mrs Pineda Villa and police chief Felipe Flores Velazquez, as probable masterminds of the events that occurred in Iguala on Sept. 26," Murillo said at a press conference. 
During the September incident, police shot and killed one student and detained the others before turning them over to Guerreros Unidos gang members, Murillo added. He said the gang then mistook the students for members of rival criminal group "Los Rojos," or "The Reds."
He also said that according to Casarrubias' information, Pineda, who the government says comes from a family of high-ranking drug traffickers, was Guerreros Unidos' top boss within the Iguala government.
Authorities continue to investigate nine mass graves in the area where they have already found 30 bodies. Initial examinations showed none of the bodies belonged to the students. 
The case has overshadowed Pena Nieto's bid to restore order in Mexico and shift the focus away from endemic gang violence and onto economic growth in Latin America's No. 2 economy. Drug violence exploded during the rule of his predecessor, Felipe Calderon, and has claimed about 100,000 lives since 2007.
Security forces killed 19 suspected criminals in the state of Tamaulipas on Tuesday alone, the state government said on Wednesday.
(Writing by Alexandra Alper; Editing by Gabriel Stargardter and Simon Gardner and David Gregorio)

November 25, 2013

Charles Manson Will Have Sex with Any Sex "Like Going to the Toilet”

New bride: Charles Manson will tie the knot with 25-year-old Star
New bride: Charles Manson will tie the knot with 25-year-old Star
Convicted serial killer Charles Manson has opened up about his sexuality as he prepares to marry for a third time.
Following the announcement that cult leader Manson, 79, will wed 25-year-old 'Star', the killer spoke to Rolling Stone magazine.
Manson discussed his sexuality and said: “Sex to me is like going to the toilet. Whether it’s a girl or not, it doesn’t matter.”
And he told the interviewer: “If I can touch you, I can kill you.”
Chillingly, the 25-year-old bride-to-be appears to have modelled herself on 79-year-old Manson’s evil disciple Sexy Sadie who slaughtered Sharon Tate in 1969.
Named 'Star' by Manson, she is besotted with the charismatic killer whose Manson Family gang were responsible for nine brutal murders.
The pair met in California’s Corcoran State Prison where Manson is held with some of America’s most notorious and dangerous prisoners.
He is serving life and is expected to die in prison.
Star recently carved an X on her forehead to match his swastika.
She said in an interview: “People can think I’m crazy. This is what I was born for. Charlie and I are going to get married. When it will be, we don’t know. He’s my husband.”

Victim: Sharon Tate was murdered by Manson cult member ‘Sexy Sadie'  In his interview, Manson showed no remorse for pregnant 26-year-old Tate’s murder, which he planned, and Sexy Sadie, real name Susan Atkins, carried out.Manson told Rolling Stone: “It’s a Hollywood movie star. How many people did she murder on-screen? Was she so pretty? She compromised her body for everything she did.”Dad-of-three Manson now spends much of his day answering fan mail.If the wedding goes ahead, Star, who moved near the jail to be with him, will be his third wife after Rosalie Willis and Candy Stevens. 

Sharon Tate

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