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October 11, 2017

Russian Gay Porn Guy M.Lucas Calls Liberals Apologists for Islam-A Liberal Calls Him Trumpie


Michael Lucas is a Pornographer and works either paid or not paid as an agent for tourism in Israel. Definitely nothing wrong with that. The part I have problems with is his lies about how much Israel is Pro LGBT. In a country that tries to use our community as a tool to show how wonderful they are for the LGBT community.  

The current government of the State of Israel is anti-gay marriage and has been against couples adopting and you can go one by one of the rights an LGBT would have in the US or most countries in the West and you will see Israel has none of those Gay Civil rights.  So what does Israel really have and how do they try to sell it?

1. They sell tourism. How beautiful the beaches are and in commercials you see two guys be next to each other at the beach But No *PDA's unless is Pride. That brings me to the second point.

2. Pride. It is so cute how the gay community (government helps)  converts Tel Aviv into to a rainbow of colors. If you are into rainbows and nothing meaningful inside, then rainbows are a good thing.

3. Security.  They point out how homophobic the Palestinians are. Muslim kills gays but Israel defends LGBT from the Muslims. Palestinians don't have many rainbows.

{*PDA= Public Displays of Affection }

I am not by any means against the state of Israel but I am against a government that is against LGBT. Yes, gays can freely walk the streets in Israel but we do more than walking the streets and going to the beaches. That is how it was here (US)in the 1960's. WE ask to be treated as other citizens. As far as I am concern Michael Lucas should be fighting for the things the LGBT needs but is not getting from the government in Israel and confronting them will not be suitable for a Porn mogul who's main interest Porn and it's money.  As a gay Russian why he hasn't said a word publicly calling out the Russian government and its treatment of gays? Is he helping give gay Chechens repatriation in Israel? No. I have to say that Liberals as many conservatives have been doing just that. Where has he been? Don't answer that....

I would take a vacation in Israel rather than in Iraq, Turkey, Palestine, Egypt and other unfriendly, unsafe places for LGBT BUT I won't go to Jamaica because they kill gays even though they are friendly to the gay tourists. And that is my point. Being a nice tourist place does not make it a Gay-friendly place beyond the tourist's dollars.A place where gays can be treated as straights with the same rights.
This guy Lucas tries selling it as a great Gay Mecca and is not a gay anything when you look at  England, Denmark, France and now Germany of how much respect they give to the LGBT lives by the civil and human rights they have given the LGBT population.

Lucas goes after liberals which I suspect he does not know the meaning of the word. He talks about generalities. If he even understood the LGBT community beyond cocks and assholes he would know we are just like the colors of the rainbow. Not just in skin color but we don't all do things the same way. Where most of us agree is in the way we vote for President. Most of us vote Democrats not because Democrats are great but when you find yourself with someone that sees you as someone disabled, not complete human being because of your sexuality and the opponent believes you should have all the rights any other person have, the choice is clear.
About the tax issue of democrats raising taxes is just as phony as Trump. A republican will raise the taxes as much as a democrat if they see a need for it. The government now is all Republican......can anybody say their taxes have come down? In the Presidents budget only the top 10% gets a tax cut. Who is going to pay for it? If you are not making over 300-500k your taxes never come down. That is the biggest fallacy the GOP sells which only other GOP'ers buy.

He mentions the Alt-Right The Alt right is what gave us Trump, thanks a lot!  The alt right is an extremist group and  they are no better than any extremist groups. They will kill us if they could get away with it. Extremism is a bad vice and it kills. I hated on the Right and the Left. One should be able to vote and see issues A la cart because life is no buffet.

The Alt-right fights to take civil rights back from gay adoptions to take rights from the married couples in inheritance, insurance and large purchases, etc.  Rights of married couples are being taken back but Lucas quotes Trump when he said he will defend the "LGBTQ" community. When Trump said it He even pronounced the Q. Yes he said it and he lied!! If you don't see it you don't read the news. But from the First day in office, he surrounded himself with rabidly anti-gay men from the Vice President PENCE on down. Trump brought in after entering the white house every Homophobe in town. Trump is a liar and a failure as a human being and Leader.
People who voted for him owe the rest of us something. They should be saying sorry for falling for the Russians ads in Facebook or Tweeter or YouTube or Google. They should be saying sorry because I voted for what I thought was the least evil candidate or because of what Trump said.....Trump was proven a lier grabbing pussies before the elections. So Forgive me if I blew my top when I saw this Pornographer bad mouthing me without knowing me and the rest of the LGBT community that hates the crazy man at the White House.

Michael Lucas should get his head up once in a while and see the colors and differences of our community both Liberals and yes conservatives that vote for us first rather than an illusion of getting a better tax deal. Even if that was true, which is not!!....Isn't our civil rights worth $10 more every month or 10% of your next  raise?? What is out of whack is an extremist and even violent at times Alt-right tied up with the extremist Evangelicals.


This is the Facebook Message I {{Adam Gonzalez}, it turns out he was a friend on Facebook. Haven't shared a word in years}} sent to Michael Lucas, Porn guy and Trump supporter it seems and anti-Muslim.

I read in Haaretz the following article in which Lucas steps on the liberals which have fought and allow his homosexual ass to make money and even have civil rights in most of the western world.
He says we liberals are anti-Jewish and pro-Muslims (he makes no distinction of gay Muslims, I guess in his mind there are none).

 I wonder what my liberal Jewish friends are?? The ones I know are pro-gay Muslims and for human rights for all. Let me have you be the judge of this human malady of gays gone Trumpie.

My intentions are for people to know the smelly side of this guy when he opens his mouth and tries to understand what liberals are since it seems he does not know nor whom Trump is to the LGBT community or his prostitute the *Breitbart. Just read an article right here on this blog today and you will get specific complaints of what Trump is doing to us to keep his 30+% of Evangelicals happy. Everything they asked of him he is trying to accomplish. He makes sure he keeps them happy because he is got no one else, no even the Republican Congress.
“Michael Lucas, I saw your article on Haaretz and have to tell you I'm impressed with how gay protrumpies are still protruding. You guys I guess see the world as money for us and taking money from us "liberals." I wish that was true but only people with certain brain anomalies can still think that. I am a liberal and I am amazed at homosexuals like you would have done without us "liberals" to fight for the rights that allow you to sell your bud and others'. Would you have a career without us? I'm sure but not money making. I can only dump you in Facebook, I'm sure you will get dumped in the pile of stuff you come from, again by others.”



Pro-Israel activist and gay porn mogul Michael Lucas spoke to the so-called alt-right website Breitbart about homophobia in the Muslim world, slamming American liberals as "apologists for Islam." 

Russian-born Lucas is a longtime pro-Israel activist and supporter of efforts to beef up gay tourism to Israel. In the past, he has written political opinion pieces detailing Israel’s impressive record on gay rights, organized gay tours of Israel and recently – and very publicly – pressured the New York LGBT Community Center to cancel meetings and events held by anti-Israel groups.
He produced “Men of Israel,” touted as the first pornographic film to be shot on location in the Holy Land with an all-Israeli/Jewish cast, as well as the non-porno, pro-Israel documentary “Undressing Israel: Gay Men in the Promised Land.”

Lucas told Breitbart's Aaron Klein that liberals "usually tie it to some specific person; specific bad leader" when discussing the treatment of the LGBT community in the Arab world, adding its an inconvenience for them. Steve Bannon's Breitbart has long dabbled in the theme of Muslim hostility toward the LGBT community, having hired Milo Yiannopoulos. U.S. President Donald Trump himself promised to protect the LGBT community in the U.S. from Islamic extremism when accepting the Republican Party nomination for president. 

In February 2016, Haaretz's Allison Kaplan Sommer reported on Lucas calling protesters who disrupted a reception for Jewish participants at a gay activism conference in Chicago “anti-Semites” and “Jew-haters,” accusing the conference organizers of enabling their behavior.

Now that we are talking about Muslim homophobia, it is becoming very inconvenient for liberals because liberals are apologists for Islam. So it is becoming very inconvenient, and that is why they usually tie it to some specific person; specific bad leader. For example, it would be [Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah] Sisi, or it would be in Chechnya the leader [Chechen President Ramzan Akhmadovich] Kadyrov, or it would be one individual that is responsible – or maybe at the most one political party, but not political Islam. So that is exactly what is happening here in this situation. 
This was happening before Sisi. This is happening all over the Muslim world – all of those Muslim countries to one degree or another. For example, in Saudi Arabia, it is a daily routine, while in Egypt there are waves.


*Breitbart News Network is a far-right American news, opinion and commentary website founded in 2007 by conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart. Wikipedia
EditorAlex Marlow (editor-in-chief); Wynton Hall (managing editor); Joel Pollak (senior-editor-at-large)
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