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January 29, 2018

Gay Mormon Man Married Woman but Did Not Like It-Divorcing

 The Weed (Josh Weed)

It was close to six years ago when Josh Weed, a gay Mormon, went public with his rather unusual personal story: He had been married — happily — to a woman, Lolly for more than a decade. They had three kids and a “wonderful sex life.”


The story went viral for the obvious people-like-this-actually-exist?! reasons, but it also perpetuated the nasty myth that gay people who were religious could simply suppress their same-sex sexual desires and have wonderful opposite-sex relationships. (The couple was even referenced in a Supreme Court amicus brief on the anti-gay side of the Obergefell case that legalized marriage equality, though it’s unclear if they were aware of that in advance.)

Well, you’ll never believe who’s finally getting a divorce…

Weed explained the situation in a now-deleted blog post:

Today, we need to let you know that Lolly and I are divorcing.

Surely, there will be those who are amused or overjoyed. (One of the most common things that bring people to our blog from Google these days is the phrase “are Josh and Lolly weed still married.”) There will be those who feel Schadenfreude and who might relish in our pain, and in the embarrassment, we might feel in having to own up to our current reality. If that is you, I respect your reaction — I’ve reacted similarly to distant events in the past myself, and I know how it goes. I think this is human nature.

But along with this, there will be people who are very hurt, very saddened, very disturbed, very troubled, or whose very faith might be challenged by the sentence above. If that is you, I yearn for Lolly and me to be able to sit with you. Cheesy as this is, I wish we could all hold hands as the solemnity of what I just said above washes over us, so that we could then lean over and tell you: “it’s going to be okay.” Because it is.

Weed and his soon-to-be ex-wife say they still love each other (but not in that way) and that this is a decision they arrived at together. I don’t take any joy in the breakup of a couple with four kids. But I have so many questions…
Is he still Mormon?

Does he admit he was the poster boy for the anti-gay movement?

Does he feel bad about that?

Does he have any idea how many lives he must have ruined?

He hasn’t abandoned his faith… but that’s not very surprising. He spent more than a decade lying to himself about what he wanted in a relationship, so it’s not hard to believe he’d be confused about what he wants in a religion. (Spoiler: The LDS Church has no love for gay people who don’t want to be celibate.)

But I’m surprised to see that Weed readily admits his role in the anti-gay world. He seems like he’s genuinely trying to atone for what he’s done.

We’re sorry to any LGBTQIA person who was given false hope by our story, or who used our story as part of the basis for their life-decisions. We honor your decisions, whatever they are, and we’re sorry for any way in which our current trajectory might be unsettling or alarming.

I, Josh, am sorry to the many LGBTQIA people over the years that I subconsciously saw myself as different than. I am no different than you, and any degree to which I held on to the idea that I could be gay without being gay was, I see now, a manifestation of lingering internalized homophobia born of decades of being told this part of me was evil. It was an effort to belong to the “in-group” (heterosexual members of the Mormon Church) that I was actually not a part of.

I really want to be mad at this guy — and I am for his past — but I’m not sure what more anyone could ask him to do at this point. He admits the problem and he says he wants to be a part of the solution moving forward. In a way, he’s like a preacher who becomes an atheist: the (de)conversion carries more weight because of who he used to be. If Weed can convince Mormons that you can’t really “be gay without being gay,” then he’d be making a positive difference moving forward.

That doesn’t, however, mean we should forget about the damage he caused for so many years. What’s Weed going to do to prevent suicides that may have resulted from his actions? What’s he going to do about the anti-gay bigotry in the LDS Church? Where does he go from here?

I don’t care if he finds a same-sex partner. But his apology to the LGBTQ community rings hollow unless he follows it up with real action.

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April 3, 2014

Putin Divorces Russian Media Does Not Report but Rumors Fly Like Chinese Kites


News that President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila are divorcing has dominated social media in Russia.

Friday's trending topics among Twitter's Russian-language community included "divorce" and "Putin".

Some reacted on an emotional level to news that the First Couple were not immune to the country's high rate of marital breakdowns.

Others speculated as to what the news might say about the leader's authoritarian character.

The announcement was made in a joint interview with a Russian TV crew, just after the couple had returned from viewing the ballet Esmeralda (a version of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame).

'Honourable step'
There appeared to be some genuine sympathy on Twitter both for Mr Putin and his wife of nearly 30 years.

"They took the honourable step with regard to one another," wrote one blogger.

On his LiveJournal blog, Russian internet pioneer Anton Nosik said the announcement of the divorce was a "real man's deed, worthy of Benedict XVI", who resigned as Pope this year.
When a man divorces, it's a fresh impulse for new work, like a fourth presidential term”

Russian tweeter
"I feel sorry for Lyuda," wrote a female tweeter, while a daughter remarked, "I hope Mum will at least now stop idolising Putin".

A male tweeter remarked: "I have seen more than a few women either divorced or getting divorced but it's the first time I've seen one looking so happy."

Another tweeter, who was evidently referring to Mr Putin's matches with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and a much-publicised Siberian wildlife stunt, wrote: "Instead of playing badminton with his little friend and chasing cranes, the old [expletive] should have devoted a bit more time to his wife."

New partner?
Even opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, a vehement critic of the three-term president, wrote: "Putin very rarely does anything honest. Announcing his divorce is honest.”

"His unhappy family life was an obvious burden, you could see this," he wrote.

"Perhaps this was the source of the anger that he was transferring from his wife on to everyone, his bile and outbursts of rage? Being scared of breaking off the relationship, he subconsciously took it out on those around him."

Opposition bloggers suggested Mr Putin was clearing the way for a spectacular remarriage, perhaps in time for the Sochi Olympics - or even that there might be new little Putin on the way.

"The fact that the divorce is being announced publicly means that Masha and Katya [Putin's adult daughters] will probably have a brother or a sister in less than nine months' time," wrote journalist Dmitry Gubin.

Conservative journalist Dmitry Olshansky took a look back at Russian and Soviet history.

While Tsar Nicholas II and Mikhail Gorbachev had been very fond of their wives, they failed as rulers, he remarked. By contrast, Joseph Stalin was never known to be a loving husband, yet was "still with us in many ways".

Bets on Kirill
Inevitably, the political wisecracks came in thick and heavy.

"When a woman divorces, its something to talk about," joked one male blogger. "When a man divorces, it's a fresh impulse for new work, like a fourth presidential term."

For a woman tweeter, "Lyudmila Putin is the only Russian who was able to break free from Putin".

Another blogger had fun wondering how the head of the famously conservative Russian Orthodox Church would react to news that the president was taking the un-Christian step of divorce.

"Will Patriarch Kirill approve the Putins' divorce or condemn it?" he wrote. "Gentlemen, lay your bets." In the event, the head of the Church was said to be calling on Christians to pray for the presidential couple.

Elsewhere on Twitter, a cartoon was circulating which showed a delighted Mr Putin dancing a jig with Italy's Silvio Berlusconi and France's Nicolas Sarkozy, both of whom also divorced while in national office.

Comments compiled by Patrick Jackson and BBC 

March 19, 2014

Charlie Sheen Trying to Out Denise and His Girls to The Curb, Again

You don’t find this story unless you go looking for it. adamfoxie* did on a text that was received. If you have something we can follow up and nobody seems to care, we might care,

Trade those fancy shopping bags for sticks with handkerchief bags tied to the end of them and that might be Denise Richards and her daughter if that ass stain Charlie Sheen gets his way.
Earlier this year, Radar said that Charlie Sheen’s current full-time whore and future ex-wife Brett Rossi is jealous of Denise Richards and wants him to kick Denise and his girls out of the house he owns so she can drive by and let out a cold cunt cackle as they’re all dragging their belongings out of there. Denise has lived a few houses away from Charlie’s house of porn poon and crack for years and she hasn’t moved because she doesn’t want to pull her daughters out of their school. Radar says that Charlie has gotten the lawyers involved and sent Denise an eviction letter. Charlie’s rotting ground vulture meat of a heart wants Denise and his girls out and doesn’t care if they have to sell dirt pies on the side of the road to pay rent on their next house. Radar’s source burped this up:
“Charlie’s lawyers have advised Denise it’s time to move out of the Mulholland Estates mansion. He has claimed to have a buyer for the home lined up. Charlie wants Denise and the girls out — right away. Put simply, he doesn’t seem to care where Denise moves to. Brett convinced Charlie to sell the mansion, arguing that Denise has cut off access to their daughters, why should he allow her to live in the house for free? “Charlie hasn’t spent any significant time with the girls in several months and thinks it’s ridiculous that he continue to pay Denise $55,000.”
You know that special place Hell they always talk about? They just renamed it the Charlie Sheen Suite.
How many times does that ripped-off taint sore need to threaten to throw Denise’s ass out before she uses some of that mountain of cash he gave her in a divorce settlement to buy her own damn mansion? If she doesn’t have the cash, she can easily get it. All she has to do is throw a fake stache on her younger kid’s face. Then put that younger kid on the shoulders of the older kid and throw a trench coat over them. Send them over to Charlie Sheen’s house with a wheelbarrow full of white landscape rocks from Home Depot. The young one will introduce “himself” as Charlie’s new crack dealer and make Charlie sign a purchase slip before getting his regular daily order. Charlie will be so cracked out into another dimension that he won’t know that he’s really signing over the deed to the house that Denise Richards lives in to her! The house will be hers! Blehehehehe, it’s a crackhead-proof plan.

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November 11, 2013

Capt.Scientology Tom Cruise,Finally Admits His Religion Played Role in Divorce Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise: Church of Scientology

  Tom Cruise admitted that ex-wife Katie Holmes filed for divorce “to protect Suri from Scientology,” according to court documents.
The "Mission Impossible" actor is embroiled in a $50 million suit against Bauer Publishing Company, the publisher of In Touch andLife & Style magazines over claims that he "abandoned" his daughter Suri after his June 2012 divorce from Holmes.
Cruise is asked by one of Bauer's attorneys whether one of the reasons that Holmes left him was "to protect Suri from Scientology," according to the transcript of Cruise's Sept. 9 videotaped deposition obtained by ABC News.
"Did she say that? That was one of the assertions, yes," Cruise said.
Holmes, 34, filed for divorce from Cruise in June 2012 after nearly six years of marriage. The pair "amicably settled" their divorce less than two weeks later but did not release details of the settlement.
At the time of the divorce, the former couple released a joint statement saying they were, "committed to working together as parents to accomplishing what is in our daughter Suri's best interests."
Cruise said Holmes was a practitioner of Scientology before and during their marriage, but left the church once she divorced him in June 2012, the court documents said.
While he did not pursue legal action against publications that claimed Holmes left him "in part to protect Suri from Scientology," he sued Bauer over the stories they ran concerning Cruise's supposed abandonment of his 7-year-old daughter, which he called "disturbing," according to the deposition.
"'He chose Scientology over Suri for good.' 'Has he chosen Scientology over Suri for good?' 'Abandoned by Daddy.' I mean come on, that is absolutely disgusting," Cruise said. "I tolerate a tremendous amount and I'm very privileged to be able to have the life that I have, and I believe that. But there is a line that I draw for myself and -- and that's it. And I asked for an apology. I asked for a retraction. They denied it."
While Cruise would not answer whether Suri practiced Scientology since his divorce from Holmes, he said his daughter was not currently practicing the religion, according to the court documents.
According to the suit obtained by, Cruise's lawyer sent the publishers of Life & Style a letter on July 18, 2012, objecting to its July 30 cover headline "Suri in Tears, Abandoned by Her Dad" and story entitled "Suri's Emotional Struggle." In the letter, the lawyer said that the actor had spoken to Suri regularly while he was shooting a film and had been with her the day before the issue was published.
A story headlined "Suri's Emotional Struggle" was printed in Life & Style's July 30 issue.
In addition to the July report, the lawsuit references an Oct. 1, 2012, issue of In Touch, the cover of which showed a photograph of Suri with the headline "Abandoned By Daddy."
Cruise said that he saw his daughter a total number of 10 days between June and Thanksgiving of 2012.
Cruise writes in his court filings that he was working overseas on two films at the time, but says that he never cut Suri out of his life, "whether physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise."
Suri now lives primarily in New York City with Holmes, who has been in South Africa filming "The Giver," with Taylor Swift. Holmes brought her daughter with her to South Africa and the pair were spotted together in Cape Town last month, according to a report in Us Weekly magazine.
Bauer Publishing filed court documents of its own in the case, writing that, at the time of publishing, Cruise had not seen his daughter in 44 days. The company claims Cruise was out at clubs and bars and vacationing, when he could have been with his daughter.
If Cruise prevails in his lawsuit, it would mark the first time the actor has successfully sued tabloids for stories involving his children, who, in addition to Suri, include a son and daughter with actress Nicole Kidman.
ABC News reached out to representatives for both Cruise and Holmes, but neither immediately responded.
Cruise's attorneys did not immediately respond to ABC News' requests for comment, and neither did representatives from the Church of Scientology.

June 6, 2013

Putin Divorces Wife of 30 years- She,Afraid of Flying He, Needs Nuclear Wife

Putin Divorces his wife. Who didn’t know it was coming? He is going thru that middle age thing Im going through, If your too young shut up…u will get it too! but I will marry not divorce, but let me stay on him. He is buff, he probably takes viagra and has too use it on a wife that looks like what some people call in Florida trailer trash or may be his aunt. So it was time he went nuclear, his country is he needs a nuclear girl. He is not  Bush Walker married to his grandmother…by the way she looks like she will out live him and the other Bush.
Now what I love the most of this episode and no I don’t enjoy seeing people married 30 years divorcing unless they fought everyday of their lives like my parents. Then they waiting too long but is never too late some optimist once said.
**MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila have announced they are divorcing.
Married just a few weeks short of 30 years, the Putins announced the decision on state television after attending a ballet performance Thursday evening in the Kremlin.
“It was our joint decision,” Putin said.
Lyudmila Putin was rarely seen in public during her husband’s long tenure at the top of Russian politics.
“I don’t like publicity and flying is difficult for me,” she said**
This is the first time I see a divorce "For Fear of Flying” Not even in divorce court.

April 7, 2013

Adam Lambert and Saudi Koskinem Break up After two years

It's over: Adam Lambert and his Finnish host boyfriend Sauli Koskinen have decided to part ways after nearly three years due to 'hectic schedules' Adam Lambert, and boyfriend of two years, Sauli Koskinen have called it quits on their love affair. What went wrong? Did they have a big fight? Or was it a mutual goodbye? 

According to the Huffington Post, Lambert confirmed the breakup in an interview with South Florida Gay News on Friday, Apr. 5. Lambert admits the relationship has been going downhill for the past several months. But the relationship’s downfall wasn’t due to a fight…and we know there’s been a few, like the one in 2011 that led to both of them being arrested. Some say two tops or two bottoms can’t make a go at it in long terms.
Instead, Lambert attributes the split to the fact that both he and Koskinen are really busy with their careers (bull). Lambert said he has been traveling a lot and Koskinen who is an entertainment reporter, television host, and radio personality has been preoccupied with a show he’s filming for Finnish television.
Lambert went on to say Koskinen is a great person and reminisced about sharing an amazing couple of years together. But in the end, he said they both realized their relationship had run its course and that the decision to split was mutual.
Despite the breakup, there’s no hard feelings. In fact, Lambert said he and Koskinen are still close and will remain friends. “I know it’s a cliché thing to say,” he said, “but it’s totally true.” And to prove his point, he added, “I just gave him a coffee and bagel earlier today.”
What do you think of Lambert and Koskinen’s split?   Or did you see this one coming?  

March 26, 2013

Fmer Steelers Kordell Files for Divorce from Porsha Amid Rumors

Quarterback: Stewart, seen here on the filed, has been at the centre of gay rumours
Former Pittsburgh Steelers star Kordell Stewart has filed for divorce from his reality star wife Porsha Williams.
The 40-year-old one-time NFL quarterback lodged legal papers at Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia on March 22, TMZ reports. 
Stewart, who went by the nickname Slash during his days on the field, and William have no children together, although he does have a child from a previous relationship.
The news comes amid on-going speculation about Kordell's sexuality. 

TV star: Porsha, seen far right, with her Real Housewives Of Atlanta co-stars, from left Kandi Burruss, NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore
 Power 105 FM’s Breakfast Club host Charlemagne Tha God asked Porsha in the December exchange: 'You know there were a lot of gay rumours about Kordell at one point. He [allegedly] got caught in the park in Pittsburgh and the police didn’t want to turn him in because he was a star quarterback.'

Porsha responded: 'I don’t know any details of all that. There’s lies out there on the Internet about all kinds of celebrities.

'One thing I do [know] is my husband loves me, and he puts it down and I will be with him forever. He’s more man to me than I have ever met.'
Porsha and Kordell married on May 21, 2011. Early in 2012 Porsha suffered a miscarriage due to uterine fibroids.
In the divorce documents, Kordell says the marriage is 'irretrievably broken' and that they separated, according to TMZ.
He also says there are no marital assets to be divided, suggesting a prenuptial was signed, writing: '[She's] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself.'
Kordell, who is now a radio sports talkshow co-host with Atlanta's WZGC 92.9 The Game, has a son Syre from a previous relationship with Tania Richardson.

March 6, 2013

This ‘Pill’ {Allison} is No Longer for Jay Baruchel

JAY Baruchel has split from fianceAlison Pill.
The pair have been engaged for two years, but recently went their separate ways.
Jay hinted about their split on Twitter Feb. 16.
“Alone again, naturally. Heartbroken,” he wrote in a message that he later deleted. “I won’t be on twitter for awhile gang. Getting dumped rules.”
Baruchel, 30, and Pill, 27, became engaged in December 2010 after meeting on the set of hockey flick Goon. The twosome had plans to wed in September 2012 in Quebec.
“We’re getting married at an ice wine vineyard. Me and the groomsmen will all be wearing kilts!” the Tropic Thunder actor said in February 2012.
“We’ll be welcomed in by uilleann pipers. It will be a very small, 70 person wedding, just friends and family.”

February 8, 2013

Why is so Hard for Katie Holmes to get Serious with a Man

It's easy to understand why Katie Holmes might be hesitant to get serious with a new guy. Holmes' relationship with Tom Cruise seemed to border on the bizarre for several years. Following Holmes'divorce from movie star Cruise after five years of marriage, there were immediate reports that Cruise's dedication to the controversial religion Scientology were to blame.

Suri subject to Scientology interrogations? >> 

Some speculate Katie Holmes even needed a secret cell phone in order to make divorce plans from Cruise. Creepy. Whatever the reason, Holmes filed for divorce, received a sizable payout and she's now been single for seven months.
Now, Holmes is back on the dating scene but the psychological damage from a failed marriage — and perhaps from being married to Tom Cruise — might be preventing Katie from taking that next major leap with someone special.

Possible reasons why Katie Holmes fled Tom Cruise >> 

A source for RadarOnline says Katie Holmes can't imagine giving up her new freedom and worries that getting serious with a new guy would entail major personal sacrifices. "Katie's in a dilemma because she wants to date but is concerned where it could lead from there," an inside source close Holmes reveals. "She's worried that if she commits herself fully to another man, she will have to give up the freedom she's enjoying so much at the moment. As a single woman, she has no one controlling her nowadays, telling her what to do or who to see and she absolutely loves it."
Perhaps it's worth noting, Katie, but healthy, committed relationships don't involve that level of control.
Ever the romantic, Katie Holmes still holds out hope that she'll find a great guy. Says RadarOnline's source, "However, at the same time, she also missed being with someone special to share experiences with and she doesn't want to be alone for the rest of her life. She's just a little nervous and cautious about relationships right now."
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January 12, 2013

Canada Vs. UK on Gay Divorce } Gay Marriage Wins

 An Ontario Superior Court judge has taken the novel step of granting a divorce to a same-sex couple over legal objections from the federal Crown.
Madam Justice Ruth Mesbur ruled that same-sex civil partnerships from foreign countries that don’t permit same-sex marriages can nonetheless qualify as marriages under Canadian law.
 It was the second time in the past year that the federal government has 
   adopted a restrictive position on same-sex marriages.
In an interview Friday, one of the ex-spouses, Wayne Hincks, expressed anger that the federal Crown strung out a costly, emotional process by injecting itself into the case.
“The Attorney-General of Canada intervened in my very private matter and caused it to be stretched out, almost bankrupting me in the process,” Mr. Hincks said. “I eventually had to leave Toronto with no protections, no financial support to acquire my rights and no social network to rely on for personal support.”
The divorcing couple both have Canadian citizenship. They moved to Toronto in 2010, a year after their civil ceremony took place in London, England.
Britain does not permit same-sex couples to marry. Instead, it has a separate legal regime for same-sex couples that involves a civil partnership ceremony.
Last year, Mr. Hincks petitioned the Ontario courts to carry out the divorce. His spouse, Gerardo Gallardo, argued that the couple could not be construed as being legally married in Canada since their union was the result of a civil partnership ceremony.
Sean Gaudet, a lawyer for the Attorney-General of Canada, supported Mr. Gallardo’s position. Ontario Crown counsel Courtney Harris took the opposite position and supported Mr. Hincks.
In her decision, Judge Mesbur said that refusing a divorce would “constitute impermissible discrimination. It seems to me that to do anything other than recognize this particular civil partnership as a marriage would run contrary to the express values of Canadian society.”
The decision means that Mr. Hincks can now pursue a claim for divorce, spousal support and equalization of net family income in Ontario.
Robert Leckey, a professor of family law at McGill University and president of Egale Canada, said he found the federal position to be disturbing.
“I don’t see the legitimate public interest in opposing the bid for recognition in these circumstances,” he said. “When the U.K. government says that a civil partnership is tantamount to marriage, there is no reason for the Government of Canada to deny its existence. … It’s a troubling deployment of Department of Justice resources.”
Last year, Mr. Gaudet argued in a separate case that a foreign couple who came to Canada for a wedding were not eligible to be divorced because their marriage was invalid. His argument, had it prevailed, would have meant that thousands of same-sex couples who flocked to Canada since 2004 for marriages were not legally wed.
Martha McCarthy, a lawyer for one of the spouses in the 2012 case, was critical of the federal Crown Friday for opposing Mr. Hincks.
“All the applicant wanted was to have his civil union dissolved and treated like a marriage for legal purposes,” she said. “To be clear, the issue was not about non-residents nor was it about the validity of marriages that we solemnized. So, why the objection by Canada?”
Ms. McCarthy praised Judge Mesbur and the Ontario Crown for their “progressive approach” to the Hincks case.
Prof. Leckey said the reasoning in the Hincks case will likely extend to similar divorce cases involving civil partnerships that took place in much of the United States, Australia, New Zealand and several European countries.
A Justice Department spokesman, Julie Di Mambro, said Friday that the department cannot comment because the Hincks case is still before the courts.
The Globe and Mail

After legalizing his divorce, Wayne Hincks is now eligible for legal claims such as spousal support and equalization of net family income. (Jim Ross For The Globe and Mail)  

to an account of the relationship contained in the court decision, Hincks soon gave up his job in Britain and moved to Canada with Gallardo, who owned an architecture business in Toronto. They shared a home, but the relationship faltered and the two eventually split.
Hincks sought a financial settlement, but has so far been denied that because — under Canadian law — the estranged couple’s civil partnership was not considered a marriage, and Hincks was not formally entitled to the full benefits of a legal “spouse.”
Hincks launched a court challenge, winning support for his cause from the gay-rights organization Egale Canada and Randall Garrison, the NDP’s critic for gay and lesbian issues.
In October 2011, citing the Toronto couple’s legal fight over spousal rights, Garrison challenged Justice Minister Rob Nicholson in the House of Commons over the federal government’s intervention in the case against Hincks, accusing the Conservatives of reopening the debate over gay marriage.
“We have been very clear that we are not reopening the issue, but it is a legal dispute over definitions,” Nicholson responded at the time. “As the matter is before the court, I look forward to the decision of the court.”
The Ontario government intervened in the case on Hincks’ behalf, arguing that he should be treated in the divorce settlement with all of the rights available to a legally married spouse under the provincial Family Law Act.
A federal government lawyer argued against Hincks’ bid to equate Britain’s civil partnerships with this country’s definition of a same-sex marriage.
Said Hincks: “It was quite an argument between Ontario and Canada.”
The federal position, according to the judge’s ruling this week, was that “the validity of a marriage is determined by the law of the place where the marriage was celebrated. Canada relies on British case law that says a civil partnership is not, by definition, a marriage.”
In her decision, however, Justice Mesbur sided with Hincks and the Ontario government, indicating that the federal position would amount to endorsing — against the intent of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom — Britain’s inherently discriminatory “parallel regime” of uniting same-sex couples in a civil partnership rather than a fully constituted marriage.
“Failing to recognize this U.K. civil partnership as a marriage would perpetuate impermissible discrimination, primarily because in the U.K. these parties could not marry because of their sexual orientation, but had to enter into a civil partnership instead,” Justice Mesbur stated. “Their union is a lawful union under the laws of the U.K. Their union is of two persons, to the exclusion of all others. In the simplest terms it meets the statutory definition of marriage in Canada. Because these parties could not marry in the U.K., but had to enter into a civil partnership there instead, they have suffered discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation.”
While wary of a possible appeal by the Canadian government, Hincks said he welcomed the ruling’s “unprecedented” affirmation of Britain’s civil partnerships as a marriage in everything but name — a status that critics of the U.K. system vowed to change. In fact, legislation championed by Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and expected to be introduced in the British Parliament in the coming weeks could make same-sex marriage legal and equal to heterosexual unions in the U.K.
Miles Geffin, a British lawyer involved in the case on Hincks’ behalf, said Friday that the “decision doesn’t have any direct impact on the position in the U.K., other than that any U.K. civil partners who relocate to Ontario will be viewed as married.”
But he added that, “the decision does, however, bring into sharp focus the sterility of the quasi-religious aspect to the debate on same-sex marriage currently underway in the U.K.”
Hincks said he was pleased that the ruling in his case could bolster efforts in Britain to have that country follow Canada in allowing same-sex marriages.
On a personal level, though, the ruling essentially leaves him at square one of a conventional marriage breakdown, he said.
“What it does is put me at the beginning of a divorce case after two years,” he said. “When we separated I had no recourse to find housing in Toronto or social support… I had no way of getting any spousal support that any normal spouse would be able to claim for, and I had no way of having a home — our matrimonial home. It was all taken away from me by the argument that we were not married.”


October 8, 2012

After 30 Yrs Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman Divorce


Danny DeVito has separated from his wife of 30 years.
The 67-year-old married former Cheers actress Rhea Perlman, 64 in 1982 and they have three grown up children, Daniel, 25, Grace, 27, and Lucy, 29. 
The pair worked together on the classic Seventies sitcom Taxi and later appeared in the 1996 comedy film Matilda. 
Happier times: Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito in 2010, the two have ended their 30-year marriage
Happier times: Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito in 2010, the two have ended their 30-year marriage
Danny and Rhea met when she went to see off-Broadway play, 'The Shrinking Bride', which he was appearing in.
The couple founded Jersey Films, a production company that produced films including Pulp Fiction and Garden State. 
A representative for DeVito confirmed the split to MailOnline but had no other comment.
DeVito was most recently seen on stage for a two-month run of The Sunshine Boys at the Savoy Theatre in London's West End this summer.
He earned positive reviews for his performance as Willie Clark, a sharp-tongued curmudgeon who has a bittersweet reunion with his former vaudeville partner.
Meanwhile he may soon be headed back to the big screen alongside former Twins co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger for a sequel to their Eighties hit. 
He told fans on the Today show: 'We have the desire to do it. What we need is the screenplay... We want to do something really good, so we’re waiting.’

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