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February 24, 2019

Ellen Page Talks About How She Was Pressured Through Speech and Dressing to Hide Her Sexuality

Ellen Page.

In her early 20s, when she had just fallen in love with a woman for the first time but was not yet publicly out, Ellen Page faced endless speculation in the press about her sexuality. That experience, she says, was detrimental to her mental health at the time — especially because people in Hollywood were simultaneously pressuring her to stay in the closet, Page explains in a new interview with Porter Edit.
Page, now 32 and married to dancer Emma Portner, has previously spoken out about her journey to coming out in Hollywood. A year after coming out in 2014 at age 26, she expressed regret “for not being a visible person for the community, and for having the privilege that I had and not using it.” And in 2017, she said that her X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner publicly outed her on set when she was only 18 and not ready to address the issue.
Reflecting on her career before she came out, Page told Porter Edit, “I was distinctly told, by people in the industry, when I started to become known: ‘People cannot know you’re gay.’ And I was pressured — forced, in many cases — to always wear dresses and heels for events and photo shoots.” She continued, “As if lesbians don’t wear dresses and heels. But I will never let anyone put me in anything I feel uncomfortable in ever again.”
Page further said that, despite the intrusive public speculation about her sexuality and the pressure to keep it quiet, she felt a sense of responsibility to come out. “I want to be able to help in any way I can, and I want to make queer content,” the actress said. 

February 21, 2019

Jussie Smollett Is Getting Close to A Police Decision Unless Jussie Gets Ahead With The Police He Faces Jail

The reason I say Jussie is not getting ahead with the police is becuae he does not seem to be trying to be completely open with them. It's been like pulling teeth to getr elevant information from his cell phone and he just seems that getting in front a of camera and telling his side of events is enough. That might not be true even if he was a better actor. One thing is to read a page and act on that page's story which has nothing to do with you, another thing is to put up an act about something personal that happemed to you. The words will come out but you will need more than the words to convince an skeptical police and negate the evidence that indicate he concocted this story. If he wanted publicity because he was being cut off from the show, either way he is getting plenty.  Adam Gonzalez


Jussie Smollett is facing prison time and the implosion of his career if it turns out he lied about being the target of a hate crime, legal and public relations experts say.

“The best thing that Jussie can do is pray and pray a lot,” said Ronn Torossian, founder of 5W Public Relations. “If he made it up, he has big problems in both the court of law and the court of public opinion.”

The “Empire” star claimed he was beaten up on Jan. 29 by two men who used racial and homophobic slurs. Smollett’s co-stars and colleagues on “Empire,” celebrities such as Ellen Page and Zendaya, and public figures such as Sen. Kamala Harris rallied behind the actor, releasing statements of support. However, Smollett’s account is now being challenged, with police investigating whether or not he paid two acquaintances, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, to stage the attack.

Chicago police confirmed on Tuesday that they received a tip from someone claiming to have seen the three men together in an elevator of Smollett’s apartment building on the evening of the attack. However, later in the day, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted that the tip was unfounded.

'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett on His Journey to 'Freedom'
If Smollett falsified a police report, the charge is a Class 4 felony in Illinois, and carries a potential sentence of one to three years in prison. Smollett could also be ordered to pay restitution to compensate for the cost of the Chicago Police Department investigation.

“It’s a very, very, very serious situation,” said Phil Turner, a former federal prosecutor who now works in criminal defense in Chicago. “He’s got some very significant exposure.”

Smollett told police that two men attacked him at 2 a.m., poured bleach on him, and put a noose around his neck. He also claimed they told him that it was “MAGA country,” a reference to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. Chicago investigators are now seeking to speak with Smollett.

Federal investigators are also probing a threatening letter that was sent to the “Empire” set. The letter included homophobic language and contained a white powder, which was later determined to be a crushed painkiller tablet. Should that letter turn out to be fake, federal prosecutors could also pursue a mail fraud charge, legal experts say.

Andrew Weisberg, a former prosecutor in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, said Smollett could get probation, assuming that he has a clean record. Update: NBC News reported Tuesday, and Variety confirmed, that Smollett pleaded no contest in 2007 to three misdemeanor counts stemming from a DUI incident in Los Angeles, including one count of giving false information to the police. According to the criminal complaint filed by the L.A. City Attorney’s office, Smollett gave a false name, pretending to be his brother Jake. He was sentenced to three years of probation.

Weisberg also said prosecutors may face pressure not to be lenient.

“It’s a very high-profile case,” he said. “Prosecutors tend to be tougher because everybody’s watching. … I think they may come down hard, in terms of not reducing it to a misdemeanor.” 

Steve Greenberg, a Chicago defense attorney, said prosecutors could also file a charge of obstruction of justice. He said it was likely, though, that Smollett would be allowed to plead to a misdemeanor, and not serve jail time.

“They’re not going to ruin a guy’s life over this,” Greenberg said. “People make false reports all the time to the police. They get in a DUI, they call police and say, ‘My car was stolen.’ Ninety percent of the time, even if they’re charged with a felony, those people end up pleading to a misdemeanor.”

Smollett has retained two criminal defense attorneys, Victor Henderson and Todd Pugh. They have denied that Smollett staged the attack, and said he will continue to cooperate.

“His lawyers may be having a psychiatrist examine the guy so they could prepare some kind of psychiatric defense,” Turner said.

Smollett, like celebrity fabulists such as Lance Armstrong and Ryan Lochte, may see endorsement opportunities and roles dry up if he is found to have been untruthful. Public relations experts say he will need to demonstrate that he’s learned a lesson.

“If he made this up, he broke the trust of a lot of his fans,” said Ray Drasnin, founder of Purple Penguin PR. “Say you lied and you’re sorry for that lie. Apologize to the people who have supported you, promise to make it up, and find a cause that’s near and dear to your heart and devote yourself to it.”

Richard Levick, chairman and CEO of LEVICK, said people shouldn’t rush to judgment regarding Smollet and cautioned that there are still, in the words of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, “too many unknown unknowns.” Yet if Smollett did fabricate the attack, Levick says he needs to be more proactive.

“He needs to get ahead of this as much as he can,” he said. “He needs to go see the police. He needs to apologize. He needs to make the announcement about what happened instead of letting the facts leak out. If he lied, there’s no excuse, but there may be some explanation.”

Latest:Anthony Guglielmi, chief communications officer, shared early Thursday morning on Twitter that Smollett had been arrested. Guglielmi told The Associated Press that Smollett turned himself in at central booking.

February 18, 2019

“I doubted Jussie Smollett, breaks my heart I might be right” Doubts About Jussie’s Account

By Nana Efua Mumford
Washington Post

Nana Efua Mumford is the executive assistant to The Post’s editorial board. She lives in Virginia with her family but will always call Chicago home.

“Empire,” Fox’s drama about a family-run hip-hop label, has always been defined by its bizarre plot twists. The show has featured a ghost who haunts her loving husband, a child whose stepfather is also his grandfather and an amnesia-inducing car bomb. But the latest real-world twist involving a member of its cast is the strangest — and saddest — yet.

On Jan. 29, Jussie Smollett, who plays Jamal Lyon, the openly gay heir to the show’s hip-hop record label throne, was allegedly attacked in a baroque hate crime. He told police that his attackers immediately identified him as a gay actor from “Empire,” then proceeded to yell racial and homophobic slurs, shout “this is MAGA country,” pour an unknown chemical on him and place a noose around his neck. The story has since become even more complicated: The Chicago police questioned two Nigerian brothers, one of whom said that he played a small part on “Empire,” about their possible role in the attack. As of this writing, the department is seeking to interview Smollett again; he has hired a criminal defense attorney.

Actor and singer Jussie Smollett in Los Angeles in 2016. (Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

But even before these latest details emerged, when I first heard of the attack on Smollett, I had to pause. On “Empire,” Jamal Lyon came out as gay in front of his homophobic, abusive father; took a bullet for that same father and overcame an addiction to pain pills. Was I reading last week’s episode recap, or did this actually happen in my hometown of Chicago? Almost immediately, I had a terrible feeling that I was victim blaming, or worse, that I am so brainwashed that I no longer can hear cries of hurt and outrage from my own black community. It was a horrifying feeling that I am still trying to work through almost three weeks later.

Actor and singer Jussie Smollett in Los Angeles in 2016. (Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)
I wanted to believe Smollett. I really did. I know that there is a deep, dark racist history in Chicago and, if proved true, this would be just one more point on the list. I wanted to believe him with every fiber of my being, most of all because the consequences if he were lying, were almost too awful to contemplate.

And yet I struggled with Smollett’s story.

I tried telling myself that it is possible that two assailants were walking around downtown Chicago at 2 a.m. in January in 10-degree weather, waiting for a black victim. In addition to that, they were stalking around with a bottle of bleach and a rope. And ultimately, the prey they selected was an actor on a show that they must’ve been somewhat familiar with because they were able to not only name the show but also know that he played a gay character. Never mind the fact that he was likely bundled up because again: Chicago, January, 10 degrees. Also, after he fought to get away, he left the rope around his neck until he got to the hospital.

Perhaps I don’t want to believe him because this is a stark and scary reminder of the poor condition of the country (and city) that I call home. Maybe this story makes the boogeyman in my nightmares all too real, too close and too calculating. Maybe it’s because while I consider myself an ally to the LGBTQ community, I still don’t understand and appreciate the daily harassment that they endure. Or maybe even though I am a black woman, I still don’t know what it’s like to be a black man in America.

Over the past few hours, there have been speculations that have confirmed my worst fears. Unnamed “police sources” have claimed that Smollett orchestrated the entire thing.

Surveillance images show alleged attackers in an assault of ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett

Chicago police released images Jan. 30 of two “people of interest” in the assault against actor Jussie Smollett. (Reuters)
If Smollett’s story is found to be untrue, it will cause irreparable damage to the communities most affected. Smollett would be the first example skeptics cite when they say we should be dubious of victims who step forward to share their experiences of racist hate crimes or sexual violence. The incident would be touted as proof that there is a leftist conspiracy to cast Trump supporters as violent, murderous racists. It would be the very embodiment of “fake news.”

And that reason, more than any other, is why I need this story to be true, despite its ugliness and despite what it would say about the danger of the world I live in. The damage done would be too deep and long-lasting. This could be one tragedy that the Lyon family — and more importantly, the ordinary people who loved the show and invested in Smollett and his character — could never overcome.

February 17, 2019

Two Brothers Released After Questioning About Jussie Smollett (Empire) Reported Attack

Annie Sweeney, Jeremy Gorner, Tracy SwartzChicago Tribune
Chicago police late Friday released two brothers they had been questioning about a reported attack on “Empire” star Jussie Smollett, saying they no longer were considered suspects.
“Due to new evidence as a result of today’s interrogations, the individuals questioned by police in the Empire case have now been released without charging and detectives have additional investigative work to complete,” police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in a tweet. 
He did not say what the evidence was or what work detectives still must do. His statement was released about 12 hours after he had called the brothers “possible suspects” and said that detectives had “probable cause” that they might have committed a crime.
Guglielmi did not explain what happened in the meantime. The men had been arrested Wednesday night after detectives tracked their movements on surveillance cameras in the Streeterville area, where Smollett says two men shouted racial and homophobic slurs at him late last month, hit him and wrapped a rope around his neck while yelling, “This is MAGA country!”
Smollett, in his first TV interview Thursday, said he believed the two people captured by those cameras are his attackers. “’Cause … I was there,” he told “Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts. “I don’t have any doubt in my mind that that’s them. Never did.”
But police sources have said detectives are investigating the possibility that Smollett staged the incident with the help of the brothers, who according to their attorney know the actor from working on the show and also have spent time with him at a gym.
Earlier in the day, Guglielmi said there was “no evidence to say that this is a hoax” but that detectives were “working to corroborate the allegations and investigative timeline as our investigation continues.” 
Smollett has told police the attack occurred around 2 a.m. Jan. 29 in the 300 block of East North Water Street as he was walking from a Subway shop to his apartment building. The brothers, who are in their 20s and are black, were traced from that area through surveillance cameras and ride-share records, according to police sources. 

The brothers are of Nigerian descent. The oldest received his secondary education in Nigeria and the younger brother attended high school in Chicago, a few blocks away from their North Side home. They both played football for Quincy University, a small liberal arts college in western Illinois, and since then have offered online courses in bodybuilding.
Smollett follows the brothers’ bodybuilding page on Instagram. 
The brothers are both aspiring actors who have posted auditions online, including a scene in which each of them was interrogated by police for murder. They signed with the Babes ’N Beaus Model and Talent Agency in 2016, according to Don Underwood, one of the owners of the Hinsdale-based agency. They each appeared on an episode of NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” last year.

The younger one’s episode initially aired Nov. 14, while the 27-year-old’s episode premiered a year ago. They both had roles in the 2017 indie movie “The Worst Nightmare.” One of them also had a part in Spike Lee’s 2015 film “Chi-Raq.”

Neither brother has been credited for work on “Empire,” though the older brother said in a 2015 interview that he played the prison bodyguard for Chris Rock’s character. Rock guest-starred on the Season 2 premiere of “Empire” in 2015.

The brothers also have struggled with their finances, filing for bankruptcy in 2016, federal court records show.

They owed thousands in student loans — one owed about $85,000 and the other’s exceeded $39,000. But the two reported earning just $160 and about $140 a month, respectively, money they often earned with odd jobs, the records show. One of the men reported having $300 in investments, including a single share of investment giant Berkshire Hathaway.

The two also had a business, a party and decoration store that was established in 2015 but dissolved last year, according to state records. At the time the brothers filed for bankruptcy, records described the store as “operating at a loss.”

Both brothers have had run-ins with the law. The older one pleaded guilty in 2012 to aggravated battery and was sentenced to two years of probation for a stabbing that occurred a year earlier about a block away from the brothers’ home, according to Cook County records. His brother was ticketed for a DUI in 2015.

On the day police announced they had taken the brothers into custody, Smollett gave his first TV interview about the incident and tried to end doubts that have grown about the attack.

“I respect too much the people who — I am now one of those people — who have been attacked in any way,” he told “Good Morning America” co-anchor Roberts. “You do such a disservice when you lie about things like this.”

A week before the attack, Smollett told police he received a threatening letter at work. Witnesses told police a postal worker dropped off the letter at the Chicago studio where “Empire” is filmed. It was postmarked in southwest suburban Bedford Park on Jan. 18 and bore two American flag stamps. The letters “MAGA” were written in the upper-left corner of the envelope.

Smollett said a stick figure was shown hanging from a tree with the words, “Smollett Jussie you will die black (expletive).”

“Did I make that up too?” Smollett asked in the interview with Roberts.

Police have not said whether they believe the two incidents are related, and so far they are being investigated separately — the letter by the FBI and the alleged attack by Chicago police.

Chicago detectives have sought Smollett’s phone records since shortly after he reported the attack because he said he was on the phone with his manager when it occurred. But police said this week that the records Smollett and his manager provided were redacted PDFs that were not sufficient for solving the case.

“They wanted me to give my phone to the tech for three to four hours. I’m sorry but — I’m not gonna do that,” Smollett said. “Because I have private pictures and videos and numbers: my partner’s number, my family’s number, my castmates’ numbers, my friends’ numbers, my private emails, my private songs, my private voice memos.”

He added: “I don’t know what that’s gonna be, to hand over my phone for — and honestly, by then, inaccurate, false statements had already been put out there.”

February 3, 2019

Actor Jussie Smollett Explain Why He Was Hesitant toComing Out and It Is Related to his Attack

Actor Jussie Smollett is best known for playing Jamal Lyon on the Fox TV series Empire. Just like his character, Smollett is a gay man. And also like his character, revealing he was gay was a bit complicated. Here’s why Jussie Smollett was hesitant to tell his fans he’s gay.

Jussie Smollett’s Empire character comes out as gay

Fox’s Empire caused quite a stir when Smollett’s TV character came out as gay. The revelation was made in 2015 during episode eight of season one. Jamal was performing his song You’re So Beautiful. In that scene, Terrence Howard’s character, Lucious Lyon, looked disturbed after he heard Jamal sing the lyrics ‘This is the kind of song that makes a man love a man.’

The series’ early episodes showed how Lucious struggled to come to terms with the fact that his son is gay. One episode even showed a flashback of Lucious picking up his son as a little boy and putting him in a trash can after seeing him trying on his mother’s high heels. Here’s a clip of the shocking episode where Jamal comes out to the world.

Jussie Smollett revealed he is gay soon after his Empire character

Soon after that Empire episode, Smollett came out as gay. He shared this revelation during an interview on Ellen with host Ellen DeGeneres. He spoke about how he was receiving hateful messages on social media from some viewers after his TV character came out. Smollett initially didn’t mention his sexual orientation but chose to speak up after the show and do an additional interview.

Why Jussie Smollett hesitated to reveal he was gay

Jussie Smollett | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images
Smollett told Ellen he is not ashamed to be gay but that he didn’t say anything because he desires to protect his personal life. Here’s what Smollett told DeGeneres:

It was really important to me to make sure that it got across that there is no closet, there’s never been a closet that I’ve been in… I don’t have a closet. But I have a home and that is my responsibility to protect that home. So that’s why I choose not to talk about my personal life. But there is, without a doubt, no closet that I’ve ever been in. And I just wanted to make that clear.

Here’s a clip of Smollett’s chat with Ellen:

Jussie Smollett has allegedly been facing harassment for being gay

In January 2019, Smollett made headlines after he was allegedly attacked by two men in what has been labeled a hate crime. The actor reportedly said the two men shouted homophobic and racial slurs and placed a noose around his neck, reports The New York Times.

It was also revealed Smollett received a threatening letter at Fox’s studios before he was attacked, according to TMZ. The publication said Smollett was offered additional security after receiving a death threat, but he reportedly declined.

January 30, 2019

Actor Jussie Smollett (Empire) Assaulted in a Hate Crime Incident with Two Men

                                          Image result for Jussie Smollett

(By David K. Li)

"Empire" actor Jussie Smollett was assaulted in Chicago on Tuesday by two men who hurled racial and homophobic slurs at him and wrapped a rope around his neck in an attack police are investigating as a hate crime, officials said.

Smollett, 36, had just landed in town from New York was out getting a bite to eat at about 2 a.m. CT (3 a.m. ET) in the East North Lower Water Street when two men attacked him, the actor told police.

Two "unknown offenders approached him and gained his attention by yelling out racial and homophobic slurs towards him," according to a statement from the Chicago Police Department. "The offenders began to batter the victim with their hands about the face and poured an unknown chemical substance on the victim."

"At some point during the incident, one of the offenders wrapped a rope around the victim's neck," the statement continued. "The offenders fled the scene."

Smollett took himself to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for treatment. The extent of his injuries were not immediately known. 

On "Empire," Smollett plays Jamal Lyon, the estranged son of his music-industry titan father played by Terrence Howard. Jamal is a gay singer-songwriter and his sexual orientation and career independent has him at odds the family patriarch.

Smollett came out as gay to Out Magazine in 2016, a few months after "Empire" first aired on
Latest}}}Jussie was released from the hospital this morning, according to TMZ. He reportedly suffered from a fractured rib. According to a police statement given to ET, the Chicago Police Department is “taking this investigation very seriously and treating it as a possible hate crime.” Find a statement from CPD below. Let me just add there is a lot of jealousy for a good looking, adult  black man to be so succesful and talented.

January 26, 2019

On His Way Up in The Community His Alleged Sexual Dirty Deeds Float To the Top of The Bowl

Bryan Singer and Michael Egan
 Michael Egan (Right), who had accused the “X-Men” director of sexually abusing him when he was a minor, has voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit against Singer.
Egan filed suit against Singer and others in April, claiming that he had been sexually abused as a teenager.

Bohemian Rhapsody has been removed as a nominee for a major LGBT award show, following new accusations of sexual assault against director Bryan Singer. 
The allegations were the result of a year-long investigation by US magazine The Atlantic, and included claims that the director had sex with underage men.
He denies the allegations, saying they are a "homophobic slur" against him.
But Glaad said it would not honor his latest film, saying "survivors of sexual assault should be put first". 
Singer, whose previous credits include The Usual Suspects and X-Men, was fired from Bohemian Rhapsody three weeks before filming ended, amid reports of erratic behavior and personality clashes with the star, Rami Malek.

British director Dexter Fletcher was brought in to complete the project, but in accordance with Director's Guild rules, Singer's name remained on the film's credits.
Glaad said in a statement: "This week's story in The Atlantic documenting unspeakable harms endured by young men and teenage boys brought to light a reality that cannot be ignored or even tacitly rewarded.
"Singer's response to The Atlantic story wrongfully used 'homophobia' to deflect from sexual assault allegations and Glaad urges the media and the industry at large to not gloss over the fact that survivors of sexual assault should be put first."
Glaad is a media monitoring organization which hands out awards each year to recognize outstanding representations of the LGBT community in the media.

'Innocent until proven otherwise'

It described the decision to remove Bohemian Rhapsody as a "difficult" one, adding: "The legacy of Freddy Mercury deserves so much more than to be tainted in this way".
The film was nominated for five Oscars earlier this week, although Singer failed to make the best director shortlist.
The 53-year-old was dropped by his agency last year but was recently hired to direct an adaptation of the cult comic Red Sonja.
Producers have confirmed he will keep the job despite the latest allegations.
"The over $800m Bohemian Rhapsody has grossed... is a testament to his remarkable vision and acumen," said Millennium Films' boss Avi Lerner told The Hollywood Reporter. 
"I know the difference between agenda-driven fake news and reality, and I am very comfortable with this decision. In America, people are innocent until proven otherwise."
Millennium Films was itself hit with allegations of sexual harassment and gender bias, with Lerner accused of making disparaging remarks towards female employees.

October 11, 2018

Irish Gay Comedian Graham Norton Says He's Given Up on Tinder Does Not Want to Meet Damaged People

Graham Norton, popular Irish Comedian seems he is got the problem from all ages, He can't find love. If you are gay like he is, it's even harder I found out. Why? Less of us and less pressure to stick with someone. I think there is definetly a someone for everyone but the trick is finding it. I see it as that piece of the puzzle you can't find and without it certain things on the picture you are putting together don't seem right. Obviously there are people that are happier alone. Some are good looking which means they only need to go out like a mice in the praririe, only when hunger strikes but other wise buried in the warmth of the cave is fine and very secure. 🦊Adam

View photos

Graham Norton says he’s done with the popular dating app Tinder, after meeting ‘broken and damaged’ people.
The 55-year-old BBC One host told Closer magazine that he’d given the app a decent go, but had been very disappointed with the prospects he swiped right for.
“I was on Tinder a couple of years ago, but I’m not on it now. I felt like I’d done it. There’s a law of diminishing returns on Tinder.
“I met a few people and thought, “God, there are a lot of broken people in the world and I don’t really need to meet them”. I don’t need to be part of their damage,” he said.
Graham said he turned to Tinder after splitting from boyfriend Andrew Smith in 2015, after three years together. 
However, he says he’s now replaced random Tinder dates with another love – booze.
“Booze is one of my great loves. Lots of people drink, so it’s not like I have a niche interest. I’ve probably started drinking less as I’ve got older but if I say, “I’ve cut down”, then I feel like the prigs have won. I think people should drink whatever they want to drink, because drinking is fun!” he said.
Tinder is a dating app currently used by fifty million worldwide. Users are able to ‘swipe right’ for dating prospects they like and ‘swipe left’ for those they’d rather reject. Once both prospects ‘swipe right’ they are matched and able to communicate through direct messaging.
Norton told American news anchor Katie Couric in June this year that he’s not interested in the gay dating app Grindr either.
“I couldn’t do Grindr, because you know, of what it is, and I work for the BBC,” he said.

Laura Hannam

August 19, 2018

"My Favorite Wife" Cary Grant Film Which in Today's Know How It Might Be His Coming Out

My Favorite Wife, the Hecka Gay Film Starring Cary Grant and His (Alleged) Gay Boyfriend.  by Chase Burns 

The gaydar is pinging!
The gaydar is pinging! YOUTUBE
If we're to believe Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, Cary Grant was hecka gay. In the new documentary based on his popular memoir, Full Service, Scotty Bowers, bisexual "pimp to the stars," claims that he would regularly hook up with Grant and his alleged longtime lover Randolph Scott—often at the same time. Bowers is hardly the first person to talk about Grant's gay relationships, but his honesty is salacious and refreshing. The documentary highlights the 1940 film that stars Grant and Scott, My Favorite Wife, and... guys... I watched the film for the first time last night, and it's so gay. It begs to be rewatched.
Let's review:

The film was promoted as a hot, spicy reunion between Irene Dunne and Cary Grant, who had previously worked together on Leo McCarey's The Awful Truthin 1937. (The duo would go on to star in Penny Serenade in 1941, but that would be their last movie as costars.) But the important pairing in this film isn't Dunne and Grant, it's Grant and Randolph Scott. 

This is the scene where Grant sees Scott for the first time. It's... uh... pretty gay. Romantic music swells as Grant swoons on his tip-toes.
Cary Grant and Randolph Scott were some of Hollywood's most popular
gaysbachelors in the '30s and '40s. This was a time when Hollywood's studio system aggressively controlled their stars' professional and personal lives—which I outlined in my piece on Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood—and subjected them to morals clauses. Nevertheless, Scott and Grant lived a very public life together after meeting on the Paramount set of Hot Saturday in 1932, the only movie besides My Favorite Wife that the two men appeared in together. They hit it off immediately and were soon living together. However, in 1934, in a move that seemed to be aimed at breaking the two men apart, Grant was allegedly ordered to marry Virginia Cherril. But Cherrill—maybe because Grant kept fucking Scott—divorced Grant 13 months after they married. Grant moved back in with Scott.
By the time My Favorite Wife premiered in 1940, the two men had been publicly living together for around five years. The American public was very aware of Grant and Scott's relationship, but viewed them as entangled in a celebrity bromance, mostly because the studio allegedly planted images of women going in and out of their house to the press. The two
lovers womanizers were viewed as having a "Bachelor Hall" together. 

Who really came inside that "Bachelor Hall"?
In Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, Scotty Bowers, when asked if he feels guilty about spreading all these Hollywood secrets, says: "It's not a secret, really. It may be a secret to some square who lives in Illinois—but in Hollywood, they knew these people." This quote really sticks out to me when watching My Favorite Wife. There are two stories being masterfully played out in the open here. The double entendres are so obvious, it's remarkable to think that audiences didn't view this film as an admission of a homosexual relationship between Grant and Scott. 
My Favorite Wife was incredibly popular when it premiered in 1940. It was RKO's second highest grossing film of the year and nominated for three Academy Awards. It was—and continues to be—billed as a wacky screwball comedy. On the surface, it's about Nick Arden (Grant) remarrying after his wife (Irene Dunne) is lost at sea in a shipwreck. But it turns out she's not dead, she's just been living with another man (Randolph Scott) on an island for seven years. When she returns, Nick decides to abandon his new wife but finds himself increasingly preoccupied with the man his first wife shagged on an island. Some queer highlights:
 When his dead wife Ellen (Irene Dunne) shows up, she's dressed as a sailor. (Why, IDK.) She's asked by the children (her children, although they don't know it yet) if she's a lady or a man. "I used to be a lady," she says. It's weird. 
 After Nick discovers Ellen lived on an island with a man named Stephen (Randolph Scott), he starts to rush out to find the man. Ellen yells that Stephen is at the YMCA (gay), and Nick (wearing a leopard print robe), rushes out to find Stephen at the YMCA. 
 Nick has no luck at the YMCA, but he does discover Stephen at the pool (all of those embedded GIFs above). He swoons. It is incredibly and shockingly homoromantic. I don't know how this got produced in 1940. 
 Nick cannot get Stephen out of his mind. It makes him sweat. Sitting in his office, he is tormented by the half-naked image of Stephen. (KEEP IN MIND THESE GUYS WERE ACTUALLY—ALLEGEDLY—FUCKING AND IT WAS—ALLEGEDLY—NOT A SECRET AMONGST HOLLYWOOD ELITES.)
 When Stephen and Nick do meet, Nick asks Stephen if he's the sort of man who eats raw meat. Stephen says he's a vegetarian and basically only eats carrots. Nick says Stephen is probably full of carrots (gay). During this meeting, Stephen says he has nothing to hide. Nick's wife (Dunne) says "I know, but hehas," referring to Nick. 
 Nick's new wife assumes he has an illness because he's acting so strange. She has a creepy therapist show up to help him. The therapist assures Nick that there are many men like him, but Nick says he doesn't need help. He then literally goes into the closet and puts on women's clothing. The therapist, shocked, follows him out to the car, where Nick's new wife and him fiercely argue, pulling the clothes between them, while Nick shouts that he could lose his career if any of this is found out by the public. She pulls him back inside and he finally yells, "I'm... MARRIED!" (Referring to his dead wife, who's not actually dead, who is his real wife, his favorite wife.) It's very difficult to watch this scene in 2018 and not see it as a coming out scene for Grant. It's heartbreaking.  
Grant and Scott were never in another film together. Their relationship is still disputed. Grant's daughter, Jennifer Grant, wrote a memoir in 2011 in which she dismisses the notion that her father was gay: "Dad somewhat enjoyed being called gay. He said it made women want to prove the assertion wrong." Is that true? Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood and My Favorite Wife seem to offer a flamingly different answer. 
Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood opens Friday, Aug 24 at SIFF Film Center.

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