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March 30, 2014

‘I am queer’; Former Miss Kentucky Comes Out

"Even though we’ve had all different types of people coming out of the closet lately, I think that stigma exists in what people are used to seeing around the media and around the community," said Trent. Photo: Facebook
"Even though we’ve had all different types of people coming out of the closet lately, I think that stigma exists in what people are used to seeing around the media and around the community," said Trent. Photo: Facebook
Despite U.S. District Judge Aleta Traugerrecently ruling that the Volunteer state must recognize the marriages of three specific couples as part of an ongoing lawsuit, the rest of the Tennessee lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, and its allies wait for what they consider to be a basic, equal right -- the right to marry.
An ongoing movement, the push to legalize same-sex marriage, is not new. The first case brought before the Supreme Court in 1971 was Baker vs. Nelson. The court ruled against Richard John Baker and James Michael McConnell on the grounds that they could not procreate, referencing the book of Genesis, and because "abstract symmetry" was not ‘demanded by the Fourteenth Amendment'.
As change continues to be made across the United States, in state of Tennessee, the wait for equality is taking much longer than some in the LGBT community want.
"Sadly, I think that the appeal will be successful, and although the ruling itself was a sign of a shift in ideology in terms of LGBT acceptance, the laws surrounding LGBT issues are still a state issue," said native Memphian George Dowdy. "Unfortunately, the journey will remain stagnant as long as the decision is left up to those in power in a state as conservative as Tennessee."
Regardless of the uncertainty of marriage equality for the remaining 33 states, one thing remains the same: for many, coming out is not just a personal journey, but one of spreading awareness.
When she was in the fourth grade, former Miss Kentucky Djuan Trent made a bold declaration to her mother: "Mom, I'm gay." While her mother did not immediately understand or accept what her daughter was saying, years later, the then revered pageant queen would make another bold declaration, this time in an Internet blog post: "I am queer."
"Looking back on it, I have no idea where I got that from because it's not like that was anything that I was ever exposed to, and it's not like people just coming out and I could've seen it on the news and been like, ‘Oh, that sounds like me; I should adopt that,'" said Trent.
For the 27-year-old beauty queen, who got her start in pageants on a whim, coming out was not only one of many steps toward inner-peace, but also a step toward bringing awareness to a lifestyle that is more common than many people may think.
"It would be lovely if we could live in a society one day where coming out is not necessary," added Trent. "But the fact of the matter is that you cannot know that someone is gay, or however they choose to identify, unless they actually disclose that information to you."
Almost 500 miles away in Memphis, Tenn., breaking stereotypes is no different, and no easier.
"LGBT people are still seen as foreign to most people in places as rural and conservative as most of Tennessee," said Dowdy. "The first step is for people to see that gay comes in many shapes and forms. We have to combat the caricatures we see on television and erase the damage of bad theology as well as stigmas associated with the HIV epidemic."
While Memphis has plenty of resources such as the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center and The First Congregational Church, people are often left stuck in the closet for fear of judgement.
One Mid-South woman, who did not want to be named, shared her personal experience with living life in the closet.
"Everything is a lie. Names, constant use of pronouns to describe the women I date," she said. "Being a bisexual woman in a predominantly straight, conservative society is not the life I ever envisioned living."
Making the decision to live or not live an open life is one that, according to Trent, is made easier by the support of loved ones.
"I think that's the importance of having your circle of people that you surround yourself with when you're in that coming out stage, because it is such an intimate journey that you have to take with yourself and it's important to have that support around you."
While Tennessee continues the fight for equality, back in Kentucky, Trent is carefully contemplating how to use her newfound openness to defy the assumptions about what it means to be gay, and setting an example for others.
"Right now, it really does seem like this isolated group of people that nobody thinks is a part of their lives at all. That's why the awareness piece is so important to me and I want to take my time deciding how to approach it," said Trent.
Trent recently joined the Freedom To Marry campaign, as the co-chair of Southerners for the Freedom to Marry.
Though marriage equality is still up in the air for Tennesseans, Dowdy encourages others to be aware.
"Visibility should be at the forefront of the movement. People gain empathy through seeing themselves in someone else. Within the LGBT community, they must see their sons, daughters, politicians, preachers, etc."
For more information on LGBT resources, ways to connect or to follow the pursuit of marriage equality, please visit the sites listed below.
By Nicole R. Harris 

March 4, 2014

Beauty is Good But Being Ugly and Good Has Proven Better For Some Actors



1. Steve Buscemi


2. Bill Murray


3. Samuel L. Jackson


4. Joe Pesci


5. Phillip Seymour Hoffman


6. Rowan Atkinson


7. Paul Giamatti


8. Adrien Brody


9. DJ Qualls


10. Seth Rogen


April 27, 2013

Men’s Anti-Aging Men Needed as Much as Women

Skin Products and Procedures

A young man receives a facial treatment.(photo: George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

has long been a daily chore for women, fueled partly by vanity but also by health concerns. With an emphasis on outward appearance, men have joined the effort to put sands back into the hourglass and look to creams, procedures and a variety of products in the chase for youth. *But women are not the only ones in need of healthy looking face and beauty. Men need it as much as women, just in a different degree and different tools.

Everyone is trying to market the uniqueness of their product. We physicians look at them a little differently. We want scientific proof. Ninety percent of lotions and creams are placebos.
— Dr. Ronald Moy, a Beverly Hills, California-based dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon

Lotions and Potions

Millions of dollars are spent on serums, scrubs, creams and lotions, and the claims vary as to their effectiveness, according to skin care experts.
But there are really only two active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to really reverse the aging process — or at least slow it down — Tretinoin and Retin-A. The first requires a prescription but the second is available over the counter.
It is important, then, to read the labels, because your money may just be circling the drain.
“Everyone is trying to market the uniqueness of their product," said Dr. Ronald Moy, a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. "We physicians look at them a little differently, we want scientific proof. Ninety percent of lotions and creams are placebos.”
Moy, who has been practicing for more than 25 years and is a long-time researcher/instructor at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine, said the substances Tretinoin and Retin-A cause the skin to thicken and change some of the sun-damaged areas that speed up the peeling of dead skin. He said these two chemicals also help treat some of the pre-cancerous, sun-damaged areas.
It is important to note, however, that treatments with those products requires an investment of time. Results are not achieved overnight.
The only over-the-counter topical products that help slow down aging are those that contain retinol and Alpha hydroxy acid, according to Dr. David Sawcer, professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine. They work slowly, he said, and you must use them regularly over a period of months.
“Tretinoin is the only FDA ingredient available by prescription that will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, rough pigmentation — the consequences of chronic sun exposure that we refer to as aging changes,” Sawcer said.
A product known as a DNA enzyme repair, commercially available as Neova, has been shown in clinical trials to reduce the number of skin cancers, Moy said.


Beyond the core products like moisturizers and creams are treatments and surgical procedures.
Facials are more than pampered indulgence. A regular course can produce skin that is smoother and tighter with reduced wrinkles, according to Zaida Harris, an esthetician at Willow Spa in Santa Monica, California. The plus side also runs a bit deeper.
“The major health benefits of regular facials include regulation of the immune system, exfoliation, detoxification and stress relief," Harris said.
Facials can also help to unclog pores for acne patients, Moy said, adding that these procedures also allow bleaching drugs to penetrate more deeply for patients with blotchy pigmentation problems and to help make DNA enzyme repair more effective.
Chemical peels — procedures normally performed in dermatologists' offices, salons and spas — contain various mixes of natural materials that work to remove the outermost layer of skin on a person's face. The dead skin is replaced with new, younger-looking skin with fewer wrinkles.
Dermabrasions literally sand away the outermost layers of skin and are used to remove surface imperfections, such as fine lines and wrinkles, minor acne scars and sun damage that may be cancerous.

High Tech

Practitioners like Moy use lasers for both cosmetic and health purposes. Carbon dioxide lasers perform precise resurfacing on problem areas.
”If the patient can afford it, lasers are the simplest, safest way to have skin procedures done. It is very precise in dealing with sun-damaged skin,” Moy said. “Say a patient is of Irish-descent with lots of wrinkles and spots. You just take off a layer and you get fresher skin underneath. That thickens their skin and makes them look younger.”
Potential targets include actinic keratosis — or solar keratosis — as well as Basal cell carcinoma. The former is a common skin growth that represents the earliest stage in the development of skin cancer. The latter is the most common form of skin cancer. It results most often from excessive exposure to damaging ultraviolet sunlight, but those people who use tanning beds also are at risk.
“(We use this) to get rid of sun damage and help ward off cancer, especially in our clients that have a family history in the area,” Moy said. “Insurance companies don’t cover it yet, but we do perform these procedures to help fight cancer.”
Then there is Botox, a popular yet sometimes controversial procedure that was originally developed to treat facial spasms and other neurological disorders characterized by abnormal muscle contractions. This FDA-approved neurotoxin has also been used by cosmetic surgeons to temporarily smooth laugh/frown lines with varying results.
And to “fill out” the types of procedures in the never-ending search for a youthful look, there is volume replacement. This procedure uses skin fillers mostly around the eyes and upper cheek areas to combat a “hollowed out” look. Soft tissue fillers such as calcium hydroxylapatite and hyaluronic acid are injected into the skin to restore lost tissue volume.
“Those are the areas (eyes, cheeks) that make a person look younger to me,” Moy said. “Getting rid of laugh lines is the least important area in terms of someone looking old. There are plenty of young people with laugh lines because they are happy and smile a lot.”
And isn’t being happy the goal? 

March 22, 2013

There is One Side of David Beckham That Overwhelms

Damn, Dat Ass

I don't know where I've been, because I have never noticed David Beckham's beautiful bubble bottom butt before. It's glorious. Is he wearing push-up panties, because his ass is so high that it looks like it's worshiping God. No wonder Becks' former stalker Tommy Girl wanted to surgically attach his tongue to Becks' anus lips. He wanted to wake up in dat ass for the rest of his days and I can't blame him. I want to lay my head on that ass. I want to eat Thin Mints off that ass. I want to miniaturize myself and jump on it like I'm in a Sleepy's commercial. I want to stay miniaturized and twirl around on his butt cheeks while singing, "the hiiiiiiiiiills are alive."
Screw that football shit, with nalgas like that, he should be the captain of the Twerk Team. It's a damn shame that Posh Beckham won't munch on his ass, because she thinks butt has too many calories in it. When he wiggles it and convinces her to lick it, she probably pours a little Sensa on it before she eats. How dreadful and a waste of some good Honey Baked ham ass.
Here's pictures of Becks' nearly busting the back seams of his pants at a stadium in Bejing yesterday and also pictures of him signing autographs at an event for his H&M bodywear line in Berlin.

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