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April 12, 2017

Falklands By The Way of South Pole Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

 The ‘Falklands,’  Malvinas for Argentinians

When you have a small city or family is fair to say that everybody would know each other. If you have gays in that family in the past those gays would have been very unhappy repressed individuals. Having to show who they are in a small group of people used to be hard.  

In the case of an individual who is gay he/she will be in that mix too. No matter wether is 5, 10 or 20% of gays in the world when you have 3000 people you are going to have approximately 30-50 individuals who are gay. That is the law of averages and since your sexuality is not given to you but you inherit it, so the island next to the South pole would also have their number of gays. 

I am referring to the Falkland Islands population 3000.  These islands are on the very end of the South East heading towards Antarctica.  Very cold and rocky you probably like it if you were born there.                      
The Argentinians refer to the islands as the Malvinas and both Britain and Argentina claim ownership but the residents are mostly ice loving britons and the union jack flies frozen and proud.

I reported when same sex unions was voted in at the islands and suddenly I had these wish to go there and meet those people with open minds to accept their own, no matter what other adult humans they loved. I can see their sense of individuality and how proud they are. They are not going to have repressed lives about something very unimportant in the schemes of things. Well now I am doubling down proud to announce that they have voted same sex marriage and the Unions are automatically being converted to have the same rights as marriage. I now have a double wish to go there, not to get married I don’t go for bears but to hug and kiss and eat with those people. I love them already!

The same piece of legislation legalized civil partnerships for all couples, which now puts marriage and civil partnerships on equal footing.

The British Overseas territory, which has a population of 3,000, passed the law after conducting a public consultation in which an overwhelming 90% of respondents said they were in favour of same-sex marriage. Eighty-seven per cent of respondents also said that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry in churches when permitted by the church.

The public consultation and subsequent legislation “send a clear and powerful message that all people and all relationships are equal.

“It does not matter whether they are a same sex couple or not and the law now reflects the Falkland Islands’ tradition of being an open, tolerant and respectful community,” said the spokesperson for the islands, located just off the southern coast of Argentina.

The spokesperson went on to laud the decision to put marriage and civil partnerships “on equal footing. It will be open to any couple who wish to solidify their relationship with legal underpinning, but who do not wish to go down the traditional route of marriage.”

The island — maybe one of the most LGBT+ friendly in the world with 90% support of same-sex marriage — will have a lot to celebrate at this month’s Falkland Islands Pride, heralded as “the world’s most Southerly Gay Pride event.”

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