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June 22, 2020

Reading Weeps (Gay Men Killed)

Forbury Gardens before the attackImage copyright

Image captionGroups had been relaxing in Forbury Gardens in the centre of Reading when the attack happened

Reading's Forbury Gardens were dotted with groups of friends relaxing in the early evening sunshine when the peace was shattered by a commotion and frantic shouts of "run". Three people had been stabbed to death in an attack that has left the town reeling.
"Everyone was just having fun and then suddenly a man shouted," said Lawrence Wort, who had been sitting nearby.
The 20-year-old said he could not make out the words or in what language they were spoken.
What he could see was a man with a "massive knife".
"He stabbed the first person - they were sat in a circle in a big group of about eight to ten people - and he darted round anti-clockwise, got one, went to another, stabbed the next one, went to another and stabbed them."

Floral tributes
Image captionFloral tributes have been laid at the scene

Khairi Saadallah, 25, was arrested at the scene by unarmed officers who have been praised for their "incredible bravery".
He remains in police custody on suspicion of murder.
As well as those killed in the attack, three more people were injured. 
Greg Wilton, who tried to help the victims, said he had been left "very shocked and shaken".
He was having a picnic with his wife and three friends, after listening to speeches at a Black Lives Matter protest held in the park earlier in the day.
"We stayed in the park as the weather was nice and had some drinks," he said.
"At one point without much noise we noticed a commotion on the other side of the park. 
"We ran over and without seeing an attacker we found three men lying on the floor bleeding profusely from what we thought was their heads, necks or body. 
"Another member of the public took off his t shirt and tried to stop the bleeding alongside someone we assume to be his girlfriend. 
"Me and my friend, Tom, put a second victim in the recovery position and tried to stem his bleeding from his ear with my canvas shopping bag."
He said Reading as normally a "relatively peaceful" town. 
On Sunday, an atmosphere of shock and mourning was palpable in the town centre - where bloodied roads were cordoned off by police.
Large areas outside the gardens are taped up, and the streets are largely deserted but for police officers, journalists and TV crews.
Locals who had ventured into the town said they were frightened.
"I was scared to be here but I have to be here for work," said Marie Castro, from Slough, who works at a coffee shop in the town. 
The attack "doesn't seem right for Reading", she said.
"It's multicultural and really friendly. I was really shocked when I heard the news".
Alice Penney, who moved to Reading from Kent a year ago, said she left the town and went to a friend's house after hearing about the stabbings.
"I was absolutely mortified. I had been at the protest a few hours earlier when I heard the news. It was something I couldn't process.
"I feel like we cheated death. It's a safe place, normally. It's very confusing." 

Police officer at the scene
Image captionCordons and police tape are now a common sight on the deserted streets
James Hill
Image captionJames Hill is among those who have laid flowers at the scene to remember the victims
Joe Ritchie-BennettImage copyright
Image captionJoe Ritchie-Bennett has been named as the second victim of the stabbings

An American man is the second victim of the Reading stabbings to be named.
Joe Ritchie-Bennett had lived in the UK for 15 years, his father confirmed to US TV network CBS. His friend James Furlong and one other person also died.
Meanwhile, police continue to question the suspect in Saturday's attack, Khairi Saadallah, who has been arrested under the Terrorism Act. 
Sources told the BBC he was originally from Libya and came to the attention of MI5 in 2019. 
A two-minute silence was held at 10:00 BST for the three victims. 
As helicopters patrol the town from above, on the ground floral tributes have been laid.
James Hill, from Reading, said: "I've come here today because I've lived in Reading all my life. 
"This park is very close to my heart - I know it very well - and I feel obliged when something as bad as this happens, that I play my part and make a tribute."
One card left near the scene reads: "There are no words that anyone can say to express how horrible and senseless this was."
Another simply states: "Reading weeps."

November 15, 2019

ChristChurcTerror Attack Video Keeps Popping Up Geminating the Seed of Terror on Facebook

                       Image result for christchurch terror

Facebook is still trying to track down versions of the Christchurch shooter’s live stream, months after the tech giant began frantically removing the gory content. 
In the first 24 hours after the video of the March mosque attack went viral, Facebook removed 1.5 million related posts. But a significant number at least initially evaded the Silicon Valley giant’s defenses, and users have continued to try to share the content. Some versions even remain live.  
The company announced Wednesday that it took down at least 3 million more posts by the end of September. 
“When people are sharing billions of things a day, even a tiny fraction is too much,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a conference call on content moderation. 
Facebook previously reported that at least 300,000 of those posts initially made it onto the platform, where they could be copied and tweaked to avoid censors. By Sept. 30, Facebook had removed a total of 4.5 million pieces of content related to the massacre. 
The initial lapse appears to have helped fuel yet more attempted uploads — and potentially hundreds of thousands more successful shares — over time. The company is still trying to track them down.
“People have continued to try to spread it and share it, and that’s why our systems continue trying to enforce this,” VP of Integrity Guy Rosen said Wednesday. He added that 97% of Facebook’s takedowns come before users report them. 
Facebook boasts a specialized 350-person counterterrorism unit that had focused in previous years on jihadi terrorist groups like the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda. But the white supremacist attack on Christchurch, were killed 51 people were killed at two mosques and helped inspire a similar attack in El Paso, caught it flat-footed. 
The team spent the past eight months working furiously to shore up global partnerships between tech companies to share digital fingerprints of terrorist content — also known as “hashes” — and respond to attacks alongside law enforcement. It’s also retrained machine “classifiers,” tools that attempt to evaluate posts for violent propaganda the same way human reviewers would.  
“If you're going to train a real classifier, that takes time,” Brian Fishman, head of Facebook’s counterterrorism and dangerous organizations team, told VICE News in August. “And that takes human decisions. And those human decisions have an error rate. A classifier that works well against ISIS may not work so well against a bunch of neo-Nazis.”
The new batch of data released Wednesday offers a glimpse of the scale of the decentralized hate movement that Facebook is up against. It came as part of the company’s semi-annual report on content that violates its rules.
Earlier this year, Facebook began introducing more AI to its enforcement around hate speech as well, which allows machines to not just automatically identify offensive posts, but also remove some. The new AI contributed to 7 million takedowns of such content between July and September, up from 4.4 million in the previous three months. 
“While we are pleased with this progress,” Rosen added in a blog post. “These technologies are not perfect and we know that mistakes can still happen.”

September 11, 2018

During Every Year in Every Commemoration We Still Need Those Friends of 9/11

Remembering the tragedy of - the only time in ’s history that Article 5, the Alliance’s collective defence clause, was invoked - stands in solidarity with our colleagues in front of the 9/11 memorial at .

April 23, 2018

Nine Dead in Toronto Car Plowing Thru Pedestrians Incident

Aerial footage shows emergency services treating pedestrians involved in the hit and run in Toronto

TORONTO (Reuters) - A driver plowed his white Ryder rental van into a crowd, killing nine people and injuring 16 on a busy Toronto sidewalk on a sunny Monday afternoon, police said. 
Toronto Deputy Chief Peter Yuen announced the casualties at a news conference. He said the driver was in custody. 
The incident occurred just before 1:30 p.m. (1730 GMT) as large crowds of office workers were on lunch breaks. At least one witness described the driver as appearing to deliberately target victims on his roughly mile-long (1.6 km-long) rampage. 
A Reuters witness saw at least two tarp-covered bodies at the site of the incident. Five people remained in critical condition at Sunnybrook Health Services Centre on Monday afternoon, the hospital said. 
It was not immediately clear if the incident was a deliberate act by the driver or a traffic mishap in a mixed commercial and residential area. 
Canada’s public safety minister, Ralph Goodale, declined to comment on what may have motivated the attack.  “The investigation is at a stage where no further information can be confirmed at this point,” Goodale told a news conference said. “The police are conducting obviously their thorough investigation to determine what happened and why it happened, the motivations involved.” 
Ryder System Inc (R.N) spokeswoman Claudia Panfil confirmed that one of the company’s rental vehicles had been involved in the incident and said the company was cooperating with authorities. 
There have been a string of deadly vehicle attacks in the United States and Europe, including an Oct. 31 attack in New York that killed eight. Islamic State militant group encourages its supporters to use vehicles for attacks. 
Toronto is hosting a Group of Seven foreign ministers meeting about 30 kms (18 miles) away from the scene of Monday’s deaths.  The crash occurred at the corner of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue in the north end of the city, said Toronto Police spokeswoman Meaghan Gray. 
A man who gave his name as Ali told CNN he saw the van and that the driver appeared to have been targeting people. 
“This person was intentionally doing this, he was killing everybody,” the man said. “He kept going, he kept going. People were getting hit, one after another.” 
He said a number of the victims were older people and at one point he saw a stroller fly into the air.  
At least one person was struck outside on the sidewalk outside an Anglican church, north of where the van came to rest in front of a currency exchange in a condominium tower. 
Yonge Street is large, divided boulevard at the point where the incident occurred, its center meridian dotted with planter boxes and sculptures. 
Some of the victims were struck in a public square popular with office workers on lunch breaks. Aerial photos of the scene posted on social media showed a food truck parked just a few feet away from where emergency workers busily transferred people onto stretchers. 
There was no noticeable change in security around the Intercontinental Hotel where the ministers of Canada, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan were meeting on Monday. 
Reporting by Anna Mehler Paperny and Allison Martell in Toronto; Additional reporting by Jim Finkle, Nichola Saminather, Carlo Allegri and Julie Gordon; Writing by Andrea Hopkins and Scott Malone; Editing by Grant McCool

April 21, 2017

Officer Xavier Jugele 37, a Defender of Gay Rights killed in Paris

 He was a proud defender of gay rights, joining protests against Russia’s ban on “homosexual propaganda” before the 2014 Olympics. He once went to Greece to help police officers deal with migrants who had crossed the Aegean Sea and were seeking shelter in the European Union. He was among the officers who responded to a terrorist attack at the Bataclan in November 2015, and he was in the crowd when Sting helped reopen the concert hall a year later.

Xavier JugelĂ©, 37, a Paris police officer since 2010, himself fell victim to terrorism Thursday evening. He was in a police vehicle on the heavily guarded Champs-ÉlysĂ©es, Paris’s most famous boulevard, when a gunman opened fire, killing him and wounding two other officers, along with a bystander.

The gunman was shot dead as he tried to flee; the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack a short while later.

Officer Jugelé was mourned on Friday by friends and fellow officers.

“He was a simple man who loved his job, and he was really committed to the L.G.B.T. cause,” said MickaĂ«l Bucheron, president of Flag, a French association for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender police officers. “He joined the association a few years ago, and he protested with us when there was the homosexual propaganda ban at the Sochi Olympic Games.” 

The son of a former member of the armed forces, Officer Jugelé was born in 1979 in Bourges and grew up in Romorantin-Lanthenay in central France. He was in a civil union. He and his partner did not have children.

Before 2010, Officer Jugelé was part of the Gendarmerie, one of the two national police forces. He recently had farewell drinks with colleagues because he was set to leave the Paris force and join the Judicial Police, an agency that pursues suspects and serves search warrants, among other functions.

“He was aware of the risks of the job and the terrorist threat, although we did not speak a lot about it,” Mr. Bucheron said. “He was a great man and friend, it is a big shock for us.”

Flag also issued news releases on Facebook and Twitter.

Yves Lefebvre, secretary general of the police union UnitĂ© S.G.P. Police-Force Ouvrière, said that Officer JugelĂ© had been known for his professionalism and as “an excellent colleague.”

President François Hollande of France, speaking from the ÉlysĂ©e Palace on Thursday evening, said that an official tribute would be paid to Officer JugelĂ© in the coming days. 

Xavier Jugelé, the police officer killed on Thursday in Paris. Credit Association of L.G.B.T. Police in France
Matthias Fekl, the French interior minister, visited the hospital where the two wounded police officers were being treated and expressed his support on Twitter for their relatives.

France has been under a state of emergency since the attacks of November 2015 in and around Paris. Officer Jugelé was part of the team that responded to the Bataclan, where 90 people were killed. He returned to the concert hall a year later when the 19th-century building reopened.

“I’m happy to be here,” he told People Magazine in an interview. “Glad the Bataclan is reopening. It’s symbolic. We’re here tonight as witnesses. Here to defend our civic values. This concert’s to celebrate life. To say no to terrorists.”

The Interpreter Newsletter
Understand the world with sharp insight and commentary on the major news stories of the week.

Police and security officers have been especially concerned after a string of attacks targeting law enforcement:

■ Three police officers — Franck Brinsolaro, Clarissa Jean-Philippe and Ahmed Merabet — were killed in attacks on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, on a Jewish grocery store and in a Paris suburb in 2015.

■ A year later, officers fatally shot a man who was wielding a cleaver and yelling “God is great” as he tried to attack a police station in northern Paris.

■ In June 2016, a Paris police captain, Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, was fatally stabbed at his home, along with his longtime partner, Jessica Schneider, a civil servant, who was killed as the couple’s 3-year-old son watched. The attack took place in Magnanville and was claimed by the Islamic State.

■ In February, a man armed with two large knives and shouting “God is great” lunged at a military patrol near an entrance to the Louvre. He was shot.

■ In March, a gunman was shot dead by a military patrol at Orly Airport, south of Paris, after he attacked a soldier, prompting a partial evacuation of the airport.

In response to the attack in Magnanville, France eased gun restrictions to allow off-duty police officers to carry their side arms, even when the nation is not under a state of emergency.

The 10,000 soldiers who have been deployed across France since January 2015 to secure crowded or sensitive areas have also been targeted over the past few years, often by lone assailants who were inspired by radical Islamist propaganda but had no connections to wider networks.


March 23, 2017

We Are With You London! 8 Pictures to Remind Everyone

It is with great sadness that we published these pictures to remind every one of two things. First that the british were as prepared as you get, observing the events without having the experts tell us how better it can be done. Secondly of how well the british people have dealt with this in an emotional stand point. London was bombed by the Nazis on WW2 and they show today that same resilience.

 We feel so sad for the death of the by standers and the Police officer that first encountered the terrorist sand got stabbed. It was a good thing this man did not have a weapon as displayed in Belgium recently. We also send our love to to those injured and all of their families.
                                        We are with you

A woman ducks under a police tape after an incident on Westminster Bridge in London, March 22, 2017.
A woman ducks under a police tape after an incident on Westminster Bridge in London, March 22, 2017. 
Police tapes off Parliament Square after reports of loud bangs, in London, Britain, March 22, 2017.
Police tapes off Parliament Square after reports of loud bangs, in London, Britain, March 22, 2017. 
An air ambulance lands in Parliament Square during an incident on Westminster Bridge in London, Britain March 22, 2017.
An air ambulance lands in Parliament Square during an incident on Westminster Bridge in London, Britain March 22, 2017. 
A woman lies injured after a shooting incident on Westminster Bridge in London, March 22, 2017.
A woman lies injured after a shooting incident on Westminster Bridge in London, March 22, 2017.

Injured people are assisted after an incident on Westminster Bridge in London, March 22, 2017.
Injured people are assisted after an incident on Westminster Bridge in London, March 22, 2017. 
Tawhid Tanim, an eyewitness to the incident tells VOA “It was quite loud. Three loud bang, bang, bang and then all of a sudden we could see on the road people started running like crazy.” (Photo: R. James / VOA)
Tawhid Tanim, an eyewitness to the incident tells VOA “It was quite loud. Three loud bang, bang, bang and then all of a sudden we could see on the road people started running like crazy.” (Photo: R. James / VOA) 
Police tapes off Parliament Square after reports of loud bangs, in London, Britain, March 22, 2017.
Police tapes off Parliament Square after reports of loud bangs, in London, Britain, March 22, 2017. 
Armed police officers stand guard inside a security cordon, outside of the Houses of Parliament in central London on March 22, 2017 during an emergency incident.
Armed police officers stand guard inside a security cordon, outside of the Houses of Parliament in central London on March 22, 2017 during an emergency incident.Th

These 8 pictures were obtained from Voice of America

December 21, 2016

Picture of Tunisian Man Wanted in Berlin Terror Attack

The Independent Uk reports The image appeared to match those on a Facebook profile of a Tunisian man called Anis Amri.
Der Spiegel reported that the suspect was born in 1992 in the city of Tataouine, although he was also believed to go under at least two other aliases and gave authorities differing dates of birth.
In the district of Kleve, in North Rhine-Westphalia, he went under the name Ahmed A, 21, the Allgemeine Zeitung reported.
It was unclear when the suspect arrived in Germany but a confidential security database entry from February reportedly showed authorities believed he had links to Isis, which was reported to be using his hometown as a transit base for fighters last year.

German Police Looking for Tunisian Man in Terror Truck Killings

Image: Christmas market attack

The truck that crashed into a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany. Tobias Schwarz / AFP - Getty Images

German authorities scoured the country Wednesday for a Tunisian asylum seeker who is being sought in the truck rampage through a Christmas festival here that killed 12 people and injured 48.
Investigators don't know if there is more than one perpetrator at large. The new suspect emerged after police found documents in the truck belonging to a 24-year-old Tunisian national identified only as Anis A, the German magazine Spiegel reported on its website.
He was identified from a document relating to asylum that was found in the vehicle's cabin, Spiegel and Allgemeine Zeitung reported. The document said Anis A. was born in the southern Tunisian city of Tataouine in 1992, Spiegel said. It reported that he is also known by two aliases.
Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported that he applied for asylum in April and received a temporary residence permit.
Photographs purporting to be of Anis A. were circulating on social media. 
A previous suspect, a 23-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker, was released Tuesday evening because prosecutors did not find enough evidence linking him to the incident. He denied any involvement in the assault.
Germany is treating the attack as terrorism, which the Islamic State said was carried out by a "soldier." No evidence has emerged establishing a connection to the militant group, which has staged and inspired assaults across Europe and the United States.
Berlin police urged people to be especially alert Wednesday and warned that the person or persons responsible were likely armed and dangerous. As of Tuesday night, police had received more than 500 tips about the attack. Security has been tightened in Berlin and across other European capital cities.
"I am relatively confident that we will perhaps tomorrow or in the near future be able to present a new suspect," Andre Schulz, the chairman of the Federation of German Detectives, told state broadcaster ZDF on Tuesday evening.
One report, by Berlin's RBB news, said the truck's driver may be injured and that police were using DNA recovered from the vehicle to see if the attacker was hiding among the injured in the hospital. A related theory circulating in German media is that the truck's original Polish driver, who was found dead at the scene, may have tried to fight the perpetrator and wrestle him for the steering wheel as the truck was being driven into the market. Police have not commented on that idea.
Six of the dead have been identified as German nationals, according to German news agency DPA, citing police. Another five have not yet been identified. The Polish driver was found dead in the truck's passenger seat. A woman from Italy and another from Israel were missing after the attack, according to DPA.
"We will not let cosmopolitan Berlin be taken by such a cowardly attack, by fear and terror," Berlin Mayor Michael MĂĽller said at a memorial service at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, close to the site of the attack, on Tuesday evening.
The prospect that the perpetrator is a recent migrant is fueling an anti-immigrant backlash in Germany, which has admitted nearly 1 million people fleeing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s liberal migration policy.

December 20, 2016

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Terror Attack in Berlin

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the truck attack in Berlin on Monday. The attack has left at least 12 dead and dozens more injured.
NBC reports the Pakistani migrant who was arrested Tuesday as a suspect in the deadly truck attack on a crowded Christmas market in Germany has been released because of insufficient evidence. 
The man was arrested not far from the scene of Monday night's carnage in the German capital, where 12 people were killed and nearly 50 others wounded. 
But the Federal Prosecutor’s Office released him Tuesday night after investigators said they could not prove he was in the cabin of the truck during the rampage.
Local media identified the suspect as "Naved B.," a 23-year-old who entered Germany via Austria on Dec. 31, 2015. He was reportedly already known to police for minor offenses. Those reports could not immediately be confirmed by NBC News. 
De Maiziere said only a few of the victims had been identified so far, and that 18 of the 48 wounded had suffered severe injuries. 
Among the dead was a Polish man found shot to death inside the cab of the stolen truck. The weapon has not been found. 
Bloodstained clothing was also found inside the cab, but the suspect in custody was wearing clean clothes, Frank said. 
Christmas markets in Berlin were closed Tuesday as a mark of respect for the victims, but the interior ministry said other events around the country would take place with increased security measures.

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