February 29, 2012

Don't Be the Worst: How to Be a Good Ex-Boyfriend

So you broke up. Big deal. Stop whining about it in public. And follow these simple rules for handling your ex

Not long ago, while I was traveling on business, I decided to take the opportunity to have one of Those Dinners with an ex-boyfriend who lived in town.
At this point, he had politely and maddeningly declined to speak to me for almost twice as long as we'd dated. But, as I'm one of those people who takes pride in being a Great Ex, this was the creepy hand-shaped birthmark on the otherwise unblemished cheek of my dating history. Also, because men find it super-attractive, I like to live everyday like I'm in a different straight-to-DVD romantic comedy. Remarkably, my ex agreed to my High 
Fidelity 2: The Kingdom of the Crystal Solipsism, and we met up.
Everything was going reasonably well. We were in a dark bar where The Shining was somewhat portentously projected on the wall, slurping martinis with two hands like cereal milk. Until round three or four, when he looked at me and said, "So, Fat Lincoln, huh?”  Busted.
Before I explain, I should point out that I was:
a) very hurt that this guy was silent treatment-ing me in the six intervening years since our breakup
b) writing about relationships for a living 
c) an immature and cringe-inducingly awful human being.
"Fat Lincoln" was part of an elaborate running joke in my writing, in which I made up new, horrible nicknames for the Ex Boyfriend Who Hurt My Feelings, and how he'd gained a few pounds and grown a scary beard. Basically I was like Sawyer from Lost if he wasn't a charming Southern con man, but more like a horrible ogre nightmare biotch.
If I ever thought for once that my ex-boyfriend was reading my work, I would never have referred to him as 
"Fat Lincoln," "ZZ Torpid," "Dom de la Williamsburg," "Andre the Giant Asshole," or "Hipster Orson Welles."
The point is: I'd behaved badly, and I didn't deserve Fat Lincoln's post-relationship friendship, which is something that takes a lot of work.And, while I spent years calling him names and resenting him for not wanting to be my best friend (What is wrong with me?), he got really into yoga, landed his dream job, and started sleeping with attractive, lunatic actresses. The yolk is on me, so to speak.
A bad breakup can turn even the most Jimmy Stewart-ian of us into bitter, slobbering monster people, but the world keeps getting flatter, and it's harder than ever not to tell everybody JUST HOW YOU FEEL with a late night status update of a Liz Phair YouTube video that perfectly sums up your feelings about that stupid whore, Leslie. 
In the old days, you had to settle for word of mouth. Or, you know, recording a cassette answering machine greeting that casually references how crazy hard your abs have gotten. Now, you can post that "Art of Losing” poem on your Tumblr with one hand, upload a Facebook photo of you and your sexy new haircut with the other, and make a ukulele cover of "Falling Down" with the other. (In this scenario you are ambidextrous and usingtabbed browsing and are a starfish.)
And I think you gents may have it worse than we do when it comes to expectations post-breakup behavior. It's a gender parity issue and I'm not encouraging it, but it's one of the few instances in which being the "hysterical” sex works in our favor.
We're encouraged to get a little crazy—to vent to our friends over shots, watch dumb British ensemble films, and mainline lo mein. We goad each other into moping—the phrase "mourning period" gets thrown around a lot—and having a good cry. I'm guilty of finding the sight of a sad guy a little physically repulsive.
If I walked in on my friend Andy clutching a forty and silently mouthing along to Beach House, I'd knock his laptop off the table and shout, "Ugh! Go camping!" If I were sitting at my favorite brunch spot (Hooters) and Iheard some girl telling a table full of her friends about how she just dumped a guy because his balls looked like "weird golden raisins," I'd think to my self, Oh no! Not raisin balls! Been there, girlfriend. And then I'd send over a round of scones.
But if I overheard a guy telling a table full of men, "The crazy bitch tried to feed my baby a heroin balloon and take him to Colombia," I'd get right out of my booth like, "The crazy WHAT tried to steal your baby and feed it heroin?”
 Then I'd take a huge snort of an HGH-spritzed handkerchief and demand that he address the goddess within his ex-girlfriend, and the goddess within all of us. SXNNNERRXXXXXXTTTT!
It's not fair, it's not egalitarian, and it's not very sisterly of me to admit. I guess keep paying me 89 cents to your dollar and take away my traveling pants.
The truth is, I think that men and women should try to modify the way we act in the days, weeks, and years following our breakups. True, there are some exes you shouldn't stay friends with: your sundry sociopaths, abusers or, yes, that one ex of yours who eats 
Klonopin like he's Brad Pitt in a Brad Pitt movie where Brad Pitt says to the director, "Hey, what if in this movie, my character has a thing where he's always eating Klonopin?"
Remember that initially you dated that person because you really liked them. Even if she ended up breaking yourheart, you liked her enough to ruin whatever potential friendship you could have had if you didn't mash your genitals together. I realized, while hanging out with Yoga Lincoln, that I have been part of the scorched earth policy of exes.
Sure, it took six years for me to stop being a monster asshole, but that's because the Z factor in these instances is time. Being angry forever is unhealthy, and the trick is waiting until all the crap dust has settled from the swirly manure cloud of breakup angst.
It's possible that it can take you any number of years to get over being sad or super-pissed, but let those be years in
which you get out your feelings in the privacy of your own home. As therapeutic as it feels to bad-mouth somebody who hurt you, it's ultimately the most unproductive of feelings.
Do what you need to. Cry. Scream. Break a vase. And look, maybe you'll never be friends with your ex, because it takes two people to call a truce. You can only control what you do, but if you choose to be the one who's not a dick, you'll feel much better about it. 
There's a Buddhist saying about how holding on to hot coals only burns your hand, and I firmly believe that people who think, I could write an epithet-filled email or I could frisbee golf this out rarelydie of one of those anger tumors.
I'm not saying you have to be friends. I'm just saying chill out and be open to the possibility that maybe in six years, you'll both be in a different place. A better, more mature one, where you also maybe get to have emotion-neutral sex.   Namaste.

Male Review } 2011’ Was The Year TV Actors Break-Out

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Not everyone can be a TV actor MVP. You have to have charisma, talent, and you need a memorable part that plays to your particular strengths on a well-written show. Also, good lighting helps. This year we surveyed the television landscape to come up with ten people - both male and femaile - who we really thought broke out from the pack and made inordinate contributions to their respective shows. Some are newcomers, others have been acting for years. These are the break out TV actors of 2011 and, speaking of lighting, we'd like to shine a little more on them.

Aaron Ashmore, Warehouse 13

After years playing Jimmy Olsen on SmallvilleAaron Ashmore joined season 3 of Warehouse 13 asSteve Jinks, a gay ATF agent with the unique ability to tell whether someone is lying.
It's not easy trying to join an already-established cast, but Aaron was an instant hit, as Steve became BFF's with the guarded Claudia, and was part of one of the greatest scenes of any show this year.
Unfortunately, Steve's future is very much up in the air, but it's a tribute to Aaron's charisma and likability that Steve was able to make such an impact with just one season.
But a lot of people are going to be pissed if he doesn't come back.

Max Greenfield, New Girl

Successful sitcoms often make room for supporting players to break out. That’s probably why this year, on the delightfully sunny New GirlSchmidt Happened.
Schmidt is the delightfully un-sunny character played by Max Greenfield, who believes that the most sexy holidays are “the Fourth of July, Independence Day obviously, Women’s History month, and Christmas.” Greenfield plays Schmidt – a young professional climbing the social ladder and becoming a ladies’ man – as flawed, but with his heart in the right place.
With dozens of TV series appearances to his credit (including a one-time date with Adam Pally’s Max onHappy Endings), Greenfield has finally landed the role that will define him for years to come. As long as he continues to take off his shirt, viewers will no doubt agree.

Bill Hader, Saturday Night Live

Can an SNL cast member in his seventh season seriously be considered a break out actor? He most certainly can when he is Bill Hader, co-creator and performer behind Stefon, the flamboyant and bizarreWeekend Update New York City Correspondent.
Introduced in a sketch two seasons ago, Stefon grew this year to be one of SNL’s most popular reprising characters, whose recommendations for tourists consist of unusual nightspots populated with sideshow denizens. He claims to be in love with Update host Seth Meyers and often cannot get through a Stefon segment without bursting into laughter. Not all that surprising, as a Stefon appearance might be the only funny thing on SNL on certain nights. (Case in point, the recent Katy Perry-hosted episode).
Hader, at age 33, is a veteran comedy professional who has proven to be an indispensable SNL player thanks to his numerous impressions (Vincent PriceJulian AssangeAlan Alda). SNL has not been a forge of comedy creativity in a few years. Stefon, however, is a welcome addition to a show that often ignores the potential of LGBT comedy.


Davy Jones 66 of The Monkeys Dead

Today, the world of music has lost another one of it’s own. One time frontman for the 60′s, teenage group The Monkees has passed away. Davy Jones, 66, was confirmed by the medical examiner’s office in Martin County, Florida that he suffered a heart attack in his sleep. Davy was staying at the Martin Memorial Hospital in Stuart, Florida. He is survived by his third wife, Jessica, and four daughters.
Davy got his start in the industry when he appeared on the British soap Coronation street and later, went on to perform on the West End stage in Oliver! However, most people know Davy best as the frontman for the 60′s pop group, The Monkees. Superseding shows like Making The Band and Popstars, the show of the same name followed the creation and performances of the Monkees on NBC until it was cancelled.
After leaving The Monkees, Davy continued to act and made famous appearances on shows like The Brady Bunch and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. His last solo music projects were released back in 2001 and 2004. Check out a few videos below. 

Boston U. Denies Chick Fill-A Permission to Sell Chicken With A Bun of Homophobia

Demand Chick-fil-A Pull Sponsorship from Anti-Gay Event
Northeastern University's student newspaper Reports Today that Boston University has decided to deny 'Chck Fil-A'  permission to do business in the school.

The fast food chain Chick-fil-A was in talks with the school to open the franchise's only Boston location at the school.  

The chain is controversial because because it donates millions of dollars to groups that are considered anti-gay, including $994,199 dollars in 2009 to the Marriage & Family Legacy Fund, a group that supports "traditional marriage," as well as funds to Exodus International, a group that believes GLBT folks can be "cured" by religion, the Family Research Council, and Focus On The Family
It also has controversial hiring policies, including a belief mentioned in a Forbes article on the chain that married workers are "more industrious and productive." 
The Forbes article also states that "Family members of prospective operators--children, even--are frequently interviewed so Cathy [S. Truett Cathy, Chick-fil-A's CEO] and his family can learn more about job candidates and their relationships at home," and that Cathy would fire an operator who "has been sinful.”  adamfoxie*

 A group of  NYU students is planning to rally outside the campus' Chick-Fil-A restaurant Thursday in protest of the chain's donations to what they call anti-gay organizations.

Freshman Hillary Dworkoski launched a petition on Change.org about a month ago after it was reported that Chick-Fil-A donated almost $2 million in 2009 to organizations like Focus On The Family, Exodus International and the Family Research Council. Critics of those organizations say the groups have anti-gay motives.

"NYU prides itself on being a diverse, open and inclusive campus community. That's one of the major reasons why I enrolled at NYU as a freshman last fall," Dworkoski said on the petition website. "Unfortunately, maintaining a contract with an anti-gay vendor like Chick-fil-A undermines what makes this university so great."

The petition, which has garnered nearly 11,000 signatures, calls on NYU to remove Chick-Fil-A from its campus. For students who are on the fence about supporting the chain's removal, Dworkoski poses this choice: waffle fries or human rights?

"She wants students to know they have to make that choice and live by those values and not just talk about them," said Mark Anthony Dingbaum, a campaign manager with Change.org.

On Thursday, supporters of the petition plan to rally outside NYU's Weinstein Residence Hall, which houses Chick-Fil-A.

Gay US Marine and Partner Speak Out {aboutKiSS}

 Brandon Morgan and Dalan Wells happy to see their reunion smooch go viral


A Marine Corps spokesperson calls the welcome home smooch between Sgt. Brandon Morgan and boyfriend Dalan Wells 'your typical homecoming photo.'
But there is nothing typical about the reaction to it.
As of Tuesday (28 February) afternoon PST, the photo had received nearly 40,000 'like' clicks on the Gay Marines Facebook page and had nearly 9,000 comments - many supportive and some downright hostile.
The couple, who have been together four years, reunited on Saturday at Marine Corps Base Hawaii after Morgan completed a six-month deployment to Afghanistan. Their friend, Dave Lewis, snapped the photo of their homecoming kiss and later posted it on Facebook.
It soon went viral.
'This is a homecoming picture—gay, straight, lesbian, no matter who you are, love is love,' Morgan said in an interview with the Hawaiian TV station KHON. 'We haven’t fought for more rights or better rights than anyone. We’ve fought for equal rights, and now we have them.'
Both have been surprised at the level of attention the photo has brought.
'I'm a very shy, private person,' said Wells.
He said 'the only reason I would even be doing something this crazy' as a TV interview is to give encouragement to gay youth.
'If this saves one kid who says, 'Look at this guy, he went and joined the Marine Corps, his life is great.'


Gays in Liberia Go to Embassy { Gay= Punished Death}

Republic of Liberia

The U.S. ambassador to Liberia said she was surprised to learn that gay rights are an issue in the West African nation, where homosexuality is illegal and lawmakers are considering tougher penalties for same-sex relationships.
Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who is ending her tour in Monrovia after more than three years, repeated U.S. policy toward homosexuals as she gave farewell interviews to reporters last week.
“I support the issue of human rights for every person regardless of their orientation, their race or nationality,” she said. “I strongly believe that gay rights are human rights.
“I was surprised to hear that this is an issue in Liberia,” Mrs. Thomas-Greenfield, a career diplomat, told the Daily Observer newspaper.
The ambassador insisted that U.S. aid to Liberia is not connected toLiberia’s position on gay rights.
“I think the issue that has appeared in Liberia is the issue of misconception that U.S. aid is tied to Liberia’s actions in these areas, and this is not the case,” she said.
Washington provides Liberia about $200 million a year in aid, she said.
The Liberian Senate is considering a bill to declare same-sex marriage illegal and homosexual acts a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.
“We are only strengthening the existing law,” said Sen. Jewel Taylor, who introduced the measure.
Current law treats homosexual acts as a misdemeanor with a maximum punishment of up to a year in jail.
A tough-talking former ambassador and Republican Party bigwig criticized President Obama’s policy toward Russia as “naive” and called for a reset of the much-vaunted “reset button.”
Russia is yet another case of President Obama’s naive leadership in foreign policy that has left American interests weakened and our values compromised,” Richard S. Williamson wrote Tuesday in the newsletter of the Washington-based American Enterprise Institute.
Mr. Williamson, a former chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, noted that Russia developed an “authoritarian drift” under Vladimir Putin, who became prime minister a year before Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with a the plastic, red-and-yellow reset button in 2009.
“Instead of democratic reform, Vladimir Putin has led an authoritarian drift that is crowding civil society, repressing a free press and denying free and fair election to the Russian people,” Mr. Williamson wrote.
“Meanwhile, on missile defense, Iran, Syria and other issues, Russia is consistently taking position in opposition to U.S. interests.”
Mr. Williamson added that the “latest chapter in this sorry story” will take place Sunday, when Mr. Putin is expected to be elected to a third term as president. He previously served as president between 2000 and 2008.
Mr. Williamson noted the massive nationwide protests against suspected voter fraud in December’s legislative elections and recent demonstrations against Mr. Putin latest political campaign.
“Throughout this political drama, Putin and his colleagues have increased their anti-American rhetoric,” Mr. Williamson wrote.
“As we approach Russia’s rigged March 4 presidential election, it’s time to reset Obama’s reset policy.”
Mr. Williamson was assistant secretary of state for international affairs under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He served as ambassador to the United Nations for special political affairs and as ambassador to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights under President George W. Bush.
• Call Embassy Row at 202/636-3297 or email jmorrison@washingtontimes.com. The column is published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Romney Takes Michigan GOP Primary { His Wife Getting 2 more Cadds}

Carlos Osorio/AP

Romney waved to supporters at his election night party in Novi, Mich.

NOVI, Mich. -- Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won the Michigan GOP primary tonight, staving off a strong challenge from Rick Santorum and gaining crucial momentum in his drive to win his party’s presidential nomination.
Also tonight, Romney, as expected, won the Republican primary in Arizona, reaping all 29 of its delegates, according to projections by The Associated Press.
With 91 percent of precincts reporting in Michigan, Romney had 41.1 percent of the vote, Santorum had 37.8 percent, and Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich lagged far behind, with 11.7 and 6.5 percent, respectively.
“We didn’t win by a lot, but we won by enough and that’s all that counts,” Romney said in a speech to cheering supporters gathered in suburban Detroit.
“Our campaign is about more than just replacing a president. It’s about restoring America’s promise. ... Today that promise is being threatened by a faltering economy and a failed presidency,” said Romney, who didn’t mention his Republican opponents in his speech and instead lambasted Democratic President Barack Obama.
“We’ve seen enough of this president over the last three years to know that we don’t need another five years of President Obama,” he said. “We’re going to get him out of that office and get him back home where he belongs.”
Santorum, a former US senator from Pennsylvania, conceded to Romney sometime after 10 p.m., a Romney aide said. Santorum addressed supporters even as the AP and TV networks were announcing that he had lost the race.
“It’s getting harder out here in America,” he said. “It’s getting harder for people to make ends meet because we have a government that is crushing us every single day,” he said.
Like Romney, Santorum didn’t mention his opponents and focused on Obama as the reason for the country’s woes.
“We have a president who says no,” said Santorum. “We need a president who says yes to the American people.”
Santorum’s campaign considered the closeness of the race a victory. Indeed, his haul of delegates could be significant because Michigan awards its 30 delegates based on votes in its 15 congressional districts.
The Michigan contest had been closely watched as an indicator of how each candidate would perform in the industrial Midwest, and whether they could win over the blue collar workers who are crucial deciders in the swing states that will determine the general election.
The nominating contest will now broaden out into the 10 states that vote on Super Tuesday next week. But each candidate is likely to find a region where he can fare well, which could keep the race in a state of flux for weeks, if not months.
Romney was born and raised in Michigan. His father was a popular three-term governor. And he had waxed nostalgic about the state for weeks, reaching for Michiganders’ heartstrings as he sought their votes.
He opened each stump speech with memories of his childhood. He reminded voters that he was born in Harper Hospital in Detroit, that he went to kindergarten at Hampton School, that he visited county fairs with his father. He commented about how the trees in the state were “just the right height,” and about how he loved the Great Lakes (as well as all the little ones). Referring to the local ginger ale, his wife Ann remarked that they “bleed Vernor’s.”
He said during his victory speech that he considered winning “particularly special” because of his ties to the state.
Just weeks ago, Michigan was expected to be a cakewalk for Romney. With his deep ties to the state, he had maintained a double-digit lead. But after Santorum won three states in a single day – Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado – he began to surge in the polls, uniting factions within the party that have distrusted Romney.
With backing from social conservatives and Tea Party activists, Santorum sprang to a 15-point lead in some polls. Romney slowly chipped away at that lead over the past two weeks, with a series of television ads, key endorsements such as Governor Rick Snyder, and increasingly pointed attacks at Santorum.
Gingrich and Paul, the other two candidates, generally avoided any campaigning in Michigan and Arizona and instead focused on the upcoming Super Tuesday states.
Throughout the day, Romney and his aides bitterly complained about Santorum’s unusual tactic of calling Democrats and urging them to get to the polls and vote for him in the Republican primary. Romney accused his rival of “dirty tricks,” and said he was trying to “kidnap our primary process.”
The state has an open primary system, which means voters can request any ballot regardless of their party registration. Voters had to sign a document indicating which ballot they received, which will be a public record and could discourage some cross-over ballots. Although there was a Democratic ballot available today, it was essentially meaningless because the party is holding their caucuses in May to assign their delegates.
In the Santorum camp’s call to Democrats, a man’s voice offered a reminder that Democrats could vote in the Republican primary.
“Why is it so important?” the man’s voice asks. “Romney supported the bailouts for his Wall Street billionaire buddies but opposed the auto bailouts. That was a slap in the face to every Michigan worker and we’re not going to let Romney get away with it.” The call ends with the man saying that the spot was paid for by the Santorum campaign.
Santorum was unapologetic for the move, calling Romney’s complaints a “cheap shot.”
“We’re proving the point that we can attract the voters that we need to win states like Michigan,” Santorum said at a diner in Kentwood.
Romney today admitted to mistakes he’s made in his campaign, and acknowledged that his comments about his wealth are hurting his chances.
“I’m trying to do better and work harder and make sure that we get our message across,” he said at a press conference held at his campaign headquarters in Livonia, the first time in nearly three weeks he had taken questions from the traveling press corps.
When asked what mistakes he was referring to, he laughed.
“Oh, I can’t imagine you would have a hard time coming up with anything,” he said. “Never repeat your mistakes.”
Romney on Friday noted that his wife owned “two Cadillacs.” Two days later, at the Daytona 500, he told an Associated Press reporter that he didn’t follow the sport as closely as ardent fans, but he knew some of the team owners.
Facing a rival who has surged while making some controversial statements – including calling President Obama “a snob” for promoting higher education -- Romney made the case that the Republican Party should nominate someone more measured.
“You know it’s very easy to excite the base with incendiary comments,” Romney said. “We’ve seen throughout the campaign that if you’re willing to say really outrageous things that are accusatory and attacking President Obama that you’re going to jump up in the polls.”
“I’m not willing to light my hair on fire to try and get support,” he added. “I am who I am.”
Santorum told reporters at his Grand Rapids field office, “Key states are going to decide this race,” noting that Romney’s strongholds so far in the Northeast and parts of the Mountain West won’t decide the nomination. “It’s the Midwest.”
Santorum is counting on the industrial belt to tighten his grip on the contest. He spent a few hours in Ohio to build support. Polls show him leading Romney there.
But as all of the remaining GOP candidates know, particularly Romney, polls shift quickly and leads can evaporate almost overnight.
Throughout the campaign, Romney has sparred with his rivals over his conservative credentials. Santorum today referred to the former Massachusetts governor as a “lightweight as a conservative” when it comes to accomplishments, calling himself the heavyweight in the battle for conservative voters.
Santorum credited Romney for his business acumen, but added: “I’m not running for CEO of a company.”
Matt Viser can be reached at maviser@globe.com. Bobby Caina Calvan can be reached at bobby.calvan@globe.com

Snob Frank Rich {NYMagazine} Says Ballet People Are Gay to Rachel M._see vid

New York magazine's Frank Rich on Monday stereotyped folks who back ballet as defacto supporters of gay rights.
This came during a lengthy segment on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show wherein the host absurdly told viewers that it's wrong for wealthy people who appear to be socially liberal to fund conservative candidates that don't completely support same sex marriage (video follows with transcript and commentary):
FRANK RICH, NEW YORK MAGAZINE: And look, someone like Ken Mehlman is in a long tradition, I hate to say it, of Republicans who were closeted homosexuals, in power, actually enabled homophobic policies, in some periods really a demonization of gay people, and then as soon as they're away from it, as soon as Ken Mehlman, who had been head of the Republican Party under Bush when Bush had all these homophobic marriage amendments and ballot initiatives, he and Karl Rove, then he comes out and does the right thing, comes out as gay, but also comes out of those policies. But where was he when it really mattered within his own party?
In that sense, it's like Terry Dolan, Roy Cohn, all these people, Finkelstein, the consultant who worked for Jesse Helms, one of the most homophobic senators ever, he was in a gay marriage in Massachusetts after he stopped working for Jesse Helms.
So there's something -- there's a real sort of pathological disconnect. And they've really got to be called on it and they`ve got to be called on it by Democrats as well as people like us. 
MADDOW: I will -- I think that Ken Mehlman though has sort of -- I think Ken Mehlman has done the right thing to the extent that you can't do back in time.
RICH: Right.
MADDOW: You can indict what he did in the past, but then once you come out, if you were complicit in politics that were not only hypocritical but that you had decided were very bad for the country, I think ethically the right thing to do is then work to change those politics. He's certainly doing that in his public life.
RICH: He's doing things like the Proposition 8 fight. But what is going on with the Republican Party?
MADDOW: That's the --
RICH: How is it every candidate, every single candidate with the arguable exception of Jon Huntsman who's long gone, has taken such anti-gay views in terms of policy and rhetoric? How have they remained silent when you have a gay soldier who's serving in Iraq ask a perfectly innocuous, pleasant question through YouTube at a Republican debate, and no one, including the then nine candidates on stage speaks up against it?
It's great that Ken Mehlman is involved with the raising money for AFER and to fight Proposition 8 and so on. But what about within that party?
I just don't get it. It's a disconnect, but also it`s something that actually does damage, not only do gay Americans, but to children who have gay parents. You know, anyone who has a friend or a relative who's gay.
Yes, and I'm not -- I don't mean to single him out, Paul Singer, these hedge fund guys, all the big bucks people who think of themselves as being enlightened about social issues. The Koch brothers. I mean, they sponsor things like the New York City ballet. Why are they remaining silent, the party that they support, the movements that they support in terms of Tea Party, is so homophobic. 
I'd say the ignorance on display here was staggering, but nothing on MSNBC should surprise anyone anymore.
First off, there are many Republicans especially on the coasts that are fiscally conservative while being socially moderate or liberal. But such views have to be prioritized, and for many, fiscal matters are far more important when it comes to the candidates they support.
But liberals in the media don't seem to get that. In their view, social issues should be paramount. Latinos, for instance, should only care about a politician's position on immigration.
Also absurd was the contention that all of the Republican candidates are anti-gay rights. Most support civil unions.
Unfortunately, the liberal press think that unless you completely back same sex marriage, you're homophobic.
As for Rich's ballet assertion, was he stereotypically casting all supporters of the arts as socially liberal or just those that back the ballet?
I think he'd be surprised that there are even benefactors of the great San Francisco Ballet in my part of the country who are quite fiscally conservative and consider that far more important in their candidates than their views on same sex marriage.
That must be too intellectually dexterous for a New York City snob like Rich.
(H/T Ann Coulter)
Noel Sheppard is the Associate Editor of NewsBusters. Click here to follow Noel Sheppard on Twitter.

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