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November 11, 2016

Warwick Rowers Dedicate Their {Bare Naked} Calendar to LGBT’s

The ally's role is going to be so crucial to holding the line for LGBT rights in the potential Trumpian authoritarian dystopia to come. The Warwick Rowers are an English rowing team comprised of both gay and straight men that release steamy nude calendars to raise funds for their Sport Allies charity, dedicated to fostering inclusivity in the athletic community. Their spokesman explains why their cause is more important now than ever before:

There has been a 147% increase in homophobic attacks post Brexit, and it seems likely the Trump vote will amplify this globally. These votes give bigots permission to dismiss the rights of anyone they see as outsiders. Never before has the LGBT community had greater need of its straight allies. Only they can prove beyond question that the battle for LGBT rights comes not from self-interest but from a belief in justice and human rights. And that we are not outsiders, but part of every family and every community.

The men of Warwick are releasing a new calendar for 2017 - it's muy picante and for an excellent cause - you can pick one up here. Watch the promo video below, and check out our own sexy photo shoot with the Warwick rowers here.

November 9, 2016

Two Women Showed UpTopless at Polling Place to Protest Trump

Two women were arrested at a midtown New York City polling location Tuesday morning after taking their shirts off and chanting anti-Trump slogans. (I can't exactly make out what they're saying—something about polls? Or balls?) One of the women had something about Trump written on her bare chest, the other had “Femen USA,” a feminist activism group, written on her back. 

Although they were at Donald Trump's designated polling station, it doesn't seem like Trump was present at the time. But this is not the first time nude women have showed up to protest Trump.
Update 11/8, 11:15 a.m.: The New York Daily News reports that the two women are in custody at NYC's 17th precinct pending charges. Getty photos show more clearly what was written on the women’s bodies:

January 26, 2016

Family Jewels should be kept in your Family Not the Net

Wether you are famous, want to be or simply have or want to have a good paying job outside of the porno industry, you might need to have a policy of show in person only. We’ve had instances in which a photo sent to someone you want to impress or your boyfriend on the net to latter be seen in  an app for dating or something worse.
Lately a couple of FIFA athletes had a bad experience by not having that personal policy of don’t send only in person. They received the following advice.


FELLAS, if you’re going to send a photo of your genitalia to someone, Fifi Box has a word of advice.
The radio host was discussing the leaked nude photos of Collingwood players Dane Swan and Travis Cloke on her Fox FM breakfast host this morning when she offered their male listeners a tip.
“If you have a penchant for taking photos of yourself and sending them onto other people, crop your head out,” advised Box.

“Admittedly, that wouldn’t have helped for Swanny, necessarily,” she said, referencing the AFL star’s heavily tattooed body.

The popular media personality admitted that she feels sorry for the two players whose nude photos were printed in Woman’s Day, but she feels worse for their loved ones.

                                                                      Travis Cloke .Source:
                                                                  Dane Swan 

“The two people I really feel for in this are Travis’ fiancee and Swanny’s girlfriend of eight years,” she said.
Fifi Box can empathise with the player’s partners because she’s actually been in their position.
“I have been in situations where I have dated professional sportsmen,” she said on air to co-host Dave Thornton.
“He was a rugby player who played for Sydney Uni rugby. I remember I busted him with stuff on his phone from another girl and he tried to explain to me, that when you’re a professional athlete and you have girls throwing themselves at you, it’s like an addictive thing.
“He said I love you and I love our relationship but girls throw themselves at me and there’s something addictive about that. I forgave him ... kept going until he did it again and then fully cheated on me.”

November 24, 2014

In the UK Male hockey team plays match naked

ONLY fOR 18 and Over

A university hockey team played a match completely naked to raise awareness for an anti-homophobia campaign.
The University of Nottingham Men's Hockey Club stripped off to be filmed playing a cheeky five-a-side match.
And the video has turned them into online stars after 275,000 people watched it on YouTube in just a few days.
It shows the students posing on the astroturf pitch in their birthday suits with just hockey sticks to protect their modesty before playing a match naked.
They also pose for a series of nude photos before the video ends with a team shot of the boys with "No homophobia in sport" painted across their bare chests.
Former club president, Chris Collier, 21, said the players were happy to bare all to make a stand against homophobia.
"It's an important cause and it's at the forefront of sporting issues at the moment so we wanted to do our bit," he said.
Player Piers Denning, 22, added: "On the day of filming it's fair to say we were a little bit apprehensive at first, but as soon as we stripped off it was fine. We had so much fun.
"It was an absolutely freezing day so there was some hesitation to actually get naked but it just made it even more of a laugh."
The idea was the brainchild of the University of Nottingham student-led Voice Your Rights Project who aim to raise awareness of human rights.

November 21, 2014

Hockey Team Strips off Naked for Campaign Against Homophobia on Nottingham University


WHEN a group of hunky hockey players were asked to strip naked, they didn’t have to be asked twice.
The lads happily bared all to film a one-off naked hockey match as part of a campaign against homophobia.
Unsurprisingly, with no shortage of bare skin in sight, the video has proved an online sensation.
More than 20 players from Nottingham University’s hockey club took part in the shoot to help combat homophobia in sport.
Just 24 hours after being posted on YouTube, the film had already attracted more than 80,000 views.
Piers Denning, president of the hockey club, said: “When we were approached to make the film we were more than happy to do it and didn’t think twice about saying yes.
“On the day of filming it’s fair to say we were a little bit apprehensive at first, but as soon as we stripped off it was fine. We had so much fun.
“It was an absolutely freezing day so there was some hesitation to actually get naked but it just made it even more of a laugh.
“Everyone was in stitches all the way through filming.
“Personally I’ve never done anything like this before but seeing the reaction to the video definitely makes me glad I agreed to strip off!”
For the boys, highlighting the issue of homophobia in sport was a good enough reason to don their birthday suits.
Piers, 22, a fourth year chemical engineering student, said: “Homophobia is something that’s been an issue in sport for a long time, and something all of us were aware of.
“For us sport is such a huge part of our university life and it should be available to everyone, without people feeling they have to hide who they are.”
The video was the brainchild of the people behind Voice Your Rights, a university campaign covering a range of human rights issues.
Project leader Dimitri Vichas, 25, a third year medical student, said: “We came up with the idea for the naked hockey match as we knew it would be popular.
“When we asked the club if they’d be up for it, they didn’t hesitate at all.
“As soon as they arrived on the day of the filming they were asking ‘When do we get to take our clothes off?’. They couldn’t wait!
“It was great to see them throwing themselves into it and the whole day was a lot of fun.
“Obviously there was a serious side to it too, and hopefully it has helped us to highlight that homophobia is still an issue in sport.”
The University of Nottingham has declared a zero tolerance to homophobia in sport.
Dimitri’s aim is to ensure other universities follow suit.
He said: “We hope this video will help spread the message – we’ve certainly had a great reaction so far. Eventually I’d like to see all universities in the country declare a zero tolerance to homophobia in sport.”

pic and post from 

September 24, 2014

Liam Payne (One Direction) Naked Pic is Fake

Liam Payne, InstagramInstagram
Have you seen those pictures of Liam Payne naked in bed with another man?
No, you haven't—they're not real. Fans speculated that the One Direction singer was photographed in the throes of passion with an unidentified male friend over the weekend. The 21-year-old "Fireproof" singer took to Twitter Sunday to dispel the rumors. "Wow as if people think that weird photo going around is actually me lol think id rather tweet a full frontal than have people look at that," he wrote.
Payne took heat for that tweet, as some questioned whether he has a problem with homosexuality. "I'm 100% not homophobic," Payne clarified. "But I'm also 100% not gay so when somebody says I am I'm gunna say I'm not which does not make me a homophobe." A fan lightened the mood, tweeting, "hey you said you're in love with that kfc man." Payne replied, "this is true but I'm only In it for the chicken."
The "Little Things" singer isn't the only 1D member whose sexual orientation has been called into question. In a 2013 British GQ interview, Harry Styles was asked if he was dating DJ and TV host Nick Grimshaw. "Bisexual? Me? I don't think so," the 20-year-old pop star replied. “I'm pretty sure I'm not."

But back to those alleged Payne pictures.
The images in question are not thought to be related to the recent Reddit and 4Chan leaksMeagan GoodVanessa HudgensJennifer LawrenceHayden Panettiere,Aubrey PlazaRihannaHope Solo and Gabrielle Union are among the celebrities who were targeted in the latest round of leaked nude photos. 
Good said the photos were for her husband, while Union issued a statement to E! News. "While on our family vacation it has come to our attention that our private moments, that were shared and deleted solely between my husband and myself, have been leaked by some vultures," the actress said. "I can't help but to be reminded that since the dawn of time women and children, specifically women of color, have been victimized, and the power over their own bodies taken from them. These atrocities against women and children continue worldwide. For anyone out there also being affected by these and other hacking and hate crimes—We send you our love, support and prayers. We have done nothing wrong.” 
"While they may have stripped us of our right to privacy, they cannot take our strength, dignity or our voice," the Being Mary Jane star, who married Dwyane Wade in August, added. “Love and light to all."

August 29, 2014

Some think that Straight Men are the only ones allow to sized another man in the shower


Even absent openly gay co-bathers, communal showers have always been fraught places for straight men. They’ve historically been a troubled spot for integration—Jackie Robinson, the first black major league baseball player, was reportedly hesitant to shower with the Dodgers until another outsider teammate convinced him to join in. Also, as David Fleming explains in hisexcellent ESPN The Magazine feature“Nothing to See Here,” sports showers represent an intensely “vulnerable state” for men who are defined by masculinity: “[I]t conjures, for some, a range of emotions: their most awkward memories (middle school gym class), deepest insecurities (size), purest symbolism (baptism) and most ignorant defense mechanisms (homophobia).” Anyone who has spent time under the nozzle can attest that these anxieties are often exorcized through horseplay and joking, certain forms of which depend on a mild form of gay panic for their humor: If everyone is on some level afraid of homoerotic contact, a performative slap on the ass is a quick means of defusing the tension.

J. Bryan LowderJ. BRYAN LOWDER
J. Bryan Lowder is a Slateassistant editor. He writes and edits for OutwardSlate’s LGBTQ section, and for the culture section.
Fleming reports that locker room joking has become less overtly homophobic in recent years, but statements like that from former New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma—“Imagine if [there’s a gay guy] next to me … and it just so happens he looks at me. How am I supposed to respond?"—prove that when soaping up, some straight men still fear the gay gaze. Never mind that, as former NFL cornerback Wade Davis admits in the Fleming piece, straight men have already made a pastime of sizing up each other’s equipment. Given that openly gay men are a truly new phenomenon in the shower, let’s take Vilma’s question seriously: Are straight men right to be afraid?
The majority of responses to this question have taken an overcompensating “come on, guy!” approach that insists a gay man could never be attracted to his straight shower pals enough to sneak a look. (Meanwhile, locker room showers remain an ur-scenario of gay porn, and gay teenagers continue to choose body odor over the risk of post-P.E. erections.)
Michael Sam.
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images
Reasons offered for this desexualizing, apologetic claim range from the grossness of the venue, to feelings of fraternity among teammates, to the notion that gay guys just don’t find straight guys alluring. Each of these may or may not be true depending on the gay man in question (though the last is particularly suspect); but it’s the “don’t be silly, man” response’s larger aim—to coddle the apparently fragile sensibilities of straight men—that I find troubling.
The truth is, it is within the realm of possibility that a gay man might be physically attracted to a straight man, and he might even steal a glance at that man’s body—perhaps unconsciously, perhaps on purpose. Either way, this does not make him a bad person or render him in violation of some kind of gay-straight peace accord; in fact, it merely means that he is a human being expressing sexual attraction in a way that our culture authorizes straight men (and increasingly women) to do as a matter of course. It is a particularly noxious expression of male privilege for a straight man to insist that he not be an object of desire while he sees no problem with passively enjoying a cheerleader’s acrobatics or a female colleague’s flattering blouse. And it is exceedingly homophobic to demand that a gay man downplay, police, or actively “cover” the most harmless sort of sexual expression simply to preserve a straight guy’s precarious sense of his masculinity. 
Of course, this is not to say that gay men should go out of their way to make their straight gym buddies uncomfortable: In the context of sports, the locker room is a kind of office, and players like Sam should conduct themselves with professionalism. (By all accounts, he has been doing so.) Similarly, a mixed gym is public space, and behavior there should hew to the platonic side of things. (Gay gyms are a different ball game 
But we do not expect straight people to become non-sexual beings at work or in public; we merely require that they have the good sense and self-control to avoid overtly expressing sexual desire in spaces where it is inappropriate. Real equality requires the same treatment for gay people. Sexual harassment is sexual harassment regardless of gender, but the almost involuntary act of noticing an attractive member of the sex(es) to which you are drawn is not a crime.
To act otherwise when gay people are in the room is the definition of a double-standard. But then, gay trailblazers like Sam are all too familiar with that kind of thing. As Christopher Glazek puts it in an Out Magazine profile of the athlete, “[H]e has had to walk prouder, play harder, earn less, and allow himself to be fumbled around as the media's football in a way unknown to the vast majority of his comparatively anonymous peers.” You can add putting up with the simultaneous policing of his sexuality and questioning of his professionalism to that list, all because some straight guys aren’t so comfortable with gayness when it comes wrapped in a living, breathing, and yeah, sometimes desiring body. But they’ll have to get over it—those bodies need showers, too. 

July 18, 2014

Aussie Rugby Star BEAU RYAN Hosts Talk Show 100%Naked


Retired Australian rugby star Beau Ryan made a promise to his fans. If New South Wales won the 2014 State of Origin Series, he’d host a program called The Footy Show completely naked.
On May 28, New South Wales won.
On June 19, Ryan returned to the show and kept his promise. Ryan walked onto the set of the show wearing nothing but a mask covering his penis. He took that off when he sat down, and because Australian TV doesn’t have the same censorship rules as the United States, you could see has bare butt as he strutted around the stage. No modesty sock, no blurred out images. Just some good, old-fashioned nudity.
Watch a video promoting his appearance below, plus some footage from the show and a few fun photos from his appearance.
Here’s to Beau making more bets like this in the future.


Prince Fielder is no doughnut instead he is a hard bat


You’d expect a magazine spread splashed with naked bodies to get a great deal of attention, but no-one could have anticipated the standout star of ESPN The Magazine’s 2014 Body issue. Enter Major League Baseball player Prince Fielder of the Texas Rangers.
The five-time All Star baseball player takes center stage in one of the issue’s skin barring shots which almost instantly prompted ridicule and criticism online. While many condemned Fielder for not having a typical athletic body, others used the nude shot to make him the butt of their jokes.
Here’s a sampling of the many insults Fielder faced:
  • i was tempted to have another donut this morning. Then i saw the photo of naked Prince Fielder. Thanks, ESPN.
  • Last year, ESPN Body had a pregnant Kerri Walsh, looks like they wanted something similar this year #PrinceFielder @jaymohr37 #JayMohrSports
  • @ESPNMag @RealPFielder28 why do you think we want to see this? Just why?
  • Wtf were you thinkin ESPN?? That cover *ugh* was not attractive #PrinceFielder
  • Sorry #PrinceFielder, but if i lived to be 99, i didn’t need to see this. Thanks #ESPN. Reason 568 i dumped the mag
  • #PrinceFielder naked in #ESPNBodyissue. Excuse me while i claw my eyes out.#cantunseethat #bodybyPapaJohns 
  • brb putting bleach in my eyes. RT @TerezOwens: The interweb has already started on #PrinceFielder
in the issue’s interview, Fielder comments on his body saying the following:
A lot of people probably think i’m not athletic or don’t even try to work out or whatever, but i do. Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you can’t be an athlete. And just because you work out doesn’t mean you’re going to have a 12-pack. i work out to make sure i can do my job to the best of my ability. Other than that, i’m not going up there trying to be a fitness model.
Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you should be the target of such harsh judgement and body shaming, either. Luckily, there were also several messages of support to counter the negative comments, like:
  • #PrinceFielder in the #ESPNBodyissue is nothing short of awesome. We have athletes of every size, let’s showcase it. #power
  • You know what? Good for #PrinceFielder . Athletic bodies don’t have to look the way shallow people think they should.
  • @RealPFielder28 looks powerful n the body issue, love it! #PrinceFielder #realmenhavecurves
  • showing some love to Prince Fielder and @ESPNMag for athletic thick men, six who? #skoreboards #PrinceFielder
The hashtag #HuskyTwitter even emerged starting a much needed appreciation for body acceptance and love with tweets like:
  • #HuskyTwitter salutes #PrinceFielder for going nude in ESPN Magazine’s Body issue
  • Prince Fielder is large and in charge of his own body image #HuskyTwitter
  • i’m really glad #huskytwitter became a thing. All bodies deserve love, praise, appreciation, and everything else.
  • To #HuskyTwitter, With Love. it’s about time we show our love for men (and women) of all body types
  • Prince Fielder got me feeling like i can accomplish it all today. #HuskyTwitter
  • Finally…. a hashtag for me. i feel at home. #HuskyTwitter
if there is anything to be learned from this whole situation, it’s that body shaming and body image concerns aren’t exclusively a woman’s issue. if what happened to Fielder doesn’t convince you then how about this recent Today/AOL body image survey which found that men worry about their appearance more than they worry about their health, family, relationships or professional success.
That’s not all. The survey also found that nearly half of all men think about their personal appearance several times each day and 53% said they felt unsure about their appearance at least once a week. Dieting was also a major concern among men with 63% of participants saying they “always feel like (they) could lose weight.” Women also aren’t the only ones who worry when it comes to beach season. The survey found that 44% of men feel uncomfortable wearing bathing suits and another 41% said they worry that people will judge their appearance.
While we’ve long filed body image concerns as a concern for women, the issue now often hits home for men as well. Another study from the JAMA Pediatrics looked at body image in younger boys. The study found that 18% of boys are highly concerned about their weight and body. Of these nearly half were predominately worried about gaining more muscle. Such concerns resulted in boys being more likely to be depressed and engage in high-risk behaviors such as binge drinking and drug use.
One of the factors for this growing concern among boys can be attributed to the toys they play with, says the study. Action figures today feature bulging muscle with sleek six packs and even Halloween costumes for youngsters come padded with fake muscles and drawn on definition. The message that muscles make a man sexy and powerful could not be more clear. Just like Barbie warps girls’ views of what is beautiful, action figures and costumes warp boys’ views of what they should look like if they want to be attractive.
That’s why Fielder’s inclusion in ESPN’s Body issue is so special. His nude shots are a great contrast to the everyday examples that engulf young boys’ and men’s lives. Showing a male figure like Fielder who is not only strong, but also proud of his huskier body, is proof positive that beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes.
Now, i’d say that’s a home run. 
pic by ESPN

I decided to show someone I personally (publisher) like and that is Tomas Berdych, Tennis:

May 27, 2014

UK: Council bans painting for showing naked gay couple having sex

Another of Ursula Burke's pieces

A council has banned a painting by a top artist – because it features a naked gay couple having sex.
The Ursula Burke piece was supposed to go on show at the FE McWilliam Gallery in Banbridge, Co Down.
A council spokesman said the decision was made as the image was considered inappropriate for display to minors in a public gallery, which is funded by the council.
But Visual Artists Ireland, which describe Burke as “one of the important artists of her generation in Northern Ireland”, said the move shows the council only wants show art exhibiting values “more at home in Victorian Britain than in a modern forward-looking Northern Ireland”.
VAI, which was speaking on Ms Burke’s behalf yesterday, compared the move to Newtownabbey Council’s controversial decision to try and ban the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s Bible play.
It added: “These actions make a laughing stock of the supports for culture in Northern Ireland and are to be condemned.”
The group, which is as a representative body for artists in Ireland, said what they called the “trend by councils to interfere with the curatorial and artistic autonomy of their funded spaces is a direct attack on the freedom of artistic expression”.

More from Ursula Burke
They said the action by Banbridge District Council “would appear to indicate a complete lack of understanding of the role of visual art to challenge, question, and reflect”. VAI added: “Exhibitions can be clearly marked as to having content that parents may wish to control their children’s access to.
“Cases in point are the recent Kara Walker exhibition in The MAC which contained scenes of sexual intercourse in Walker’s shadow puppetry style, and the current exhibition by Alan Phelan in Golden Thread Gallery which contains scenes of extreme sexual practice in found video footage.
“Both exhibitions were open to the public with clear warnings to parents about these works.”
In a statement Banbridge District Council confirmed: “Following a review by Banbridge District Council’s Director of Leisure and Development, it has been agreed that the artwork entitled ‘After Frans Van Bloeman – Arcadian Landscape’ by artist Ursula Burke would not be included in the forthcoming exhibition, The Past is Unpredictable, which is due to open on 31 May 2014.
“This decision has been taken on the basis that the artwork in question depicted a scene of a sexual nature which was deemed inappropriate for display to minors in a public gallery.
“The FE McWilliam Gallery and Studio prides itself as a family friendly facility and encourages visitors of all ages to visit and view the exhibitions in a welcoming and comfortable environment.”

March 7, 2014

In Spain Naked Rugby Team with Buns of Steel
NSFW: Spain’s University of Girona Rugby Team Loves To Play In The Nude!

 What??You are fired!

November 27, 2013

5ive’s Ritchie Neville Impressive Abs and Bulging Biceps and More

He has always been a hit with the ladies and men due to his very pretty blue eyes and floppy hair.
But it seems Ritchie Neville isn’t just a pretty face… he’s also got a very impressive body to match. 
And clearly not shy about what he’s has, the 31-year-old has stripped off for Gay Times in aid of World AIDS Day.
Too hot to handle: Ritchie Nevillie leans on a radiator naked in the new issue of Gay Times
Too hot to handle: Ritchie Nevillie leans on a radiator naked in the new issue of Gay Times
Looking a far cry from the youngster who burst onto the scene as part of 5ive Ritchie has bared all for the shoot, showing off his impressive physique. 
One of the images shows the singer, who is currently dating his Big Reunion co-star Natasha Hamilton, leaning against a radiator with just his hand protecting his modesty.
Another shot sees him sitting on a wooden table, once again revealing his very muscly stomach and biceps.
Bulging: It's not just Ritchie's arms that our impressive, it's also his sculpted six pack
Bulging: It's not just Ritchie's arms that our impressive, it's also his sculpted six pack
His hair, which was of course blonde and floppy during his boyband heyday, is spiked up, while he gazes at the camera which his piercing blue eyes. 
Naked issue: Ritchie is just one of the stars to strip off for the magazine
Naked issue: Ritchie is just one of the stars to strip off for the magazine
When asked by the magazine if he is used to stripping off from his days in a boyband, he replied: ‘Never, actually! It was a band policy not to do shirtless shots because all the other boy bands did it, so we decided not. But I’m confident with my body and I don’t mind whipping my top off if there’s some sun out.’
Speaking about what he considers to be his best feature, Ritchie who admitted he was nervous before the shoot, said: ‘Ever since I was a little boy, I used to hate it when aunties and mum’s friends would say ‘doesn’t he have lovely eyes?’
‘However, I’ve grown to accept compliments but I’m a bit bashful with them. But I couldn’t be standing in front of the mirror all the time. I’ll look three to five times a day at the most and that’s just to check my hair.’
He also revealed that people often assumed he was gay, he shared: ‘A lot of people did presume I was. I even saw a comment the other day saying ‘oh, he’s straight.’ So they’ve spent 20 years thinking I was gay. Men would come on to me all the time. 
‘But my mum’s brother was a raving queen who was really flamboyant and funny, so I’ve been used to being around gay people all my life. He met a guy and they were together for 30 years, so I was raised with a very liberal attitude and ‘gay’ has never been a dirty word in our house.’
However, Ritchie is completely straight, he added: ‘But I’ve never been tempted to experiment with my sexuality, I’ve always been quite certain from an early age what I am.’
The GT Naked Issue, which is in support of the National AIDS Trust, also features Lee Brennan. Alex Reid and Ashley Mckenzie.  Piercing: Ritchie revealed that his blue eyes are his best feature, although many are likely to disagree following this shoot
Piercing: Ritchie revealed that his blue eyes are his best feature, although many are likely to disagree following this shoot


October 26, 2013

Zac Efron Gets Naked on “That Awkward Moment” Coming Up in January

Zac Efron Gets Naked And Wears A Strap On In “That Awkward Moment” Red Band Trailer (NSFW Video)
The new trailer for ‘That Awkward Moment’ may be the greatest gift to mankind, EVER!
The red band trailer for the upcoming film about three men in their 20′s as they spend most of their time getting drunk and having sex and more importantly features a naked Zac Efron! Don’t believe me, check out his booty below (Click to Enlarge):
In another scene, Zac sports a rather large strap on dildo:
Zac is as flawless as ever, and we can’t wait to spend two hours watching his beautiful naked perfection on screen! Check out the red band trailer below:
Must Be 17+ To watch the NSFW trailer below:
[H/t Instinctby  

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