July 18, 2014

Aussie Rugby Star BEAU RYAN Hosts Talk Show 100%Naked


Retired Australian rugby star Beau Ryan made a promise to his fans. If New South Wales won the 2014 State of Origin Series, he’d host a program called The Footy Show completely naked.
On May 28, New South Wales won.
On June 19, Ryan returned to the show and kept his promise. Ryan walked onto the set of the show wearing nothing but a mask covering his penis. He took that off when he sat down, and because Australian TV doesn’t have the same censorship rules as the United States, you could see has bare butt as he strutted around the stage. No modesty sock, no blurred out images. Just some good, old-fashioned nudity.
Watch a video promoting his appearance below, plus some footage from the show and a few fun photos from his appearance.
Here’s to Beau making more bets like this in the future.


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